Soundgarden - Worse Dreams Lyrics

Let it swirl around you now and let it fall apart
Put it back again and find every piece but it's not the same
And you never can be sure just how it looked when you started
Turn around again now and do it all over and over

Like a doll from a bad dream
When it's gone worse dreams are born

Steaming in the line of fire you're wild and free

Everybody in, sit down and keep on holding on
Pull your arms around black clouds drown and the rain is walking
Bodies in the ground by now down seven feet and rolling
Hanging on the tail of the sunrise til you can't let go

Like a doll from a bad dream
When it's gone worse dreams are born
Like a doll from a sad dream
When it's gone worse dreams are born

Like a doll from a bad dream
When it's gone worse dreams are born
Like a doll from a sad dream
When it's gone worse dreams are born
Worse dreams are born

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Soundgarden Worse Dreams Comments
  1. Conner Trieskey

    the bass seems buried in the mix here. especially in such a bass heavy song

  2. Tee Jay

    Love the fact its live and they play this flawlessly but I think the studio version sounds a bit rawer and more upbeat.

  3. Ryan G.

    Cool chorus

  4. Alwyn Sam

    This needed another verse or at least a bridge. Overwrought chorus makes the song kinda underwhelming...I like the demo more than the album version..

  5. Barry Pfost

    Dont get any bester that... Oh! But it does!

  6. Barry Pfost

    It cut a hole in my life forever chris.

  7. Patricia Lopez

    Soundgarden remaining members must miss their band.

  8. dani's designs

    Sometimes you need to just stand there, simply witness and greatness that is Soundgarden.

  9. Your Self

    Horrible lead guitarist...just sayin'.


    LOL.....just sayin' don't know what you sayin'......but as The Dude said......" well thats just like your opinion maaan. "☻

  10. D J

    Letterman loved some Soundgarden didn't he? 3rd or 4th video I've seen with these guys on his show.

  11. juan ricardo geraldo torres

    R.I.P chris we love u 4 ever,  remenber in listening you will never forget saludos desde republica dominmicana

  12. Scott E

    Saw them live at the Wiltern in LA when they first reformed, I think it was their first LA show in many many years. They played for nearly 3 hours, went in liking a few of their songs, left a huge fan.

  13. Eddie Keinan

    bassist trashed the whole preformance

  14. Michael McDonald

    i love soundgarden but the bass really sticks out in this in not a good way

    Chris Whetsell

    Sounds like Ben was abusing his bass a bit too much on this one, and the sound guy had him cranked in the house.

  15. raccoon raccoonmusic

    The soundman. . . What a wet sandwich!

  16. Ryan Bruneau

    You know that moment you hear a song and the hair on the back of your neck stands up??? That's a powerful , evocative force. That's Soundgarden...

    Ryan Bruneau

    @Frances Rose Definitely. Hope to see them live someday

    Ryan Bruneau

    RIP Chris


    9 months :(

    Atomic Cockroach

    lolz also its what happens to cat's alot

    Esteban Andres Villanueva

    Or it's Lice... but really cool Lice, like these lice wear leather jackets, smoke cigarettes and only itch like sometimes

  17. Mōsheh Smail

    i love it,,

  18. Frances Rose

    Going to have to get the whole music CD

  19. Fernando Galvão

    Thank you.

  20. Gabriela Castro


    nosferatu sud

    Gabriela Castro

  21. Jaro Maršalek

    Great! Great! Great!

  22. D 30

    i'd be going apeshit to see soundgarden!

  23. Kilgore Trout

    Hahaha...this audience is like school kids in maths class.xD

  24. Masaco

    i would sell my soul to see soundgarden live

    that audience is just sad

  25. sammybragg

    aging did you no good

  26. John Bojórquez

    Somewhere i heard that in that type of concert they ask the people to be quite, something like that

  27. wolfenspy

    Cause they came in a wax museum.

  28. rickbozora69

    These guys used to be my favorite band in the 90's now they bore the shit out of me.

  29. Cat And Me

    Chris,Chris, Chris, any way you do it, it all works.!!