Sparks, Jordin - I (Who Have Nothing) Lyrics

I, I who have nothing
I, I who have no one
Adore you and want you so
I'm just a no one, with nothing to give you but oh
I love you
You, you buy her diamonds
Bright, sparkling diamonds
But believe me, dear, when I say
That she can give you the Word
[sometimes: That you can give her the world]
But she'll never love you the way I love you
You can take her any place she wants
To fancy clubs and restaurants
But I can only watch you with
My nose pressed up against the window pane
I, I who have nothing
I, I who have no one
Must watch you, go dancing by
Wrapped in the arms of somebody else
When darling it is I
Who love you

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Sparks, Jordin I (Who Have Nothing) Comments
  1. Sandy Castles

    Sorry but, . . .
    Goosebumps never lie.

  2. alicia Tolhurst

    Amazing singer. Just today seen and heard her voice. Good Luck

  3. Aaron Lambert

    A moment.
    will always be classic

  4. Shirley Celly


  5. Mema Del Rey

    Gorgeous ❤

  6. Richie Fish

    Wooooo, I do believe I have the vapors!!!!!!!!

  7. Anecdotal1

    It's 2019 and I still come back to this as one of my favorite AI moments... Simon was dumb saying it was too old and boring for her.. her range, her control, her tonal quality...110%. I expected her to be one of the few who would break out like Kelly and Carrie and Adam and Chris... No Air will always be hers... !!!!


    I wasn't impressed with this season of idol UNTIL this performance. I had goosebumps after she did this song. All these years later and I still like coming back and listening to this version of it rather than the studio recording of it she did. ❤

  9. I’m Here For Mukbangs

    Hollllllyyyy cowwwww that was beautiful I love her voice Jesus

  10. babyred721

    so beautiful so beautiful

  11. Carmen Francine Lopez

    I love that way she sang this song!!!

  12. Cricket Lee

    🤩🤩My favorite she did the whole season! Flawless!🤩🤩

  13. Cody Concepcion

    I remember seeing this as a child and hearing she was 17 sounded grown to me. Now I'm here, 20 years old, eating chips in bed looking back and realize that this 17 year old went places and put my ass to shame.

  14. Riona Claybrooks

    this song is ugly

  15. Lani Maguire

    Haley, Candice AND Jordin all sang amazingly and they all have different parts that they did better than each other. Doesn't make anyone better or worse, I don't see why everyone is being rude about it.

  16. ShadowsGathered

    This just gives me chill bumps. Jordin's awesome.

  17. Kim Stocks

    Im still crying to this in 2017 😭😭😭😂😂😂

  18. Drakamir

    I can remember this particular episode. It wa British invasion week, as introduced by Simon. No one seemed to expect great things. None of the contestants seemed stoked, after all most were'nt to know these songs. Many chose, or were given the wrong song. I watched from the U.K as this young girl blew the audience away using a weapon scorned. True talent.

  19. Stacy Knight

    I, I who have nothing
    I, I who have no one
    Adore you and want you so
    Im just a no one with nothing to give you
    But oh, I love you

    You, you buy her diamonds
    Bright, sparkling diamonds
    But believe me, dear when I say
    That she can give you the world
    But shell never love you the way I love you

    She can take you anyplace she wants
    To fancy clubs and restaurants
    Where I can only watch you with
    My nose pressed up against the window pane!

    I, I who have nothing
    I, I who have no one
    Must watch you go dancing by
    Wrapped in the arms of somebody else
    When darling its I who loves you
    I love you, I love you, I love you

    Leiber Jerry; Stoll

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  20. War Fighter

    if there's a better idol performance besides up to the mountail by kelly clarkson during idol gives back (which I know was a guest performance) id like to hear it...and please, be real

    I will say I believe carly raes performances of I'm feeling good on americans got talent was amazing as well...especially considering her age...her swag was awesome!

  21. Aquarian Queen

    And I think she got a nose job that messed up her voice?!

  22. Aquarian Queen

    Her voice was so good here, what happened? Why is she not recording?


    No label wanted a good singer with a pure image; so they made her lose a ton of weight, slutted her up, and she flopped hardcore because of it.


    Is that TRUE? It's a shame..

  23. beyedoc

    I saw this live years ago and today had the urge to find the video and watch. Chills.

  24. nonnamadonna

    Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful ..... major goosebumps!! I'm so glad Jordin won. :-)

  25. Gloria Law

    I am a Plaintiff take nothing vs. Defendant (s) City of Cambridge #Massachusetts

    Cricket Lee

    Ummm....???? What does that mean? And what does it have to do with this?

  26. daydreamin4

    she's amazing

  27. Jairzinho121

    Im from the UK and this is seriously one of the best X factor/Idol performances ever!

  28. Manal Amireh

    better than the original

    Andres Bonilla

    +Manal Amireh Nope.

    mac daddy

    +Manal Amireh ummm No it is not.

  29. alex jones

    Candice's version was a cheap knock off
    Haley's was too over done and dramatic
    Jordin's = PEFFECTION.  One of the best Idol performances.


    @alex jones I respectfully disagree with your comment. Candice, Haley, and Jordin were a few of the top tier contestants to ever be on idol and I think they each performed a flawless interpretation based on their personal styles. The comparisons between them are futile because it's not about who sang it the best.

    mac daddy

    +alex jones Wrong. Jordin's sounds like a cheap knock-off....nothing beat Tom Jones.

    Riyaan Abrahams

    still think haley should have won

    The Black Dog

    Sorry, moonbat, Haley's version is regarded as the best ever. Neither Jordin or Candice appeared to have ever been with a man before, yet ever spurned by one. Haley looked like Loreena Bobbit waiting for her drunken and womanizing husband to return home so she could whack off his penis. She was the only one who exuded the correct emotion and she just killed it. Plus, she sang it far better than both of them as well, and that final stare she did into the camera at the end was just awesome.

  30. Caleb Kim

    Jordin - he friendzoned her
    Haley - he dumped her
    Candice - he cheated on her

    Think Eponine from Les Mis, Nessarose from Wicked, and Effie from Dreamgirls

    Jessie b. Evans

    Lol you stole this comment

  31. carmelita cabanlit

    i sing this song when i joined a singing contest here in philippines

  32. tongolele

    Original is by Ben E King, adapted by Liber and Stoller from an Italian song,  by Joe Sentieri Uno dei tanti and written by Mogol - Carlo Labati Donida

  33. jorji moon

    This was the performance that sealed it for me.

  34. coolness06

    THIS is the performance that fully convinced me that Jordin deserved to win.


    Right there with you!


    Absolutely! Years later and I still play it when I want to hear a great song.

    M. H.

    Yea, she wasn’t my #1 pick that season (funny, I don’t remember who I was rooting for), but when she sang this, I was like “she won already.”


    me too this was so incredible i get chills everytime

  35. TheBiggestJordinSparksFan J-ski

    Uh! Yeah I'm entertained!

  36. Terri Young

    Love her singing this.

  37. Alicia Brice

    How on earth do you come on jordin's video and start bashing Haley and candice performance of this song please get yourselves together and leave Haley and candice alone just support Jordin like real fans are suppose to they all did good in their own way lastly stop comparing these three performances to each other cuz one was not better than the other

    Trevor Morris

    ++Alicia Brice
    I'm with you there. Although Haley's was my favourite version, all three gave excellent performances. I can understand why people will have their own favourites, but with three performances of that calibre, people should be able to find good things about all three even if one stands out particularly for them.

  38. 205STAR

    The Disney version. 

  39. loreleivixen

    The greatest performance that season!! And she won so happy ending!

    Ronaldo Sosa

    In my opinion the best performance that season was Melinda Doolittle’s My Funny Valentine

  40. HolySpicoli

    Just listened to this 7 years later and teared up.  She owned this.  If Idol could still put out people like this it would still be watchable.

  41. Domeju

    I liked Jordins the best. She had emotion and I totally felt it. Haley and Candice were good but just sang well. One of my favorites of the show.

  42. Asrul Otomen Abdullah

    1.23 is epic.

  43. Asrul Otomen Abdullah

    *standing Ovation*

  44. AngeliseValenya

    One of the best moments of any American Idol season.

  45. 1992Fabulous

    I love Candice she has a beautiful strong voice, but I gotta give this one to Jordin! her emotion, her voice,..everything!!! simple and beautiful

  46. metalmachine80

    Not being mean or rude but Candice and Hale don't come even remotely close to Jordin

    Jeff Petteys

    Haley does compare imo

    Tami Thomas

    Lies! Candace owned that song on the best season Idol ever had. Candace' rendition was grown woman, on a higher level and Jordyn's while nice, was a bit puppy lovish to me. It's Candace for me by a long shot.

  47. Katrina Mastrolia

    I love Jordin's version the best. (Putting aside the original singer. Talking about people who re-did it) I've seen Haley and Candice's version and i really dislike them and they dont even come close to Jordin. Im sorry but its true. And shes only 17! A teenager! She blows this away more than anyone who has ever covered it.
    *This is my opinion. I am allowed to express it*

    Alicia Brice

    Haters are everywhere Haley and candice slayed this song to Jordin was not better than candice and Haley they all delivered on this song and got standing ovations from the judges so do me a favor and back off cause Jordin did not out sang them they all were great and you need to realize that

  48. Survivor 40

    I think haley & Candice did better...

  49. Deven Salazar

    I love Jordin sing but I think Candice sung much stronger.

  50. aquachic29

    Watched all three versions of this song on Idol by Jordin Sparks, Candice Glover & Haley Reinhart, and I have say that for me Jordin Sparks definitely did the best by far. Perfection!

    M. H.

    I agree. I feel the yearning in her performance the most.

  51. Jeiygo

    Take that Candice & Haley fans!

  52. Lorena Walker

    I think Candice did great with it but I would listen to Jordin's version over Candice's any day!

  53. Mob4016 Nash

    All three...Jordin.Hailey and Candice gave their best shots at this classic number...all are good at their respective renditions...but none is comparable to Dame Shirley Bassey back in term of pure energy and rawness...Cheerio

  54. Shanterrica Nailor

    i love them both the reason why they say candice did better cause she did alot of runoff but i love them both

  55. Sicely Jeffery

    Im not trying to compare the too but they both did good

  56. Sicely Jeffery

    Um ive heard Candice and Jordins version and in MY OPINION i think Jordin did it better i felt the song more with jordin and the role she played was amazing Candice is an amazing singer no doubt about it but i think she over did it and i didnt feel the song just more vocal runs no feeling no inspiration thats why i like jordins version better and ITS JUST MY OPINION NO ONE HAS TO AGREE WITH IT

  57. Maria Gallegos

    Jordin,Hailey and Candice are excellent singers .Each have their own style.Every time I hear them sing I cry.

  58. ultimatecouponlady

    This is very good! Candice did an awesome job as well!

  59. Demi3881

    love Jordin but Candice did a better job!!

  60. Helmi Hasan

    the three girls have their own style to interpreted the song beautifully ... so we can hear the three style of melody, voice and diva's :)

  61. TheMicky53

    Right on! The judges new what they were listening to and what they were feeling.

  62. TheMicky53

    I concur!
    Some just don't get it!

  63. TheMicky53

    Sorry bud, Jordin just does not have the pure power in her voice that Candice possesses.
    I have never, never heard anyone nail that song the way Candice did.
    She brought life to it like no one other.

  64. Weeping Willow

    of all 3 versions, jordin's is by far the worst

  65. The Diamond Realm

    I might be old fashioned but Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones remain the remain the BEST of all time!

  66. dennis esplana

    Candace cannot even sustain the ends of her notes and tried to compensate with the runs and vocal dynamics. Jordin is just a vocal powerhouse.

  67. dennis esplana

    Candace thought that doing all those vocal dynamics would make the song sound better. She did all those runs but sadly wasn't able to sustain the notes. Jordin has real vocal power. Those big, powerful notes just nailed it for me. Jordin's version is by far better than those of Candace and Haley put together.

  68. sexy912

    Girl please Candice tore this down honey you need to listen again

  69. norah .ab

    Candice sang this song like she means it she is soooooo much better than Jordin ( vocally )

  70. lilbabz02

    @PolarLaydeeE exactly! once i heard the song Jordin came up in my head. i still like jordins better. she sings with more feeling.

  71. willis williams

    Candace sings it better

  72. justinchester0018

    Still the best version for me :)

  73. DavidWisniewski5748

    This song is NOT originally by Shirley Bassey. It's originally by Ben E. King.

  74. PolarLaydeeE

    Candice & Jordin both did their thing....but as soon as I saw what Candice was singing I immediately thought of Jordin

  75. toddnmidtown2003

    Watch other versions; this is the best!

  76. 101paramoreluver

    oohhhhhhh!!!!!! I love this comment so much.
    I never looked a this way but its so true ^^

  77. vbrockin27

    Jordin will always be the best

  78. Rowell Erecido


  79. Turtlefoot69

    Haley did this on an untouchable level not just sung the song became the song its not all about singing.

  80. Mar

    Then see Candice Glover sing it on American Idol season 12

  81. Kimberly Clanton

    Thank you! Hailey ain't got nuthin on jordin!

  82. musicmintPatti

    THANK YOUU lol

  83. Julio Rodriguez

    There is no way that Haley Reinhart even comes close to this performance!

  84. MissHelloKiDee

    I honestly was not too impressed with this version. Haley's cover of this song was just flawless so much emotion and anger! love it!

  85. chris17blue

    Jordin is a true talent, I love her performance more than anyone else. XD


  86. Iyanna Thomas

    Candice put a bit more sass in her version, but Jordin played the role better. You can hear the tremors of desperation and emotion in her voice. It was good. I like both versions.s

  87. Shu Tsai

    I like your comments, very true and to the point.

  88. wuzzzzzzzzzzzup

    This song has been sung beautifully by 3 women on idol. They just all interpreted the song differently.

    Jordin- Confused why her young love is going so wrong.
    Hailey- Stalker Girl wondering why the man won't love her
    Candice- Experienced woman who has just had enough.

    All of these being beautiful.

  89. nuvamusic

    Candice may have sung it with more vocal acrobatics, plus it was a longer version. But I love Jordin's voice better, it's more current and pop, less R&B. It's hard to explain -it may be a matter of taste- but I just love her tone of voice much more.

  90. Dana Martinez

    Taylor Hicks jajajajaja pity votes.... Just like Nicky said, the best performance ever made on "AI" is Candice's

  91. jgabrielgaite

    they sang it differently or different approach of the song

  92. Sam Brooks

    1:09 - 1:11 ... What I love about Jordin is her full, powerful tone. This note ("say") exhibits how rich the quality of her voice is and how she has impressive vocal technique. GAAHH! I wanna sing like that!

  93. la Rose laurore

    Candice sing this song better than Jordin

  94. SilverSauce

    Candice showed more vocal skill when she sang it, Haley's tone better fit the intensity of the song, BUT Jordin's rendition is a classic, and she brought the stage presence. I say all three are great!

  95. natedoggg2002

    Candice's performance was more Soulful to me than Jordans. Plus Candice held her notes Longer then Jordan did! Jordan left me unsatisfied! But with Candice's performance I felt fulfilled!

  96. Charity Johnson

    Candace did a damn good job, but I feel the song when Jordan sings it. When Candace sings it I'm only focus on the notes she hits. Music is suppose to inspire and because I feel the sing more when Jordan sings it, I'm totally fuckin inspired!!!

  97. Domeju

    SHE GAVE ME CHILLS!!!!!! unlike haley. her version was good but nothing compared to THIS! i mean hello, jordin won, haley didnt! get your facts right peoples!