Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose Lyrics

And you stare at me
In your Jesus Christ pose
Arms held out
Like you've been carrying a load
And you swear to me
You don't want to be my slave
But you're staring at me
Like I need to be saved
In your Jesus Christ pose
Arms held out
In your Jesus Christ pose
Thorns and shroud
Like it's the coming of the Lord
And I swear to you
That I would never feed you pain
But you're staring at me
Like I'm driving the nails
In your Jesus Christ pose
And you stare at me
In your Jesus Christ pose
Arms held out like it's
The coming of the Lord
And would it pay you more to walk on water
Than to wear a crown of thorns
It wouldn't pain me more to bury you rich
Than to bury you poor
In your Jesus Christ pose

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Soundgarden Jesus Christ Pose Comments
  1. Terry Tyler

    the gourney is the cro ss mind control strapped to the cro ss to make jesus and replica blues

  2. brian turci

    Chris, Layne, Kurt, Eddie❤❤
    (Others grunge band are great, but they were WONDERFUL)

  3. BJW414

    in the early '90s, mtv banned this video for controversial lyrics, even though it defends jesus & christianty.
    also, mtv banned 'hands all over' for controversial lyrics, even though it defends nature.

  4. Anton.lamb

    Okay people
    Watch this when your high

  5. ieatgrunge

    Dat bass is NASTY

  6. Take a Flight FPV

    i knew today wasn't going to end at work. lift me !

  7. Sherezade1988

    The intro reminds me of Sepultura so much

  8. Joseph Cribari

    *head banging intensifies*

  9. bodhisattva99

    I remember being blown away by this the first time I saw it and heard it. I was an instant fan!

  10. Delphi Lungwyn

    Way be4 our time

  11. Типичный Блэкушник

    Grunge Forever!

  12. Ezequiel Valdebenito

    El video es una copia a Sepultura. Falta de originalidad por parte de Soundgarden, aunque la canción es muy buena. Pero nunca hicieron buenos videoclips los soundgardens

  13. Wayne lawson

    Hope he's not in Hell.

  14. Frei Zeit

    Video editor:
    How many pictures of crosses you want ?

  15. objectivitycave11

    For God so loved the World that he gave them squirrels that whoever should believe in them would give thanks for their comedy, trees and air to breath. But the people, in their ignorance rejected the squirrels and killed them, so they were condemned. i love Christ, Yeshua... if you reject the squirrels, and hate them, odds are, you know nothing about Christ and in fact are a demon yourself. Pardon me, i abhor the religion that is based on breaking every commandment of Yah.. including taking the Lords name in vain by pretending like we are him.. aint nobody here Christ, oh but they need the slaves, peaceful, quiet, never to be true or reasonable in the post truth world..... ahhhhhhh, what a voice

  16. Leif Berg

    Chris, unb Eli evable pop muzic. Talk about mistaken identity. Mocking My Guy is like saying your music is shit. When really " IT'S " "The Shit" when you Come Home, keep that "Off My Wave"...Love Always..... never mind the pun.Cheers.

  17. Harshal

    When T posing was not popular.

  18. James Stewart in peace chris.x

  19. Paul Langberg

    don't be sad. chris did exactly what he wanted to do and fucking killed it along the way. oh. except for that audio slave shit. but any way... chris cornell forever!!! iisten to louder than love!

  20. Corinne Judith

    This us a very shameful video! Don't like this band anymore!

  21. Antonio Santomauro

    Miss you Chris

  22. Sebastián Andres

    Meo tema ctm

  23. obscurevideoguy

    Horrible video for a horrible and tremendously overrated band. Garbage

  24. Clown's Frowns 999

    First time I dropped acid at 15 I listened to this on repeat for about 4 hours. Literally staring at the ceiling letting this song completely consume me. The friend I was with was not amused however🤷

  25. Chilling Knautsch

    No reason for hit "dont like", kid!

  26. Æ N I Ǝ M A

    Worse band in all of grunge!!!


  27. Eric Bauer

    What the fuck happened to music? In less then 2 decades we went from killer bands like: Sound Garden, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, STP, Pearl Jam and so many more to absolute garbage. I'd rather listen to someone have explosive diarrhea than the music of today.

    This is one of the greatest songs, just fucking awesome!!!

    Thumbs up if you have the "Singles" soundtrack.

  28. Ben B

    some pain going on in this video. jesus didnt strugle as much as you think. the worst thing is having no one. the seperation on earth if no one likes us. if we feel no one likes us. how can we make a video blaming jesus, if we are hurting as a human? didnt we have freedom on earth? WHo messes us up? parents and their prescription drugs? neglect? when we get older we can escape. we cant stay in it when we are free now as adults

  29. quE esQuiLo

    Te um ataque epiléptico

  30. Abd Al Razzaq Murdock

    Shout out to all the load carriers and loaders. Peace and God bless

  31. Cyric London

    Thayil looks a lot like Jesus to me in this video. Uncanny. I am a Christian by the way, strong in the faith. I don't video this least bit troubling. I know exactly what message the authors are trying to send. What do you suppose the offering of the sand is representative of?

  32. Daniel Rajala

    Chris Cornell is a fucking legend...

  33. Kira CAMERON

    Jesus Christ Pose Will Always Be My Favorite Song EVER Written Kimmy Thayil

  34. Clac Clackerson

    Grunge: the genre that humour forgot.


    Clac Clackerson Only if you don't consider sarcasm, irony, or dark humour to be funny

    Clac Clackerson

    @Azraelmaximilian Of course they're funny. But grunge is really an American phenomenon, so I won't hold my breath waiting for you to provide examples.


    I mean this song is already an example, so you won't have to hold your breath at all

    Clac Clackerson

    @Azraelmaximilian I've always liked this song, but it ain't no thigh-slapper. Not that that's even important. Now, if you don't mind, point out the sarcasm or irony or dark humour in this song.

    Clac Clackerson

    It can be verbal or visual.

  35. Paul Brunelle

    Never have I wanted to hug my pillow after urinating on a NUN then after listening to this song back in 1991. It has FULL spectrum of my feelings and emotions. It's the day i knew I would die a massive Soundgarden fan! RIP Chris.

  36. carl laity

    sometimes you gotta admit that songs this good will never be made again R.I.P CC

  37. Dante zanelli

    Ammazza come spakkavano i SOUNDGARDEN!!! oggi questi miti sono solo nei ricordi felici di chi ha potuto ascoltarli o meglio vederli live ...quando ancora il cuore, la rabbia, la potenza il sentimento, il GROOVE erano elementi fondanti della musica rock ...oggi solo deserto!!!CLONIAMOLI!!!

  38. Kimberly Weaver

    I saw these guys during the 1996 Olympics in Underground Atlanta! God I can’t describe how insane that was. Beautiful.

  39. Ronaldo Thomé Júnior

    This clip would be censored even in our days!

  40. luiz guilherme moreira sales

    Está ai a decada de 90 os USA pra divulgar o Satanismo

  41. Stan TheObserver

    You can't pull that off in your 50's. I get why he did what he did.

  42. Kira CAMERON

    Kim Thayil is sooooo sexxxxy Call me Kimmy!!!!! Haha Looooovvveeee KIRA

  43. Chad Cassidy

    Thank you for everything Chris. You are my anti- depressant

  44. Zilda Peixoto

    AViado r e Força Aérea TELESP TELERJ Cristo Redentor Bom Dia!

  45. Zilda Peixoto

    Jair Bolsonaro come1948

  46. Zilda Peixoto

    Leites Serramar e Leites Zero...

  47. Zilda Peixoto

    Lembro com orgulho, eu tinha o CD

  48. S Gelfling

    This reminds me of selpultura 'arise' film clip but with effects haha

  49. just that michael

    We all love ya, Chris. *Rest in peace, buddy. : (* Thank you to the fans, as well, of course for keeping his spirit and music so alive too. ^^

  50. Shoe Gazer

    Can't tell if rockin out...or havin seizure 😵💫

  51. Sarah Boller

    Chris gave us his all 🖤💋✌

  52. Graham Black

    Jeez did Kim thayil always look like a 50 yr old dude

  53. ecabernet

    Still better edited than that Queens movie.

  54. Chase Morrison

    Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.

  55. Ma Rio

    this song happened really ...unBELIVEable! r.ip. chris ..tus

  56. Jens

    The album cover of Dirt by AIC was born in this video at 4:19

  57. dark ages

    i was a naive international undergrad early 90s. a CD mail club sends a list of albums to pick from.
    So i pick the CDs for Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath, Soundgarden-Badmotorfinger, Stone Temple Pilots-Core, RATM-RATM, Alice In Chains‎–Dirt and a few others.
    and things have never been the same afterwards...

  58. Elsa Debroglie

    You can tell he was going hungry in this video.

  59. Troy Ferguson

    Ya baby!!!!!!

  60. Andrew Hastings

    Getting old sucks...then I remember I was there at the beginning for this 👆🏻

  61. Dangerdom13

    Sounds metal.

  62. Matthew Ein Windir

    Basically, t pose meme.

  63. S. Yes

    Why the fuvk am I barely listening to this . I've missed out on greatness for years

  64. mwells219

    this songs sounds like a really milky bong hit.

  65. Ago Contealia

    Yeah, pegan beliefs are part of the Bible there King James.

    Ago Contealia

    Old testament and new. The king did like the version before his said.

  66. Cinder Man

    Man, these guys were badass.

  67. Kira CAMERON

    By Far the greatest Song Ever Written By My Husband Matt Cameron Love u Matt Cameron Husband!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😍🤩🤩😘😍

  68. Misterefe de faldo.

    Beautifull voice. What the fuck happen with his voice live at?

  69. Tony M

    Love this song

  70. Kira CAMERON

    It Wouldn't Pay Me More To Marry U Rich!!!!! than To Marry You Poooooooee!!!!

  71. Kira CAMERON

    Eric Cameron Call mommy Kira 412-713-1756

  72. Kira CAMERON

    Clearly My Husband Matt Cameron wrote the Greatest Song Ever Written Jesus Chriiiiiiiist Pooooooose

  73. Miss NunyaBidness

    When a certain mother in law claims to have been there when Jesus Christ Pose was written. 👌🙄🖕

    Kira CAMERON

    I believe U Hun!!! My 2nd Son Micah Cameron Was Born to Jesus Christ Pose In Carnegie!!!

  74. Ago Contealia

    The Bible is the greatiest work of fiction thanks to the Time Traveling Butt Monkies!

    Kira CAMERON

    The Bible is not fiction

    Ago Contealia

    @Kira CAMERON nor Is Solint green egg whites made with 50% goat cheese. But you wouldn't want to believe it the way the Narator says it is.

  75. Philip Scoggins

    Rip Cornell👀💓Amgrlgrip33 Ga/Pa/N.J./Az Im pretyy sure Jesus Christ Is and was A Heyoka Mafia cop Timetraveller... ⌛loop⏳


    This started the T Pose in fortnite

  77. tef legal

    Sfw (great movie)

  78. taicheng he

    I miss you Chris, May you Rest now In eternal Peace my brother! Thank you for your legacy and your beautiful art. Aloha homie! <3 :)

  79. Marc Eibel

    RiP. Chris Cornell.


    Na not lo Creo! I don't believe it isn't close to Sepultura. Sepultura los melhores!!🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

  81. carsonproctor

    To anyone who wants to try and play this song on drums, good luck with that. I've attempted time and time again, and JESUS, is it tough.

  82. Stan TheObserver

    The guy who looks and sings like this? Doesn't want any part of getting old or being some nostalgia band tour. None of that. They want to be cutting edge and new and fresh.

  83. ə m m a


  84. Marco Blättler

    Jesus Christ Pose ist jedesmal genial!
    Der Clip ist einfach super psychedelisch!!😉

  85. Lauri Saarinen

    Dammit, i love SG and Chris, one of the best rock singers EVER, but i hate the fact this song is a diss to Perry Farrell. In fact SG would have not gotten as big as they did without Jane's Addiction, like many, many bands in the 90s.

  86. h2 so4

    Bad to the Bone !!!

  87. Dario Presti

    Diossss cuánta furezaaaaa😱😱😱😱😱😱

  88. Gaming Madness

    Chris didn't have to flex on us like he did in Soundgarden but I'm glad he did. RIP

  89. BubbaZen10

    Wonder how this one went over when (if) he got there.

  90. matthew Paterson

    In the beginning Soundgarden was just another pretentious Seattle based trash music group, as you can hear in this awful, piece of crap song.

  91. Kira CAMERON

    Hiiii my Soundgarden Drummer Husband Matt Cameron

  92. Laila Feitosa

    Como se eu conduzisse os pregos...

  93. Ashley S.

    Love this band, song and vid so 😈🤘

  94. MemphoWrasslin1

    Eatin' chimachangas, eatin' chimachangas, eatin' chimachangas, eatin' chimachangas...

  95. Lena Austin

    What Flavor. Mmm mmm ricas!

  96. saketini99

    Great song, terrible video...

  97. Tv Set

    Jesus Christ pose... You can really feel the broken ribs that way...

  98. Kathryn Wilkey

    It’s like an episode of Star Trek TOS...