Soundgarden - Zero Chance Lyrics

I think I know the answer
I stumbled on and all the world
Fell down
And all the sky went silent
Cracked like glass and slowly
Tumbled to the ground
They say if you look hard
You'll find your way back home
Born without a friend
And bound to die alone

I'm thinking of your highness
And crying long upon the loss
I've found
And on the plus and minus
Zero chance of ever
Turning this around

Why doesn't anyone believe
In loneliness
Stand up and everyone will see
Your holiness

Why doesn't anyone believe
In loneliness
Stand up and everyone will see
Your holiness

They say if you look hard
You'll find your way back home
Born without a friend
And bound to die alone

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Soundgarden Zero Chance Comments
  1. Buzz

    I remember the copiapo mine disaster. I posted this song years ago when it happened. It was a miracle. Lyrics go together to an almost tragic event.

  2. majestic nine

    Sounds like Pearl Jam or Creed

  3. Ryan Ellis

    This is some Big Brain music right here for those of you that can analyze form, meter, and chords. At the same time it’s just a great song that anyone can appreciate, some real masters here.

  4. Viva La Video llc

    What an unbelievably deep and soulful song, Chris you and your brothers made history with this one. RIP

  5. Spicy Special

    A beautiful Aria.

  6. willy jabs

    I'm high right now and listening to this song is the best feeling ever!

  7. Orange Clock Productions

    Great song. So soothing but depressing at the same time.

  8. Allenwrench

    you are Forgiven Chris, your Penance recognized, your Absolution assured - see you on the Ledge My Brother. They Say If You Look Hard - You'll Find Your Way Back Home....listening this for 1 minute on my shit Shure earbuds - my Skullcandy's are way better at 1/5 the cost .

  9. Leonardo Souza

    Definitively, Chris Cornell is the dark knight and voice of the new generation
    We won't see anyone like him

  10. M Coletta

    This song is a drug.

  11. Marcel jr Bouchard

    2:53 chris put all is guts

  12. Chris Simpson

    My top ten favorite SG songs:
    10. Black Hole Sun
    9. Birth Ritual
    8. I awake
    7. Loud love
    6. Sunshower
    6. Nothing to say
    5. Rowing
    4. Cold bitch
    3. INCESSANT Mace
    2. Beyond the wheel
    1. Zero Chance

  13. perdedoronline

    Reflecting on life like....

  14. meshel n

    ah, i am just trying to survive the pain of life in my late 20s but it seems like such a long road to go

    Alwyn Sam

    hope you are ok and things only get better for you from here on out :)

    meshel n

    @Alwyn Sam thank you, kind stranger :)

    Alwyn Sam

    ​@meshel n i can't claim to really understand much about what you're going through but sometimes a few words is all it takes to sense a kindred spirit...

  15. Chris Simpson

    Happy Birthday to the most talented, beautiful, man in Rock History, we remember May 18, we remember July 20th, most of all dear Chris, we remember you and all of your beautiful and soul shaking music that influenced us all, not a day goes by where I don't think about you and miss you terribly, my Sister say I must let go, but I never will..When I need to come near you, I come here and start the love affair all over again from when I was 14 and discovered you and Grunge, that was the day my life changed for the better,I carry you in my heart always.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

  16. Roger Ceasar

    Been liked since day 1 btw, the most fav song I bought out the goodwill, lol despite the baby cockroach falling out the double case💯

  17. Plastic Man Paper Plate

    Why doesn't anyone believe in loneliness ah yes

  18. Ramona Pope

    Still weep when I hear you!

    Alwyn Sam

    It's been over 2 yrs and I can now listen to his music but get teary eyed every now and then..

  19. Tony Lopiparo

    Brings me to tears.

  20. Chris Simpson


  21. Brancaleone da Nórcia

    That God of Music always may bless you Chris Cornell, for these wonderful and inspired songs!

  22. Troy

    Fuckin legendary

  23. chad windham

    "doesn't anyone believe in loneliness?"

  24. Lucas Lopes

    Rest in Peace, legend! Thanks for immortalizing yourself through high quality music such as this magical tune.

  25. Seadog95

    Damn CC was one hell of a singer man

  26. Zachary Gustafson

    Dang, the bass and drums are phenomenal!

  27. miranybeetle

    depressed and crying i had this as my teenage anthem. rest in peace <3 so sad he did end up dying alone. :(

  28. Nathan Paulson


    Alwyn Sam

    Beautiful song, ain't it ? Melancholic & yet kinda of SG's best, IMO

  29. W.S.M

    why doesn't anyone believe in loneliness

  30. The Grunge Rock Nineties


  31. Michael Graham

    Chris was and always will be an iconic figure for the quiet, lonely and contemplative.

  32. Darren Bethell

    One of their best songs

  33. No One

    First soundgarden album I brought ! cassette tape

  34. Ike Beats WoNdErFuL

    Very powerful! Most country music sound like trash compared to this. I love this song

  35. DarK StaR

    best ever, miss you brother.

  36. Max Jackson

    on the plus and minus ZERO CHANCE. what a masterpiece. it sucks so bad that he's gone

  37. Valentin Turchetti

    What a song, even though he is gone he will never be really gone; his music has made this man immortal, he painted masterpieces with his words, arangements and voice. What a genius, how can someone be so talented in every aspect as a musician? He could sing, write, play. Long live Chris Cornell

  38. Lynn Meyers

    "Stand up and everyone will see your holiness"

  39. Chad Caywood

    This was my coming out to myself song in the mid-late 90's...

  40. Hector Contreras

    Hoy senti mucha pena, siempre escuche este disco en particular, como si cornell cantara mi pena, asi lo siento, increíble esta canción es hermosa.

  41. Jami Wallace

    I've been listening to this song for 19 years (since I was a baby) and till this day, it brings tears to my eyes especially knowing that Chris is gone now... we love you Chris. Can't believe you left this world almost 2 years ago, seems so unreal...

    Alwyn Sam

    You were lucky to have discovered SG long before I did. It felt like I was walking through a fog for weeks after Chris passed away. This song is one of their best, IMO. Chris's sad & yet oddly uplifting lyrics blend perfectly with Ben's music & lend the song an ineffable beauty. That's something only rare songwriters can accomplish..hurts every time I think we'll never hear from him again

  42. CultureOfCritique

    Someone commented on another video (Metallica's Nothing Else Matters) that it was their funeral song. This could well be my funeral song.

  43. cinzia co

    Happened with this and some other Cornell's songs... I heard them and was immediately sure it was a cover of some old songs... But it was just because they sounded so great, as if they'd been always there... Worried moon was another one. Oh and Billy Jean. Joking

    Alwyn Sam

    Ben composed the music for this one but it does feel like the creation of an individual 'cuz the music & the haunting lyrics blend so well...your description "they sounded so great, as if they'd always been there" is damn near perfect

    cinzia co

    @Alwyn Sam ah didnt know Ben wrote the music to this one... Anyways... This magic is now gone for good. How hard is it to believe? Damn

    Alwyn Sam

    ​@cinzia co's good that every remaining member has said they'd never want to replace Chris in SG...I often think abt what could've been if SG hadn't broken up...they delivered 3 amazing albums in succession & were gone for 15 long years before returning with King Animal...while still a good album, KA felt like a disjointed effort, perhaps 'cuz they were never quite together for an extended period of times, squeezing in small sessions when they could find time in their busy schedules..

    Just feels like Chris left with a lot left unsaid...

    cinzia co

    @Alwyn Sam a lot left unsaid. Indeed. So sad. Too bad

  44. davkdavk

    48 people have mental retardation

  45. trufomak

    It leaves me breathless everytime i listening it.

  46. William Santiago

    Cris cornel esteja en paz onde estiver!!😢🎸🎸🎙🎙🎙👽👽👽👽

  47. William Santiago

    Soldgarden a maior banda de grunge de todo o planeta!!!🎵🎶🎶🎙🎙🎸🎸🎸👽👽😎😎😎😎😎

  48. Stell R

    El fue pura pasión 🤘💖😢

  49. Santiago Augé

    Never got to see Soundgarden live 😭 such an epic band

  50. Keith Hanisek

    "Of the plus and minus
    Zero chance of ever turning this around..." still makes the hair raise on my arms all these years later

    Alwyn Sam

    Funny how a song with words like that can offer...hope

  51. Limits98



    I think
    I know the answer
    I stumbled on and all
    The world fell down
    And all the
    Sky went silent
    Cracked like
    Glass and slowly
    Tumbled to the ground

    They'll say
    If you look hard
    You'll find your
    Way back home
    Born without a friend
    And bound to die alone


    I'm thinking
    Of your highness
    Lying long upon the loss
    I've found
    And on the plus and minus
    Zero chance of ever
    Turning this around

    Why doesn't
    Anyone believe
    In loneliness
    Stand up and
    Everyone will see
    Your holiness

    They say
    If you look hard
    You'll find your
    Way back home
    Born without a friend
    And bound to die alone

  52. Jenn D

    My big brother was hurt on July 3rd and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He went from a perfectly healthy fully functioning 45 year old man to essentially a baby. He cracked like glass..and tumbled to the ground. He lives in a nursing home. He can't eat, speak, sit up, walk, he has a trache in this throat that has to be suctioned constantly. He can't communicate much. He just exists. My funny, obnoxious, loud brother that would sweep into the room and make it come alive is gone. He can't find his way home and it is breaking my heart. He really has zero chance. I can't be there every second because I have four kids and most like he WILL die alone. I needed to share that. Chris's lyrics help me through so much. This is just one more instance. R.I.P. sweet Chris.


    Jenn D can’t even begin to imagine how you feel. Glad that this song helps you.

    Jenn D

    He didn't die alone. He died in my arms on November 6th. I'm so grateful I was there for him and with him. Always.

    Alwyn Sam

    @Jenn D Truly sorry that you lost him, Jenn. I hope you find the strength to carry on & some measure of peace down the road. Take care of yourself.


    Jenn D he's found the peace his unfortunate circumstances denied him, sister. I feel your pain, though. Life can be extremely cruel but we can also hope to find a modicum of relief given time. I wish you all the best from now on.

  53. Rocky Evans

    I fucking love you who ever you are. Look hard and find your way back home. And read the book Zel for fun it's trippy ( Fictional Novel ) Thank me later.............................. Fuckers!!!

  54. dontwanttono

    This song and band has always helped me and of course others, thank you soundgarden.

  55. Adam DeWitte

    Still haven't gotten over his passing. This song kills me every time...

  56. Rocky Evans

    I had a dream I had a sword and was defending my self in a life & death fight I got him I told him now it looks like you need to go to the hospital he said yes it does look like that.

  57. Emirate Xaaron

    Wonderful song!!!

  58. Josh Harris

    I cant believe the lyrics looking back now... My god Chris. Come back...

  59. nick tella

    every now and then i completely forget about this song.the day i do somehow find myself listening to it . i fall in love with it all over again.. this world is too fucking cruel for taking you away from us .. R.I.P. Chris Cornell

  60. Rocky Evans

    persecutory delusions

  61. Swaggie Swag

    Whoaaa i thought i was the only one who knew this. I wish ive met you but its too late.

  62. zhyan

    This is the most beautiful song my ears have ever been blessed with. Thank you so much Chris Cornell....

  63. Plastic Man Paper Plate

    I wish I could find my way home


    I miss Chris 😢

  65. IAmKrow

    This song reminds me of the quieter moments in Led Zeppelin's work, and it's freaking awesome. Chris' lyrics were painful, poetic and often memorable. Wish he'd found the strenght to stay with us until his moment would come. RIP

  66. Green Tea

    he fought for so long. thank you CC

  67. Rocky Evans

    I believe in you.

  68. Rocky Evans

    OMG. I was making cool-aid today after church and then this was the second song to play on my friends cell phone. I almost lost it/and cried. This song started me remembering all the days when I was young and I started to see all my cousins/good friends young again in my head agaian. (3) Third eye WOW. It was spiritual.

  69. Brandon Overbay

    Thanks for the video. Justice for Chris Cornell. Rip Our Beautiful Rock Legend.

  70. Bob Robertson

    I often think of this song when I think of friends or loved ones who have passed on

  71. Flor mary

    Repeat repeat repeat ♥

  72. rebirth70

    Good song, from a good album. I actually at one point liked this album better than superunknown. But like both equally on their own merits. GOd/Jesus bless and save all that read this.

  73. ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    loneliness is really not a phase for some of us out there. don't ever automatically assume that. look at him, for instance, amongst the many others.. there's an abundance of them to choose from. i don't know about the bodyguard incident and i do think the drugs could have been laced but it doesn't matter how much money you have or if you're good or bad - it doesn't fucking discriminate. they say god (or whatever/whomever) makes it so life only gives you all you're prepared to take. sometimes that just isn't true. people just tell themselves that to feel less responsible, or feel better about unbelievably unfair situations. sometimes it hits somebody so very many times, but you wouldn't ever be able to tell until it ended and if and when it did end bystanders would say "i knew it" or "coulda told you that was going to happen"

  74. David Sekowski

    Am I weird because this song is so down and sad it makes me happy inside??

    Alwyn Sam

    You might be weird but you are not alone in that regard :) I think the song is oddly uplifting.

  75. Michael Millan

    Stand up and everyone will see your Holiness i Guess....

  76. Maria Gros

    I absolutely love this song

  77. Bryan L. Morrison

    This is the most addictive song in the world.

  78. S Lee-Choi

    We miss you Chris.

  79. staggeredmk4

    I can't believe it's been a year already!!! It still hurts like it happened today! This song is eerily too fitting.
    "I'm thinking of your highness
    And crying long upon the loss
    I've found
    And on the plus and minus
    zero chance of ever
    Turning this around"

    My heart aches.

    Alwyn Sam

    The lyrics get me every of his best, I think...the wound still feels fresh...the song is oddly uplifting though..

  80. Trist Carr

    Pearl jam type vibe to this but they were best friends even having the same drummer so doesn't suprise me rip cris❤

  81. Jenn D

    I hope you found your way home Chris...thinking of you today and everyday. 💔

  82. Vitor Saints

    I can't wait for my time to come ... I'm tired of seeing the sun rise and go down every day ... I'm really tired of everything

    Alwyn Sam

    I hope you feel differently now than when you wrote this comment, Vitor. Take care man.

    ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    sometimes life gets really bleak and all there is are distractions and when those distractions go or you lose interest and motivation towards them it can seem like its really over because me personally, i get bedridden

  83. Live Free

    Amazing song... RIP Chris.

  84. Green Tea

    goosebumps may 2018

  85. Karol Popiak

    Sounds like Mad Season's River of Deceit.

  86. Manuel Breschi

    Best song to leave this world one day


    I feel even more empty now with Chris on the upside of this plane. Helium......hmmmmmm

    Alwyn Sam

    Same here...If you don't mind, why were you feeling empty prior to that ?

  88. John Fitting

    Such an underrated song and album.

  89. Resa Adi

    Save Eddie Vedder please.. dont let him die

  90. • Rios

    Wish Ico was available on ps4.. -_-

  91. XyFunnelweb spider

    33 people don't like this song... What a shame

  92. Resa Adi

    Save eddie vedder please. Dont let him die

  93. John Shepherd

    With tremendous competition, this might well be my favorite piece of music of theirs. Reminds me of a long journey taken many years ago, a spiritually transcendent 4 minutes. Miss you, Chris

  94. TheStrummer1989

    Does anyone feel happy when listening to sad/ gloomy / dark songs and annoyed while listening to poppy / happy songs?
    I think I do.

    Alwyn Sam

    I do , not all the time but often. I wonder if that's cuz I happiness for me has been a distant, alien feeling for a while.


    Hey man, don't loose faith. Just hang in there. Time will heal everything I hope.

    Alwyn Sam

    Thanks for your kindness. I hope you're doing good :)

  95. user18081972

    on the plus and minus

  96. Alvaro Vasconcelos

    Memories always and forever

  97. gunslingerfire

    "And lying long upon the loss I've found; and on the plus and minus - zero chance of ever... Turning this around."


    Why doesn't anyone believe in loneliness?

    Alwyn Sam

    this is one of the saddest and yet most beautiful things I have ever read

  98. Alex Jonees

    life is a rough journey with many ups and downs. I knew that Chris has suffered a lot of pain throughout his life form many of the songs that he had written. May he rest in peace.