Soyou - I Miss You Lyrics


barabomyeon jakku nunmuri naneungeon
waenji mollado

dolgo dora naege ogo isseotnayo
pihaejiji anhneun geu sarang

I love you love you love you
inyeonira bureujyo nan

And I miss you miss you
naui unmyeongin saram

seulpeun nunbicheuro wae nareul bonayo
ulji marayo

han nune nal arabongeon aningayo
ijeseoya wae naege watjyo

I love you love you love you
inyeoningeol neukkyeotjyo nan

And I miss you miss you
naui unmyeongin saram

myeot beoneul taeeonandaedo
geudaega eodil sumeodo

naneun geudael chajgetjyo
dasin uri heeojijimayo

tteonagaji marayo
tteonagaji marayo


바라보면 자꾸 눈물이 나는건
왠지 몰라도

돌고 돌아 내게 오고 있었나요
피해지지 않는 그 사랑

I love you love you love you
인연이라 부르죠 난

And I miss you miss you
나의 운명인 사람

슬픈 눈빛으로 왜 나를 보나요
울지 말아요

한 눈에 날 알아본건 아닌가요
이제서야 왜 내게 왔죠

I love you love you love you
인연인걸 느꼈죠 난

And I miss you miss you
나의 운명인 사람

몇 번을 태어난대도
그대가 어딜 숨어도

나는 그댈 찾겠죠
다신 우리 헤어지지마요

떠나가지 말아요
떠나가지 말아요


When I look at you, tears keep falling
I don't know why

Did you go round and round to come to me?
I can't avoid this love

I love you love you love you
I call it fate

And I miss you miss you
You are my destiny

Why are you looking at me with those sad eyes?
Don't cry

Did you recognize me right away?
Why did you come to me now?

I love you love you love you
I felt that it was fate

And I miss you miss you
You are my destiny

Even if I'm born again
Wherever you are hiding

I will find you
Let's never be apart now

From my side
Don't leave me
Don't leave me

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Soyou I Miss You Comments
  1. Candra Kirana

    이 노래는 훌륭합니다 :)

  2. shernafe Centeno

    I miss you baby 😢

  3. Dewi Andayani

    Keren bangettttt

  4. ARMY Bangtan

    This song hit me up, realise that i just born to be a fangirl of bts and not their girl, especially when i read wattpad.. Those reality shit burn me down.. I hate it, i hate how unfair this reality are

  5. Zombie Girl

    this song makes my heart hurts

  6. bang bang game

    The song sad:'(

  7. Jigknot

    i love this song. it reminds me of sunny breaking up with grim reaper. the whole album is a masterpiece! there are certain songs where you'll remember some scenes from Goblin and here's one. loving it still. I'm not a fan of kpop except for THIS. ONE. this is an exception.

  8. Clarista Astria

    "sunny(S.U.N.N.Y) not sun hee:("

  9. symm mihany


  10. Howder Miles

    Its 2020 and who still watching this when they’re broken a lot like me🙂

    Mamba Riots

    Howder Miles same here

  11. fromjunseop

    Shin Junseop brought me here

  12. Aekoo 619

    My mood now ~ :’)

  13. kTati

    Quien mirando en el 2020?? 🥺♥️

  14. Wilson Velasco

    Love this song. I remember everything in my past, watching goblin with her. 😊

  15. Roy Buckanon

    2020 and still listening and crying 👊💖

  16. Sharlyn Gondraneos

    2020 everyone. *still remembers gong yoo. 💔

  17. Erocne _Ypsit

    doesn't know how much times i keep listening to this ... but

    years by years 💗,
    things has changed ,
    and we as human need to accept it as a fate ...

  18. nrn my

    i miss my boyfriend🥺

  19. Albz gaming Jive

    나는 내가 좋아하는 여자에게 이것을 보냈고 이제 그녀는 내 여자 아이입니다

  20. Bella Christie

    Siapa yang kesini grgr snap Prilly 🤗

  21. Lishoy Suresh

    I miss you.... miss you

  22. Filzah Irdina

    Can't believe next week gonna be the last week for 2019. And this song brought me back memories from 2017. Miss him

  23. Kenji Dagdag

    This song makes me so sad that I'm missing my past...

  24. Jeanette Jimenez

    The love is how you make feel happy but sometimes sad but you need to be strong to your love... the way how you learn to fight...

  25. Jeanette Jimenez

    I like sunny and grimreaper story... because the boy abandoned him in the past so that when they met each other again in the present they became closer and when sunny realize that he is a grim reaper sunny started avoid him but she is not abandoned him like the grimreaper do....

  26. Jeanette Jimenez

    I like her how she uses her emotions to sing and she can control her voice in a right tone...i like her voice... and ispecialy those words she sang is heart breaking💔

  27. Kristy Young

    This song have memory

  28. Special Twice

    English lyrics for chorus:
    I love you, love you, love you.
    Even now I still love you, so
    And I miss you, miss you
    Wish that I could let you know...

  29. endep jelita

    Somehow this song make my heart sad😢

  30. mintstfx

    All ost from goblin is so touch this song make me miss someone

  31. best BT1 Tom

    I looks like i will that to my crush but i dont like it

  32. Madhusmita Jena

    Does anyone know the what the song with the lyrics " i love you love you love you saranghae" is

  33. Amal

    I can't avoid this love 💔💧

  34. Azka Faza

    This song makes me remember when i was break with my boyfriend last year☺️

  35. the cheese of truth

    stop it. I already have holes.

  36. cloudpie

    how many of u guys feel painful listening this? im marathoning goblin and shewt that part where she cried when finally removed the goblin's sword. dude, i cna't move on. i rate this drama is 1000/10 😭😔✊

  37. Fatty Taeni

    I miss you my magnet 💔

  38. skz’s stay

    It's 2019 and soyou's voice is still ethereal ✋🏻❤️

  39. Lilian Tan

    You are fucked up if you don't like this song. Haha I mean it.

  40. Zero Kifaco

    I know this song from my sister. And wow.. the great song.

  41. Jeon Jungkook

    When someone u truly love forget u after an heavy accident, u decided to leave him but then u met him again

  42. Reegan Watson

    나의 운명인 사람

  43. AnaPa Racmetova

    2019 October ??? 😭😭😭

  44. silvery Jimin

    i really love the grim reaper and everytime i listen to this song it reminds me of him and those sad memories of him

  45. morales Pogi

    i love the song and the goblin

  46. Rojan Apse

    I miss you

  47. LinaTheDino

    It's Oct 2019, still cry listening to this song.


    You're not alone. :(

  48. Ira Tajudin

    Love this song

  49. Ashwani Kumar

    This voice is incredibly nice it really hits in my ears but hurt my heart 😍😍😍

  50. wan zulaiha wan ab rahman

    Love this song so muchhhh

  51. BP IS FIR3

    Miss you sulli😔

  52. Sheyie ham

    I missing him, but who is hee, cry and think about him but she not more then my old story🌻,
    This song make me remember someone i cant call mine><

  53. Nanan Laswati

    I Miss you Mr R😢😢😢

  54. Sya

    I miss you 😿

  55. Isabela Elena Chitan

    Nam Nam, my heart is in your hands! Did you hear, see how she beats? It's for you! And you have to know she is a strong heart! 💜

  56. Mohd Amin


  57. MyNameIsBob!

    The lyrics y’all 🥺😪 I cannot bro wtf.

  58. 黒い死神

    When this comes on shuffle after a hype song...

  59. Eylül Mahiroğlu

    2019 October?

  60. Janang Vang

    Makes me happy sad

  61. Widya Sanji

    This remembering me to my old problem:(
    Ah,this is a sad song:(
    But i like this song:)

  62. Lidya Putri Maradiani

    it reminds me about the grim reaper and sunny in Goblin :"""

  63. 404夢


  64. Debbu15

    Just Putting this here because not a lot of people know this but the original song is by another Kartist Rocoberry. Go check her out and support her please!!

  65. Julia

    I honestly just found this song from searching up “korean songs piano tutorial” and once I heard the piano I already knew the song was good. Then now I’m here listening to this beautiful song.

  66. Krupakar Jerusha

    It reminds me how much can I love others everytime 😓

  67. Rojan Apse

    This song is about 2 lovers ho can't be together even if thy try to be with each other when thy break up thy miss each other I miss you miss park j

  68. eci mei ta

    my heart is tight at hearing it

  69. Margaretha Damanik

    this song seriously give me chills

  70. Miguel Angel Hernandez Perez


  71. Charu Sharma

    When your better half suddenly goes to another world and there is no way to see him again.. no matter how much time passes by ... Still miss him.

  72. Shamimi Natasha

    All time fav :(

  73. Migi

    Amir je t’aime ne m’oublie jamais

  74. 츄미카

    It reminds me of himㅠㅠ

  75. novagotnojams

    Small youtuber here!!! I uploaded a ost cover of 'I Miss You' on my channel! Check it out... I'd appreciate it a lot 😍❤😁

  76. Euphoria

    I've been looking for this ost for so long. It is truly beautiful

  77. 민윤기보라해

    Fanfics brought me here

  78. Jayvee Ballester-Dancalan

    This song brings nostalgic feels!

  79. ANA TV

    Who like song like com❤🖤

  80. Rayhana Jila

    Thats soyou from sistar right?

  81. Aiena Mardz

    I miss him... ❤️

  82. Sinthana Sinthana

    I hitted like all 585 comments down there except mine.dang i'm crazy for this song. If u got the like by me then hit a like for this

  83. Hun Sun

    Queen of OST 👑❣️

  84. Mell

    this song reminds me of someone i miss.. but i lost them already :(
    it just hurts me so much when i listen to this. i really miss them and i hope he's doing gud now.

  85. Hailey Neko

    I love the song * 3 *


    3 years ago, a Man confess to me that he likes me but I'm so confused that I should accept it or not. But that day, I was not ready yet but I like him. So, we just become friend until now. We have not message and meet each other for a long times but today I message him to say Hye and I realise that I really like him and miss him. But I don't feel He still like me. I feel really sad right now and I want to tell him I That I love him butt ughhh I don't know. (。•́︿•̀。).

    sailor man

    SHIRO SHIGAMI so sad

  87. 2 dua

    💝 U 2....

  88. Itchel15

    Thank you for everything 🌌

  89. Abby Macaroon

    Sht. I used to use this as a background music while reading I Love You Since 1892 and I'm breaking now just by hearing this. :((((

  90. Amaition

    Soyou’s voice is so angelic yet saddening in this song.

  91. coolest_ stargaming

    nice song

  92. SS Hani

    I Miss You Taehyungah 💜

  93. Adriss Serafin

    Esta canción hace que mi corazón se ponga triste sin ninguna razón.
    Recordando momentos de mi vida.
    Sea lo que sea es muy buena por que llega al alma 😭


    I miss my dad...

  95. MOBA Plays

    This song reminds me of Sunny and Grim Reaper. They're OST is so calm and nice.

  96. Hiwaya

    I just covered this in German, I'd be happy if you could check it out and leave your opinion! :)
    Ich hab das auf Deutsch gecovered, ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr Kritik dalassen könntet! :)