Sparklehorse - Jack's Obsession Lyrics

Something's wrong with Jack
Something's wrong with Jack
Don't know if we're ever
Going to get him back

He's all alone up there
Locked away inside
Never says a word
Hope he hasn't died

Something's wrong with Jack
Something's wrong with Jack

Christmas time is buzzing in my skull
Will it let me be? I cannot tell
There's so many things I cannot grasp
When I think I've got it and then at last
Through my bony fingers it does slip
Like a snowflake in a fiery grip

Something's here, I'm not quite getting
Though I try, I keep forgetting
Like a memory long since past
Here in an instant, but gone in a flash

What does it mean?
What does it mean?

In these little bric-a-brac
A secret's ready to be cracked
These dolls and toys confuse me so
Confound it all, I love it though

Simple objects, nothing more
But something's hidden through a door
Though I do not have the key
Something's here I cannot see

What does it mean?
What does it mean?

I've read the Christmas books many times
I know the stories and I know the rhymes
I know the Christmas carols by heart
My skull's so full, it's tearing me apart

As often as I've read them, there's something's wrong
So hard to put my bony fingers on
Or perhaps it's really not as deep
As I've been led to think

Of course, I've been too close to see
The answer's right in front of me
It's simple, really, very clear
Like music drifting in the air

Invisible but everywhere
Just because I cannot see it
And so I think this Christmas thing
It's not as tricky as it seems

And why should they have all the fun?
It should belong to anyone
Not anyone, in fact, but me
For I could make a Christmas tree

There's no reason I can find
I couldn't have a Christmas time
I bet I could improve it, too
And that's exactly what I'll do

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Sparklehorse Jack's Obsession Comments
  1. Laboun

    It's sad it looses the idea of exentricity , but the song is pretty stop being so negativ

  2. LIV me Entertain U

    To be honest it sounds like the artists of the cover got the lyrics of the song and made an complement to the lyrics without taking any inspiration from the source material and unfortunatly the tone of the song suffered for it. The music is too slow and "relaxing". The original is meant to be erratic and fast to meet the tone in that moment. They could have made it work with acoustic if they listened to the original.

  3. Malwick

    Made it to 0:01. Beat my record without dying!

  4. Alan Mondragon

    WORST FKING SONG IN THE ENTIRE ALBUM!!! WISH IT DIDNT EXIST. It sounds really creepy and like a youtubers crappy cover.

  5. Aliyah M

    I need to cleanse my ears and listen to the original 100 times in order to get this traumatic experience out of my mind...

  6. · Clayfrog ·

    I have an 80's keyboard that has these same drum samples, I swear.


    Ewwwwwwwwww disgusting

  8. Bruno Packard Hill

    sparklehorse is one of the finest American rock bands ever, all you haters are missing out

  9. Avani TheTrashCan

    "Somethings wrong with jack" More like "Somethings wrong with this song"

    Am I right or am I right?

  10. Dastardly Girl

    Why the dislikes tho?

  11. Javier Moyano

    Horrible la versión

  12. Kay Jack

    Who is this Sparklehorse and why does he hate me and this movie so much???

  13. Sora Chan

    Can I point out everytime I listen to this my heart tells me not to laugh but my brain just imagine the town's people going in the softest voice "something wrong with Jack"

  14. Adalyn Clarke

    the fact that people dislike Sparklehorse's rendition is depressing

  15. Booker1912


  16. Dooode McBaggins

    Oh my sweet baby Jesus what the fuck is this? No burn this, this doesn’t deserve to exist

  17. Wooden Legacy

    Huh... ok

  18. : [MushiMush] :

    The funk???

  19. Doctor X

    Here is my opinion on everything wrong with this cover:
    (TLDR: It's lazy)
    1. Obviously there isn't even a mild resemblance to the original piece. The plucking strings, the eerie chords and the brilliant work of Danny Elfman all just get thrown out the window. The only similarity is the lyrics. In my mind, when a band does a cover of a song, they should be either improving it or giving it a nice twist. But this cover does nothing to compliment the source material, and it comes across as disrespectful.
    2. The lyrics in the original are first uttered by townsfolk outside before transitioning into Jack's pondering. There's no clear shift in point of view here and it fails to put across that the perspective has changed. It sounds like some random guy is talking about Jack and then talking about Christmas.
    3. It sounds wrong. It is far too calm and positive for Jack's deep and troubling contemplation.
    4. It sounds bad. Even if it was an original song, the guitar riff is repetitive and gets boring very quickly. While there is a rise in instrumentation and harmony towards the end, it took its time getting to anything interesting and it was difficult for me to appreciate it so far into the song. The singer's tone is constantly high and bland. He sounds like he needs a good slap in the face, and so does the song. The whole thing sounds like it doesn't care. (It's the kind of song I would buy all the copies of so I could burn them all and then steal my money back before buying the rights to the song and recalling it and then stealing my money back and kicking the studio's collective ribs through their ears for letting this heap of mud into the public.) If there are any redeeming features, they're buried under the whiny fingernails scratching down the chalkboard.
    5. It takes up space where other better and more faithful artists could have done something really cool with it. Sure they still can, but it's a shame that the revisited album had this THING occupying the space here.

    Rhythm Paddler

    Doctor X I don’t give two shits

    Doctor X

    @Rhythm Paddler What's your counterargument?

    Rhythm Paddler

    Doctor X just saying I literally don’t care
    I don’t give two shits

    Doctor X

    @Rhythm Paddler Okie dokie.

  20. NateIsLame

    Way too many folks shitting on this song who just don't get it unfortunately. Read up on Sparklehorse, fuckin normies.

  21. Chef Man

    This is a fucking joke.

  22. cyborca

    Damn, this is dissapointing. There are other songs on the soundtrack they could have performed and it would have worked but this song is meant to convey Jack's impatience and descent into a state of madness and mania. He just sounds sad and high, which isn't too bad on its own but this is the wrong song for those vibes..

  23. Mo Speckleblitz

    Listen to it at 2x speed. It's not quite so awful. I mean it's still not great, but better.

  24. Mike Essa

    Nightmare Before Hipstmas

  25. That One Guy

    Yeah well, I like it.

  26. mirdrawing

    Whats this, whats this, BUT LITERALLY, WHATS THIS

  27. Nemoris Inferioris

    All the songs on this album don't sound much like the original songs.. but this is just poor taste. Worst track on the album

  28. Lonely Bonely

    Is this even a song???

  29. Space Admiral Laika

    all the people in the comments being like" wtf this is totally wrong!! who is the idiot that made this song?" as if disney weren't perfectly aware of who they were hiring to record this. they commissioned sparklehorse to cover the song, and that's exactly what they got. and if they were unhappy with it they wouldn't have used it. if you don't like it then well you don't have to. it's ok. the originals that you have fond memories of are still there, perhaps you'd be happier listening to those instead.

  30. Sparkvirus XS

    Didn't know salad fingers was a singer :p

  31. Marceline Walker

    getting Lucy daughter of the devil and Caroline opening vibes

  32. Zach B

    I've never heard this lovely cover before, glad I happened upon it after reading the Sparklehorse disco.

  33. Unhander

    My ears hurt

  34. Unpopular Opinions

    While I’m not super fond of the voice, I do really like the tune of this. I’d love to hear a cover of this version.

  35. Krista Nicole

    Jimmy Fallon?

  36. NightSky018

    I might have already commented this like six years ago but, to the people that don't like this version - i encourage you to look at it in a different light. Consider it a different song altogether from the original. Mark linkous was pretty fucked up, he suffered from severe depression and whatnot, eventually committing suicide. I think he saw symbolism in the lyrics of this song, jack trying to figure out the meaning behind Christmas and what it's all about was comparable to Mark's struggle to understand life and it's meaning. I think he just took the song and made it his own. Yeah his voice sounds goofy, but I still think it's an amazing version of the song considering what my take on it.

    Paniel Rosebud

    Thanks for informing all of us. I dislike it as well,as it got rid of the message that I loved,but reading your comment made me think about it.

  37. MrSaberine

    Worst track on the whole album.

  38. Nitokris, The Blackpilled

    The worst ASMR I've ever heard.

  39. Zennec Fox

    this style...really doesn't do this song justice. it's too soft for a descent-into-madness/villain song.

  40. Cone

    TVtropes happened to list this as "so bad it's horrible" here ( apparantly because it didn't fit with the tone of the rest of the album, although it's interesting to see people defend it here.

  41. Gabrielle Tollerson

    -cringe- WTF???

  42. Jon Qusdut

    It's funny because all the people are here commenting about this band but I bet less than half know he's dead rip

  43. Simon James Simon

    (Me, not too long ago) *gasps* sparklehorse did a cover of a nightmare before christmas song?! AWESOME, IMMA LISTEN TO IT RIGHT N....Mother, why can't we have nice things?

  44. Zamboozle

    Easily the worst song of the album. I wonder what Walt Disney RECORDS was even thinking...

  45. PlasticTree

    Jack's Obsession is my favorite song in the movie, but they really had to ruin it with this one. I'm sorry, but this is just...ear piercing. It's horrible. The whole feeling and melody of the song is gone.

  46. Jocelyn Hill

    I love this song, but they ruined it. Wtf is this??? They tried too hard to match her voice.


    Not really, thats just what sparklehorces singing voice sounds like.

  47. Espevoirvee

    Sounds like they recorded this after they had a really bad illness...Jesus Christ


    it;s exactly what happened.

  48. thatonedrewguy

    One of my favorite songs in the movie, and they do THIS to it. Should be a capitol crime.


    not liking sparklehorse should be a capital offense

    Gabrielle Tollerson

    yes....capitol felony!! XDD

  49. Stirling Millar

    everyone is so harsh towards this song... i actually really like it. this song got me into sparklehorse tbh

    Michael Johnpoll

    My sentiment exactly.

  50. Mommert

    Sparklehorse is great but this kinda sucks?

  51. natkatmac

    I don't mind covers of a different genre. I heavily mind bronchitis riddled vocal chords.

  52. Cyrus Halbert

    I went to YouTube and looked up this song to look at the comments to see if people were as disappointed as I was..

  53. Angrod Z

    I like Sparklhorse, but this song is horrible, sorry :/

  54. aurely aurely

    I would have seen this song being remastered as a jazz of a funky song, not as a song like that. The problem is that it doesn't retranscribe the effects the lyrics are supposed to have. In that song, we see jack being impatient to find the secret of chrismas. That song is too calm, and it makes it seem like he's depressed more than impatient


    mark linkous shot himself in the chest with a rifle so maybe that's why it sounds depressing

    Shelton Burnadeski

    And thank god for that, because this is seriously awful and there shouldn't be more of it.

    Dark Razor

    Shelton Burnadeski you took the words outta my mouth

  55. Music-Metal-Magic

    well... we may need to revisit Nightmare Revisited..

  56. man of spoons

    my least favorite song


    ur dumb

  57. Noémie Noushka

    Unlike many others here, and although I'm not a big fan of the band, Sparklehorse's dainty rendition of the song don't bother me a bit. I find it rather touching in its simplicity.

  58. ash potter

    My ears died listening to this. Is this a joke?

  59. Snuggle Toaster

    sounds like Herbert the pervert to me lol sorry xD


    But, It's Like Someone's Singing, But Trying To Be As Quiet As Possible, Except Trying To Be Clear For The Video. XD

    Snuggle Toaster

    It's just horrible to me....



    Ainsley Welch

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who heard it!

    XDLuCk_ XD

    @azrainstorm XDDD

  60. Mr.Cole

    Relaxing. Not bad.

  61. Jazzy Faye

    I like it

  62. Danernator666

    Has this artist even heard the original version of the song?

  63. Michael Aldridge

    when you know the parody ITS TERRIBLE!

  64. Nicøle

    Well, I liked it

  65. marina rose

    Guys, it's a cover. It's not meant to sound exactly like the original- Nightmare Revisited is all about these songs being covered and influenced by the artist that's covering it. Sparklehorse has very simple, laid back, music. That's why this song sounds so different. It's not bad or ruined- it's twisted around to fit the artists' style.

    Whistling Starlight

    Doesn't excuse how much it sucks ass

    Paniel Rosebud

    You're right but like...UUGHHHHH..i think it should have been done better.

  66. Denise Aguilar

    This is one of my favorite songs of Nightmare Before XMAs.... but Sparklehorse ruined it!! it's boring, out of tune, the worst of the CD i guess!! only sparklehorse fans love this, no one else. Got to admit this is a really bad cover. 

  67. 1MoreRoundbrother

    At first it's like, ew, i guess there had to be at least one stinker in the album. But then if you can weather the early storm it gets lol funny. Starts to sound like Herbert the Pervert on Family Guy.


    ROFL this comment made me laugh so hard

  68. Renegaden

    Always loved this version

  69. Bread Eater

    I don't know what this song's supposed to sound like, but this is classically Sparklehorse.

  70. awsomechannel1000

    I'm going to put a hammer through my face if I keep listening to this song

  71. GravelessOmega

    Not really a big fan of this one. Probably my least favorite on the album. It kinda competes with Flyleaf's cover of What's This for my least liked.

    Nesha Dickson

    I agree

    Whistling Starlight

    Flyleaf clearly at least listened to the original song

  72. TheJarhead133

    i think that the only way i could listen to a version like this is if tiny tim sang it

  73. agentadvocate

    This Revisited track peaked my interest in Sparklehorse, and they're a stunning band. It's an eerie, tranquil cover that breaks up the first half of the album & the second. It's not unlike some of their other acoustic indie stuff.

    Bread Eater

    Exactly. It's a very different cover, but his original work is amazing.

  74. Patsy The Pop

    It sounds like Herbert The Pervert singing...

    MJ Sleepy Raptor



    This comment is 3 years old but damn is it good

    Ainsley Welch

    @Thakkattack yes it is

    brittanie sidebottom

    killjoyshinies Me either 😂😂😂

  75. Shai Haag

    Damn don't listen to it if you don't like it easy as that no need to complain.


    Of course there's a need to complain. We don't want this band or anyone for that matter to think this is a great song . Can't silence that message.

    Denise Aguilar

    we wont listen to this EVER! 

    Deja Kat

    This is a travesty though.
    The fact *so* many people dislike it should show *why* people are complaining. If something is terrible, it shouldn't get shielded from critical commentary, again, especially when the majority of people dislike this cover.

  76. Crimson the Clown



    @Bread Hime so it should be burned in hell 

    Bread Eater

    Great bait, mate.


    @Bread Hime I KNOW RIGHT OH MY GOD

    Crimson the Clown

    XD I can do way better

  77. WickedLady2010

    MY EARS!!!
    OMG I think I'm going to die, this is just awful.

    cringe boi

    fuck you

  78. Jordan Elliott

    The fuck have they done?!?!

  79. Travis Franzen

    What the living fuck did they do to this song?

  80. mirthfulArtist

    I know it's not anything like the original, but I like it. Very relaxed.

    Bread Eater

    Thank you!!

  81. Dave Lamb

    just had to dump my beer out for all the dead Nightmare Before Christmas guys, cause this asshole just murdered there song

  82. Peter EaTThEMALL


  83. bork gork

    Um. What just happened?

  84. cybraxium

    worst revisit ever lol

  85. Trash Goddess

    I want to know who sang this. So i can shoot her. Is it a her? Sounds like one. Anyways, THIS IS TERRIBLE.

    Trash Goddess


    Bread Eater

    Fuck you; one of the greatest musical artists of our time.

    Bread Eater

    @***** I'm not the one shitting on the history of music and ruining my respect for this movie.

  86. DragonEyes9

    Thought process: YES! Finally found the Nightmare Revisited of Jack's Obsession! ---- What.... Am I listening to. What. No. Why. No. My heart... It broke. ;.; Worst Nightmare Revisited. Ever.

  87. Taylor Brown

    ............. Ummmm.... this is just... yeah... this is odd and creepy....  and not in the Nightmare Before Christmas way, just in the bad way. 

  88. PrayFor

    i like it a lot :(

  89. Jon Smith

    It's probably because it completely misses the original point and feel of the song. It just used the lyrics and literally nothing else. What a waste.

  90. Satchel Hogan

    The pink horse has a point.

  91. DakotaandKota

    well, we do have different tastes in music! :3

  92. Satchel Hogan

    I don't.

  93. DakotaandKota

    yeah, like i like dubstep. :D