Soundgarden - Sub Pop Rock City Lyrics

I'm not stoned but I wanted to tell ya
When I'm in the mood, I could think of playing there
Going to Seattle where the rock's so heavy
With all them sex dogs in my Chevy

At the XTC, party, everybody's invited
Cool! give it dude, we're plastic like you
Going to a show, rock's all night
And everyone I hate is at the party tonight
I said Sub Pop Rock City

[Jonathan Poneman:] This is Jonathan
Hey Jon
[JP:] I just wanna know, what the heck's going on?
Well you know, I have this problem
[JP:] What the heck's going on?
Yah, okay, well do you think you'd have too much trouble if we got rid of our sideburns?
[JP:] At your earliest convenience
Well, I know you've said that before, but do you think Bruce would mind?
[Bruce Pavitt:] This is Bruce Pavitt
Bruce, I mean, kay, could we have our dollar back Bruce?
[BP:] Bye

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