South Border - The Show Lyrics

Show me what you got, take me to the spot
Where you want me to touch you, taste you, feel you

On a night like this, i just can't miss
The opportunity to stroke a sexy body
Down on a dance floor, but you know i want some more
More than just flirtin, i need some body bumpin'

Baby girl i see you comin', wearin' that sexy smile
Temperature's risin, send shivers down my spine
My heart keeps poundin' baby, you'll give me a heart attack.
All systems on overload, i know i'm gonna explode

Quick draw, we're down on the floor
We haven't even started why you shoutin' for more
Can you handle this, why you closin' the door
I'll be comin' to you baby like we was on tour,
Turn off the lights, i'll put on some rubber...
Shoes for runnin', then take off our clothes
We can tickle and nibble
You can ride me just like evil knievel
Whoah! wait a minute check that out
I can see your pussycat is out
Well forget about that, we better concentrate
I know you gotta get home and it's already late so..
[repeat chorus & refrain]

Suppa freak i got you on my mind
Been thinkin about your sexy body all the time
The things you did to me it was off the hook,
I guess you really memorized the kama sutra book,
I got my own style, and i call it doggy
I know you can't wait coz the bed is soggy
Must be the rain, don't close your window
It doesn't really matter just enjoy the show
Sometimes i rhyme fast, sometimes i rhyme slow
You gotta wait a minute damn grow, damn grow
The rumble in the jungle, let's get it on
Put the pedal to the metal, get the friction on so..

[repeat chorus & refrain … end]

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South Border The Show Comments
  1. Charo Romero

    I love this sexy song

  2. alma andres

    I know you want me too

  3. Rynml Dz

    Sayang to wala sa spotify

  4. Michelle Bagolor

    Nag sex sila lol

  5. Gina Lingan

    "bounce baby take it slow"