Sparks, Jordin - Ego Lyrics

Ego, ego
People hurt people with ego
Last night, oh, last night
I fell asleep next to my pride

Love never said it could hurt like this
Tried to pack my regrets, but it just wouldn't fit
'Cause ego, ego
Ego kills much more than people

And I get lonely, lonely
Afraid to let someone hurt me
I get lonely, lonely
Some nights I need someone to hold me
Some nights I need someone to hold me

I just been runnin' and runnin'
And runnin' and runnin' away from it all, yeah
Find myself trippin' and fallin'
And slidin' and droppin' the ball
Bad times, I've seen bad times
When everything's wrong, I say I'm fine

Love never said I'd be cursed like this
And with all my regrets, you're the one that I need

And I get lonely (I get lonely)
I get lonely (I get)
Afraid to let someone hurt me (So afraid)
(Don't you hurt me)
I get lonely (Said I get lonely)
Lonely (Said I get lonely)
Some nights I need someone to hold me
(Hold me, hold...)
Some nights I need someone to hold me

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Sparks, Jordin Ego Comments
  1. Elizabeth P

    I don’t see javaughn being credited 🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. MyWayne1993

    Did she just hit an A5 note there @ 2:22?! Or was it a G5? Omg I haven't listened she hitting these notes in a looooong time since Battlefield album.

  3. T'Yahra

    Jordan is still one of my top 3 favorite singers on this planet besides Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera

  4. pretty fancy

    She doesn't deserve this less view n likes

  5. ashley washington

    This song is too good😭😭

  6. Chance Lemon

    Amazing. I wish my playlist had more songs like this that show off the artists vocal ability. Any of you lovely people have suggestions?

    John Gonzales

    Aaron childs, lucky daye, snoh allegra, emotional oranges, tessa, the internet, zacari

  7. Prudance Twala

    Whose here before million views😭

  8. Jeffery Smyth

    Came here after i went to the terrell show Channel, everybody check it

  9. Jeffery Smyth

    I love this ep

  10. April Gallow

    Terrell is why I’m here. Yasssss.

  11. Lenae Moore

    Beautiful 🌹

  12. Cristian Manzo

    We need way more of this shit on the radio please!!! This gave me chills I love hearing singers actually sing with meaning behind their words in love with this song 👏🏽💜💓💕


    And actually hearing what their voices sound like and can do.

    John Gonzales

    Right!! Sadly all they play is bullshit repeatedly