South Border - Wherever You Are Lyrics

I love to see the ocean's beauty
And the moon that shines above
Alone in the sand looking at the stars
Wishing someday i would find true love
Would it be nice to see the morning
With the one you love the most
Would it be nice to say goodnight
To the one you hold so close to your heart
To your heart.

The wind that blows the dove
Is the wind that blows my love
Hope it'll find its way to you wherever you are.

I love to sit in fields of green
Looking deeply through the sky
Watching birds as they fly by
Hoping someday fate will bring me true love.
Would it be nice to hold someone
So dear, near your heart
Would it be nice to hear those words
I love you from the one that you love,
That you love.

[repeat chorus]

I'd love to see myself one day
In the arms of someone
Who will share her life with me
Selflessly… someday…
You will find your way… to me…
[repeat chorus]

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South Border Wherever You Are Comments

    2020 ,🥰

  2. Redeem Recopelacion

    JANUARY 2020🖐️

  3. RR Sonza

    Still listening in this very emotional song and it really made me cry...

  4. Jeff ubungin

    2020 but still listening 😍

  5. Ma. April Anne Mariano

    Listening 2020

  6. Rizza Victorino

    listening in 2020

  7. Daisy Gorre

    Rye, u will always be in my heart. I cant cry hard enough.

  8. Joseph Ruanes

    Sarap parin pakingan grabe

  9. Jerome Baculi

    내 동생 정말 고마워 (december 16,2019)

  10. Harold Bonsol

    removes my anxiety

  11. Jovan Doropan

    I feel miss some I love please came back to me

  12. Loren Borres

    who's listening 2019? 🤗😘

  13. Jhepz17 Mahilig

    Joder goosebumps

  14. heredy

    Bwisit kanta to nakakainlove shet

  15. 59 BV

    Oct. 2019

  16. Rayna

    💔💔💔 2019?

  17. Jeremy Miller

    Sad 2019 :(

  18. Nathan Niel


  19. Dante Alyas Bungo

    2019 meon pba????🎧🎧🎧🎧

  20. Jsushmita Denaga Polo

    Destiny 💕

  21. Crimsoness 11

    This song reminds me of my father, This was his favorite song, He was the best father ever. My only regret is I took him for granted and didn't say I love you before he died of a heart attack

  22. Jeromu Areho

    2k19 na tugtugan ko freestyle, southborder, jerimiah parin haha

  23. Roxan Kian

    2019 ❤

  24. Lloyd Sison

    wherever you are dyan kana lang masaya na ko eh!! hahahaha

  25. paul ofalsa

    nice songs hi me at 2019

  26. Matt's Salita

    2020 anyone?

  27. Jhayar Dela Ganar

    2019 LSS padin ako sa kantang to 💯

  28. Jaymie Musk

    Very emotional song pero wala na kong namimiss sa kanila. Naka-move on na ko.

  29. France Jarmin

    Bakit umiiyak ako? Hahaha.

  30. Cristine Moraleda


  31. Lovely Orale

    2019 here anyone?

  32. Marshall Bruce Mathers

    Kanto ko to sa ex ko. Sobra kong minhal. Ngayon may asawa na ako. Wala na akong nararamdaman sa kany apero still reminds me of her. Pero now. Kanta ko na to sa magiging asawa ko. And siya parin ang gf ko ngayon. Kakantahin ko to sa wedding namin. Hehe iloveyou rochelle caparal navarro my dearest love of all ❤

    Marshall Bruce Mathers

    Di mo man hilig mga nostalgic na kanta still if ever nasa barko na ko pakinggan mo parin to ha? Mahala na mahal kita kahit nasan ka mang lupalop ng pilipinas. Nadito parin ako para sayo... Iloveyou b ❤

    Rochelle Navarro

    Iloveyou b! 😍


    Watching ....

  34. fm ko

    july 18, 2019 0☹

    Marshall Bruce Mathers

    Yiiee batang 90s

  35. Jhulie Melgar

    ilove this song hayysttt!!!😘😘😘

  36. Angelo Tolentino

    2019 whos still listening?...

  37. Ivan Rom Binuya

    2019? Anyone?

  38. Bunot Bunot

    Hope to see you this coming Saturday hehehe 👌

  39. Sheila Ignacio

    Nasaan nba un para sakin..😢

  40. Louie Dilao

    2019? Anyone?

  41. Music Panda


  42. Raphael Apostol

    He reminds me of this song hihihi ♥

  43. ton ton


  44. boyong yong

    bkit wla to sa spotify

  45. MiGoddess2018 Fabian

    Nick kanta mo oh...😍

  46. ma kristina romero

    I still love you wherever you are😔

  47. Rissagel Mendoza

    Relate much sa tugtog ei

  48. Rissagel Mendoza


  49. Jolliene Barroga

    2019 anyone?

  50. Junielo Guardalupe

    sometimes we just need to let go of someone even if it hurts so much because all we want is for them to be happy. If they're happy with someone else so be it :(

  51. M X S T

    2019? 😍 Anyone??


    April 2019

  53. Ted Baterna

    2019 anyone??

  54. Jordancristo Llamesjr


  55. Lloyd Sison

    2019 anyone?

  56. angelo arcangel

    Why this is not available in Spotify?

    RevMax MotoVlogs

    Yup I'm looking for it also in Spotify pero wala heheh

  57. Bryan Ouano

    How's still here 2019?

  58. Jeff Cabudoy

    namimis kona mga barkada ko sa caloocan pag nrring ko itng music naiiyak ako at parang gusto ko cla mksma ulit..kylan ulit kya kme mg kksma at mg kikita ang tgal konang ndi nkikita😥😥😥😥😥

  59. mark john gorobat

    2019 anyone ?

  60. Mr. Gray

    2019 anyone?

  61. Ynah Bantican

    whereeve u are u will always a part of me

  62. Jackelyn Eva

    Baby Milo🐶 Wherever you are, I've always love you😔 I miss you😔💚

  63. Jackelyn Eva


  64. maria shabbz

    Napasakit na basta iwan ka na lang sa ere! 😭😭 magiging ok din ako.. 3102019

  65. Jerome Antoni


  66. Aaron paul Pame

    I love to see myself oneday in the arms of someone? Hmm very interesting

  67. Francesca Lou

    2019 anyone?

  68. Charisse Airemse


  69. Preyns Golez

    2019 anyone?

  70. Lorenzo Zaldivar

    Am I the only one here listening this in 2019?

  71. Patrick TV

    Feb 2, 2019 😍

  72. Aries Ilagan


  73. John Pablo

    im so sorry miss yuri fabian..mahal jemilyn i for give me..thanks for all those time we shared together..i love you WHEREVER YOU ARE....

  74. Karl Gray

    2019 and still watching 😁

  75. Cyrene de la Cruz

    Miss ko singer ko nito .. wherever you are 😊

  76. LYRICS 2.0

    2019 anyone?

  77. Jaypee de Guzman

    wishing someday find true love....

  78. I love Pope Francis

    I am sorry Jesus Christ for being so evil, please forgive me a sinner, Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner. Amen

  79. I love Pope Francis

    I love Jesus Christ HalleluJah Amen

  80. Lee Cortes

    Ang sakit no 😪👌

  81. Janet Kutwa

    Exactly what my heart feels

  82. rex esquillo

    march 11 2013 king&queen 😭😭😭 i hope that you are happy my Heart wherever you are.... 😭😭

  83. johnmark nera

    Would it be nice to hear those word I love you from the one 💓💗 ikaw yun

  84. Meriam Villarubia

    October 10.. 2018 still watching

  85. Lance Ramos

    napaka ganda talaga ng lyrics 👏🏼

  86. Jordan Ocampo

    Wherever you are... Tang ina mo pina asa mo ako pota ka..

  87. Tim&Angie TV

    Wherever you are hope youre happy 😢😭💔💔

  88. lovelyjoy antipolo

    Miss na po Kita asawa ko 😭

  89. Eunice

    the heart knows no boundaries ... i love you.