Sounds, The - Hit Me! Lyrics

Wake me up, I'm about to give it up.
Hey hurry up, latley it's been hard enough.
Try to shut me up, when you now you should wish me luck.
And you could beat me up, I'm heading for the top.

Hit me hard. hit me right between the eyes.
Wanna see the stars. hit me, hit me! [x2]

Wanna nice surprice. a dress thats black and tight.
Wanna see the lights, it takes me through the night.
You beat me black and blue, but I can see through you.
You know it's up to you and I can't belive it's true.

Hit me hard. hit me right between the eyes.
Wanna see the stars. hit me, hit me! [x2]

Hit me! hit me hard! [x2]

Hit me hard. hit me right between the eyes.
Wanna see the stars, hit me, hit me HARDER!!!

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Sounds, The Hit Me! Comments
  1. Jose Ricardo Elles

    Soy uno de los pocos latinos que escucha esta banda

  2. Cory Lucia

    Anyone else have that skateboard dvd hotdogs on wheels? I found this song there

  3. Alienshade

    Like punk stuff!

  4. Miss Olivia Vee

    I wanna see the 🌟!!!!

  5. Kerry Adams

    i see now you're from THE west coast...uhmmm

  6. S_hift

    Didnt know dee reynolds was in a band

  7. Briseur De Lance

    Man, this singer is sexy. Blonde, fiesty, kind of well-toned, blue eyes, beautiful shape and face ...
    what's not to love?


    Don't know if it's just me, but she looks kinda masculin.

    Briseur De Lance

    @enf folife

    El Ganj

    Nah, tis a lady.

    Kerry Adams

    She she She is beautiful. Ohh and have you seen her Her Her performance? Well theN. I suggest you get on ThaT.. The rest of us.. Bee Right here Digging the band.. I know you will too.. Mahlo Amigo.. 🇸🇪 🎶 💘

  8. Zeke Pendergrass

    I hit you nice

  9. Sofie Haga

    The sounds hit me vs. Fit for rivals Hit me, which is best?

  10. The Guy Who Posts

    That what Rihanna said to Chris Brown.

    Chatterbox Lane

    +The Guy Who Posts He hit her right between the eyes.

  11. Miguel gonzales

    Hermosa, y me gustas !!! completa !!

  12. Minnesota Mike Fishing

    yup yup yup

  13. Henri Banks

    its a Cover from the band Con Carnage

    martin skogsberg

    your mom is a cover

    Henri Banks

    @martin skogsberg you have no idea


    I can't find it anywhere. Is the band just super unknown or does the song have a different name?

  14. lucia lucy

    love this song

  15. Alexis Rocka

    one of their best songs...

  16. FloridaSunset100

    the woman is OK for fucking

    lucia lucy

    @FloridaSunset100 want me to hit you hard??? lol

  17. quentinuw

    sir, please stop reading my mind :-D

  18. A ri

    this woman should have back hair.

    Rosaleus Benevear

    Nah you are wrong, sorry mate.

  19. WaveXx78

    NCIS commercial.

  20. Joseph V

    2006 / Myspace / Nostalgia

  21. sailing7777

    VIVA LA BAM _ ICELAND brought me here

  22. Rickard Persson

    grrrr i coud bite her :)

  23. inMyDreams

    GinnyPotter :D

  24. Gustavus Adolphus

    I'd hit that so hard the next person to pull me out would be crowned the king of England.

  25. raponpaskaa

    side boob, only reason i watched this

  26. Federico Jerez

    She's alike to Iggy Pop. LOL


    WHO THE FUCK SAID THAT SHE IS UGLY ¬¬.... maybe that person is not from this planet... Maja is HOT!

  28. Phoebe Taylor

    What film is this in?

  29. Laura Perry

    She is beautiful because she is unique and isn't thed average barbie doll made in hollywood look alike. I love her voice, amazing.

  30. Motherfucking . breadcrumbs

    she's my half sisters sister :)


    Sure sure!

  31. sebbe91

    1:10-2:20 best part for all deaf guys... ;P

  32. mikemichaelmusic09

    she's hot i don't care if she's bisexual or not, that just makes her twice as hot.I bet she is super hot in bed.

  33. Young Chung

    sounds good

  34. VGMurders

    When will this song be on alt-nation? it kicks ass!!

  35. viktorl111

    @TheSoundsandMajaVids altho she looks like she could be a male due to her face

  36. TheQneb

    @MsLittleprincess999 So you actually think you have importance to world yourself? You made my day ur joke

  37. samlamamma

    @MsLittleprincess999 So your just an other pathetic nazi:) When will you learn....

  38. samlamamma

    @weride808 So?

  39. ya girl

    thats my name , lol

  40. Michael Goncalves

    Holy Shit, MAJA is bisexual? I don't know where you people come from, but in my books that screams THREE-SOMES!!! I found the Sounds by accident after surfing for more THE SOUND videos. I like the sound---more musical than Joan Jett and more edgy and in your face than Blondie. So she is Bi-sexual, huh? FYI, I've done two women before (girlfriend's BD gift). I had to go to the E-Room over it (Eye Strain). Doctor told me 'You need to spend more time with your girlfriend and less on your XBOX!

  41. Dr. Acula X

    idk, i like Maja Ivarsson alot, kinda gotta thing for women who seem like they could kick my ass.

  42. Rachel Crylinds

    she looks lke Lizbeth of girl with a dragon Tattoo.

  43. Gavin Sichenzia

    Shes a crackhead.

  44. Travis Shelton

    hit me hard, right between the eyes, i wanna see the stars....

  45. flip123out

    Saw this band @ the Warp Tour then @ a really small club. They freakin rocked both times.

  46. Rodrigo Ramirez

    The sounds hit you?
    Do you know about punctuation symbols??
    Great song!!

  47. Tamara Longoria

    @chinopolix Yes

  48. Héctor Cantú

    @VicoddinkaBrennan Monterrey , mexico????

  49. Tamara Longoria

    i can see live jir in Monterrey in 'Hellow fest 2010' she was asome...!!!!!

  50. Alejandra LuQui

    Hit me, hit me hard!
    hit me, hit me hard!
    hit me hard. hit me right between the eyes, i wanna see the stars,
    hit me, hit me harder.

  51. enkenonsense


    well it wasnt meant offensive

  52. osnajo

    wie auch schon gesagt - die neue
    "wendy o williams "
    nur dazu müsste man die gute mal kennen
    -> gibt hier nur 0,001 % die sie kennen
    (hallo - ich meine wendy)
    aber die sie kennen werden wissen was ich meine

  53. osnajo

    ach ja - ihr könnt alle kein deutsch
    - ist ja nicht mein problem -
    ich sage nur noch eins
    -->> die frau ist mehr als heiß ->>und die musik auch

  54. enkenonsense

    seems she has small titties

  55. TerodownIhmSeinAcc

    that's one of the worst songs i've ever heard, sorry.

  56. osnajo

    wie schon öfter gesagt
    die neue wendy o williams

  57. HarryPotter87

    1:10 - Maja resembles Malin Ackerman. What a rock 'n roll sweetheart!

  58. Christopher McInnis

    That's the best kind of sexual to be for a girl

  59. 31m0r0

    @pharolili im sorry but you are stuupid

  60. ICHMIL

    Suck me hard, suck me between the balls, til i see the stars, suck me, suck meee

  61. bananalyzer

    gotta love 'em!

  62. saramcoco5

    Majas Face is very pretty and looks feminen, her arms and legs are masculine, but it really does not matter, I still think her/his combination is perfect and very entertaining.

  63. saramcoco5

    I think Maja is a He/She

  64. Bah Ramyou

    it took me a long time to think she's pretty, because NO ONE CAN DENY that she is SO MASCULINE. She's very interesting looking, something i deff couldn't see at first. Like i said she's interesting looking, but her face and her body is INCREDIBLY masculine.

    Rosaleus Benevear

    That's how I like my girls my red headed monster of a lady scares the shit out of me and I love it.

  65. tischiisBAD

    love the song

  66. dertommy92

    cool song, just a bit short...

  67. Luca Buttschaft

    my skatesong!!!

  68. metalhoer

    Good song!

  69. Beutels Bacher

    i wanna learn this song on guitar... it's simply amazing x.x

  70. Christopher Isaksen

    One of their best songs!