Soundgarden - Somewhere Lyrics

I wish to wish I dream to dream
I try to try and I live to live
And I die to die and I cry to cry
But I know why
Somewhere in my dreams
Things that should
Still the willow weeps
On roses for the dead
In laughs of love
From the likes of her
To the time of me
Like to moon to earth
Or the sky to sea
Only we're no longer
Allowed to be, to be
Somewhere in the dreams
Of those who should
Live in all the keeps
Echo all the worlds
In laughs of love
For times that pass my life
I'll search for the sky
That she wanders by
Somewhere in the dreams
That the skies hold
Still the willow weeps
On roses for her bed
In laughs of love

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Soundgarden Somewhere Comments
  1. meskalino

    01:14 just when i thought i know what soundgarden sounds like

  2. Danny Tomlinson

    Wow.....last two lines on Verses 1 and 2. That voice! Nothing but raw emotion coming out of Cornell....blows me away every listen


    yep unbelievable im so sad he killed himself!

  3. Philip Scoggins

    Angelgrip33💔Lancaster/Pa. Atlanta/Ga. Somewhere🐻

  4. space boy

    2:49 is where this song really picks up

  5. space boy

    Best ending to any song ever.

  6. The Terminator

    Sounds a bit like the Minutemen

  7. Anthony Rodriguex

    Wrote what a couple of words anybody else could say so for themselves ?

  8. WarioWareProductions


  9. Limits98


    I wish to wish
    I dream to dream
    I try to try and
    I live to live
    But I die to die
    And I cry to cry
    But I know why

    I wish to wish
    And I dream to dream
    I try to try
    And I live to live
    But I die to die
    And I cry to cry

    Somewhere in the dreams
    Of those who should
    Still the willow weeps
    On roses for the dead
    In laughs of love

    From the likes of her
    To the time of me
    Like the moon to earth
    And the sky to sea
    Only we're no longer
    Allowed to be,
    To be

    Somewhere in my dreams
    Things that should
    Live in all the keeps
    Echo all the worlds
    In laughs of love

    For the times
    That pass my life
    I'll search for the sky
    That she wanders by

    Somewhere in the dreams
    That the skies hold
    Still the willow weeps
    On roses for her bed
    In laughs of love

    Somewhere in the dreams
    That the skies hold
    Still the willow weeps
    On roses for the dead
    In laughs of love

    Lyrics: Ben Shepherd

  10. Fernando Domenech


  11. Tony Cumia

    The lyrics to this song are amazing. They display the wisdom and beauty of a old man reflecting on the greatest love of his entire life. I can't believe Ben wrote this at age 22. The man is a goddamn poet.

  12. Florence Beasley

    I'm somewhere in a dream...putzilla!!!

  13. Lee Ernesto Boles

    Still can't believe he's gone.. By the way, 2:50ish has a U2 vibe to it... Specifically the Edge's guitar

  14. eldoabrahamson

    Not sure why people have such a boner for the outro drumming. I mean, it's a well-executed beat by a great drummer, but it ain't the second coming of Cygnus X-1. If you think that's an exceptional beat then you need to calm the fuck down and expand your current catalog ASAP.

  15. H Lam

    very underrated song

  16. Torreno1000

    Soundgarden is (was - RIP Chris) a super band in it self. Amazingly talanted musicians as individuals and phenomenal as a band together. Each of them is unique in his own way and mixed together they make MUSIC PERFECTION!

    Chuck Brummer

    Chemistry is everything. Not just talent

  17. Nathan Lerud

    they let me wake this is what i think up because they knew im about to go out of country im applying for a passport soon but ill never return to this life and i know that but i think they wanted me to do what i am and let them know how bad they fucked up

  18. Nathan Lerud

    im really hesitant to think theyve been fucking up as bad as they have

  19. kleisley79

    First Soundgarden album I heard when it first came out. I was hooked. It changed music for me forever.

    Abstract F

    kleisley79 x2

  20. Shaine Singh

    It's all about matt Camerons drumming in the outro - totally ethereal. I defy any drummer like myself to learn that shit


    @Shaine Singh do you know buddy rich?

  21. Shaine Singh

    This makes me want to cry

  22. William Pine

    Rest Well Chris 😢

  23. Jizz Lobber

    What an amazing voice. Goodbye Chris. We'll miss you.

  24. The Departed

    Rest In Peace chris💔🎶♋️🥀🌖

  25. John Saunders


  26. Jan Rönnkvist

    Whole album is like Bad Brains had a love child with Black Sabbath and some of The Zeppelins were in the studio

  27. Kristine Barney

    this is like favorite

  28. Marcelo Napolitano

    Rest In Peace...

  29. lura garcia

    <3 RIP CC <3

    Buen Chofer

    sad as we all feel, what's left for us? just to sing his songs, rejoice in chris's life and contribution

  30. John DeF


  31. Natalie Ammala

    As a drummer - that outro drumming by Matt Cameron stands amongst my favorites of all time. Try and catch onto the kick pedal if you can and the fact Sheppard can compliment it with his bass playing is testimony to the skill level of these guys. Soundgarden godammit

  32. Natalie Ammala

    anyone that is a drummer needs to listen to Matt Cameron's outtro drumming. As a beginning drummer I made a point of learning that transcendent pattern


    "transcendent" - you said it! Thats the word for Matt;s drumming.

  33. RockNight

    best album

  34. Rodrigo Ibarra

    The chorus of this song is the only thing I hate about this album, which makes me think that it is as equally awesome as superunknown

  35. Andy Faith no More guitarist

    I loveit,I've learned this song with my Fender black Telecaster,it rocks,the sound is awesome! <3 I know a dosen of Soundgarden songs on my electric guitar,it rocks

  36. [Psychonymphsia Ultravistous]

    Use to listen to this song in 95/96, but forgot all about it. Strange hearing it again after all this time.

  37. Robert Hanson

    Great song. Great fucking album.


    @Einhänder 151 into the void... i found

    [Psychonymphsia Ultravistous]

    +Body I don't know what you're saying.


    @Einhänder 151 i didn't realize that you don't was talking about the black sabbath cover

    [Psychonymphsia Ultravistous]

    +Body Still not sure what you're saying. I was just talking about the image on the front Badmotorfinger.

    the witchfinder general

    Great band

  38. zachary wright

    1:45 to 2:02 best part


    0:00 to 4:21 best part

  39. Leafgreen1976

    is it just me or does this album have the same trance like feel as a pink floyd album?


    its a deeper trance :)

    Itachi Uchiha

    definitely. This and ultramega ok are my favorite.

  40. dzigerica666

    redicolously good

  41. swag money

    is it just me that think chris cornell kind of sort of perhaps sounds a bit like dave grohl in the first three seconds of this song????

    Geoffrey Roderick

    Could be that or could be that Dave Grohl might've picked up something from his Seattle bud.  Don't know how much serious vocs DG was doing back then.

    Rusty Kuntz

    Grohl did all the backing vocals on Nevermind & IN Utero. But it was def him picking up on Cornell's vocal style since Soundgarden has ben around since 1984.

  42. Arjun Narayan

    the bass sound is soooo damn good on this song. Ben Shepherd FTW

    Adelia Hogarth

    Ben wrote this song.

    Leahcim Olrac

    Adelia Hogarth I really loved Ben's contribution to the band. Chris' overall talent as a rock and roll front man goes unmatched--I'm saying that as a player so I'm not entirely talking out of my own asshole--but Ben learned to play guitar at a young age and he really brought an extra brain for songwriting to a band that was basically already a supergroup before he even joined.

    They might be my favorite band, but I wish they used less processing on their albums--like the fade out and fade back in on this track--they were too good to use shit like that, in my opinion.

  43. Patrick Bateman

    probably the one of the best albums ever recorded imo, Dirt is another

    Luis Rodas

    Killer grunge records lml

    Itachi Uchiha

    Probably my favorite soundgarden album.

    Morbo The Annihilator

    Soundgarden and AIC! Hell yeah!!!!!


    the best in my opinion!

  44. dannos

    I'm 35 years old and I still cant count how many times I go to sleep listening to this masterpiece

  45. alias ed209

    read 5 different lists on the best songs by Soundgarden, this song wasn't on any of them, which is criminal!

  46. Daniel Patanella

    enter the gates dreaming somewhere

  47. Peter Griffin.

    history repeats itself...

  48. Claudia Hill

    I had a ritual before every GCSE exam- I had to listen to this and Room a thousand Years Wide before I went into the exam hall...I passed them all, so I guess it worked!

  49. skyehoyt1971

    Somewhere in a dream...

  50. nightrainer6

    And King Animal now :)

  51. Gerben Rinkel

    Cool to see that this shit has inspired teen agers all over the world...peace

  52. Joey Lee .Ledford

    ahhh that fucking chorus!!!!!!!!

  53. JasonCleghorn1975

    Yet Justin Bieber has 100,000.000. What a world...

  54. St4rdog

    36k views? Are you kidding me?

  55. Vanoffy

    Awesome kid keep it up. I grew up in the '90s and the fetid garbage I hear on the radio makes me feel bad for you all, in a fake YouTube kind of way lol. Queens of the Stone Age being the most notable exception. Keep playing it and the chicks will dig it more that that skinny jean EMO crap. Be a man, not an insecure, MTV/Madison Avenue sex consumer zombie

    Peter Stiff

    Word on Josh holding it down with QOTSA

  56. Eamonn Sweeney

    such a dynamic song. So many different parts that just fit together perfectly. Just an all around Kick ass song, can't wait for the new album.

  57. James Quinn

    Beautiful. One of their best pieces.

  58. samjustsam1

    needs a love button!

    jack smith

    I think there are other things that need a "Love Button".

  59. Shocking Blue fan Andy Nirvana

    I love all SG albums,best grunge rock band in the universe

  60. TheBransmart

    This except in 2007, long live Soundgarden bro!!

  61. Logan Robertson

    2:33-2:40 Best part of the song

  62. tallis76

    ...probably best song off that album,what a band!!!!

  63. JasonCleghorn1975

    My favorite album of any genre, of all time...

    Natalie Ammala

    JasonCleghorn1975 yessssssssss

  64. BareBandSubscription

    Ben Shepard is an incredible songwriter. I always thought of him as the George Harrison of Soundgarden. As you said, this track and "Head Down" are phenomenal, as are his contributions to DOTU ("Zero Chance", "Dusty", "Ty Cobb", etc.) I can't wait to hear what he has to offer on the new album, even more so than Cornell.

  65. Gabriel Medeiros

    Best:Foo Fighters remind me this!

  66. Gabriel Medeiros

    this music remind me Foo Fighters

  67. 11anonomys

    same here

  68. FitzNugly

    Massive! This song goes to show what a talented song writer Ben Shephard is, along with 'Head Down' probably my favourite 2 SG songs.

    The break at 2.33 and subsequent kick in just blow me away every time, even after 20 years.

  69. Veljko Dimitrijevic

    You fall asleep listening to Soundgarden? :/ I suggest switching to some lame smooth jazz or some similarly retarded shit if you like listening your music asleep. (no disrespect to jazz,just you two) :P

  70. Eamonn Sweeney

    Awesome! I'm graduating this year and starting college in the fall, hopefully I find some people there who love soundgarden and all the 90s alt rock bands like I do.

    Lewis Rushby


  71. MrLoobu

    Personally, my fav album

  72. adjacentroom

    I use this song to wash out other less desirable songs I have stuck in my head. Works every time.

    Itachi Uchiha

    adjacentroom cleansing the unwanted quagmire of current music.

  73. Mark Cox

    I blasted this song when I was learning to drive. I love this song.

  74. radtech21

    ...but I know why.

  75. mscynergie

    @idolicide lol

  76. Voivrenetwork

    I spent many hours in my car after school listening to this, Nirvana, L7 and the Plasmatics.. et cetera.. Best times ever.. Being alone with music that kicks you in the fucking face! Rock on Soundgarden!

  77. Vanoffy

    Wow.....senior year.....great times man. I took every last one of the great bands out then for granted. I just figured music always kicked major ass. Uh wanna trade Soundgarden for Justin Bieber?

  78. Stellarfractre

    after listening to this album for about the thousanth time or more, i dont know, i decided this was my favorite song on it. And I never tire of it.

  79. rutger5000

    @NickJanosky : I'm at university and I wake up to this album. (Doesn't mather if it takes over an hour to listen to it!)

  80. Darren Wulfen

    Before going to bed just now, I thought I need a mellow song. So I closed my eyes and thought, "With the world of music at my beckon call in a youtube search.." this is the song I thought of.

  81. Chase Bogan

    @03041976001 I'm in high school and this music is all I listen to.

  82. 03041976001

    @NickJanosky You're in high school now.... and you listen to this??? I SALUTE YOU!! The world needs more young people like you my friend!

  83. ruibarbosta

    @cincykid421 Guess we can just sleep comfortably with stuff we love (not only music)...

  84. NickJanosky

    @cincykid421 I'm in high school and I do the same thing, every night I fall asleep with my ipod in my ear listening to this album and superunkown.

  85. Brendan C

    @cincykid421 kinda like what im doing now, hehe

  86. Cristina .Filipe

    please i saw them live in 1993!!!!!!!!!EHEEEEEEE

  87. Corey Wiley

    yes Im number four!...wait the number four is no good...oh well at least I get to hear this passionate song!

  88. kushisaac

    love this song, never got any pub, except on my record player lol.

  89. JordanRTucker Music

    Yay! I"m one of the top 5 viewers!