Sparks, Jordin - It Ain't You Lyrics

Where my ladies at [x2]

Dude swear he a boss
Still living with his moms'
Stay fresh though
And you wonder why it ain't you?
Ooh ooh
Why it ain't you
Oooh ooh oh

This one is for all my ladies
All these fellas in the songs fucking crazy
More than loyal, I'm royal
And you can bet, I look better than I do on the Internet
Take a step back 'cause I'm too fresh
Need a pack of gum do the breath
You're not an O.G you're an OMG
You could say hi, but don't touch me
Already know who I wanna talk to
Got my eye on him when I walk through
Yeah, we came here to party
And I ain't tryin to see your fuckin' car keys

A little too smart for you babe
May look pretty, but I got a brain
Need a pose, here's some twix
Hope it keeps you busy, boy I really over it cause

Dude swear he a boss
Still living with his moms',
Stay fresh though
And you wonder why it ain't you?
Ooh ooh
Why it ain't you
Oooh ooh oh

Ain't enough a couple shots
My type you are not
So many girls have been here, why me?
You already don't flop, wipe pretty
Got a curl like my curls
Couldn't get with me, now you try my girl
Did your mama helped you to get dressed?
Boy say it wit your chest
Say VIP is where I gotta be
'Cause I can't get people up off of me
Acting all drunk like you wanna fight
But you've been sipping on the same drink the whole night
Stepping up like a jerk
Who in the world told you that shit would work?
I am the fliest boss girl up in this skirt
Me and my ladies run this thing, you heard!

Dude swear he a boss,
Still living with his moms'
Stay fresh though
And you wonder why it ain't you?
Ooh ooh
Why it ain't you?
Ooh ooh

You wonder whyyyyyy it ain't you?
You didn't even know what to do
Ooh, why why why why why why
Straight fair, I'm a win you're an air

Dude swear he a boss
Still living with his moms'
He stay fresh though
And you wonder why it ain't you?
Ooh ooh
Why it ain't you?
Ooh ooh
Yeah yeah

This one is for all my ladies
All these fellas in this song fucking crazy

And that's it

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Sparks, Jordin It Ain't You Comments
  1. Sean Jenkins

    This is supposed to be a Tinashe song not Jordin Sparks. Not bad tho

  2. Sean Jenkins

    This my shit

  3. AnnaGirl YT

    Everyone in 2019

  4. johnnyboii

    The lyrics ARE HORRIBLE. oh i can't

  5. Samir Av

    Crazy beat wasted. Should've gave this to Ty$ or YG

  6. Samir Av

    Imagine YG and Ty$ on this beat..

  7. Jemz bae taylor

    2018 Jordan sparks is too talented she shouldn't have given up on her singing career

  8. Mika D.

    I'm just gonna say thanks for the song.😂 folks trashing her, but I'm on the floor cause someone need this and I'm happy she had time😉

  9. kaykun01

    Writers could have been less corny and more witty with the lyrics

  10. Luiz Junior

    Que hinoooooo

  11. Raquelle Stepney

    Like this song! I would create a new playlist for it.

  12. blkcloud

    I have yet to hear a worse song since hearing this shit whenever it came out.

  13. Travis Kuykendall

    when you're just here for DJ mustard

  14. African Queen

    Please stop. My ears are bleeding. You can't rap nor is your career poppin

    African Queen

    I hate her that's why. She screwed up Jason Derulo's name. She tried to make it seem as though Jason cheated on her, when he didn't. He said she use to pick fights and argue with her when he came off tour. I hope Kara whoops her ass because she deserves it.

    African Queen

    @Alex Luckett She made this song about Jason Derulo and I hate her that's why. She screwed up Jason Derulo's name. She tried to make it seem as though Jason cheated on her, when he didn't. He said she use to pick fights and argue with her when he came off tour. I hope Kara whoops her ass because she deserves it.

    shifrah halifah Nakayiwa

    you lil ass if yo sis or yo daughter gotta be dumped by any nigga Neva try to feel sori jct clap yah hnds


    Diamoniique ThaRealChicka Honestly. I'm triggered. I know Jordan personally, please shut yo indulgent ass up.

  15. Essence D

    y'all tripping! lol

  16. Terrica Guy

    All these haters!!!! Jordin is on fire right now. This is the mature, grown up Jordin Sparks. if you have a problem with her songs on the album. then don't complement 😬


    Terrica Guy Exactly!

  17. Zoomies Blacks

    maybe jordan needs to date a guy like Drake after all. sometimes the guys u think aint your type maybe the ones who value u and open your eyes for you to see your self your worth. Jordan, drop the so call players u attractive to

  18. Leonardo Costa

    Loving it so much (L)

  19. Nykera L.

    umm no those lyrics were whack af like I think I'd probably like this song if I was 11 years old😒😒 this sounds so juvenile

  20. FreshMagicOfficial

    this song fire af. 🔥🔥🔥

    James J

    this is so damn true tho


    +James J I'm glad you agree bruh. haha

    James J

    +xxFreshMagicxx yea been there.. don't that.

  21. jstme2424

    Jordin Sparks, has the potential to be a great artist.  She has the look and real vocals to back it up.  This track feels very juvenile to me.  I feel like she needs to get with Neo or Ryan Leslie to get some real R&B hits produced.

  22. Shankia Tinsley

    Lovin' the new sound!

  23. Melicia Francisco

    i loveeeeeeeee this song, one of my fav from her, u go jordin....

  24. jazmin harris

    DANG, people she trying to change it obvious she try to to, but y'all stuck on the past Jordan. She's been thru stuff...she's not gonna be the same.

  25. Austin-Tyler

    it's awesome why wouldn't u degenerate not like it

  26. Hey Hey

    This Song Ain't Bad At All What The Problem???

    Ricky N

    Hey Hey the songwriter needs to be fired lol

  27. bipolarbeautie85

    It's not that bad I love how she is stepping out of her comfort zone.

    jayjay williams

    I wish people would understand that! No one got mad when Beyonce went from Irreplaceable to Partition within a matter of years!

    Tameka D-B

    +JayJay Williams it might because Beyonce already had Crazy in Love and already mixed her style so it wasn't really a shock. If Jordin had a album between her second and this one I don't think people would care about her new song, but years went by and I guess proper thought she'd have the style.

  28. Sis

    Just because they make it in your size, doesn't mean it looks cute on you

  29. Mara Malae

    Dj Mustard and Jordin voice mix so well. It's just the LYRICS. This song could've been a hit.

  30. mari omari

    Its not entirely Jordins fault guys...Apparently Ty Dolla Sign wrote the lyrics.. When people want to try new stuff they'll go with people that are hot in the game in this case Ty and Dj Mustard (love it or hate it) who fed her this song to contribute to her come back..but yeah :(.. Tho I dont feel this on her i know where this was going

  31. Vanessa Titus

    u do. u love don't worry what any one say it sounds different and good change is inevitable so people can't handle that

  32. Kimm Irving

    I love it because she can sing ANY kind of music...=ARTIST!

    jayjay williams

    A true artist can pretty much sing anything they want as far as genre is concerned!

  33. Cherron Blount

  34. R C

    No Jordin...just no.

  35. The Quintessential

    Sounds like Rack City

    902 GaMeRz

    The Conrad open your ears please

  36. Amass Julius


  37. ClassyBull

    i like it

  38. Flawless Valley

    This song is actually good tho. For all them youtube users who is hating down below v.v Yall must think shes your child. Does it look like u raise Jordin? U didn't. You can't comment on what she does. You just clicked on the video to listen to the song right? So listen. Her Life Her Style

  39. Justin Catt

    Man her songs used to be good, but her new stuff really sucks.

  40. xMusic

    Her vocal talent is too strong and good for this.

  41. Dijonee' Chester

    Imma need these producers to stop cranking out the EXACT SAME BEATS!!!!!! Like damn! This sounds like 2 On >_>

  42. blue terror 1232

    did she really just say "doo-doo breath", come on -.-

  43. NoJudgement

    I agree with all these comments. Jordin this isn't you AT ALL and it doesn't work. I didn't wait 5 years for this fake and try-hard Jordin. I want the genuine and soulfoul Jordin music. This is not you, rap game, not you, ghetto, not you.

  44. Patrica Arrington-English

    I love t he this song

  45. Stephanie Hewlett

    I dont care what yall say this sing i love. Its amazing love the new jordin.

  46. osnapitzdee

    Sounds Like 2 On By Tinashe :/

  47. Jessica Dickey

    Who is writing her lyrics now? I'm not with it. I like Jordan and she is trying to stay relevant--ya know doing what everyone else is doing right now, but that doesn't always help you sell more. I couldn't finish the song...56 seconds in I was done. I want the old Jordan back

  48. diamond quaker

    (-_-) ........come on man ...

  49. fooloof

    This song is complete trash.  This is 12 year old music, just like most rap/urban.

  50. fooloof

    She's too heavy/fat for this song.


    @Amarah Abdullah so be it. this is little girl music. it don't fit Jordin Sparks. it's my opinion; you don't have to agree with it.


    @fooloof LOL!!! Are you serious?

    jayjay williams

    She's not even big anymore! And even when she was big, she was still pretty and she could sing!


    +JayJay Williams still, too big for this song!!!!


    +cherry560 of course!!

  51. Christina Matangos

    stupidest lyrics in a while

  52. Talia Stacey

    This track sounds awesome. I like the change and it kinda does suit her. She sounds mature n taking it to a while different level. Props to her

  53. TJ Mvp

    I love it. Ily miss js.

  54. Serrina Stangoni

    I like the "new" Jordin.

  55. Donna Clarkson

    This is the one about Jason

  56. niya tinsley

    Jason Derulo ruined her... Smh. She was so different. I miss the old her but I still love ya jordin. I support ya no matter what girrrll.

  57. Ashlepooh

    at first i didnt like this song at all. but it has really grown on me. now i cant stop listening to it lol

  58. Bethany Antoine

    Im tired of people saying this isnt her its her own choice, plus theres been alot of changes in productions  and to be kept in the production you gotto be changing up your style and yeah so what she has changed up her style but Its Her OWN GOD DAMMN CHOICE what she wants to sing or not  its similar to mariah carey she got signed by a new production and she gets less of whats she used to(money)  this is what Us teens and kids like these days hip hop  r&B But  If your gon hate Keep hating cos all it will do is make her stronger and prove You Wrong!

  59. King Kami

    Finally, a Jordin I can get on board with. :D

  60. Sierra Washington

    Aye ayeee my new theme song I am going to play this for my dude and piss him off

  61. Armonti Mccowin

    I am likeing the new jordin sparks to

  62. SihleMfenyana

    This is so sad. less that a million views, LESS than 300 000. Tough times for her career. Horrible song, really HORRIBLE.

  63. Icyes Smith


  64. Piscean Pretty

    wht happened to my innocent jordin.

  65. Brittany C.L

    Heard that Jamaican accent. 


    @Indianthug_ ikr. Im Jamaican and i heard Jamaican slangs as well

  66. theamp086

    reminds me of Teeflii style for some reason.

  67. Miranda High

    I like this song. I think she did a great job! I want to hear more of her like this

  68. Reagan Muriuki

    I like the part ''you ain't OG you an OMG''

  69. Hat Sheshupt

    I like it but the doo doo line could have stayed off.

  70. Mickey Jazz

    Lyrics are wack but it's catchy

  71. ebony24weird

    This song is bomb! I've been sleeping on this n just hard it today. Maybe this is the real Jordan I mean she ain't made a hit since Battlefield. People change just look at Miley Cyrus I was so pissed off but I got over it. So stop judging Jordan so what if she's not herself anymore she can still sing...

  72. digthewarmth

    I'm really liking this new Jordin. I like this song too. It's just truthful.

  73. zamiradgf

    I like it cause I had been sleepin on Jordan but im woke now

  74. Blake Balathunis

    I mist be crazy then because I really like it haha

  75. JefferyHarrisMusicVEV0

    I Love the new Jordan

  76. Denise Bryant

    Gone den jordin yuu did that song keep up the good work girl also love your song double tap and one wing.

  77. luvegal83

    i really wish she could make a video for this. #speezyfan

  78. Rochelle Daley

    this doesn't sound like jordin

  79. darrien powell

    love it

  80. Nakkesha Rosenide

    Honestly I've been her fan since the day she auditioned for AI and I love how she's grown and showing who she really is.

  81. Selector D

    To The people thats talking about this song isn't her and below her and all this other negative stuff, do any of you know the reason of her making this song. And if you don't like it then just don't listen to it it's that plain and simple.

    Nakkesha Rosenide

    Thank you. I don't see anyone having a problem with Beyonce going from Dangerously in Love to 7/11

  82. Cherron Blount

    Horrible. Bring back the old ms sparks. Please.

  83. Ayanna Webb

    I luv this song soooo much!!
    I luv Jordin soooo much

  84. Ayanna Webb


  85. Makayla Baines

    At least she making songs why y'all sit on y'all butts so 💁 getting mad for what

  86. Mami Chula

    Her subscribers are decreasing. o_O IS SHE STILL ALIVE?!

  87. Mariah Titus

    I love Jordin Sparks, but this song is not her usual style. This song seems so superficial, this is not her. I came into this song with high intentions and this song did not match it. 

  88. Timid Livez

    need a pack of gum cause u got  dodo breath.... really nikkaaa

  89. KayLoves NickiMinaj

    Who Inn The World Told Yhuu, That Shit I'll Work 💯👌💙

  90. Alessia D

    OOOOH cazzo finalmente hai capito che musica devi fare!! Brava Jordin!! Goooood Joooooooob!!! <3 <3 

  91. Brett Nichole

    It's kind of "meh" to me. I'll always be a fan but I think she can be urban and still be more of herself. Something about this sounds corny or as if she's trying too hard. I'd let this go and put out something else. It's an okay B side record though.

  92. Patricia Miles

    I'm guessing this is for Jason lol

  93. Alicia Brice

    I love this style of music better it fits her rather than that other stuff she was putting out

  94. jeniyahl05


    Stop talking like u know her cuz u don't

  95. jeniyahl05

    What happened to one step at a time and no air!! Don't become one of the people that sing these retarded songs! People/singers are so stupid I thought u were the only one I could respect! God I mean sing about other stuff except for men and women like one step at a time was about believing yourself! You shouldn't stick with DJ mustard he's the one that r making the stupid songs u were talking about!!😡😡😡😡😡