Soundgarden - Mind Riot Lyrics

I was slipping through the cracks
Of a stolen jewel
I was tightrope
Walking in two ton shoes
Now somebody is talking about a
Third world war
And the police said this was normal control
And the candle was burning yesterday
Like somebody's best friend died
And I've been caught in a mind riot
I was crying from my eye teeth and
Bleeding from my soul
And I sharpened my wits on a dead man's skull
I built an elevator from his bones
Had to climb to the top floor just
To stamp out the coals
And the candle was burning yesterday
Like somebody's best friend died
And I've been caught in a mind riot
I'm tied within
I'm luck's last match struck
In the pouring down wind

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Soundgarden Mind Riot Comments
  1. Amalia Van Hellsing

    Nada que ver el anuncio que me mandaron de esa banda satanica con su track" Ira" segun google basado en mis busqueda. Busque SOUNDGARDEN osea PAZ ,AMOR ,VIDA,EXCELENCIA ....

  2. Hector Contreras

    que genial es esta canción <3

  3. David Bradley Oinonen

    "sharpened my wits on a dead mans skull"

  4. Subhash x Record

    I remember taking pizza to the recording studio where this song was layed down. I had no idea at the time. Just another delivery.

  5. Maria Laura Panzeri

    " somebody's talking a third world war..."
    Kinda current, uh?

  6. Spicy Special

    I was 12 when I first heard this tune. Barely even knew of SG, knew even less about Andy Wood or how he and Chris were best friends, and yet I could tell this was about Chris having lost someone very close to him.

  7. ace hipolito

    I'm tied within

    In the pouring down wind, pouring down wind

  8. Douglas McGaw

    As a young distance runner the first time going over the overpass 3 miles in this song was in my head over 25 years ago.....Still is true today especially since we lost Chris :(

  9. Anthony Festa

    Great album!!!

  10. Vein Banger93

    I've cried over exs, pleaded with currents, relapsed and worked out furiously to this song.
    Most underrated song know to man

  11. Nimus Works

    This is the Beggining of Superunknow

  12. beggersbanquet 5150

    Badmotorfinger change my life this song never gets old

  13. beggersbanquet 5150

    I can so relate crying for my eye tooth bleeding for my soul

  14. Pig Ford

    I’ve often heard people talk about hearing certain albums/bands that changed or had a profound impact on their lives....I turned 21 in 1992 when I first sat down & really listened to this album & it’s still probably my favorite album of heavy music to this day,hell this shit is beyond just heavy music it’s soul music,Ten & Nevermind are great albums but to me this is the best album to come out of Seattle ( or anywhere else for that matter) it’s just soooo fuckin good...I still miss & think about my man Chris all the time 🖤🤘🏻from 90-94 nobody could fuck with Soundgarden,eventually Tool was able to make music on this level but that’s about it

  15. - The1trueharf -

    Everything is tuned to E in this song 😹🤘 Interesting. I found that out from some video I saw if guy in open tuning, then I saw other people cover this in all E tuning 😹

  16. Josh Purdy

    Sombody's best friend died.


    Suena muy hermosamente a TOTD...

  18. Gianmaria Pecorari

    Best album of soundgarden

  19. Gianmaria Pecorari


  20. Martin Malaspina

    me encanta como suena el hithat fuera de compás en la segunda parte de la intro ; )

  21. KingLich

    I'm tied within
    I'm luck's last match struck
    In the pouring down wind...

  22. Justin Buonvino

    Anyone else want to get a hold of the stripped-down demo version that is heard in the movie "Singles"?

  23. Hernan Ramirez

    Demasiado grande para este planeta. Enorme tema...enorme CORNELL😢

  24. beggersbanquet 5150

    Badmotorfinger changed my life

  25. beggersbanquet 5150

    Epic .. crying from my eye teeth bleeding from my soul

  26. josh aborigeno

    Che storia sto pezzo uno dei più belli

  27. nareshgb1

    One of those songs that makes you entertain the question: Is this the greatest ever?

  28. K M

    You are not forgotten..thanks for sharing your art

  29. Tony

    I think Chris Cornell taught many people (through his music) that life is worth living. Many, if not most people are not wise enough to see that life here is just a ride and we never know the day it will end. Do what makes you happy everyday, push yourself to make yourself happy - this will help with depression and anxiety - which I suffer from, "The day I tried to Live" really resonates.


    Truly, it makes sense

  30. Robert Pacho

    Beautiful ⚘⚘⚘⚘

  31. Turd Ferg

    Only Soundgarden could make that amazing transition @ 0:49 so seamlessly.. Brilliant!

    Marty Donovan

    You aint freakin kidding Son:)

  32. William Britton

    Say Hello to Heaven... Chris wrote this not knowing he would be calling himself out... what a loss to the music world

  33. Christopher T Spiller

    30 years ago! Jesus I'm old

  34. kkash72

    That line “ I’m luck’s last match struck, in the pouring down wind” has stuck with me since I first heard it in 1991. Of the hundreds of concerts I have been to, the Badmotorfinger tour is one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I am so glad I saw them for this album. Their best hands down!

  35. A great voice silenced

  36. Ruben8275

    Amazing song. Thank you Guys for your music.

  37. Joseph Valenzuela

    I can't believe he's gone.

  38. Jack

    It's all over now, the curtain has fallen on this generation's incredible contribution to music, and it's chief architect is no longer with us. It really worries me sick that future generations won't discover what the kids in Seattle did in the late 80's.

  39. Theodore J Mariner

    Such a beautiful song. I miss Chris Cornell everyday. Heaven got more beautiful.

  40. THE Joker

    46 people should've been taken, not Chris.

  41. Limits98


    I was slipping through
    The cracks of stolen jewel
    I was tightrope walking
    In two ton shoes
    And now somebody's
    Talking of third world war
    I've been caught
    In a mind riot
    And the police said,
    "This is normal control"
    I've been caught
    In a mind riot

    And the candle
    Was burning yesterday
    Like somebody's
    Best friend died
    I've been caught
    In a mind riot
    Mind riot

    I was crying from
    My eye teeth
    And bleeding
    From my soul
    I sharpened my wits
    On a dead man's skull
    I built an elevator
    From his bones
    I've been caught
    In a mind riot
    Had to climb to
    The top floor
    To stamp out the coals
    I've been caught
    In a mind riot

    And the candle
    Was burning yesterday
    Like somebody's
    Best friend died
    I've been caught
    In a mind riot
    I'm tied within

    And the candle
    Was burning yesterday
    Like somebody's
    Best friend died
    I've been caught
    In a mind riot
    I'm tied within

    I'm luck's
    Last match struck
    In the pouring down wind
    Pouring down wind
    Mind riot
    Mind riot
    Mind riot
    Mind riot


    chris is chillin with andy now

  43. alpacacide

    This song is me walking to my girlfriends house. My first girlfriend. Yes it was raining. And yes, fuck you Cornell.

  44. Mitchell Bowman

    My dad says kids don’t know good music like this I’m 13 I think he’s raising me right

  45. Christopher Miles

    For a year or so after my brother died, I listened to this song every morning. He was 27. Can I publicly admit that this song helped me grieve for my brother? Yes, I can.

  46. SuperYockster

    "Pouring down rain" at the end gives me chills.

  47. 73maplepiper

    Timeless best man at a wedding. I played this song on the way to his wedding. Fast forward. On my way to pick up my tickets to see Linkin Park last year.... Chris.. what happened?

  48. jeffreystinger


  49. Aaron Wells

    Actually I see 40 thumbs downed Mind Riot. Biblical punishment awaits them.

  50. rokridge

    As of this moment 39 people tuned in to give a thumbs down! LOL LOLALOT! Don't add to this stat just to F with me plz. CC 4EVER

  51. jeffreystinger

    MISS YOU MATE!!!!👼🏻♥️👼🏻💙👼🏻💚👼🏻💛👼🏻💜🇺🇸🎼🎸🎤ALL MEIN LIEBE BRUDER!!!!😉😎

  52. ChrisMontante

    Why is this song suddenly removed on Spotify? why?

    Aaron Wells

    just downloaded it

  53. jon doe

    this song has so much passion love it

  54. joyce sweeting

    I'm luck's last match in the pouring down wind.......

  55. alien coffee mug

    I was crying from my eye teeth and bleeding from my soul

  56. Christopher Spiller

    I'm truly glad only a few people like this song it makes us Unique Individuals f*** everybody else

  57. snicklefritz

    I'm luck's last match struck, in the pouring down wind....

  58. alpacacide

    I remember walking to my girlfriends house in the rain to this song. Later I would lose my virginity.

  59. bobshenix

    These days there really is talk of a Third World War, and it could be imminent.

  60. Ana Maria Mancera Martinez

    great song I just love it !!!!

  61. Josh

    Sometime best friend died .

  62. Bundy Martin

    This album got me through many a tough day. Thank you.

  63. misspatrizia

    I'm lucks last match struck in the pouring down wind... pouuurrring doowwnn winnnddd

  64. misspatrizia

    I was crying from my eye teeth and bleeding from my soul

  65. LuLu Rodriguez

    Dedicated to my friend, Mikey. Rest in Peace Brother Mike. I MISS You!  9-19-63 to 8-30-92 "Candles burning yesterday, somebody's best friend died..." ~MIND RIOT~

  66. shnoopy doopy

    WTF this is so weird this song sounds so familiar, like i'v heard it before when i was a kid the lyrics everything just feels nostalgic....but i don't think i actually have heard it before very weird because it's not like a big hit or anything.

  67. blinky

    expressive as F*ck

  68. D Lynn

    best SG song ever.

  69. AlwaysPrisms


  70. channel 4 saturday mornings

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  71. liselle sloan

    When issued? Please put some basic info in here, You Tube posters!

  72. Anthony Martinez

    Miss Chris :'(

  73. billy Thekid

    Every string on the guitar is tuned to E


    Are you sure?


    Yeah, he's sure

  74. daniel williams

    "I'm luck's last match struck in the pouring down wind"...damn. So many times in my adult life when that line described the feelings surrounding dark events in my adult life. Rest in peace, my melancholy troubadour. I hope that you have found peace in the next world, Chris.

  75. RedWagon


  76. Deeper Forest

    SG's best

  77. James J

    who saved rock n roll?

  78. Dean Stepp

    "Phenomenal " gonna miss the fuck out of you brother... You,your voice, and the impression you left on others blows my mind. You are Seattle .....

  79. Dean Stepp

    You left us in a mind riot, miss you bro.......

  80. TheRazorbeard

    Every string is tuned E, all of them sound the same of played "without left hand"

  81. Nemi Tahi

    dont know if anyone has said this before, but Chris Cornell was so brilliant and attached to music, it was his first love. Not Vickie...she was there to procreate and take care of the kids, but words and music, like Andy's Temple song said, long ago before Icky got involved (yeah I don't like her, she's a poser, there's not one loving photo of her looking at Chris anywhere, ) -- Chris was born of words and music and he knew he was carving out his existence the moment Andy died (my opinion). Every single song he does (did -- ) has so many landscapes, I never get bored. A partner gets boring, yeah. But not words and music. I think a guy like this couldn't possibly have thought so thoroughly about a woman... maybe "sex" for a while when he was younger, (like he said, it's annoying) but I think Chris was way too deep to have paid the kind of attention his wife thought she deserved. And she shows it by those poses with Chris, while he looks high all the time. Do you understand? I think I got it...(sorry kids, )

  82. snazzysnooker

    Rest In Peace Chris..

  83. Ragna Z


  84. HDM Reviews

    My favorite off Badmotorfinger! My favorite album of theirs! I don't care for Pearl Jam, My favorite Nirvana album is In Utero, and Favorite Alice in Chains is the Self Titled!

  85. steve dodds

    RIP Chris Cornell... Thank you for this master piece!

  86. GGHaj12

    Tuned to EEEEEE for guitar. love it that's classic Soundgarden odd tunings and time signatures. Got love that originality and creativity.

  87. RSK 519

    what a fucking awesome song rest in peace Chris

  88. Travis Janda

    bleeding from my soul

  89. Ian Barber

    305, 805 views.. come on people, this is a fantastic song. 19 downers? idiots.

    Owen Quinn

    Ian Barber He's dead.

  90. P F

    Amazing Soundgarden song! One of their very best! RIP Chris!

  91. 73maplepiper

    I cry when I hear this song Chris. You left us your legacy that was never truly appreciated as it was for your other Seattle brethren but for me your passing hit me so much more harder. You had survived the 90's the early 20's to have you go like that because of sleeping pills... I want to fucking kill your doctor. The day the music died for me was when you passed. This song is the best and the most soulful soundgarden song I know. And I love turning people on to it. RIP Chris. and fuck your Doctor I hope your wife takes him for all he has.


    Exactly, I'll never get over it, and it will hurt forever

  92. Mark Stepp

    Damn brother, rock will never be the same without you. left me in a mind riot for damn sure!!

  93. Mark Stepp

    left me in a mind riot brother, why?

  94. Mark Stepp

    this is Aries. there's no other voice like Zeus

  95. Lil' LuLu

    When I am down and depressed I listen to this song and NUTSHELL by Alice in Chains (Alice in Pain).Believe it or not, it helps me. I cry. I'm better. I am NOT a "Baby Boomer" I am NOT a "Millennial" I am "The MTV Generation" that listened to and watched Grunge band videos by Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Blind Melon and other Grunge bands who lost their lead singers to overdosing or suicide. Such talent lost in an era we called, "Grunge." I am only two years older than Chris Cornell so I feel we were a generation lost in between the Boomers and the Millenials. Rest on Peace Chris. I know God has you and all the others lost here on earth now in Heaven playing that Great Gig in the Sky just for him.

    Josh Gibson

    I'm a millennial,27, but i remember seeing awesome shit on MTV as a kid transitioning into a teen, before MTV went to shit.

    Justin Buonvino

    You were what was called "Generation X".


    Yep best song

  97. Stephen Eccles

    What a loss. (We miss, ye, brother.) He'd survived death-defying tricks so many times before, from the age of 12---and maybe even before. (Beautiful, charismatic Chris: We watched you flirt with the darkness and then rise above it---again and again.) This event on May 18th, 2017, as momentous in its own way as the event on May 18th 37 years before. (You know the one, Chris.) What an unfathomable mystery---we can call it no other. (Let us now hold hands together in silence and ponder this bitter mystery.) The music now says: 'Somebody's best friend died'. 'Tis so true, so true. (Coda: We must each grope our way through this life, uncertain of the right direction, filled with pain and confusion. So don't hesitate to pass on a kind word every chance you get. You may give a stranger a reason to carry these burdens and joys down the forbidding path for one more day...)

  98. Loic Tschenn

    Like somebody's best friend died...

  99. Sar Shanksalot

    Kim Thayil on this song: "Chris came up with that [tuning every string to E]. And I believe it came from a conversation he had with Jeff Ament. Jeff said to Chris, 'Hey man, wouldn't it be crazy if someone did a song where every string was tuned to E?' Well, that wasn't a completely uncommon tuning. It was done well before us. But Chris was like, 'That would be weird!' And he came up with 'Mind Riot.' But I think Jeff had said it as a joke." (Guitar World 2013)

    And from that joke came this brilliant, beautiful, haunting song that got me through some very hard times. RIP Chris.

    Mel T

    lol Chris had never heard Sonic Youth or something? (Not that SY exactly invented single note tuning either tho. they just used it alot)


    Sar Shanksalot Lou Reed used a guitar tuned with every string to E sometimes. He called it his Ostrich tuning. Cool to see different people come up with that idea throughout the years.

  100. Jon Late

    jesus, this is one of the songs EVERONE needs to hear....