Sounds Like Harmony - Afraid Lyrics

I know I let you down,
you've finally had enough.
The honest part is everybody fucks up
And I know I said some things,
That I swear I didn't mean
But that just makes me see
You stole my heart it meant the world
But now your just a ghost and I'm unsure

And I'm a afraid that I'll never sing of love,
So sick of never being good enough
Won't someone save my soul
So I don't have to be afraid
That I will die alone

I know you can't believe
I know your scared of me,
The hardest part is that everyone else can see
That I was meant for you
And you were meant for me,
Let's sink the ship into the sea
You stole my heart it meant the world
But now your just a ghost and I'm unsure

And I'm a afraid that I'll never sing of love,
So sick of never being good enough
Won't someone save my soul
So I don't have to be afraid that
I will die alone
So I don't have to be afraid that
I will die alone
So I don't have to be afraid that
I will die alone
No you don't have to be afraid that you will die alone

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Sounds Like Harmony Afraid Comments
  1. Steve Styfler

    I miss you tyler :,(

  2. l SeaSaltIceCream l

    Ooff this hurts me mentally

  3. pSyChO _ cOs _PLAYER

    I think, I just cried a little. . .

  4. Alex Spare

    This song is really good but sad too!

  5. rose mizenko

    i rember on younow i started 2 watch in 2013 dang 5 yrs ago since i watched/ listen to this stuff

  6. Alexis Duque

    I cried so much

  7. Chapulin Colorado

    dang been here since 2014 and I'm still watching in 2017 I'm in tears

  8. TheGamingRepublic

    trust me when I say you're not alone, I know that feeling my girl left me a good few months ago and I am not over her that's how much she meant to me, I really would do anything to get her back so yea I think everyone knows what you're going through it happens and it hurts but you're subscribers are here forever with you Tyler we all care about you ^^

  9. farah fuadah

    this sound has always been the cure for me.......

  10. Vicki Briggs

    i love this song so much and love the video it made me cry but i love it so much

  11. Just An Idiot Who Makes Videos

    I'm afraid that my boyfriend is going to break up with me someday :(

    Searlets Sky

    Random YTPer thing happen

  12. The Ghost King

    You just look so sad. By the angel why!?

  13. Marta perry

    this song is beauthiful and i loved it sinse the day it came out but seem this video makes me cringy so much.
    when i see this video the only thing that is on my mind is "this should be called sad emo kid"

  14. Kimberly Intriago

    that's making me feel so much sad😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  15. Emilee Keller

    i love your music so much

  16. Rubeen C: conchetucore lml

    The best song

  17. Tsuki Jellyfish

    Self expression is important and I'm glad that our generation has someone like you to help with that.

  18. Lexus Richardson

    I cried so freaking much. but I loved this sooooooooooooooo much

  19. And I OOP

    You don't have to be Perfect to be real to be a human being

  20. Mikeyla Bumbus

    So sad :(

  21. Yasmine Williams

    It's sweet tho

  22. Yasmine Williams

    everybody is crying but NOT MEEEEE what the hell!!

  23. kim Estes

    i love this song

  24. Avaa &Jimmy

    he's cute

  25. Kyle Barnett

    I wish I could join sounds like harmony that would be like the most amazing thing to harmonize with tyler

  26. luna Meepz

    was i the only one that was crying whil reading😢

  27. Maelayiah Von Monroe

    love this song so much it expresses my feelings in soooo many your so amazing tyler

  28. Silver Core

    everyone is perfect in the way that they r themselves I've learned that throughout my life and it's tough it really is
    thanks for making this song it speaks to the heart just like u said 💝💞
    love you stay awesome 😊💓

  29. Moist Llamas

    ur a strong person, don't be afraid, u will be okay and ur one of the most amazing people I know! x

  30. ddoom dadda

    why the hELL I'M CRYING?!

  31. Valeria Valdez

    oh my god is so lovely and I like his songs and his voice

  32. David Sykes

    I have to say that honestly your songs have helped me tell the world what I couldn't and I find you very inspirational and I would to say thank you so much for everything you have done

  33. Andrea Combs

    Was this for his girlfriend or is this his life story or also for the song help me please I beg you

  34. Jaime G.

    I love how he expresses his feelings in his music because you know it comes straight from his heart and his music has meaning. <3

    lucy jones

    literally me listening to tøp lyrics

  35. Ash Martin

    dont be afraid you got us

  36. AlcoholicToast

    This is really sad ;-;

  37. ur-local-emo

    😭 Tyler I love this SOOONNNGG!

  38. Ash Martin

    your on my playlist ;)

  39. Phantom music

    +saralikessteak SHUT UP!!!!!!! TYLER HAGEN IS NOT A NOBODY,HE IS A SOMEBODY,HE IS MY ROLE MODEL!!!! HE IS LOVED BY ME AND BILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!! +soundslikeharmony Tyler Hagen if you see this, I just want you to know that I am always here for you no matter what happens to you I will be here always for you!!!! I love u lots!!!!!! Xoxoxox!!!!!!!

  40. jeonsbbs

    Tyler you shouldn't feel like this... We all love you... No-one should feel like this.. Tyler your talented, unlike all them haters,<3 You express your feeling through music and thats a special talent to have :)

  41. trash uwu

    aww Tyler. I literally cried the whole time

  42. A Rose

    Am i the only one that cried? 😭😭


    Omg Tyler why are u so sad!

  44. Maribel Pizarro

    That was amazing and so romantic

  45. CCThePentaholic

    I'm scared to die alone...

    Because the person that keeps me happy,

    And protected,

    Died from cancer...

    And no this isn't for attention for those wanting to type it in.

  46. Kiersten Elliz

    Don't worry you are on my most played playlist

  47. CG RDA

    I love your music it's sooo good ^^

  48. Saying Farewell

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

    Ashley Nunez

    How did you do this and how long did it take to do this

    Olive Oil

    -copy and paste most likely-

  49. Mimzy_Rose

    I wish you didn't delete your old acoustic songs where it was just your sweet voice D: Like my dear my bride, and hospital

  50. Cynthia

    This is the same concept than Amanda Todd, this vidéo make me sad.


    +Petite licorne Gaming eh i dont think so really

    Ash Martin

    same ikr

    lost panda soul

    ive watched that video so much and still cry everytime

    kim Estes

    it made me sad to

  51. Veronica Bower

    so my dad doesn't understand how much music means to me so one time he started making fun of Andy biersacks name and I sobbed for an hour

    Maggie X

    Andy Biersack is awesome <3

  52. Kandice Mccluskie

    Your perfect dont be so scared. It will be okay.

  53. moola cervantes

    I never heard Tyler :0 I'm amazed I love his music

    I relate to this sadly 😢

  54. tawney noyes

    Music really does speak to the heart. It speaks to me. So when I hear a good song, I sing. I sing all the time. But one time someone told me i sounded bad. It hurt but I didn't cry. Your music is beautiful, so, no matter what, always make it. Because it makes a lot of people happy.😁

  55. Candice Jackson

    i glad i heard this song today because in having problems in my relationship with my boy friend and i hope he hears this to because it helped me :'(

  56. Amaya Cox

    omggg I love the song Tyler really cute to

  57. Crazy Vampire

    DUDE U GOT A VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. sadbo1s

    Don't worry dude u don't have to be scared of anything at all u just need to know is that u got family these subscribers and your soul just don't be scared like I am man I feel more scared then anything so just do what u are doing and never give up:)

  59. Rockstar_Angel99

    U r one of the strongest boys I've ever seen and u r so talented. I'm proud to call u my idol.

  60. Noot Noot Mother Fucker

    Man he looks like chealytheninja

  61. Katie needs help.

    I'm so confused. Is there no underlying "screw you" message? The song is great, but let me explain my situation:
    I don't know if we were lovers or friends, but at least on my end, I LOVED them. About three months ago, they left me. They said our relationship was 'toxic'? We ended up going our separate ways. Since they left me, they've been to the rehab center, and now have to have special privileges to function at school. A few weeks ago, they sent me this song. No follow-up message, just a link. I never responded because I was furious. It felt like they were either sending it as an insult, another chance to tease my own feelings, a sick joke. It felt like every lyric was punch. They left me and went to another kid in only a few days? And the whole "You don't have to be afraid that YOU will die alone". In what world do they have the right to decide how I feel?
    Could this be interpreted underlying-ly offensive, or am I just being paranoid?
    I know they're faking it all. The 'love'.

    Max Fabiszewski

    I'm really sorry to hear about what happened. I was in similar situations and it really hurts Ik. I think what Tyler's trying to do by this song and video is make the person feel bad about what they did to him because he tried so hard to be perfect for them but he's trying to do it in a way that will hurt them without him upsetting himself or showing his upset more than he already is because if u think about I him not saying 'fuck u' is more of a fuck u than actually saying it, it shows how strong he is without them


    Wow that sounds sad well I hope things are better now

    Katie needs help.

    +Max Fabiszewski I'm sorry you've been through these experiences, too). Your explanation makes a lot of sense, and I'm planning to possibly discuss with my ex later on about why the Hell they thought they would be sly with this romantic-but-underlying-message-of-screw-you-but-not-really song. Thank you for replying/explaining! It is well appreciated.

    Max Fabiszewski

    +Katie B (Jamie) no problem I'm glad I could help 😊

  62. Macy Albono

    geez am I the only person who got VERY emotional? (btw this sorta reminded my of Amanda Todd's video) LOVE YA TYLER!

  63. Willow Rhiann

    im scared to die alone cause the one person that keeps me together i cant be with....


    +Willow Klinglesmith me too


    It got better now i hv a girlfriend (yes i am girl) and i love her (but im scared to tell her that) and im sure that u will find someone even if its hard if u look close enough u will and everything happens for a reason! Even when u least expect it!! 😅😄

    Alex Hope

    I know it's weird coming from a stranger but I've been in that situation aswell
    My mom and dad wouldn't let me have a boyfriend ( I know it's irrelevant rn but it will be ) and I was going through the major depression and I was gonna attempt suicide
    So I text my crush and said
    Look I really like u and idc who u tell I just thought I'd tell u before I go cause u were the reason I kept going for so long Tonight I'm gonna die and I want you to promise that not for one minute you will miss me
    About 2 mins later I got a reply saying
    I've been waiting for this day for a long time and I didn't think it would be this soon but u can't go I'm not letting u cause I love u so much and I really way to be with you and wanted to for a long time so promise me one thing
    You will be my light in the dark world that is my life
    I've been goin out with him now for 2 years and my pedant still don't know about anything
    It proves if u love someone u can do anything for love
    Just thought I'd say

    Danielle Radcliff

    There's this situation in my life that keeps me from the one person I truly love. He lives in another state it's about 200 miles but my parents hate him being as he came and met me with out them knowing and I stayed after school to meet him, he doesn't want to marry me when he gets out of school because he wants to goin the military and he doesn't want the risk of me just getting back a flag, he said he wouldn't do that to me. But because of his fears I don't get to be with the person I've loved for 4 years.. and to go along with things I can't have/do... I've wanted to follow in my dads foot prints and be in the army... "Sgt. Radcliff" but because I have major depression I was told by a recruiter even if I got off my meds and stayed off for 2 years and did testing I'd only have a 50% chance of getting in and it would be a miracle if I got in, but I talked to another recruiter and he said if he was the one that decided if I was allowed in or not he'd say no because of how far down I had gone. I drank bleach to try to kill my self after I was sexually abused by an ex who thinker he owned me and got pregnant. I lost the baby from drinking the bleach. So not only do I not get to be with the guy I love, I don't get to do what I've always wanted to do, and I killed my unborn child because I was selfish and didn't want to live.

  64. motita de algodon

    owww I wish I were that girl who you are writing this :"3


    +Sarxuuh lol

    motita de algodon

    nope, I wish I could me loved as he love her

    Ashley Nunez

    The songs are about losing his subscribers

    disgusting moth main

    +Ashley Nunez you're an ass. He has more subs than you, maybe you should leave if you don't like him :)

  65. Taylor Welsh

    this made me cry im still crying

  66. Angelina Beeson

    I feel like I just got ran over by a car and I didn't survive

  67. Luu Lucker

    Me gusto muchisimo Me emocione muchoo Gracias por todo <3 Saludos

  68. Samantha Hatfield

    o por u I feel so bad for u I know what u feel

  69. 4evea wesome

    I just downloaded all ure songs..

  70. Jannine Agoncillo II

    tyler your songs relates to me for too much T.T makes me cry and remember my ex. and ilove your songs. wahhh. ily <3

  71. LivPierson

    I cried when I watched this, Tyler I love you💞

  72. Rejects 2014

    A video hit me

  73. Rejects 2014

    Ikr Tyler is strong and he can hold himself together instead of taking the other peoples shit I think it's good

  74. Devyn Coast

    i cried throughout this entire song and with every word wrote down on paper. i am sorry whoever broke your heart. you are so strong!! i hope/hoped it all works/worked out for the best. i am a little late to watching your videos :/

    Mandy Morbid and I kidnapped Chris Motionless

    same here and I'm confused

  75. Lauren Mcdowall

    u have an awesome voice

  76. Lacy Shugar

    i just saw this and wow tyler you have a great voice. i could have used this song in November of 2014.

  77. Ximena Izaguirre

    Wow! This song is so perfect I love it. Your voice is amazing. How did it take me this long to find this?

  78. kitkat

    Thank god I started watching your videos and listen to your music. I've alway thought about suicide since I never really found my meaning in life that you so much. You've saved me

  79. Alanna J

    You look soooo sad :(
    I just wanna give you a hug..cheer you up or something!
    This is probably my favourite song though.. It was nicely done.

  80. Lyia Carter

    I'm crying, I think the neighbors thought I was injured or something.

  81. Alyssa Mangum

    <3 Never stop making such amazing music. It may not seem like it but you make a big impact om allot of people, including me :)

  82. Diamond Fox91

    This video hit me right in the feels... 😩😢😭

  83. Abisai Vidal

    Thank you you inspire me I've tried also I've tried suicide many things but I knew it wasn't right you inspire me That we all matter no matter what ya people who feel left out let me tell you something you do matter it doesn't matter what they say I've tried but I knew I was gonna loose many things and now that I've stopped I've been having the life I wanted I know how y'all feel but things will get better love y'all

  84. Alexandra Gutierrez

    I cried watching this...

  85. Lisa Johnson

    Omg. Tyler you are amazing! You're so strong! I know it must be hard but I'm here for you. You've been here for me for so long and I just wanna say thank you.

  86. AnnaMarie Stephens

    I love you so much Tyler <3 Stay Strong <3

  87. Cera Rogoszewski

    i love you music i listen to them everyday

  88. 1KKLLFF1

    Tyler Hagen you are amazing! I love you and your videos so much. You along with other YouTubers saved me from a dark place. And I wm eternally grateful.

  89. Shahar Something

    You're so amazing
    I love your music
    And this video was so cute 🐯❤️

  90. luna

    THE FEELS :'(

    They hit me like a rocket ship.

  91. Emily Vasquez

    So amazing! I loved it

  92. alehia cerd

    ok i dont usually cry but i started to cry when i listened to this song\

  93. Lillianna Pena

    Tyler im crying bc ik whut it feels like

  94. Hailee Hurricane

    ❤️omg that was aMaZiNg!!!!❤️such a cute song❤️ily

  95. Paulina Chavez

    I just cried...