Sparks - Check Out Time 11AM Lyrics

Likely rates are posted on the door but they're inflated
So you think that you are special for the rates you really pay
Hope there's some deduction for the sadness that's contained
Inside the room that we're vacating and the gloom, it's on display

We've gotta pack
Not much to pack
Not much alive

Check out time, 11AM
The end of our affair
Check out time, 11AM

People say forever and they think they really mean it
But in fact they just demean it by just saying it, that's all
People stay together for a hundred million reasons
But it only takes one reason to feel very, very small

The desk is strong
Two cars out front
Good mini bar
Take what you want

Check out time, 11AM
The end of our affair
Check out time, 11AM
The end of our affair

The end of our affair
The end of our affair

You were so loving when we first met
You gave advice on which horse to bet
I felt so lucky, I felt so charmed
When I would hold, you felt this song

It's time to start, don't reminisce
It's time to start, paralysis

Check out time, 11AM
The end of our affair
Check out time, 11AM
The end of our affair

Check out time, 11AM
Check out time, 11AM
Check out time, 11AM
Check out time, 11AM

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Sparks Check Out Time 11AM Comments
  1. Nelson NoName

    It's irrational how much I like this song

  2. xtstevie

    Sparks really should have sold about a squillion albums in their 50 year career but if the truth be told they are a much better band for not doing so or selling out.......Absolute legends both & one of the greatest acts in history!

  3. Pascal Nicolas

    Great title

  4. Robert Christian

    Can someone explain the UK connection? I know they played there back in the day, but now?

    Cadre Deux

    They gained popularity in the 70’s in England, not popular in US. In 2015 did album with Scottish band Franz Ferdinand. That’s when I reconnected with them.

  5. Robert Christian

    What I care about and what I think about it, only fun, brilliant, and excellent - Sparks-FBE! Cuz ppl don't know!!!!

    Robert Christian

    OK I don't even know, now, but lets care more!!!!

  6. Chris Devonshire-Ellis

    Should have been on the Hippopotamus LP instead of Giddy Giddy.

    Anna Backman

    Not instead of. I love 'Giddy, giddy', makes me smile 😁
    But I would have loved this one on the album too.

  7. richard brown

    love them

  8. CCFC 87

    These Sparks is good

  9. Wixhael

    I'm so grateful that Edgar Wright introduced me to this band. They, quite literally, rock.

  10. Wixhael

    I'm gonna be honest, the only reason I know about this band is because of Edgar Wright, but I'm glad I found out about them!


    I became aware of Sparks about two years ago, when a random guy on Facebook sent me a link to "Dick Around". I spent the rest of that night checking out more of their stuff. They are truly brilliant!

  11. Arnaud Eric Burg

    I can sing lady gaga's pokerface on that melody. Is it serious, doctor ?

    Anna Backman

    I would say it is.

  12. Marcel Durant

    Superbe, le 10.06.18 Mojo Club Hamburg.😊

  13. Adam Nicholson

    What a great little song! It feels like a rare b-side single from the 80s... nearly 50 years later and the Maels are still producing some of their finest work! "Hippopotamus" never gets old... but neither does "Propaganda" or "Whomp That Sucker" ..."Woofer...

  14. Donald Urquhart

    HEAVEN What a gig in Glasgow! Great playlist. Ron threw his, rather fine, Manzini tie into the audience - I'm now wearing it!!

  15. Agnieszka Byrska

    Great music of news sparks ...

  16. shawn rayment

    Can’t wait for Thursday 😀😀😀😀

  17. J Svensson

    Otroliga sparks dom levererar alltid

  18. Primitive In The Extreme

    ♫ ♥ ♫

  19. Donald Urquhart

    Two sleep nights until Glasgow

  20. Anna Backman

    I love what I hear🤩, but an essential part of Sparks's music is lyrics, and I unfortunately miss a lot here 🤔🤔🤔☹️. Can anyone help me🙏🤗? Guess I'm not the only one?

    Frank Verbrugghe

    The lyrics are available if you look on the YouTube version of "check out time 11 am" from HiFi Delity with his answer on my question. He says: Frank Verbrugghe this is the only are the lyrics.

    Anna Backman

    Frank Verbrugghe 😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍

  21. Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  22. MostlyLoveOfMusic

    Superb song! Densely layered and lush

  23. Donald Urquhart

    Ok, after a hundred listens - this just gets better and better. Shout out to Lister's drumming ( Dinky would be impressed ).
    Hope they do this live on the forthcoming tour - OMG only three sleep nights until Glasgow.

  24. Marshlander du Marais

    Really like this.

  25. R Smith

    Love this tune. Another slice of scorching Sparks. This should be a number one if there was ever any justice in this world!! A video to go along with this release could be highly amusing as it conjures up all sorts of imaginations going on at the Hotel Check 11am....Ron would make such a good concierge.....

  26. Wendy Garbett

    Seeing them in Leeds on Wednesday. Hope I can make it as I have pneumonia and have been coughing blood! Typical!


    Good luck Wendy - get well soon !

    Anna Backman

    Get well soon! Very soon!
    Get back to giddy! 😉🤗

    Dizzy Daisy

    Hope you get well soon Im seeing them Weds too need to shake this cold off.

  27. Arnaud Eric Burg

    Very nice song, a bit repetitive but catchy. Definitely a really inspired band.

  28. Djamesie mc

    Going to see them on Tuesday 22nd 05 18 in Glasgow,,, Can't wait

    Janet Broadley

    Going to see them at Leeds on Wednesday. Enjoy.

    Anna Backman

    Saw them June 19, 2018, Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden.
    Brilliant 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  29. TheSWolfe

    Sounds good even w/a busted laptop speaker! Dear friend/former musical accomplice Matt turned me onto Sparks waaay back in 1980. Finally got to see them live for 1st time in S.F. on Hippo tour - now I love them all over again! Even my adult offspring was impressed.

  30. Rich Silverman

    The Mael brothers are on fire! Figuratively, of course. Unless they're really on fire, which I certainly hope isn't the case.

    Anna Backman

    Rich Silverman, Haha 😂 of course!

  31. John Cady

    Ever since my deejay friend played "Beat the Clock" in 1979, I have been a diehard Sparks fan. Ron and Russell continue to amaze!

  32. papa smurf108

    I watched that at 12:12

  33. Dizzy Daisy

    Wow what more can I say.

  34. Lindsay Johnson

    Love this song! It's definitely going to be stuck in my head <3

  35. 2 3

    This should be your cover art for the single rather than it being the Hippopotamus album cover on Spotify.

  36. Dominic AaAaa

    Not a bad song but heard this a few times and can kinda see why it didn't make the album. Personally I'd have preferred it to French director (the only song on hippopotamus I don't enjoy) but I guess that one had quite a different sound. Looking forward to my exotic creatures of the deep vinyl arriving later anyway. The album that got me into sparks when I was 17. What a brilliant band! :D

    D G

    Charlie Brown For me it was Giddy Giddy. Not a bad song but sounded out of 1974

    Dominic AaAaa

    Dan Guyer hmm yeah I can see why people wouldn't be keen on that one read some reviews and people found it annoying but I quite like it :p

    Anna Backman

    @D G, I love Giddy Giddy! Makes me smile the most gray and rainy day, whether it's the weather or life in general. 😁😁

    Robert Christian

    ...a newby...

    Anna Backman

    @Robert Christian who? 🤔

  37. Hannah

    Underrated band, keep it up guys :D

  38. Canadian Studmuffin

    Great song! I've been a Sparks fan since 1974. Bring your tour to Toronto again soon! :)

    Wendy Garbett

    Don't wear them out, Studmuffin! We saw them first!!! Wendy (UK).

  39. Richard Ward

    Pop music for adults. Sparks is one of the greatest groups ever.

    David Frankel

    Not really a group, it's the Mael brothers and whoever they can coerce to play their incredible creations.

    Anna Backman

    Whatever, they're the best! 💖

  40. alertonoff 4

    yup .. we are Bang on with euclids

  41. Donald Urquhart

    Start off brilliant in 1969 and get better and better.... this track is awesome. What a privilege to have these guys write the soundtrack to my life. Four sleep nights until Glasgow!!!

  42. John Mitchell

    You got that right. Thanks for sharing. I guess they are that good.

  43. dixielandfarm

    Why does Sparks keep getting better and better?!

    Anna Backman

    Why? Don't analyze, just enjoy 😊😊😊💖

  44. Liam Cahill

    That intro with that pulsing sound made my head feel funny XD
    This is so cool that you're uploading "rare-ish" stuff. Love Hippopotamus so much <3