Sparks - Christmas Without A Prayer Lyrics

Christmas without a prayer
No one to go to church with
And run their fingers through my hair

No one to buy me things I don't want
Bright-colored ties
Monogrammed things
An album by Wings

Christmas without a prayer
No one to feed the birds with
From cold park benches
Icy air

No one to tell me, the first date's too soon
No one to show me
Pictures of her kids
The first I've heard of kids

I'm saying a prayer
(I feel it)
I'll never despair
(I feel it)
I'm laying it bare
(I feel it)
I know there's a brighter day

I'm saying a prayer
(I feel it)
I'll never despair
(I feel it)
I'm laying it bare
(I feel it)
I know there's a brighter day Christmas without a prayer
No one to eat Thai with
It's all that's open anywhere...

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Sparks Christmas Without A Prayer Comments
  1. andy morris

    havent heard this before..its good which is why radio doesnt play it

  2. Janet Broadley

    I'm listening to this in Ausgust 2019 and it doesn't seem out of place even though it's a christmas song.

  3. Donald Urquhart

    A very Merry Christmas to all Sparks fans, and to Ron & Russell - Gods amongst men.

  4. Publicita Online Marketing

    Cinematic genius. Or I am just a wee bit depressed...either way.

  5. dcee73

    Love it. It get's better and more meaningful each year " No one to eat Thai's all thats open anywhere"

  6. richard brown

    god blesss

  7. Mark Dillon

    At last, a Christmas song that speaks to me!

  8. Rob Davidson

    Love Sparks or die die I say!

    Anna Backman

    Personally I think it's enough punishment to live without the pleasure, joy and brilliance Sparks give us clever, hmm.., people 😁😉💖
    I mean, if they don't understand the greatness about Sparks, imagene everything else they don't get! Such as essential things like humor for instance. Boring🙄 life. 😉😉😉😁😁

  9. David Evens

    For some reason I'm imagining Wings at the Speed of Sound. Which is not a terrible album, it has about three decent songs on it, but it's the kind of album I can imagine receiving for Christmas and being all "Oh, great... thanks" and dying a little on the inside.

  10. Margot Wolfs

    I don't believe you, but for me it's the case.

  11. Alex Retro

    I love how anytime Sparks mentions church in a song, they say something hilarious.

  12. Knufflebeest

    Nobody to pinch the all the best ones out of my tin of Quality Street! 😂

  13. dcee73

    Love it - gets better each time I hear it . A Christmas favourite for years to come. I hope they release the BBC recording of “Little Drummer boy” sometime soon too .

    Brian Woods

    dcee73 ... Yeah " Little drummer boy " Sparks. Is just brilliant, but until it's released ( hopefully ) came across the "Dandy Warhols" doing a rendition, also brilliant. ...

  14. Knufflebeest

    Its criminal that this was never Xmas number 1!

  15. zaraza125

    спасибо за красоту!!!

  16. Richie Y-W

    Sparks. Still great. Franz Ferdinands collaboration with them was for a reason. They're quality, inventive Musicians.

  17. Marilu Rasonyi

    I Love you Guys!

  18. Emma Perpetua

    I empathise with these lyrics :-) Ah, this is sublime and wonderful <3 Recent, what is more. Sparks age like a fine Highland Single Malt, getting more beautiful and complex with age. I have only just begun my Sparks fandom, and there is a whole world of wonderful Soarks songs to explore. Happy now xxx

    Emma Perpetua

    ps. It's hard to understand why this lovely melody performed in lovely falsetto doesn't have four million views. This is a better caliber of music than I am used to in Post Modernity.

    Gary T

    Kimono my House!!!!!!

  19. dinca

    Me sad. I didn't have a good Christmas in years. December it is for me the period I pay for my sins.

  20. Simon Edgbaston

    Happy Christmas 😃

  21. Angela Tsames

    I'd eat Thai with you guys any day. I'm married to myself, though. I hope I won't get jealous.

  22. Mary Rose

    +Paddy Mitchell I heard them last night on the radio and a member was interviewed. :)

  23. David Frankel

    Thank God its Not Christmas-so sad ! :-(

  24. tbknaito


  25. camelshit

    Wonderful .

  26. Kevin Faulkner

    just a little piece of musical throwaway genius for the season from Ron and Russell.


    +Kevin Faulkner : a close listen will reveal something considerably more than throwaway, not to mention brilliant singing.

    Kevin Faulkner

    the clue in my view was in the word 'genius' 

  27. Nicholas Sadlier

    Considering that practically every Christmas record you will hear was recorded over an 8 - 10 period straddling the 70s and early 80s, its really a breath of fresh air to hear something a little whimsical and NEW!!!

  28. David Badman

    brilliant! so different. loved this band since early days

  29. Paddy Mitchell

    will our pathetic radio stations play this beautiful song ? , no they will play the same old drivel very very sad

  30. TheSWolfe

    I love u guys!  Deflect that S.A.D.& grab the glad. I'll swing at the park wit'chu.

  31. annie faustino

    I`ll eat thai with you!

  32. Michael Ventrella

    Thank God it's not Christmas


    The best thing about Christmas is being able to ignore it!

  33. David Thomas


  34. Steambull1

    Will play this a lot this December!

  35. Marcella Fleury Berquó

    Sorry The Killers, but this year is Sparks time <3

  36. Smoezart Musclebound


  37. aldiakaroofus

    "An album by Wings" LOL! Aww, but it's so rude, considering Macca imitated Ron in the video "Coming Up"! XD


    @Ivan Sushkevich I know that of course. I just thought it was ironic. ;-)


    2nd hand record shops always seem to be full of Wings albums... draw your own conclusions

    Steve Someone

    3 years ago! I thought this was new.

    Yes, I caught that, too. He's saying "things I don't want like an album by Wings". I'd say that's an insult to Wings, which of course is mostly Paul. That's not very nice. And some Wings albums were pretty great. Oh, well. Maybe he just picked it because Wings rhymes with "things".

    Anna Backman

    @Steve Someone, perhaps he already had all of them? 🤔 😉😁😁💖

    Anna Backman

    Russell joined in with the cover band Baby Lemonade during a rehearsel for Beatles' Sgt. Peppers 40th anniversary in Milan, singing "When I'm 64". He knew the lyrics, so I guess he had heard that tune a couple of times...
    (On Youtube)

  38. Necroglobule

    Sparks, the most fun you'll ever have listening to music.

  39. Kenny Moore

    Thai sound's great for Xmas dinner.Love the song boy's.

  40. Dominic AaAaa

    new bjork release- new bowie song and new sparks all in the same week and it's all pretty great stuff - really liking this song :D

  41. Inflammatory Talk

    Sparks and Bowie releases on the same day? THIS should be a demonstration to the entire world of how unjustly Sparks has been railroaded out of mass respect. #propstoourpeeps

  42. Kuromiya

    Awesome !

  43. Revolver Dolls

    I'm saying a pray. I feel it!

  44. Canadian Studmuffin

    Now I'm in the Christmas spirit! :D

    8 Ball Paul

    It's about that time once more!!!

  45. Steven Pope

    LOL, "The first I heard of kids"---a quip of lyrical genius! R&R, thanks for decking the halls with Snark & Folly!

  46. Evan O'Leary