Sparklehorse - Dark Night Of The Soul Lyrics

Dark dream world
All alone
Shadows movin'
Shadows have long gone by
Shadows have long gone by
Dark night of the soul

Our souls
Time slippin' by
I call out your pain
All alone
Shadows movin'
Shadows movin'
Shadows have long gone by
Dark night of the soul

If you had only liked my face
Where are you baby
Where are you baby
Dark dream world
Shadows have long gone by
Dark night of the soul

Distant bell ring
But steps echo
No one on these streets
Callin' out your name
Where are you baby
It's a dream world
Dark dream world
Dark night of the soul

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Sparklehorse Dark Night Of The Soul Comments
  1. amy Zhang

    Person of interest brought me here today.

  2. MagicK

    I am sorry john

  3. Shikhar Bhatt

    Harold Finch and John Reece

  4. crestifer j

    sure miss you, linkous.

  5. alireza khanzadeh

    POI 2019???

  6. E M


  7. Homestead At Last

    Is that Mickey Mouse in the background?

  8. The Mind Of B

    I was recommended this album by Dream Daddy...a daddy-dating simulator game.


    Can't make this stuff up, folks.

  9. Nonammoi P

    So beautiful

  10. LeirbaG OnE

    Descanse em paz, Mark.

  11. Jing Guo

    Dunno y it makes me cry on Chinese New Year. Missing my Shanghai family from the Bay Area xx

  12. david leider

    one off the songs from person of interest

  13. kyle vandagriff

    I first heard this song because I listen to badass, depressing shit. Dont @ me.

  14. Jeremy Brainard

    Blows my mind that Google has to be poked and prodded to get this to come up as a search suggestion. Criminal.

  15. smatisan

    2019 here

  16. MrArtOf

    srlsy people?! Only I check this album almost 10 years ago?

  17. notsouniqu

    Came here because it's a good song... and because Danger Mouse + Flaming Lips = Top-Shelf.

  18. Carolyn Rogers

    Still listening to it in 2018😃❤. Love this song.❤

  19. Walking Nice

    The more that it backfires...

  20. Gabriela Padilla Novelo

    I miss u Mark

  21. araska

    my awesome taste in music brought me here

  22. SATT AMM


  23. G Muhammadov



    Fuck Dave linhagen

  25. The EndLand

    Did someone got here because Mat from dream daddy recomended it to you?

  26. Jamie Jones

    thanks dream daddy mat

  27. Tamanna Das

    Thank you, Crazy Stupid Love. ❤

  28. erencan baran

    Samaritan 😫😫

  29. Jeremy Brainard

    This is one of my all-time favorite songs. It really helped me realize that striking back just makes me a worse person. Really helped me after my divorce and I still listen it to remind myself of what can happen to my character when I let spite get the best of me.

  30. TheJ00000hn

    Great Work

  31. nitin patil

    Person of interest 👌 love this song 😍

  32. Radar

    "you cant hide what you intend
    it glows in the dark"

    this song makes the evil in my heart stir

  33. Fernando Novoa

    It's Lind-hagen

  34. chitrash bisht

    crazy stupid love brought me here and David Lindhagen.

  35. MachineDeFeu

    That's how you find a great song thanks to a TVseries like Person Of Interest!

    David Makhatadze

    Thats right :)

    Karén Melikov

    POI has by far one of the best soundtracks.


    agreed, this and if i had a heart are fantastic


    Or this is how you find a kickass show by a song. Like Perosn of Interest :)

  36. Vignesh Sasidar

    David Lindhagen what a prick !

  37. Dennis Brezina

    Person Of Interest : Season 1 Episode 21<3

  38. Nathan Lalande

    Oh damn you David Lindhagen !

  39. gnarly Harley

    That prick, Lindhaggen...

    Amanda’s Random Videos

    gnarly Harley 😂

  40. Ayush Bhat

    its a great song

  41. Plucky Bellhop

    Oh god, I don't even know how I found this, but it's wonderful

  42. Ícaro


  43. Aydin Mikayilov

    I am so sorry, Mr. Reese.

  44. midnightvelocity

    fucking lindhaagen

  45. Vajiravudh Sukmani

    I follow with Mr.Reese

  46. 15 * 03 - seven one four

    Great song! LUV IT!


    Dark night of the soul . REVENGE
    I guess it's a matter of sensation
    But somehow you have a way of avoiding it all
    In my mind
    I have shot you and stabbed you through your heart
    I just didn't understand
    The ricochet is the second part

    'Cause you can't hide what you intend
    It glows in the dark
    Once you've sought
    The path of revenge
    There's no way to stop
    And the more I try to hurt you
    The more it hurts me

    It seems like a character mutation
    Though I have all the means of bringing you fuckers down
    I can't make myself
    To destroy upon command
    Somehow forgiveness lets the evil make the laws

    No you can't hide what you intend
    It glows in the dark
    Once we've become the thing we dread
    There's no way to stop
    And the more I try to hurt you
    The more it backfires

    The more that it backfires
    The more that it backfires

    Stephania Oliver

    OLGA THEOHARIDIS Not all heroes wear capes. Thanks!

  48. ewkevinlol

    i love david lynch and i was oblivious to this music group he has been part of... contemplating my real fan-ship now.

  49. Diana C

    Person of Interest brought me here like a year or two ago, but I jut wanted to hear it today.

  50. kudubey

    that mix & mastering though. amazing.

  51. Vitor Martins

    Perfect it..:)))))

  52. fistsofsteel2

    By some distance the best song / recording Wayne Coyne has ever been involved with.......thanks to Mark Linkous.

  53. Osman Mukisa

    Crazy Stupid Love Movie got me here. ;)

    Amanda’s Random Videos

    thekidossie yes same I loved that movie

    nina benz

    Me too lol

    Abanti Dutta

    And it made me find The Middle East. How do I not know anybody who knew about that band!

  54. Bhanu marwaha

    where can i download the mp3 version of this song.

  55. Jamil Daglees

    Lovely lyrics.

  56. Ate Kandi

    Person of interest S01E21.....

    Harry Rees

    Sorry... I'm so sorry

  57. joanne berrt

    a true masterpiece so upplifting

  58. Waldi

    So wunderschön...wie die Liebe.

  59. yannthedrummer

    Heard in Person of Interest and Crazy stupid love.
    Perfect song when you are sad  (without forgetting whisky)

  60. Mas6o0ol100

    Go home dad...

    Sebastian Gil

    I knew the voice was Wayne Coyne's the moment I heard the first verse.

  61. JIMMYZ Rivz

     can't get enough of this song... ..


    Fuck yeah! So many good lyrics ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  62. Brooke H

    I thought this was pink Floyd when I heard this on the radio


    i thought lenny kravitz


    One of the biggest compliments they could ever receive!!! ♡♡♡


    It really has that mellow deep vibe doesn't ti, i think this is a new found favourite, if you guys like this you might like Wiretree, I think they're Austin based, they're great imo

    Grzegorz Hetman

    I thought phil collins

    Charlie Brown

    I sort of see what you mean. Sort of

  63. donna read

    crazy stupid love brought me here too! took me a while ... love this song too! so glad I found it. <3

  64. MegaCaptiva

    crazy stupid love brought me here...loved the song...!!

  65. Frog King

    .Agreed, what great song. So mellow yet at the same time it has depth.

  66. Kangol Kid

    It is so easy to engage in an eidetic memories of anger pain wanting someone to be accountable for it all but then ereealizing what was my part in it all

  67. Lunatic Asylum

    i know i was just saying that i love mark's voice in general!

  68. GraemeGoetz

    this is actually wayne coyne singing... just sayin.

  69. Lunatic Asylum

    i don't usually leave comments, but this song made me leave one cos it's fucking amazing...great lyrics and great line....and i just love mark's voice!!
    awesome! they did a good job, this one and 'shade and honey" are my favs!

  70. drenachrome

    Muppets can only feel in the context of TV shows - pathetic!


    not really, it's just a way people get exposed to music they wouldn't normally come across.

    don't forget that people have very different cultures across oceans and that a lot of music doesn't always cross those waters.

    not many Americans/Canadians know about James Blake, Ben Khan, High Contrast or Technimatic.

  71. Anca Petre

    ...:)you missed the most important part...and the most painful..

  72. achmed2112

    thanks i missed that part

  73. Anca Petre

    In my mind
    I have shot you and stabbed you through your heart
    I just didn't understand
    The ricochet is the second part

  74. Melik Bilici

    Hilarious. Both sad and refreshing

  75. Lekernous

    realy good that fuck bass line..

  76. Johny

    Ha that's what brought me here too, only the episode has only just been shown here in the uk

  77. Jagoda Balcerowska

    amazing.. love it

  78. Alekzander Delatoldja

    great song , I love danger mouse awesome

  79. Gerrie Meijer

    Magnificent...a bloody shame he died, but hear ...this legacy ..priceless

  80. Kathy Fijalkowski

    I heard it on "Crazy, Stupid Love", too. I love it !!

  81. Maggie P

    Heard it in Crazy, Stupid, Love :)
    And my dining hall

  82. Kynaist

    thanks /b/ once again

  83. tadeusz7925

    it was also in 'crazy, stupid love'

  84. Troy C. Jones 81

    She shredded the photo along with his information

  85. Chubachus

    David Lynch is stalking Mickey Mouse

  86. Salvatore Tecce

    Carter hasn't thrown the photo!

  87. Muj Dat

    me too. thanks

  88. Chidi Irondi

    I hate David Lindhagen.

  89. Kangol Kid

    I first heard this at the end of Person of Interest s01ep21 talk about having empathy for someones pain my heart was heavy listening and watching that episode especially at the end. No One Else but Jim Caviezel could play that character it is fitted for him...I'm just saying

  90. marshalsea

    Apologies, the joy of text.

  91. Ult F4

    That was a rhetorical question

  92. marshalsea

    Person of Interest is a grown up well produced and written TV Series.
    Crazy, Stupid Love is an average rom-com (not overly funny) film.

    You should investigate

  93. baltazar222001

    wow i think i would like to see that.

  94. Ult F4

    Wtf is person of interest and crazy stupid love?

  95. genna smith

    yes it is a great fucking show indeed.

  96. Diana

    Fuck yeah Person Of Interest!
    The scene in combination with the song brings me to tears! <3
    Reese/Finch OTP

  97. calvin hung

    Good ,I like it.

  98. Dxvincent1980

    Crazy Stupid Love