South Park Mexican - Hillwood Hustlaz II Lyrics


You can't
See us
We run
Of tons

[First Verse:]

i'll take my gun and make you run cuz it really dont make me numb,
slip through the hood dope i cook.
living my life the best i could,
robin hood the youngest crook here they come now watch out look.
go by the book, jaws i shook.
its that mexican dance with wolves.
swimming pools we some fool's diamonds and them ruby jewels.
making moves, haterz lose, just last week i made the news.
They accused but I won't lose
Mama's happy, Daddy's cool
What about you?  What do you do?
If you young, stay in school
We stay true, Dopehouse crew
Smokin' yabba dabba doo
Jam this crew, we brand new
Followin' up this plan I drew
SP-Mex bubble jet
Countin' dollars and them cents
Kick your door down and have you tryin' to jump your own fence


[Second Verse:]

You haters ain't no friend of mine
Boys don't wanna let me shine
That's all fine, take in mind
Bust a rhyme, like a nine
How many times do I have to tell ya?
All my life I've been called a failure
Write my friends in the pen
"Are you gettin' these letters I mailed ya?"
Rock and roll, opthimals
Then go eat at Poppa Dough's
So many hoes in the club
Pull my cash and buy them all a rose
Eighty-four, the story goes
On about that boy Carlos
Sippin' fours, hittin' dro
But never put nothin' up my nose
Body froze, casket closed
Nightmares of the life I chose
Try my dope and overdose
Suckin' up my killer flow
Freestyle pro, style: girbauds
Silky socks and matchin' clothes
Mama told me life was like ballet, you gotta stay on your toes
Crackin' jokes, spin a spoke
Silly question, do I smoke?
Breakfast?  Milk and Quaker oats
Eighty thousand dollar boat
Better not puff, better not pout
SPM is in your town
El Coyote in el mote, a.k. Senor Charlie Brown


[Third Verse:]

The barbarian
Look where we buried him
In the hole, right next to the librarian
I married in, to the very end
Have your kids askin', "Daddy, who are those scary men?"
Make a stripper bitch, wanna be my fuckin' wife
She told me "This the biggest tip I ever got in my life"
Nothin' can save us, starched, stuffed Ben Davis
Sellin' dope, to my coked out neighbors
First full trip and let my clip get to rippin'
Blood drippin' out his shit, tryin' to run, but he limpin'
I come from the slums, survived on crumbs
I live like a man, and I'ma die like one


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South Park Mexican Hillwood Hustlaz II Comments
  1. Alberto López cruz

    El maestro only one free spm and me too

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  3. Rob G

    Free SPM!!!!!!

  4. SA_BASSMAN 210


  5. Geovanni Sanchez

    2019 and still bumping

  6. carlos m.

    starched up ben davis! man I remember them days

  7. Korruption 47

    I get a 007 feel from the beat...

  8. Dylan Champion

    here for 2019 - stay in school, kids!!! F*** 12!!! <333 P EA C E >

  9. Rene Sanchez

    Bro all his shit go hard but dam the last verse in here is motherfuckin G.
    ”i come from the slums , survived off crumbs.
    I lived like a man,
    And I'm gonna die like one" 🤟

  10. Craig Diaz

    Classic you cant deny. SPM

  11. Martin Suarez

    Man this shit go hard but he a rapist y’all could say what y’all want he did that shit

  12. Rene MostDope

    Anyone jamming to this masterpiece in 2k19 ? 🔥

    paperboycesar mijares

    On God🔥👏🔥👏

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  14. Juan Vera

    FREE S.p.m🍇🥦🍇🥦🍇🥦🍇🥦🍇🥦🍇🥦🍇🥦🍇🥦🍇🥦🍇🍃🚀

  15. Brooke BP

    Los for life

  16. Emelie Carrizales

    Hollywood hillwood Htown Gangstas BbY 71tre

  17. MyLittlePonyFan2002

    20006 and still listening!

  18. Juan Gonzalez jr

    Trying jump your own fence yes zir

  19. Oso Facio

    SPwetback for life bitch !!!!!!! Only Black and Brown in my clique

  20. Brother Edward Tbz

    2019 !! #legand

  21. lisa h

    2018 friday oct19,2018 11:21am

  22. Domingo Moreno

    Blood dripping out of his shit trying to run but hes limping damn let spm out already fuckn joe lopez got out already and los been in there alot longer than him i aint mad at joe or nothing hes a legand also but u gotta free the mex too

  23. Jacob Escalante


  24. Joseph Largo

    good morning

  25. mario alvidrez

    "Sag girbauex"... I went and got a pair at the galleria soon as heard this line. Then went and got some Ben Davis from the pulga. The good old days

    THOED TV & Podcast

    mario alvidrez gang shit

  26. Ghost Rider

    20 fucking 18 and we still here!

  27. chuck dawoogis

    gator shoes*

  28. Chris Ellis

    who is still listening to this in 2018 spm rocks who is with me

    April Limon

    Im with you of you got sum bud lol


    @April Limon right here!

    Javi DLR

    Hell yea. 2019 n I just started listening. Done a lot of time and I'm from Chuko.

    Irish34 csprigg

    Still here 👌

  29. SA_BASSMAN 210


  30. Jesus Contreras

    AL MILLION💎🎶🍻🚬🌴👌

  31. Julio Cruz

    He gave me this cd personaly back in the G off TC jester. Free SPM they say he touched a lil girl and gave him 50 years. A white man can rape a woman evidence and all and get 10. Fuck the system theu dont wanna see a mexicam shine

  32. Luis Sarinana

    It's that Mexican dance with wolves

  33. Mando Odnam

    Have u tryna jump ur own fence 2018 bumpin

  34. Adrian Aboytes

    Still knocking

  35. Lm Quv

    Here we go again. Mexicano pride

  36. Senor kevin Ricardo lopez

    Free SPM still listen in 2018

  37. bobby a

    spm is a child molester bitch!

  38. James Bond

    2018 still jamming smoke n yabba dabba do

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    2018 putos

  40. gabriel rivas

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  41. chicken nuggz

    Reminds me of 08’ , this was my jam as a kid

    Jay Luis

    Rosay Ramos me too
    Got a snapchat?

    Lm Quv

    Still is always will be. Mein tejas u got some stars

    Felix Alvarado

    Jay Luis lol thirsty much?


    @Felix Alvarado lmfao @ that

    yeah bro but what did you do when you wasnt a kid no more tel me all about it : )

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    Seguin where yall at?

  43. Joey Perez

    2018 and still rides

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    2018 who on this bitch 💪🏼👳🏻💯

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    "2017" $till hard as HELL. 100%

  46. Ruben Nunez

    Nov 2017 💯

  47. brooks Brooks

    Aggravated record$

  48. Dii36O_ _

    the beat almost sounds like the game Zelda Link to the past.

    Ace Adkins

    Damn dude.. I can't unhear it.

  49. Traday Red

    Spm was taken over the Houston rap game before he got incarcerated he had the beats gangsta lyrics he is the real and im black

    Chelsey Jackson

    Traday Red lol im white and ill give this a strong like💪


    SPM is loved and hated by all races. Real recognize real. SPM was taking over and uniting Latinos in Texas and he already had heat with Houston PD from being a street dude. If you know anything about down south pigs they'll do you dirty in a heart beat.

  50. JZ Cruz

    The sound is terrible

  51. Gerardo Perez

    still 2017 🚶🚶💯🚶🚶

  52. manuel knighting

    2017 free spm

  53. Char Nowakowski

    I wonder how hes doing in prison hes old i know that cuz hes been rapping since the 80s so this song was made 30 years ago so hes prob 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 idk

    Gary Smith

    Char Nowakowski
    This song isn't 30 years old, almost 20 tho

    terry carpenter

    23 years to be exact he came out in 93

  54. Jonathan Alvear

    956 jammin 713 in the 210 2017



  56. Luis Sarinana

    Adam Richards

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    tryna jump your own fence

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    This song is very good LYRICALLY

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    free da South park Mex mane forreal we love n miss u los.. n we neva forgot u. yo true Texas fans.. from Nacogdoches etx.. 936..

    Johnny Mendoza

    Conroe tx cuz x3

    GGG007 Garcia

    Awready repping that naktown

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    2052 and still listening😁

    Mike Gunhammer

    My guy I'm in3078 still bumbin

    underdog 239f

    100294 and I'm still listening what you mean

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    40765894 and still climbing old school

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    2017 still jamin

  62. Jonathan Torres

    still listen in 2017 haha 100%

  63. Omar Nasiry

    Time is Casualties I would like to shoute to Amarillos Steak Factory

  64. Carlos Moreno

    rip tank 11/08/08

  65. Eduardo Martinez

    My nigga spm is tha realest mexicano rapper that is better than any other mexicano rappers but by tha way free My nigga og spm outta jail

  66. Lil Young Yuh

    SPA is the shit

  67. Edward Danner

    #freespm still listen in 2016 100% 😎 \ m /

    Juan Ortega

    spm timeless. .. like going back in time for real

    59 Suicide

    Still listening in 2018 and still better then lil pump and 85% of rapper now

    Chris Rodriguez

    Still Jamin 2018🔥🔥💯

    EazyMotherphucken -E

    +59 Suicide Haha to's 97% better then modern rappers

    EazyMotherphucken -E

    +Chris Rodriguez Hell yeah

  68. jaime sanchez

    since 2003!! still jamming

  69. April Lynn

    this remids me of the old days. remember D? lol stick up kid fo life wey! free the spm

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    Irving Ledezma ayyyy

    Second twonone

    Harambe Lives

  73. Leslie Shear

    what is the best music app to download to get all his songs, soundcloud is slippin

    Hector Calixto

    I'm not sure I just had all his CDs and know all his songs


    SPM didn't molest that little girl, she just wanted money from him, so she fuckin' black mailed him, that stupid little bitch gon' get killed for doin' that shit because that's some fucked up shit.


    +Leo Katz aint that a bitch? shit sux but thats the reality the system dont work

  75. Anthony vela

    better then these bdk otf dok bullshit and other fake rappers

  76. Lauren Kimball

    bitch nigga Anthony flores

  77. Artemio Paz

    dame it man this shit is the shit i onow all his songs had all his songs got stolen bye a bitch i fucked up drank four fourtyis

  78. Robert Torres

    You Haters Aint No Friend of mine..too hard

  79. joe navarro

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  80. Chris Avila

    2015 2016 and beyond I.C huztlaz click a hustle town Portland 503 town. SE82ND

  81. Isaac Sams

    one of the best rap albums ever.

  82. Lidia Gonzalez

    Best Latino rappers spm and immortal technique no one else comes close


    SPM would of bitch slap you for calling him Latino.

    Lidia Gonzalez

    Nigga he is Lil bitch

  83. Felipe Rodriguez

    Time is money

  84. Jose Cabrera


  85. jennifer shafer

    Damn! I miss his music. How is he still locked up bc when I hear this album it reminds me of like 1999-2001-ish.
    FOR REAL! ↑↑↑

    Leslie Shear

    +Alex Rivera why would he molest some girl when he had thousands of girls throwing themselves at him every day. if he really wanted to molest a little girl he had the means to do it and get away with it. she lied about her age, then tried to blackmail him. keep believing everything you read in the papers you stupid fuck. she was 14 and told him she was 18. get your facts straight vavosa. #freespm


    +Leslie Shear *babosa*


    Leslie Shear no evidence stupid bitch

    Rudy Compean

    Selling dope to my coke out naibors

  86. bigdaddychilon1969

    ill kick yo door inn and have your ass jump your OWN FENCE HATER MAS PUTO 

  87. Texaz Raised2323

    Anthony the shit you listen to Respects this shit so calm yo shit boy

    - outlawztx21

    Go listen yo Drake in lil Wayne kid

  88. PerezG

    cause of coy, many came up.

    jennifer shafer

    I agree

  89. jose morales

    bitch u don't even know nigga so shut up

  90. destiny DIY

    Im married in till the very end have your kids asking daddy who are thous scary men

  91. bertin vasquez

    Free spm!

  92. Agustin Lopez

    Y r u fucken hatin Anthony u hated on another song of spm bitch if u think its garbage y tha fuck r u here listening to it bitch

    jennifer shafer

    YEAH! ANTHONY! Lol my bad, just b n stupid.

  93. Sebastian Soto

    @naschitown this nigga go harder then anybody u know of.

  94. Anthony Flores

    This is weak garbage

    Jose Cruz

    That's not what your mom said

  95. Sabrina Ochoa

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