Sparks, Jordin - Right Here, Right Now Lyrics

Mile high club baby don't jump out the plane yet
Just might fall in love
I can tell the way you grip
Me, I don't even have to trip
Dripping so long I bet the neighbors know your name
They just might call the hotel
Maybe we should dip
Vegas, a wedding on the strip right now

I wanna know, I wanna know
I wanna know what would happen if we kiss right now
I wanna know, I wanna know
Right here and right now
I wanna know, I wanna know
Already know but I wanna be sure
Know that I wanna be yours
Right here and right now

On display, just might fall
In a little trouble with the law
Ain't no tellin' what they saw
Windows up in the car all the way
Just might call the hotel
Maybe we could get a room
Then get kicked out again right now

I wanna know, I wanna know
I wanna know what would happen if we kiss right now
I wanna know, I wanna know
Right here and right now
I wanna know, I wanna know
Already know but I wanna be sure
Know that I wanna be yours
Right here and right now

We can wait if you want
We can stay if you want
I'll just say what you want
I can't wait anymore
I could stay kissing you
I just hate missing you
I might take it from you
I can't wait anymore

I wanna know, I wanna know
I wanna know what would happen if we kiss right now
I wanna know, I wanna know
Right here and right now
I wanna know, I wanna know
Already know but I wanna be sure
Know that I wanna be yours
Right here and right now

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Sparks, Jordin Right Here, Right Now Comments
  1. latieraqueen87 Pacheco

    Should of thrown CB or Erir B on the track. Still my jam.

  2. Transgender-Mocha Love-Here


  3. Kailyn Mabon

    Sound like ciara

  4. Keith Forest

    I think se is just singing in the major and relative minor in the same song.. its alot for people who need simple music.

  5. Sara tayeb

    She just Popped on mind today decided to see what has she been up to .. and it makes sense why she been under the rock for a while, jordin is so much more than this right here and i hope she makes a come back ! She was one of my favourite artists back in the days! #Onestepatatime #Noair

  6. Ally Brittain


  7. Jo_CLuis

    Still jamming 💥🔥💣

  8. Lew Lewis I think a collab with Major Lazer would be nice

  9. DMX Zooom


  10. Ally Brittain

    🎈💃🎈💃💞 Jordin!!!🎈💃🎈💃

  11. Journey2Zee

    Song sounds like an “everything” pizza. A lot going on but it’s good.

  12. Jonathan Zanders

    This song is beautiful so happy it’s none of that twerking ass shaking slut nasty stuff going down

  13. youknowwhatflav

    This song is so unique

  14. Justin Badillo

    WOw, I completely forgot that this song existed ! Such a bop <3

  15. Lucas H.

    This video is iconic. She looks like an African Goddess. The song is so good I can't believe I slept on it when it came out, now I can understand the beat

  16. Breymond Jones

    Imagine if they had taught her a whole dance routine!!! This video would’ve been 🔥🔥🔥🤣

  17. Sean Jenkins

    There's nothing wrong with this song or the entire album, I just think Jordin fans weren't ready for such a drastic transformation. Admittedly, I loved the Battlefield album so this was a big change

  18. pim pom

    2020 still listening 😋🇲🇼

  19. Joshua Gabilo

    Why is everybody not loving this? This is good!

  20. Ally Brittain

    🔥🔥 this track is a 🎈*MOOD!!! ♥️

  21. Drew Simmonds

    People hating on the song for some silly reason. It sounds alot better than alot of crap out there

  22. Maimouna Dieye

    Why 2,3 M views i'm so sad

  23. Nicole Kehew

    This is gonna sound bad but I wish they had just an instrumental version of this song because this was a mess with the vocals

  24. HL Watts

    I get what they were going for, but they need to get ride of that constant “BU BU BODYA” bs in the background. The producer failed on this on...

  25. Pablo Vargas

    We hope that soon the singer Jordin Sparks will release another new album.

  26. Merayah Carey

    After listening this song,I dare to say her career is OVER‼️

  27. Glacous Ndhlovu

    This song always takes from 0 to 10 👌👌❤

  28. Prolific Studio

    Sorry not to be DEAF enough for the general public. I DO LIKE and UNDERSTAND the song. And you have to watch me going down at It. 🙄

  29. Maria Lopes

    Very nice music great voice and she’s gorgeous very sexy

  30. Davon Adams

    I'm here in 2018 for the Capoeira

  31. NicningChibiMisha Reyshelle

    Jordin you are sexy right now..woahhhh you look different

  32. NicningChibiMisha Reyshelle

    This shoudl hit a hubdred million views and an special award

  33. NicningChibiMisha Reyshelle

    Woaaahhhhhhh...gorgeous sound and voice....woah

  34. Moo Moo x

    She sounds like Aaliyah in this one

  35. Garrett Thompson

    I liked the beginning of the song.. I’m disappointed in her work.

  36. Gabrielle Solange

    this video is not focused on her. the random other woman dancing and the couple are seriously unnecessary bc there's no story so it just takes away from her. I feel like they were like "Dress her up sexy and add some acrobats and throw in a belly dancer yea that's hot!" She's so much more than that though.

  37. Tshidi Fanie

    aaliyah and tinashe vibe

  38. silver lion

    Wow so beautiful

  39. Jeff S.

    It gives me a very Aliyah vibe.

  40. Dman2020

    2:16 😍

  41. Abed Quraiahi


  42. queen 'Araweela

    What was she thinking when she was making this weird song?

  43. Londyn Love

    She could've did better lyric wise on this beat. Like omg this beat is bomb

  44. joop69 fainth

    I really like this song its perfect how it is Jordan sparks is the best

  45. Andrew Burns

    Ok I really need to do something else with my day. I have spent wayyyy to much time on your channel listeneing to all of your amazing tunes! At least it will give me some inspiration to work on my own music… right??? :-/

  46. Ayoub Mehena

    I will give you a letter, I hope you, my brother, that you can reach me Jordin Sparks or I hope you I hope you please I hope you I hope you I hope you I hope you I hope you I hope you I hope you I hope you I hope you I hope you I hope you I hope you I hope you please I hope you please I hope you please I ask you to give me her phone number Yes Do you allow her to say a peso in need of you Did you forget him and get her Thank you

  47. Ayoub Mehena

    hay jordin sparks iam pisi wer iz may fietcha mai namber iz +213 0658040295 call me naw pliz i am piso.have you forgotten me ,

  48. Willem Muniz

    Volta logo amor

  49. Transgender-Mocha Love-Here

    i don't care what anyone says.. I LOVE IT!!! Plus, this is her sexiest video!

  50. fundie. sam

    I don't get it

  51. Shelly Reasat

    God made you so beautiful JORDAN SPARKS


    Such a beautiful video for so tasteless song!

  53. Adriana Avila

    This is one of about two or three that I liked from her latest album. Loved and adored her first two. She grew up it’s understandable. Just not my cup of tea.

  54. David Mendoza

    Still addicted to this song

  55. Taylor Millen

    She is so beautiful and talented I love this side of Jordan sparks

  56. Amilcar Polanen

    amazing !!!!

  57. Gina Harris

    I'm in my comfort Zoin.Yes What has God For me is for Me First I love me I'm do A Make Over Then I'm.praise My Higher Power Then I shall manifest My goals the Beliefs

  58. Fabinatii

    That twerking though...Was this a song written by Aaliyah? I’m feeling her vibes really strong

  59. Jasmine Day

    This beat would be a sick Haka dance!

  60. Jaylon Austin

    Jordin. SParks. Hi this. Jaylon I love you. Like. Girlfriend

  61. Felipe Chagas


  62. EmzooH

    She needs to get back with a massive R&BHip Hop album

  63. Gina Harris

    it fills Slendiff to clean my past up i fill like a Teenager

  64. Da Goddess

    I think the direction of the music is not clear. It was over done

  65. Chanel Champ

    2 years ago?? how did i miss this??? I like this sound for her

  66. Maureene Chiche

    Jordan is my girl but this one noooo way u ct take its out of melody sounds like combination of different songs

  67. eddy sterlin

    Yeah Jordin i love you sooo much and i back you up! I love it! Keep it up😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  68. Ronnievan

    Lmao my brain went blank listening to this

  69. Roderick Strachan

    I support it! Wish I noticed when it first released. This song on fire. She just need Timbaland & Missy on a remix.

  70. Syeril Elena

    Shes an exotic goddess <3

  71. Little Lost Lia

    i think her voice is so unimaginable beautiful but all her songs are awful

  72. Frankie Jones


  73. lexie heredia

    She dated my uncle

  74. Nozgekani Nyasulu

    Jordin .. girl..I love you but no. Just no.

  75. Dominique Harrison

    I'm sorry but she kinda sound like Aaliyah when I heard when I first heard it?!?

  76. Angelique Mayo

    sexy as hell she is... I hear u Jordan

  77. Hailey Buchanan

    This is alright I guess. I prefer older stuff.

  78. Kristin Koyon

    yea I agree alot going on ..but funny shit is it works lol I fucks with it

  79. Elisson Rocha

    Brasil ❤😍

  80. Harapu Alin

    What happened to Jordin? :O

  81. Nicole Mccreadie

    This was so confusing to listen to

  82. dlariby

    Jordin, I LOVE some of your earlier songs and the innocence you possessed through them. PLEASE, don't become another tool of the industry like many of today's pop stars who become repulsive to anyone with a conscience. In other words, look at how Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears have evolved--from innocent and happy to messed up.

  83. Bria Barrows

    love the Aaliyah vibe, is video is too busy

  84. Caitlyn Noelle Padua

    Thank you Jordin for coming to the rock church, you were great ily

  85. Julia White

    Thank you ROSS for playing this song in your store. At first I thought this was Aaliyah.

  86. YaGunnersYa

    I honestly didn't know she was black haha

  87. Stel DX




  89. Junior -3rd

    I'm really feeling this song

  90. Quran Samad

    Jordin Sparks

  91. HILINA

    Love this song!

  92. Joogie 212

    This shit still bang 👌🏾

  93. Manny G. Forever

    Damn, this should've been a huge hit. Why radio never played this?? She looks gorgeous in this video!!!