Soundgarden - Rowing Lyrics

Don't know where I'm going, I just keep on rowing
I just keep on pulling, gotta row
Don't know where I'm going, I just keep on rowing
I just keep on pulling, gotta row

Moving is breathing and breathing is life
Stopping is dying, you'll be alright
Life is a hammer waiting to drop
Adrift in the shallows and the rowing won't stop

Don't know where I'm going, I just keep on rowing
I just keep on pulling, gotta row
Don't know where I'm going, I just keep on rowing
I just keep on pulling, gotta row

Can't see the sky, nothing on the horizon
Can't feel my hands and the water keeps rising
Can't fall asleep cause I'll wake up dead
I just keep pulling, I just keep rolling

Don't know where I'm going, I just keep on rowing
I just keep on pulling, gotta row
Don't know where I'm going (I don't know where I'm going)
I just keep on rowing, I just keep on pulling, gotta row

Rowing is living and living is hard
But living beats losing all that we are
And all that we know of and all that we feel
And all we remember imagined or real
All we remember imagined or real

I heard an echo but the answer had changed
From the word I remember that I started out saying
Living is cheating if you're not pulling oars
But the current is leaving, I'll get mine, you'll get yours

Don't know where I'm going, I just keep on rowing
I just keep on pulling, gotta row
Don't know where I'm going, I just keep on rowing
I just keep on pulling, gotta row

Rowing is bleeding and bleeding is breathing
Breathing is feeling burning and freezing
Keep getting dirty but I started out clean
I keep on rowing, I keep on rowing
I keep on pulling, I keep on pulling
I keep on rowing, I keep on rowing
I keep on rowing, I keep on rowing
I keep on rolling
Keep on rolling

Don't know where I'm going, I just keep on rowing
I just keep on pulling, gotta row
Don't know where I'm going, I just keep on rowing
I just keep on pulling, gotta row

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Soundgarden Rowing Comments
  1. steph w

    3:08-3:15. Chills down my spine.

    matt bove

    Nobody will ever be able to do that ever again

  2. Chris Simpson


    candom rommenter

    Stfu you pathetic idiot.

  3. Egaliter revolutionare bonaparte


  4. Anna Oakes

    What a song 🤯

  5. thomas christopher

    God damn I miss Chris

    steph w

    I feel ya...💔

  6. Dirk Diggler

    King Cornell !!!!!

  7. Robin Phillips


  8. trancient

    Well made sir, thank you! Soundgarden forever! Long live Chris

  9. Alwyn Sam

    I didn't care for this song at all at first but it ended up being one of my favs on King Animal :)

  10. Tim Fulton

    Dammit Chris (RiP)! Was trying to take a relaxing ride home, 10 miles out, this song queues up and I find myself in high gear. What do I do? Throw it in a loop and beat the devil. Thanks for the workout, brother, feeling good today, needed the therapy.

    Chris Simpson

    Keep on rowing Tim!

  11. Thunderforall *

    Ben Shepherd.....mad genious

    Alwyn Sam

    Ben is awesome...Chris also contributed to the music though..

    Pu Ma

    I miss the guys; I want them back, they don't actually need to call themselves Soundgarden, just try to play something together; the loss of Chris still pains me, it was a major loss for SG for many many reasons, but I still think that the remaining members have really good chemistry together... it's a pity if new music isn't born!

  12. Amber Nelson

    Replay every day


    You're not from the UK are you? Do you know a guy called Dudley? If so, insane coincidence!

    Amber Nelson

    @Jack No I'm in the US, but do know the name Dudley well.

  13. Tony Luis

    Most grunge song you'll find anywhere

    Jared Walters

    Grunge is a label made up by corporate America. Soundgarden and all those bands are just rock n roll. In my opinion, "grunge" wouldn't have become a word if Kurt Cobain took a bath more often. Eddie, Layne,and Chris were always well groomed and clean.


    Grunge was termed by Mark Arm... where do people keep getting this conspiracy theory of “corporate America” “making up Grunge”?

    Chris Simpson

    @Aavila120 Well damn, I know your right.


    Grunge isn’t a Genre. Just say in’.

  14. Chris Simpson

    This song is fucking badass! Hail the King of Grunge forever, they took you from here but never from our hearts! Love you Chris.

  15. Stacy Thomas

    2:39 to 3:39 best minute in music!

  16. Charles Henning

    IMO,This is the best song on YouTube.

    Chris Simpson

    Well damn!

  17. Al Evans

    feel that

    Thunderforall *

    ....As it passes skin and bones to rest in the soul..... cheers friend

  18. Falcon one

    Chris Cornell will always keep Rock music alive.

  19. Eugene Varvorines

    This hit a nerve and it feels good....

  20. Juanita Mundo

    Thought this was an actual video. Good one.

  21. Hurricane Alley

    Twin flames

  22. Candace D


  23. dmaxhd1

    best band ever period!

  24. Salvador Daddy

    uh i cri


    Puedo subtitular tu video en español? Es una joya!


    Preferiría que no.


    Javier por? No se puede sobre este mismo video? Desafortunadamente esta clase de cultura no está al alcance de todos. Sería una pena no seguirla difundiendo entre los leones que aún duermen no crees...?

    Robert Murry


  26. David Page

    one of the best bands ever honest lyrics powerful voice and badass insane riffs cant get enough of this masterpiece

  27. Carlo Von Sexron

    During the final feedback at the tribute to Chris, Ben put a little section of this bass riff in his loop. It broke my heart.

  28. Zach Waters

    This album is Far Matured from the 90's. Simply their best work, and will live on forever.

  29. Louis Batsford

    Until you stop rowing.


    fuck you


    Fuck you

  30. Discrimination is not a right.

    The only reason this wasn't a massive hit was because this kind of music had fallen out of style.

    JoE G

    It has this vibe like "tribal".
    I love it. He experiments with his voice. It sounds like Ben's album from 2013.

  31. Jex

    This perfectly describes what it feels like to row.

    T Augusto

    from an obvious perspect..

  32. Carlos Aguirre

    Goodbye Chris... See you later.

  33. SolangeCornellKennedy305

    There will Never be another like Chris Cornell.. His Hauntingly Beautiful Lyrics & That Voice That will Continue to be The Voice of a Generation & so much more to us.. So Loved & Missed 💔

  34. Cale Goethals

    This man will never be silenced!

    Carlos Aguirre

    never bro!!!

    Chris Simpson

    Fuck yeah man!

  35. Allan Leidholm

    Gawd that voice... Absolutely haunting

    Pastorino Olivier

    Chris was awsome in all those bands and in solo. They had great names (and it's rare) with significant and simple meaning (thanks to Chris) and amazing songs that sounded like no one else. I would love your input on the first video of my first album. It got the attention of one of my heroes Joe Bouchard (ex bass player founding members of BÖC) who is following us on Soundcloud but returns from people who likes same music is always the best. If you have just 3 minutes to listen and a bit more to comment, that would mean the world to me. Keep rockin' :

  36. hiteshwar17

    Most amazing chris

  37. Davish Hurbunsee

    Lakshana i will never stop loving you.please come back

    Chris Simpson

    LMFAO 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Evan

    yo this is fucking good

    Slingermon Yay

    Evan best comment right here

  39. qLOLO

    this is god

  40. AmonRa1081

    Ladies and gentlemen. This is the blues we are hearing. The real deal.

  41. One Temple Down

    so funny using the Prince mirror effect from When Doves Cry ... RIP Prince and Chris

  42. Jonatas Matos

    2:46 you rock Chris!!!

  43. Barry Pfost

    Keep on rowing my fellow SOUND GARNDEN FANS!

    Barre Wilks


    viking by nature

    Barry Pfost fucking A

  44. Eze Kiel

    You stop rowing Chris 😥

    Reyyan Açıkgöz

    His soul keeps on rowing, no worries

  45. Jacques Malan

    Miss you Chris. Send some love from The Superunknown

  46. PL asma

    My favourite Soundgarden song. Rest in peace Chris.

  47. Peter Stanslow

    I hope these guys keep making GREAT music!

    Steven Connell

    Peter Stanslow he died 10 months ago buddy

    Jacques Malan

    Steven Connell He be making music on the big Stage in the Sky. RIP Chris

    Josh Weaver

    Hey man just so you know Cornell killed himself so this was their last album as soundgarden the others do have side project's and the drummer is pearl jams drummer so he is back with them now

    Chris Simpson

    Without Chris? Are you out your fucking mind?

  48. K M

    Thank you!!! I thought I saw everything..this is a gift! And it's mesmerizing..

  49. Jane Shammas

    Amazing his music lives on ✌🏼Rest In Peace Chris.

  50. jeomemo

    Never seen this video.. how? Thanks video. Rest up Chris.

  51. Keith Murray

    Awesome tune

  52. stand up

    He didn't wanna row anymore


    douche bag

    Chris Simpson

    STFU!!!!! Somebody else made that decision for him, so STFU!!!!!

    Alwyn Sam

    @Chris Simpson you mean the drugs he shouldn't have been prescribed ?

  53. Gail Eaton

    Love you CC

  54. 4 GOD


  55. RareHer0

    I could never judge you by what you chose to do, it's not up to me, I leave it to the greater forces above us... but, knowing that I say this being a fool to know that you may not be aware of what I say now ... whatever the purpose you now says that I hear you again ... I will carry everything that u left for me and us and this will be enough to remind myself, and I hope that if for some absurdity, you are aware of what I am and other saying here right now ... that it's worth it, that I'm taking you here in with me, on the core of my existence, until my time comes, that I will not remember when and the way you left me and us all, and what you did until them, you do now, and still will do now after all, play an important part of my life and perphaps, all other lifes, you have already saved me several times and I am grateful for that, go on my good pal, until then... Don't know where i'm going, I just keep on rowing... R.I.P.

  56. Hey Foxymophandlemama

    Great work of edit! Congrats!

  57. Allan Leidholm

    I've been trying to put words together, but they're not there. I will say however, that this is the best from Chris and Soundgarden that I've heard in a long time.

  58. Gary Cederblom

    I love it save my life

  59. thejokeroftennis

    6 months. That is half a year. Hard to believe. Hope you be making great tunes up there with your buddies. Chris we miss you. A lot has happened since you left us.

  60. Nightowl358

    Such an awesome song. Great lyrics, and bass line. Chris could have sang out the ingredients of processed food and made it sound awesome.

    Rest easy, bro.

  61. Cosmic Macaque

    Rowing is bleeding and bleeding is breathing
    Breathing is feeling burning and freezing
    Keep getting dirty but I started out clean
    I keep on rowing, I keep on rowing
    I keep on pulling, I keep on pulling
    I keep on rowing, I keep on rowing
    I keep on rowing, I keep on rowing
    I keep on rolling
    Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep on rolling <3

  62. Maria Gros

    There's some really good music on this album. I also love Worse dreams, very radio cool rock-pop, while were is it on the radio?!! There's a lot of stuff out there that's not being seen, new Pearl Jam, Jane's Addiction - really nice, like aged wine, lots of soul and honed talent. Ask for it...

  63. Christy Stone

    Love this❤️❤️

  64. Allan Leidholm

    Loved this song when it came out, and now I'm hooked on it again. Can't get it out of my mind...

  65. kleisley79

    Fucking Amazing!!

  66. TilZen

    i love this whole album

  67. Emily Wagner

    Cool as shit.... words are fucking haunting.... RIP Chris. Love you.

    Eric Lett

    I miss you Chris

  68. Daily Thrones

    Is this fan-made from a live performance? I think it's great either way. And the song is killer! Deserves way more views...

  69. Antônio André

    1.25x speed is nice too


    Sounds better this way!

  70. Candace D

    Rest in Peace Love month and 2 weeks gone We LOVE you Chris Thank you

  71. marizen2

    Love this video. Thanks for sharing!

  72. Candace D

    To ALL . Please read his Billboard article on his daymares about The Promise

    Donna Gosdantian

    Candace D I read the article and it was so sad.Chris was so sensitive and empathic , wasn't he? Is there a particular reason you're suggesting this article? Is there some sort of hidden theme or a subtext to this article?
    I'm just curious about everything, and anything that can give me, new insights on, Chris.
    I really want to know, I'm not trolling or anything. I'll give you my Thank You's advance, in case I did happen to miss something in the article. PEACE!

  73. Candace D

    God Bless you Chris 3 Weeks with out you Physically now . Thank you We Love you Resting in Peace

  74. evekurocieru

    i miss you

  75. Allan Leidholm

    Absolutely LOVE this song! If you don't I don't give a shit. This is Chris and Soundgarden at their best.

  76. AtariJaguarFan

    This song is one of the best they've ever made. King animal took a while and repeated listens to sink in, like all Soundgarden albums, but it's amazing. Black Saturday is another that really grew on me.

    Ricky G.

    @ AtariJaguarFan- Yeah, I truly dig this tune, and the album matter of fact. Sounds like the natural evolution/flow of the band. I think it's sweet, heavy, and groovy. ✌🏼

    Jimmy Lad

    This song, A Thousand Days Before and Black Saturday stand shoulder to shoulder with their 90’s work I think.

  77. Ade Stickbaby

    I think he would regret his stupid drugged up choice. FUCK dude....stupid move. disappointed the music.

    Candace D

    Darling did you read the billboard article about his daymares from The Promise

    Hair Razor Detox

    WTF are you even babbling about  oh you believe everything your told on tv  that's right


    Ade Stickbaby He was clean. No drugs.

    Zac Dylan

    Ade Stickbaby you are right

  78. bleach black

    I cant believe I didnt like this Record 1st listen. Holy Crap I dig it now, Rest Well Kind Soul, Rest well.

  79. Hamilton Tav

    R.I.P bro

  80. Terry Hesticles

    Beautiful job with the editing!

    Matt Frank

    Terry Hesticles ravishing job

  81. James Copp

    Of course this song is incredible but just wanted to say the video is immaculately executed.

  82. Scoot Jockey

    Like it..

  83. John Esquivel

    That's fuckin awesomeness​ what a voice my favorite musician RIP

  84. John Esquivel

    What lyrics !!!

    Terry Hesticles

    John Esquivel ....right?!

  85. paol antonio

    ben shepherd is my favorite bass player ever

    Terry Hesticles

    paol antonio I feel worse for him than anybody else in the band. First, he lost his bar, and had basically faded into obscurity, then got new life, only to lose his band too.

  86. paol antonio

    chris cornell is a rock god. we'll miss you. I miss you now. you left us here, Chris. we're all still here, and now that you're gone it's much harder for us.

    Jonathan Strauss

    paol antonio we will see him again. promise. we all go home

  87. fewhavestrength

    why has this great video been removed?

  88. Bryton Cherrier

    Don't know where I'm going, I just keep on rowing
    I just keep on pulling, gotta row

    I think these are the perfect final lyrics for Soundgarden, what a coda.

  89. turtleman

    when I heard he died today I was sad and shocked I thought of this song right away this song is appropriate today 😓 I'm bummed out today RIP Chris ✊

  90. John S

    I keep on rowing i....keep on rowing I....KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP ON ROWING!!! Fucking epic!



  92. AmonRa1081

    RIP to the great....

  93. fewhavestrength

    this song did it for me, summed up life and what he thought! will miss Cornell, however he gave so much to us rock/grunge fans, I really don't think he had anything left to give! amazing song writer one of the best in rock for me! just remember he's not fucking resting he's dead!

  94. lozarok

    WTF ? R>I>P

  95. Ross Lawrence

    Well Played Sir. Spectacular job editing the Video. Masterful.

  96. Shawn Dwillis

    lifes journey. pretty deep