Soundgarden - Loud Love Lyrics

There's no time to keep it low
I've been deaf now I want some noise
You stay down
but I won't be quiet
I'll hammer on until you fight

Loud Love
Loud Love
Loud Love
Loud Love

If you've got som time to kill
Slow resisitance wins the war
Well I know
But that's no way to go
You can't resist the louder pull

Loud Love

Well that's right
I want something to explode
I've been deaf
Now I want noise

Loud Love
Loud Love
Loud Love
Loud Love

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Soundgarden Loud Love Comments
  1. Brandon Duncan

    Hi if you are here in any year you have great taste in music! Soundgarden forever!

  2. s.a. hogan

    horror/thriller author at books sez: God, but CC was a thing of beauty, a true force of nature! SO sorry he went out the way he did. Still mourn his loss.

  3. Jennifer Hartranft

    That intro howl? I know how it feels. And the world, the world dragons me down.

  4. Sebastian Gutierrez

    Thanks for. A beautifull legacy your voice your songs your music! See it forever cris córner !

  5. Marcia Díaz

    2020 and this song is perfection

  6. Carlos Vargas

    Duuude I remember when I first heard this song... I probably must’ve listen to that fucking intro (the transition between guitar and voice) over a hundred time before actually listing to the song entirely... man... goose bumps

  7. J.M. Clark

    This is the last or the first song for those who need to wake the fuck up.

  8. Rosimere Moraes

    Adoro essa música
    ...o clip é de arrepiar...saudades C.C.💟

  9. Mr. Brownstone

    Soundgarden before Superunknown, as much as they're known as a grunge band, they weren't. This is some hard jamming, dare I call it Metal. People need to appreciate Screaming Life and Louder Than Love more, now that's something underrated. Either way, they're fucking incredible. R.i.p. Chris 🤘

  10. Jonathan Torres

    New love breaks through all dimensions during its time of conception.. they envy us for that..

  11. Rachael Lynn Crockett

    Holy fucking shit we just met again

  12. agnaldo albanez

    Que som loco!!!! Não canso de ouvir... hehehe é um dos meus hinos do rock...

  13. the cheat

    he was 24 years old

    Ashley S.

    If it was after July 20th he was 25 in 89

  14. Yakadoodledongywongy

    Feel like the feedback at the start sounds like The Circle by Wipers

  15. Eric Feick

    In 5 minutes Chris Cornell proved himself better looking and sexier in his shorts and boots than the whole Kardashian clan bought with their millions of dollars

  16. Bagofcheetos

    I've been listening to this album nonstop

  17. Mighty St Helen

    You so want him to do a second scream at 4:00.

  18. Layla Komr

    at the start of the journey at dawn///

  19. Dalle Smalhals

    So where's thé "GRUNGE" in this? HA-HA-HIpsters ;-P

  20. Janet Wilhelm

    Chris Cornell was the Jim Morrison of generation X.

  21. William Horn

    Plot twist: there was no electric guitar in the beginning. It was his voice the whole time.

  22. Inspirational Aries

    enormous it

  23. Jaden Frank

    vote soundgarden rock hall

  24. Jacinto 14

    The first soundgarden album i heard. This is their best song to be honest, like there's just no debating.

  25. Lex Pullman

    It was madness for him to cut his hair short.

    Ashley S.

    He was sexy either way but you see what i prefer .....💋

  26. FuglyStick

    I had just been discharged from the Army when this album come out. A lot of the music I had been listening to before then was immediately retired.

  27. Don Fades

    Gaffer-tape shorts - the eternal and unsurpassable zenith of fashion.

  28. JasnoGT

    I'm 42 and have never heard this. Save for a few songs I never got into the whole Pearl Jam,Soundgarden,Aliceinchains thing but I always respected them. I always thought this music was for rich white kids who wanna bitch about not catching the right wave in the ocean or whatever. I was instead attracted to harder metal which appealed to us poor blue collar folk but I'm bored so I'm gonna go on a journey listening to all these bands in depth. I can feel this one. I like.

    Xavier Jamil

    I think his first 3 albums were harder, then in "Superunknown" and "Down on the upside" was more alternative

    Xavier Jamil

    Have you heard "beyond the wheel" that song is crazy

    Ashley S.

    DUDE! You been missing out!!!!! I too love some heavy fucked up music but i been listening to Soundgarden since 89. Ya gotta start at the beggining of their career.
    Listen to Deep Six Compilation first, then Screaming Life /Fopp, Ultramega Ok, Loud Love, Badmotorfinger etc....they have so MANY albums, EP'S, compilations, live albums, demos of early career stuff. The earlier, the heavier to me.
    Ask me anything bout em😏.
    Just youtube early SG LIVE shows because the magic happened right there, also soooo many different versions of the songs live...alot heavier!!

  29. Ankush Surnam

    Metal legends

  30. Matteo Lazzari


  31. Ray Lewis

    I miss Chris intensely. This was Robert Plant meets Jim Morrison moment.

  32. PragerU Alumnus

    Our country will be destroyed someday if we do not smash the perversions eating away at our moral fiber and traditional beliefs.

  33. Two foots

    Duck yea

  34. Barbara Castilleja

    What a beautiful angel.miss you

  35. Pastorino Olivier

    Chris was awsome in all those bands and in solo. Both bands were 2 of my favourites bands of alltime. They had great names (and it's rare) with significant and simple meaning (thanks to Chris) and amazing songs that sounded like no one else. I would love your input on the first video of my first album. It got the attention of one of my heroes Joe Bouchard (ex bass player founding members of BÖC) who is following us on Soundcloud but returns from people who likes same music is always the best. If you have just 3 minutes to listen and a bit more to comment, that would mean the world to me. Keep rockin' :

  36. Ashley S.

    Duct tape beauty😍

  37. Kathryn Throckmorton

    Holy grail!

  38. Thorny Arms

    When Kim Thayil's drugs kicked in 4:14

  39. Vito Capone

    Great music doesn't get nearly the views it should& all that pop &Rap shit gets billions of views cause the g- Man already got them simple minded mother fuckers brain washed... Miss ya brother

  40. Nouman fastbowler

    more grunge than grunge a classic masterpiece forever in our hearts

  41. Samar RamiresZ

    If any noticed, those three dudes have the same kind of hair.

  42. Samar RamiresZ


  43. Ninjatrouble1

    Best voices from Grunge




    Ashley S.

    Best voice ever


  44. Grandkid&Grandpa Fishstuff

    Animal magnetism..damn he was fucking unbelievable..sorry always had bit of a crush

  45. thiago santus

    auge do chris

  46. Antonio Di Lucia

    love this song

  47. hilariousgas

    chris is by far one of my favorite vocalists of all time

  48. AB Sea

    Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin, with a shot of Seattle caffeine. They were the big dog on the Seattle scene, with everyone one else looking up to them.

  49. Debbie Jensen

    This period of Chris's life ,Lily is the mirror image of her gorgeous father ! Chris 4 ever

  50. Jess Rushin

    How is this 30 years old?!🖤

  51. Greg C

    Happy 30th anniversary to one of my favorite songs/albums ever. Miss you Chris

  52. Chad Cassidy

    Happy 30th Louder Than Love

  53. Stephanie Owens

    Happy 30th To Soundgarden and Chris Cornell for Loud Love! 30 years old today..9.5.19

  54. Zebonira

    30 years ago... Wow... No matter how long it is, it will be immortal.

  55. cassy In Alaska

    As love should be... ...

  56. jumpfart666

    Jason Everman of future Old Lady Drivers fame hahahaa

  57. jumpfart666

    before they turned into weak sauce

  58. Ana Maria Silveira

    Volte Chris!

  59. Rosimere Moraes

    Muito bom!!!!💟

  60. Emily Garrett

    I love this song and video so much

  61. Garrulous Arse

    I'm better lookin'. Just scope my profile pic for proof.

    Ashley S.

    Then am I

    Garrulous Arse

    @Ashley S. I'm sure you certainly are!

    Ashley S.

    @Garrulous Arse haha! I am, look at my profile pic❤

  62. Sean T.

    One of their Best Tunes !!!

  63. Fabian Teran

    0:00 to 0:33 That riff can explode your head

  64. Michał Rzepecki

    Epic band.

  65. Christopher McConnell

    1st song I ever heard by Soundgarden. Still one of my favorites!

  66. Innasia Johnson


  67. Joan 887

    He was handsome and talented 😍😘😭.

  68. Carlos Pino

    I feel some tool's undertow vibe in the instrumental part

  69. 2Ghetto4Greyhound

    30 yrs ago>I blasted this 1 SO-FREAKIN'-LOUD....That my neighbor...threw a BRICK through my window.....JUST-SO-SHE-COULD-HEAR-IT-BE-TTER.

  70. Rishabh Malviya

    No one sings like you anymore!!

  71. Aesthetical Twat

    The beginning of this song should be my new ringtone.

  72. Joe Dimino

    Well it's official, if I could be anyone in history it would be CC.....

    Ashley S.

    If that ever bout lettin me know, tanks😆

  73. NIGHTMONKEY 3000

    thank you

  74. R S

    Chris was on a whole other level . Vocals were incredible. RIP Chris. You are and always will be greatest rock vocalist to walk the earth.

  75. Jobje Rabbeljee at 4:50
    Have that bourbon, Brad. We think you need it.

  76. Roger Pollard

    This is soundgarden’s best album / CD

  77. M W

    intro!!!!! still amaze me

  78. ScatteredStars80 AD

    Still listening in 2019. When he comes in on the vocals I lose my shit.

  79. Michael Miller

    Shhhhh. (*cyborg protocol *)

  80. Aleksander Wilk

    Amazing song!

  81. Siddhant Gautam

    Loud Love !!!

  82. Anna Czart

    HE was in that time beautiful like God , a perfect man ...His voice full of anger and passion , miss YOU so much Chris ....let us hope to meet on this forever rock concert in Heaven <3 a few years ago I saw your sad eyes from the stage observing precisely the crowd ...hope you are happy now

    Catherine Chamberlain

    Anna Czart 💔

  83. Kayla Schulz

    Accept all that is gone

  84. Kayla Schulz

    Remember to reflect

  85. Christina Carranza

    this is how ill always remember chris when i first met him

  86. Simeon Dukov

    You guys should definitely listen to a song called WOLF by HIGHLY SUSPECT. This song was a huge inspiration for them. And you won't regret the epic 3 minute solo near the end of the song.

  87. Thomas Blalock

    There's no time to keep it low
    I've been deaf now I want noise
    You stay down
    But I won't be quiet
    I'll hammer on until you fight

    Loud love
    Loud love
    Loud love
    Loud love
    I'll hammer on until you fight

    If you've got some time to kill
    Slow resistance wins the war
    Well I know
    But that's no way to go
    You can't resist the louder pull

    Loud love
    Loud love
    Loud love
    Loud love

    You can't resist the louder pull, yeah
    Well that's right
    I want something to explode
    I've been deaf now I want noise

    Loud love
    Loud love
    Loud love
    Loud love, love yeah

  88. Neft Castillo

    I love this song.

  89. Ronaldo Thomé Júnior

    If Soundgarden is not metal, I don't know what is;)

    DYAN York

    SG and Alice were not Grunge.Mudhoney,Nirvana and PJ were more so.But AIC and SG just happened to be from Seattle.🤘

  90. shadow0106

    What a bulldozer of a song!

  91. thecatwhisper

    that song is so damn sexy!

  92. RevelGirl 1

    Musical Genius-virtuosity.

  93. LegitGamingPros

    The way Chris rode the vowels in this song is remarkable. ❤️

  94. Davidcyb hitek

    qui un Dio

  95. Cynthia Gibbish

    Chris use to know how to dress right before the girly man tighty pants trend took over again

  96. Dyn Jarren

    This is Chris before the mustache! The younger Chris!

    Ashley S.

    Kinda, he did grow his stache out before this. Lots of pics of him in 88-89 with it. It just wasn't full blown or dyed black yet, lol

  97. superklown

    This is smh good. It shouldn't be possible to create something so beautiful yet so heavy and powerful. Chris has to be the closest thing to a god this planet has ever seen. He's dead the same way Mufasa is, he lives in all of us. Who needs religion to feel spiritual. Just... wow

  98. Adam Schultz

    The only grunge band that I can transition to from listening to death metal and can genuinely not want to turn it off after the first song. not bashing just honesty lol

  99. Gaby garcia

    2019 someone??