Spandau Ballet - Heaven Is A Secret Lyrics

She'll sing a "West-Side" song
you could be the boy in the film
Heaven is a secret.
Where are the "West-Side" boys?
Fighting on the scaffold of love
Scripted pleasures made forever
Easier said then done together
Heaven is a secret
it's a passion
it's a long way over there
far from her arms tonight.
Here is her model home
listen to the call of the wild
Heaven is a secret
facts are awful shame
the shadow of a doubtful affair
scripted pleasures made forever
easier said than done together
Act One's the same as you read in the book
could this be the thing that they shout about?
No more in distress, now it's rushed through the door
and you can't believe that the secret's out
scripted pleasures made forever
easier said than done together.
Heaven is a secret
it's a passion
it's a long way over there
far from her arms tonight.

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Spandau Ballet Heaven Is A Secret Comments
  1. True

    0:00-0:06 reminds me of a pig on a wild eating rampage lol

  2. Edwin Zalameda

    The maestro! Legend. 💪💪💪

  3. izmangr

    a song for heart squeeze

  4. Udo Schmitz

    I was in school.....the lady i ever (don´t know how to say) adored said......listen to true....... i did........ seufz

  5. charles magma

    The guitar rhythms and vocals are classic. True music and artistry.

  6. jean claude Sotin

    Trop génial spandau ballet

  7. Carlos Izquierdo

    Heaven is a secret , it's a passion , it's a long way over there !!!!!

  8. lmmie x2

    Love listening to spandau. Tony is now gone and any if their new displays are on you tube I'm out.

    cheryl davison

    they fucked themselves driving tony out,then instead of waiting it out they do a tour with a new guy that was a disaster,the kemp brothers are two sneaky bastards,they are trying to get a tv series to do with the band,needless to say tony will not be there.


    @cheryl davison I saw Tony live here in my city in Germany ten months ago, it was just an unforgettable evening. His voice is still the same as in the 80'ies, everyone from the audience left happy after the concert!

  9. bukek siansu

    One of my fav SB track..

  10. Jan Willem Wilkens

    These Spandau albums are flawless and you can easily play them 4 times in a row.

  11. Udo Schmitz

    my first kiss........and heaven was no more me...........goodby 84´s.......:-)

  12. failolegendkiller

    I discovered this song a few days ago and I can not understand how I may have ignored it in the 80s. Spandau Ballet are the best

  13. pars4245

    Some of the best blue-eyed soul of the 80s. Why they weren't more popular in the states, idk...

  14. alejandra florinda salas santibañez

    se ret secret secret a gptta secret

  15. artalvanez35

    My favorite Ground since 1984 ;.. and song

  16. Pete Evans

    I went to the Apolllo Theatre at Coventry back in the day to see SB ... This was the opening track of a superb show, but it did come at a cost? ... Tickets were £3 !!! Thanks Tony :)

  17. Aaron smith

    Still as good all these years pat Smith Mayfield

  18. edwin santos

    Spandau Ballet: Soul Boys Of The Western World

  19. mirko prizemni

    juuuuuuhhhuuuuuu dis ritmik giv mi gruv for densing best song evr

  20. mirko prizemni

    goood beter song then not beter song how was rekording najtins

  21. mirko prizemni

    yeah intrestenig snog wrly guud

  22. Kaffeebohnson

    Let's hear what Kojima will put in his next games soundtrack - waaaah?

  23. Everlasting

    Good morning - Kojima

    V A

    Atanos Iskandar hahaha pretty good

    Arcane Team

    here because of him...

    jun ker

    Atanos Iskandar wow you so fast



  25. HUZ Huz

    best song ever!!!!

  26. Tamma

    Maravillosos años 80¨ bonitos recuerdos de juventud !!!

  27. Michael Wang

    It's the BEST! what else is there to say. What we have now are mostly "Thoughtless-Racist-Aggressive-Senseless-Hollow" (TRASH), but others can still call it music.

    Ojas Tejas

    It's always someone else's fault, of course. Couldn't possibly be your fault! Moron..

  28. Francisca Lopez Vargas

    One of the best albums of them!!!!.

  29. larmarquez

    Great album. Looking forward to seeing them in concert on the 24th of January at the wiltern theater in Los Angeles.

  30. Tony F

    takes me back to High School listening to this music...

  31. torontothegood

    i fuckin' love this groove!

  32. Guitto Parsi

    Tony Hadley un grande, viatico di sogni

  33. Devon35

    This group never released a song I don't like 

    Dian Med

    I think the same

    red sin

    Dian Med I think the same too

  34. skintrade

    The whole album was fucking flawless from start to finish


    fuckin' A+!
    . It's a Passion .. it's a long way over there!!

  35. Austin Reid

    This could have so easily been released as a single .its a true gem,pun intended

  36. Richard Brandson

    strangely true was far better than diamond,but yet not as great as their first album...though gold and pleasure are stand-out tracks

  37. Alessandro Scuderi

    One of the best after True and Gold.

  38. izmangr

    reminds me good old days...thanx for posting !

  39. Brian DRFW

    I am not sure how many times I have owned this on vinyl and CD. This group is a huge part of my teenage years. Too bad VEVO has a lot of the tracks in the top tracks choice because VEVO sucks...LOL


    i love spandau's songs

  41. FightingIrish

    heaven is in all of us u just got to look and feel hard enough to find it for some its easy but others its hard , for me i get it but it took some time as i,m 40 yrs now but now i understand gr8 band with fantastical songs they will never get old gr8 post thx for sharing a gr8 find on here cheers and peace and love to all :)

  42. bermudarailway

    Spandau Ballet.For me the band of the 80's .

  43. Emma Knightley

    @ Autisum16: Thanx a trillion for uploading TRUE!!! I have it on an old cassette only, still working, but this way is much better!!!:-)
    I still know every song by heart!

  44. thfcmartin4

    favourite song on the album