South Park Mexican - A Baby's Prayer Lyrics

Now I'm Laying Down To Sleep I Press My Heart Soul To Keep
Now Should Die Before I Wake, I Prays My Lord My Soul To Take
I Love My Mommy and I Love My Daddy and I Love My Whole Family
and Dear Lord Please Bring My Daddy Home Safe Amen

Dear Jesus Please Help Us Find A Way
I Think We're Lost...

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South Park Mexican A Baby's Prayer Comments
  1. Heath Wackerly

    #freethemex 🚁 #freecarlos 🕊
    #freespm 🏚 #trumppardonspm2019 🙏

  2. Llama

    The Mexican pac

  3. Alvena HighElk

    They wanted to destroy his Image... Like Pac...


    Alvena HighElk you could say he’s the Mexican pac

  4. Jorge Torres

    Man I love my lil baby and her fucken family got between us but I got good he's comeing soon for my baby and leave and make a new world with it well baby born I tryied my best to be your father bye lil baby born I'll always be your baby daddy for life adios Bebe take care Daddy's in a good hands te amo Mijo mio

  5. John Doe

    Ridiculous he's still lockedup racist America.

  6. Catalina Fernandez

    yes she got my message yeppie im the one that was trying to you but i look young soy el chigon this is my moms phone please truly truly im the bottom of my heart am sorry with a cherry on top with rootbeer flow ice cream on the top wiggel wiggel im drop my graud down to proff to to you am use this other that was inneed of help please hopely u under-stand me inbox me permito juanito

  7. Rodolpho Marin

    damn that beet

    Hoodrich AGE

    Rodolpho Marin - Badass beat

  8. David Hernandez Jr

    361 Corpus Christi Tejas slab

  9. David Hernandez Jr

    361 cc TX representa

  10. Ayala

    They need to let my boy Los free, so he can be with his daughter

    Heath Wackerly

    She's grown now.

  11. Edgar Carranza

    free spm god blessed he's family

  12. Iness Lopez


  13. Lino Lopez

    it's sad because it's real

  14. M. Menom4Life

    this a tuff ol' song

  15. Siuol G


  16. David Vega