Soundgarden - I Awake Lyrics

Woke up depressed
I left for work
You have a good day
It's not your fault
I know it hurts

Remember, I love you, love you
Remember, I love you, love you
I love

Woke up depressed
I left for work
You have a good day
It's not my fault
I know it hurts

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Soundgarden I Awake Comments

    Como este peso me hace flotar?

  2. Jeremy Fallas Calderon CR

    Soundgarden + Sludge Metal =AMOR .....Poderosa cancion..

  3. Jello Spade

    Success does not equal happiness

  4. Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    Remember... I love you, love you!

  5. Mike Dub

    The lyrics of "I Awake" were originally part of a note written by Yamamoto's then girlfriend Kate McDonald. In the late 1990s, an urban legend circulated on internet message boards which stated that Yamamoto, after writing the music, wrote some lyrics on the back side of McDonald's note. When Yamamoto gave the paper containing these lyrics to Cornell, Cornell looked at the wrong side of the sheet and believed McDonald's note was the lyrics to Yamamoto's song.

    Short Tom

    I hope that's true because that's kinda hilarious and awesome at the same time

  6. Gianmaria Pecorari

    Love this soundgarden sound....Great

  7. Michelle Martin

    May 18, 2019, we still haven't forgot you Chris, remember, we love you, loveeeeeeeeeeeeee you!

  8. James Smith

    Woke up depressed


    O Sabbath Paralelo.

  10. Chris Simpson

    Remember Chris, we love you, looooooooooooooooooooooooove you!💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  11. Chris Simpson

    Love u forever Chris!

  12. Luciene da COSTA PEREIRA

    It was the most spectacular voice in the world. There will never be another one like Chris Cornell’s voice, not even in a million years.

  13. caloriferuzurpator Cosmin I get Soundgarden's influence on Korn

  14. Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    Lyrics please...

  15. Xavier Jamil

    Jesus is my friend

  16. Mike Cobb

    .the best shit...
    .i love u...i love u.....i love u....

    My jesus christ

  17. Limits98



    Woke up depressed
    I left for work
    You have a good day
    Good day
    It's not your fault
    I know it hurts

    Remember I love you
    Love you
    Remember I love you
    Love you
    I love

    Woke up depressed
    I left for work
    You have a good day
    Good day
    It's not your fault
    I know it hurts

    Remember I love you
    Love you
    Remember I love you
    Love you
    I love

    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you


  18. Andrew Sackville-West

    there are not enough updoots in the universe for this song and album


    Wow, Chris really had an impressive range. The way he hits some of those super high notes!

  20. Wayne-O

    it really fucking hurts..

    really bad.

  21. Major Hard on

    My real woman is the GODDESSS.... BOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU FUCKING SCUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or you will surely die....

  22. Major Hard on

    my REAL woman is magnificent.... 'YOU BLACK BASTASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!’

  23. Manny Badabing

    Sabbath meets Zep. ...\m/

  24. Brian Last

    That riff is badass



  26. rando guy

    This is probably in their top 5 for heaviest

    John Hamm

    I think it's their heaviest. It's so dark and pummeling.

  27. TheGreaterGood80

    Twisted sludge metal. Kim Thayil's guitar just sounds hellish

    Brian Last

    That riff man yeah man it drives u into hell

    Nicolás Riveros

    IKR, Kim just had a thing for doomy and dark riffs. Love it.

  28. springer 90

    Matt Cameron's drumming is Scary on this!

    Itachi Uchiha

    Very creepy song all together. And I fucking love the horror

  29. house maniac

    I hear this song when i m angry

  30. Mike Reseigh

    the beginning A long lost friend brought it by when it came out. Changed me

  31. Jeff Darnell

    Soundgarden was better with Hiro...definitely...

    Cassady Schaub

    I think Ben is better. I mean don't get me wrong Hiro was really good especially helping with songs (or creating ones like this) but still Ben has written some really good ones to

    Jeff Darnell

    Cassady Schraub Yeah..but Hiro was a major founding member. When you were around during the DEFINITELY matters.

    Jeff Darnell

    He wrote this tune also...

    Spicy Special

    Slow your roll Jeff ole buddy. Hiro was solid, but Ben has that attitude. Love both those guys.

  32. Andressa Rangel Bundy

    This is a really fucking song , Learn with it Brazil please .

  33. scooter Dave

    this song had always dug at me like a rat in a hot pot . placed on a prisoners stomach. it just gets to you.

  34. Manu Redrum

    This song is so full of rage and power.. love it!

  35. Gpz Mac

    Can we say this is an underrated álbum? no remaster, no reissue... no bonus tracks... no box set... Strange record, some flower blues metal power with some grunge underneath? Still heavy. Great band.

    Jan Jose

    Definitely Underrated...I think Louder Than Love is right up there with albums like Badmotorfinger, Superunknown.....

  36. Mark Skyscraper

    I never sleep because I love my job. LOL

  37. Lou Berg

    Oh shit i almost forgot about the song Little Joe!!!Donovan Davis.dude Nazi driver is a bad ass personal favorite is incessant mace tho..but like i say that album is my favorite..but i love soundgarden always and forever!!!!

  38. Lex

    THE BEST!!!!

  39. Holden

    My favourite Soundgarden song. Nobody can sing like this anymore.

  40. Zentrika Los Cristianos


    house maniac

    Porca di quella troia della vergine Maria che lo piglia in culo dai cavalli Cristo redentore Delle mie palle San Pietro e San Paolo rotti in culo

    house maniac

    Porco dio

  41. james foley

    Woke up depressed
    I left for work
    You have a good day
    It's not your fault
    I know it hurts
    Remember, I love you

    Damn it man. I thought you got past that. Why leave like that?

    Michael Blaine

    Not his words

  42. rainygirl65

    Remember I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU .......

  43. titanium expose


  44. Ernesto Nicolás Vásquez Navarrete

    R.I.P Grunge Master.

    M.L. Crow

    R.I.P. Vocal Master

  45. Unpopular Opinion

    R.I.P Chris. My heart hurt when I heard the news today. Felt like a Tyson punch and I tried not to lose it when I was driving and Hurt by Nine Inch Nails came on the radio.

  46. ADS MSU

    Say hello to heaven Chris. You will be missed. RIP. 😞

  47. NoComment Gaming

    Wake up Chris, this isn't funny anymore!

  48. Barbara Gordon

    I know it hurts. Thank you for the great music and great fucking memories. RIP.

  49. ABC

    RIP Chris, your fans love you too.

  50. Brock Johnson

    six people went to sleep

  51. Johnathan D

    the end breaks my heart

  52. Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    Credits to Hiro Yammamoto, who wrote the lyrics of this song.


    He wrote the song. Hiro's girlfriend wrote the lyrics. This is supposed to be love letter for him, not a song lyric.

  53. bronsonlee777

    Hiro Yamamoto wrote this song.


    She was Hiro's girlfriend. The lyrics were taken from a note she left Hiro one morning

    M.L. Crow

    Ok, thanks for the info.

    Jeff Darnell

    Hiro was one of the major reasons the band came together.

    Dineen Serpa

    Hiro's contribution was so underrated. Kim brought the heavy, but Hiro brought the weird. Lotta people saying that Badmotorfinger is their heaviest or best or whatever. After Hiro left, my friends and I knew things were going to be different. I blame Chris' serial killer mustache.

    Chris Carter

    @Dineen Serpa  I don't disagree with you at all. Kim is the heavy and Hiro was the weird but the reason Ben worked is because is weird and writes weird shit too. I still say that to this day Badmotorfinger is EASILY one of the top 3 heavy albums(actually just top 3 period) from top to bottom. I got into Soundgarden in 86 due to the fact I grew up in Fayetteville(Fort Bragg), NC so I benefit of that was I used to get hold of all kinds of bootlegs of bands most had never heard. Anyway my main point it is awesome to be discussing crazy music details of one of the greatest bands ever with another music nerd!!!

  54. Miguel Mtz

    where is the fucking lyric? hijo de puta. y siii... soy mexicano puto y porfa pon la letra

  55. Johnathan D

    This song breaks my heart

  56. John Flynn

    soooo heavy when it came out!

  57. NewSkin

    That shit is just so friggin badass. I get chills through the whole thing, specially at that intro scream... goddamn fuck, Chris isn't human


    Incubus??!? FUCK YEAH HOMIE


    *high five*

  58. fernando mendiola

    i love grunge

  59. kimchipower

    My favourite Soundgarden song. It's so different from anything else they've produced. Odd lyrics, odd song, but crazy wailing and some really interesting guitar stuff. Thumbs up.

    M.L. Crow

    Yeah, too bad they didn't keep it that way musically (I mean this is my favorite Soundgarden era...early Soundgarden, doomy and heavy)...just my personal opinion nevermind.

  60. Jeffrey Washer

    This song is just badass & Soundgarden had that dark heavy vibe perfect on it

  61. breeanna Dorough

    This song sounds so much like the Dazed And Confused cover by Led Zeppelin.

  62. Guru Jeff

    Wow, I hear so much Alice In Chains in this. I mean that in only the best possible way. Soundgarden and AIC are two of my favorite bands from this time

    Jdry 1234 BLANKENSHIP

    Until the record companies sold them as grunge.

    Chris Carter

    @TheGreaterGood80 BAMMM!!!! Thank you for dropping the knowledge bomb I was about to unload. Well Done! The Melvins influence EVERYBODY. Buzz taught Kim from Soundgarden drop D tuning. And Kurt Cobain admitted when he started a band he wanted to be a combination of the Melvins and the Pixies.  I'm rambling but thanks for correcting this thread.

    Do Hoeijmans

    Jeff Ghendar This could be an AIC song for sure!


    Jdry 1234 BLANKENSHIP yep, once nirvana hit, both bands who were marketed as metal previously, suddenly became “grunge.” That retroactive marketing has happened quite a bit. My favorite one is Pantera. Pantera, largely considered a thrash band (vulgar display of power forward) became known as “groove metal” retroactively.

    Chris Simpson

    Me too, they were the best Bands out of Seattle or anywhere in or around the world imo.

  63. C. John Smith

    I wake up depressed and go to work. But I don't have anyone to say "Remember, I love you."

    It's not my fault and it hurts.

    Rakhee Mishra

    Remember, I love you.

    Michael Blaine

    He’s talking to you,remember

    Michelle Martin

    Love everyone in here, stay positive! Be good to each other.

    CORNELL 2710

    @C.John Smith Remember, I love you Love you..Love you...

  64. Mark Cox

    This was dedicated to Chris's friend Andrew Woods, Chris's roomate, and he was the vocalist for Mother Love Bone.


    +Alex Murray actually it's a letter by Kate McDonald, Hiro's girlfriend, to Hiro. That's why she got lyrical credit for it. It's probably the only original song by SG that doesn't have a member as a credited writer of the lyrics.

    Sidney Murray

    @TheImmortalCheneys oh right


    This record sold well. Until today, from time to time, mysterious checks of a hundred dollars arrive at Kate's mailbox.

    Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    Andre was also vocalist and bassist of the grunge band: Malfunkshun. I think Malfunkshun is and will be always better than Fucking Love bone.


    Jefferson Araujo Good to know, but it’s been established already that Andrew Wood had nothing to do with this song’s writing.

  65. handymandan100

    True Nirvana fans love Bleach best. I think this is the album that true Soundgarden fans love best.

    Richard Friend

    yup./ :)

    rando guy

    I like in utero. Im such a poser and I deserve to die

    critical of onions

    I see you all over youtube man, you got great taste!

    Michael Blaine

    Idk man,I’ve been a huge SG fan from Screaming Life/Fopp to King Animal and IMO their greatest was Down On The Upside since I feel each album of their original run got better everytime

  66. Roadkill Squatpump

    One of their heaviest songs

  67. Spacey Dafke

    Soundgarden chills me to the bone...25 years and it never bores me!!!  All time favorit! 

  68. michael murphy

    How does this song only have 678 views? My friend, back when I was maybe 13yrs old (31 now) bought me the Loud Love VHS as a present after he visited his family in the states. Since that day I listened to this song for the first time that guitar riff still gives me chills.


    blame pop my friend.


    It's not your fault.  I know it hurts.