Sparklehorse - Most Beautiful Widow In Town Lyrics

We were both standing
In your mother's living room
Sweating up a storm in that
Terrible month of June
And the sweat rolled down your cheek
And into your mouth
I knew this must've been a dream
'Cause you're mother would never let me in her house

You are the most beautiful widow
You are the most beautiful widow
You are the most beautiful widow in town

Many years later
The glassy month of December
I stood with my hands in my pockets
Trying to avoid
A shiny wedding portrait
Hanging on that old woman's wall
'Cause I knew you'd be wearing a smile
That'd be too painful to look upon

You are the most beautiful widow
I bet you are the most beautiful widow
I bet you are the most beautiful widow in town

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Sparklehorse Most Beautiful Widow In Town Comments
  1. Pieter Auper

    I can't even begin to imagine what this song must mean to Teresa.
    I mean, even i, some stranger from a completely different side of the globe miss him. Dearly.

  2. ProperShite

    when ur husband dies and mark linkous wanna fuck

  3. OrgullosoDeSerNada

    You're gonna be the most beautiful widow

  4. The Hero Of Kvatch

    a pretty one, as Mark would say.

  5. Justin Gaynor

    How I love this song -- so quiet, so powerful.

  6. Z R

    It's 'widow', not 'window',  YouNoob.

  7. TheJohnsonmobile

    The best song I've ever heard. It sounds simple in theory, but only Mark's singing and playing could make this song what it is.

  8. sonic7680

    beautiful x

  9. kristintheartist

    I just love this song. Thank you Mark.

  10. kristintheartist

    Great song. Mark, if you can hear me... Beautiful song, thank you! I admire your respect and love for this woman.

  11. corina b

    so elegantly sad .. nice saying

  12. Rob Duskey

    There is no better sad song. Flawless.

  13. william m

    I can remember seeing this live '08 whilst Mark was touring with Daniel Johnstons indie supergroup,it was special,very special!

  14. Tariq Mann

    One of the saddest songs I've heard.

  15. YouNoob

    This beautiful song so vividly describes that window. It reminds me of the most beautiful window in my friend's house. Whenever I'd visit her we'd overlook the city and stare out of it drinking tea. I really miss it now, it's a real shame she had to sell that house when her husband died.

    Ed Helvey

    It's "widow" not "window".


    ​@Ed Helvey He wrote it 7 years ago, i hope he realized it

  16. Jason Smith

    @heyjude97 yeah, steph, you can spell!!! word!!!

  17. mpwiest70

    No one could make those chords sound as good as him.

  18. mpwiest70

    @theflyintheointment I really don't know what you mean.

  19. Jake

    So rubbish, but so good, if you know what I mean. still one of my favourite albums of all time

  20. rainkinggw

    I could never get my guitar to sound this beautiful...

  21. MadsAndersen1

    It really wasn't all that often Mark did this - just him and an acoustic, no minimalist sound experiments going on. It's gorgeous, so elegantly sad, the solitude and memories in the guitar strumming. I love this.