South Park Mexican - Dead Pictures Lyrics

It's after midnight while I let this pen write
In my cell it's just me and this dim light
As my thoughts get spilled on a notebook
They shot my homie and I told his girl don't look
Cause if she saw what I saw it would have haunted her
I heard the paramedics laughing with the officer
I guess they see it as just another dead body
And I know it hurt when his daughter said "Mommy,
Where's daddy I ain't seen him in a long time?"
How can mommy talk she can't even stop crying
The punch line is tomorrow may never come
That's where the cops get 1 8 7 from
It means murder not death by natural causes
It means homie's clothes redder than Santa Clause's
In Hillwood many died facing obstacles
I thank God it's not me in that pile of skulls

Slugs around the block boys
Thugging till they drop laws
Putting G's on lock
So we flush it when they knock
Caught up in the system
These haters play the victim
Wanna see us fall
Like dead pictures on the wall

I saw the reaper in my sleep so I might got a death wish
When vultures come around I react so selfish
If you ain't out of the hood you probably think that I'm crazy
Lotta niggas in jail or they pushing up daisies
So many motherfuckers dropping out this shit like flies
Heard a friend of mine just committed suicide
Left his family behind found him hanging from the ceiling
Eyes wide open I just can't imagine the feeling
So many funerals here I am in all black
Prices put up my head so I'm packing a strap
When my life is on the line I bring them killas out
I find your residence and bring the drama to your house
Now all what's left is a memory of your existence
Dead pictures on the wall bloody murder's my vision


They found my homie Desperado in a garbage heap
Wrapped up throat slit man the scars are deep
That day it felt like the whole city was crying
Lil D if you hear me nigga give me a sign
That nigga that had murdered you got twisted by Jason
Had to tell you 'cause I know that ya'll in different locations
Have you seen Lil Lex? the other day he was killed
Niggas don't got no hustle had to take what he built
I'm afraid to even open up today's newspaper
'Cause the Crow is taking souls like the old Shoemaker
It's enough to make you blow up, throw up or go nuts
My people dying and I fucking love em so much
My homie's brother got killed in a car chase
Cops tried to pull him over back on Park Place
He hauled ass but it ended when he crashed his Taurus
And all he had was some motherfucking traffic warrants


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