Soundgarden - Room A Thousand Years Wide Lyrics

Listen, hear, he is inside
One who lives while others lie
I close my eyes and walk a thousand years
A thousand years that aren't mine
It seems he's near me as I walk
One who loved what love denied
He lives these years that I walk blind
All these years cannot be mine
Tomorrow begat tomorrow
Begat tomorrow
Begat tomorrow
A thousand doors a thousand lies
Rooms a thousand years wide
He walks in the cold sun and wind
All these years will not begin
Tomorrow begat tomorrow
Begat tomorrow
Begat tomorrow

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Soundgarden Room A Thousand Years Wide Comments
  1. Dewey Tucker

    My favorite. They ended their set with this at Lollapalooza. They put their guitars down as they resonated feedback from their amps until the guitar techs silenced them. I stood with my jaw in the ground with goosebumps. Forever burned in my memory. RIP Chris. Thank you

  2. Marko Mirkovic

    That saxophone reminded me of some Mad Season song

  3. Carl Gibson

    Is it me, or does Thayil’s guitar at the end sound like some solid jazz sax or trumpet playing that would fit in well with Mingus’ band?

  4. bfjb70

    Saxophone? Wow.

  5. SandiaMachine SandiaMachine

    I love the Saxo

  6. Martin Bachleda

    Big bang?

  7. Jack Beard

    Louder than fuck!

  8. Ante Nagulov

    123t IUP X 2 + FLEUR AS GOD OF SEX

  9. Lee Mac

    This was THE Soundgarden song for me in ways I couldn't even fathom. And now in his passing, Chris's vocals in this song hurt my heart forevermore. Love and light Chris, you are so missed.

  10. Martin Bachleda

    Monday! Mjb.

  11. Limits98


    Listen here
    He is inside
    One who lives
    While others lie
    I close my eyes and
    Walk a thousand years
    A thousand years
    That aren't mine

    It seems he's near
    Me as I walk
    One who loved
    What love denied
    He lives these years
    That I walk blind
    All these years
    Cannot be mine


    A thousand doors
    A thousand lies
    Rooms a thousand years wide
    I walk in the cold
    Sun and wind
    All these years
    Will not begin



    Lyrics: Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron

  12. Matt Heidelberger

    This whole album is the perfect companion for working a sleep deprived 3rd shift shitty job. Like I did back in the 90s.

  13. TheAnalPunisher

    The power of the motherfucking riff compels me!!!

  14. DYAN York

    Most powerful voice in R&R 🤘💔

  15. Kirk Jolls

    2:42 that funking scream

  16. drumdust

    Nearly 30 years old now.
    Still a magic album.

  17. Elizabeth Reger

    I miss Chris Cornell, and this song is about the thousand years beyond his death

  18. beggersbanquet 5150

    That voice was epic ..we were robbed!!!!!!😰😰😰😰😰

  19. Shawn Bowers

    Beautiful vocals

  20. TheKatkilla67

    I love this song!!! I didn't hear it until after Chris left us. This man is the definition of primal scream to me!!!!!

  21. Jorge Flores

    Probablemente la canción que más tristeza, rabia, alegría, odio, paranoia y tranquilidad me transmite de todas las canciones Grunge que haya escuchado en mi vida. Es increíble cómo una sola canción puede llenarte de tantos sentimientos encontrados. Una tremenda obra maestra. Gracias Chris. Gracias por tu poderoso legado.

  22. Jason Cook

    RIP Chris

  23. Chawki Belhadi

    You'd be hard pressed to find a better screamer-singer in all of rock...

  24. #1DNR

    91 was such a great year for Music and Movies!

  25. Diego Chepillo


  26. Mr K

    You've made it this far. Now continue the journey:

    Skin Yard - 1000 Smiling Knuckles

    TAD - Infrared Riding Hood

    My Sisters Machine - Wallflower


    Grunge at its best.

  28. Michael Uhlir

    Tomorrow Begat. Cool name for a band.

  29. Erin Renee

    Too bad there was pearl jam

  30. Mr K

    Soundgarden - Birth Ritual LIVE

  31. dmaxhd1

    its all good baby!

  32. Chris Simpson

    Dammit, why can't we have Chris back????????

  33. Chris Simpson

    Broke my damn hand on replay button.

  34. Dick Dastardly

    Fuck this whole "grunge" shit Soundgarden and especially Badmotorfinger was Sabbathian worship brilliance.

  35. dzouch

    0:55 scream sick!

  36. Jackie Doane


  37. Adam Turner

    All time favourite garden track! ... still has that sonic boot to the face ! 👊❌

  38. Micah Howeson


  39. Roberto Bazzoni


  40. Joyce Sweeting

    FUCKIN ROCKS!!!!!!!

  41. Alex Egoavil

    I was an 18 y.o. metal kid in 1991 when I bought this record. This was my favorite song, I would put on my headphones and play it endlessly.
    Released in 1991, Badmotorfinger IS the most metal record to come out of the seattle "grunge" movement. I dislike the term grunge. This is Darker, heavier, harder and more metal than AIC's Facelift.

    DYAN York

    SG and AIC were not grunge

  42. Brylei Craig

    When he sing "I closed my eyes for a thousand years, a thousand years that weren't mine" reminds me of when PsychedSubstance took too much DMT and said he lived a thousand lives. Then I saw OPs name. Awesome!

  43. inphanta

    A definite highlight on his album. I’ve always loved that discordant guitar in this, it adds an air of unease to the song. And the lyrics are amazing.

    Mr Spawnlord


  44. Ron Bosworth

    I love the saxophone in the outro

  45. frankgile1996

    The one thing I just noticed, listening back, is that this might be one of the few songs off that era where a saxophone doesn't sound like a "period-correct addition", which I can't say for other songs off this period that included saxophone in them (at least, I think it's a saxophone, anyway...). Great song, awesome album. Rest in peace, Chris Cornell.


    Skin Yard - The Birds 1986
    Has saxophone.

  46. Manny Badabing

    This is M E T A L!!!!!


    no, it had some of that but was something uniquely different. give thanks for this. not everything needs to fall within neat and immediately definable.

  47. Chuck Brummer

    Best album of it's time by FAR!.So thick and crunchy. And with great music and lyrics. Oh and the best voice EVER! Each and every song.

  48. RODgard

    ...kicking ass!!

  49. Theresa Hicks

    Loved you then, still love you now. You will always be in my heart.

  50. Orutra Zerimar

    Esto es musica de otra galaxia... gracias por haber llegado a esta tierra crhis con tus grandes temas y grandes músicos. Espero verte pronto estes donde estes

  51. Matt Mitchell

    So happy to see this song live.. ate an 8th of shrooms, 8 out of the 13 songs or so they played were off BMF. Could of sworn I was back in 1992

  52. J Brand

    He is Inside !

  53. Glenn

    Nobody touches this...................

  54. jakhar

    This song will make you cry.

  55. s2thep

    Without contest, this is my absolute favourite Soundgarden track. I can't stress enough how criminally underrated it truly is. 2:41 - 3:03 is one of the best and most slept on Chris Cornell moments. Incredible track. Unbelievably underrated!

    Andrew Lockett

    s2thep you're right it is monumental, the opening is like a musical atom bomb, but there are several other tracks it's equal. It would be criminal to rule out just about anything off Superunknown. This is probably on a par with Limowreck, another distinctive Cornell vocal masterwork.

    Scott Dallegge

    I believe this song was written by the bass player and the drummer it is an amazing tune that no one else could have sung

  56. Travis Wells

    One of the most underrated SOUND GARDEN songs R.I.P. CHRIS CORNELL

  57. Corbin Hill


  58. Mike Uhlir

    Still remember the day I got this cd. Picked up my friends with this cd blasting loud enough for 3 counties to hear. Had a Cheech and Chong smoke out on the way to the tattoo shop. 1991. Damn! 26 years ago! Memories a thousand years wide

  59. Lyle Gentleman

    The amount of times I've listened to this song feels a thousand years wide.

  60. J Brand

    A thousand Years cannot Define

  61. Josh Purdy

    The starting is chilling

  62. JADE

    This is my all time favorite Soundgarden song...I can listen to it over and over and over....Love the way he sang this song...I miss you Chris...<3

    Lyle Gentleman

    JADE GIRL you can sure as hell say that again

  63. MoonlightSeaThrasher

    its hard to pick a favorite soundgarden song but if i had to then this would be it.

  64. Mark Abbazia

    When people say music is dead it's not pop and rap are the only things that get played regularly on tv the radio and damn near every commercial, if your so damn bothered by the state of music buy more music that suits what your looking for and not whatever is on the radio the media is usually late you want a musical revolution make it happen and stop bitching about what is and isn't keep in mind during the time the Seattle sound was coming about all that was on the radio was michael Jackson and hair bands it took people doing there part

  65. Brian Burgi

    ive listened to this 156,000 times wtf?? typo?

  66. Chantal


  67. Ian Panniers

    there will never be another,R.I.P Chris....OUR FRIEND.

    Barbara Meshel

    Yes our great friend!!!! He is missed!!!!

  68. itsMeAmyG

    my mantra

  69. Lori K

    Hard to believe we'll never hear this voice in the future.

    Adelia Hogarth

    Lori K, I agree, but console to what he has left behind, a voice that never dies.

    Mitt Layton

    I agree, I play Badmotorfinger EVERYDAY! And specifically listen to Slaves and bulldozers, (Those fucking screams on the verses!) Gives me freaking Goosebumps every time! I also listen to, New damage, and pretty much the rest of the album everyday. And I know my girlfriend is really getting tired of it, she said she likes Soundgarden and loves Chris Cornell's voice, but she doesn't understand and love the power of that man's voice that are far and few between and will always be that way! That's why I can't get through one day without listening to Soundgarden!

    black star

    Saw them live twice.Just like listening to the recording, only better, cuz they are right in front of you.


    Cornell's best days were behind him when he shed this mortal coil. I'll always remember him young, long haired, bare chested and bellowing Beyond the Wheel at the top of his lungs.


    i think the same thing on weekly basis. he was my favorite artist of all time!

  70. Bob Jones

    Chris Cornell died yesterday, now I'm going to listen to Soundgarden for 3 days and mourn RIP

    Jenn D

    Bob Jones that was my plan and I'm a year and a day into my listening and mourning. Still going strong. Rocking out to SG everyday.

    Chris Simpson

    Me too.

    Chris Simpson


  71. Brian Moore

    Chris is loved and will be missed.

  72. Toastin' Bread

    my favorite soundgarden song, RIP Cornut!

  73. Jason Lavoie

    Rest In Peace Chris!! You are missed

  74. MrChrismatthew33


  75. Amanita Muscaria

    RIP Chris Cornell : ( and thank you for your great Music.

  76. Gary Mckinney

    R.I P. Chris, I will miss you. You left us way too so.

  77. Matt Dasher

    RIP Chris Cornell

  78. Cyka Blyat

    rip chris cornell 😞

  79. robert budrow

    RIP Chris. You had a rocking voice. Very sad, brother.

  80. Khan James

    hope you're at peace chris forever missed by everyone 😂

  81. TheMundoAzul

    RIP !!!! Que perda !!!


    RIP Chris.

  83. justin nance

    RIP Chris Cornell , man.....first Matt Holt, now this ........fuck 2017 already

  84. TheJambees

    RIP Chris Cornell

  85. MegaTCash

    RIP Chris

  86. Ab-Dhul Alif Qadr Muhammad

    This is my favorite song by Soundgarden!

  87. txmetalhead82xk

    You know your life is going to change when you first hear those crushing riffs....

  88. Dr. Pleen

    their last good album.

    Dr. Pleen

    experimental???? lol. they became a pure skin yard ripoff on superunknown (listen to skin yard's inside the eye and you will be enlightened), then a bad attempt at experimentation on down on the upside, and king animal is basically just a piece of pop-rock garbage that Chris Cornell wrote making a once great band into a bad continuation of his solo albums.

    experimental??? there is absolutely nothig experimental about it.

    Rodrigo Ibarra

    Pop-rock? ok I hope you die slowly and painfully

    Dr. Pleen

    i stand by what i said. the only sorta good song was blood on the valley floor. the rest is garbage.

    Vinyl Diary666


  89. Moist Mike

    Great grunge sound, they are the kings of grunge rock

    Red Snail

    Don't Ask they are amazing but Alice in Chains i think has better songs overall

    Chris Simpson

    Kings of Grunge? I'd say hell yeah!

  90. Kenneth Strother

    fuck one of my faves

  91. nacho gomez

    kim trayil lirycs !!

    Rodrigo Ibarra

    Chris is an awesome lyricist, but Kim also kills it, both room and never the machine forever has some of the most deepest concepts ever.c

  92. Dennis Bargo

    never gets old

  93. Dennis Bargo

    awesome fuckin album! listen to it over and over

  94. James Boutte

    dam this song is awesome

  95. TheSporehacker

    Now this is music. :)

  96. IAmKrow

    For ten people tomorrow begat no tomorrow


    What the hell are you babbling about?? Your comment doesn't make any sense...


    What is that supposed to mean? It's not the lyrics to the song...Just wondering..

    Southern Fried Funky Monk

    @JADE yes it is

  97. ayeilikecroissants

    So heavy!!!

  98. joe Joe

    best album ...riff , drum, an it on repeat in morning to get the day going....