Soundgarden - Holy Water Lyrics

Holy water on the brain
And I'm losing sleep
Holy bible on the night stand
Next to me
As I'm raped by
Another monkey circus freak
Trying to take my
Indignance away from me
Holy water is rusting me
Bloody murder is the best
I've heard her scream
Holy devil in the flesh
Some might believe
And they take thine
Majesty so seriously
It's the big lies
That are more likely to be believed
Holy water is rusting me
Damn the water if it's life
You want to drink
Mnd your mother if
It makes you feel at ease
As you're raped by another
Monkey circus freak
It's the big lies that are
More likely to be believed

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Soundgarden Holy Water Comments
  1. Manny Badabing

    I can't stop listening to this song. Eeek. Heavy, psychedelic, melodic, gut bucket, badass. RIP Soundgarden. Best band of the 90s.

  2. 549charger

    The world is less interesting without Chris

  3. ace V

    yeah yeah rusting me. Me perhaps these kinda songs seem to have infinite durability

  4. Kantor DB

    This song never gets old. Definitely a hidden gem from Badmotorfinger

  5. drumdust

    Badmotorfinger is the album that got me into Soundgarden.
    Nearly 30 years ago now :o

  6. dannku22


  7. Kantor DB

    Pearl Jam and Soundgarden >>>>

  8. springer 90

    Matt Cameron is a beast behind those drums!


    Cris sang a lot in this album! Very powerful voice,one of the best vocalists of 90`s!

  10. TheBhunt1

    His voice on this song - wow

  11. Mister Barnes

    Vocals on the chorus are absolutely ridiculous man. Chris "the killer" Cornell

  12. Charles Carver

    The Doors and Black Sabbath

  13. Keith Kramer

    You cannot compare this to today’s music it’s a shame the style don’t still exist.

  14. Odell Weaver Minus2Muskegon

    Groovy. Im comment 420. Hahaha

  15. Jason Brand

    Holy Barter

  16. Andy81 Andy81

    Amazing band.

  17. Beef

    Holy water rousting me

  18. Mac Hugo


  19. Frank Rogers

    Great vocals, I know what he means.

  20. Joe Dimino

    How did I forget about this song?

  21. drumdust

    20 years old and the album I got into them with.

  22. the witchfinder general

    Me and this album had some strange trips in high school

  23. Justin D.

    Best soundgarden song. 4th of July second.

  24. Ana Beatriz Thomaz Fernandes

    Música foda como todas de todas quem é grunge se manifesta ai

  25. Michelle Martin

    May 18, 2019, We remember! RIP eternal legend!

  26. Michelle Martin

    Soundgarden was the sound track of my youth, Chris you will always be love d, and remembered for all the great music you contributed to this world. God bless you and your children..

  27. Arthur Morgan

    How come they never performed this live?

  28. Shawn Bowers

    That short guitar solo ROCKS so hard.

  29. SwankyRL

    This riff man... This riff is so damn DIRTY

  30. Andrew Brunner

    first soundgarden song i have ever listened to and its so underrated , the haunting riff in the beginning is pure badassery!

  31. Tristian Montoya

    The whole fucking world misses you Chris.
    Thank you..

  32. Chris Simpson

    His voice set my world on fire, rest easy King of Grunge, we will never forget you, love you always Chris!


    Imagine if Chris sang Light my Fire? :D

    Chris Simpson

    @Tony Damn!

    Keith Kramer

    You said it he is the king of grunge And no other can compare.

  33. John Hamm

    Kim Thayil doesn't get enough love as a guitarist. Great riffs and grooves.

    A A

    John Hamm 100%

  34. Jonathon Fuqua

    Good dose of Hendrix influence shining on this song.

  35. John Mitchell

    Road Rash made me realize I should become a sound garden fan :)

  36. B L

    One of my most fav SG songs

  37. James Romano

    Easily one of the most bad ass songs ever written. Perfect example of Cornell's superior vocal prowess in low and high range.

  38. Backspacer12

    If Sabbath and Zeppelin had a baby

  39. Jon Parker

    from 4:37 and of the HEAVIEST endings to a song EVER!!! GOOD LORD!!!

  40. Nick Yelovich

    Holy Riffage

  41. Vince Cabanban

    This track is super funky!!!! Some Hendrix vibes goin on!

  42. Adam Gitan

    I recall brad pitt taking a rip out of a converted honey bear

  43. Matias Salcedo

    Good song!

  44. Limits98


    Holy water on the brain
    And I'm losing sleep
    Holy bible on the night stand
    Next to me

    As I'm raped by
    Another monkey circus freak
    Trying to take my
    Indignance away from me
    From me

    Holy water is rusting me
    Holy water is rusting me
    Is rusting me
    Rusting me

    Bloody murder is the best
    I've heard her scream
    Holy devil in the flesh
    Some might believe

    And they take thine
    Majesty so seriously
    Cause it's the big lies
    More likely to be believed

    Holy water is rusting me
    Holy water is rusting me
    Is rusting me
    Rusting me

    Damn the water if it's life
    You want to drink
    Mind your mother if
    It makes you feel at ease

    As you're raped by another
    Monkey circus freak
    Cause It's the big lies
    More likely to be believed

    Holy water is rusting me
    Holy water is rusting me
    Holy water is rusting me
    Is rusting me
    Rusting me

    Rusting me
    Rusting me,
    Rusting me

  45. Jon Parker

    GOOD LORD!!! besides this song, and the rest of this albums vocals which are frikkin MAD!!! from 4:40 on is just plain vocal RELIGION !!! This is by far one of the absolute HEAVIEST ENDINGS to a song!!!!! Hard to believe this music is almost 28 years old...WTF???

  46. Elton Saraçi

    badmotorfinger's anniversary today. cheers guys! the album that changed my life <3

  47. Tyler Graves

    Chris is God

  48. Gator Xv

    Favorite on the album

  49. IhateGary

    Perfection, definitive 90s sound. Vocals are unmatched

  50. Winter Queen

    one of the greatest talents ever on planet earth . rest in peace Chris Cornell

  51. Itachi Uchiha

    I work out to this album.

    gene bingle

    Itachi Uchiha I do too!


    This and Core are great albums to exercise to

  52. Florence Beasley had everything...why???!

  53. Rocky Evans

    Best song ever. By sound Garden. So is my opinion. Are you sure yes O! yes. (?)

  54. the witchfinder general

    RIP Chris, also Matt’s drumming on this is genius

  55. Tararyze 11

    Damnnnn! I said GOD DAMMMNNNN!!

  56. Longest Plague

    One of my favourite Chris Cornell tracks, love the vocal range

  57. Vcorr

    AIC and Soundgarden >>>

    James Romano

    Yes!!! The 2 clear superior bands from this era.

    Ashton Harrison

    Nirvana >>>>>>>>>>>>>

    1nf3rnal D3str0y3r

    @Ashton Harrison nirvana is lame

    John Hamm

    Soundgarden basically spearheaded the whole Seattle scene and influenced many others, they were the most daring and experimental Seattle band. And when they went heavy they were the heaviest. They are always #1 for me. AIC is second. Never got into Nirvana or Pearl Jam much.

  58. Ian Flanagan

    sound garden had way more in common with bands like kyuss, tool, the melvins and black sabbath than bands like nervana, pearljam, STP and AIC. AIC is sludgy/doomy as well but not in the same way sound garden was.

    Adam Bletcher

    too good

  59. Manny Badabing

    RIP Chris. Such a great voice. Ridiculous, sick voice.

  60. M.L. Crow

    cause it's the big lies are more likely to be believed, believed

  61. Lawrence Lawson

    God! How I miss Chris !!!

  62. koolsamarkand

    RI Motherfucking P

  63. Mr K

    Don't forget to check out the lesser known but just as good Seattle bands, like Gruntruck.

    Gruntruck - Gruntruck (2017 re-release)

  64. Rocky H

    It is stupid to compare different singers because some singers don't have a variable range but they can make personable songs Chris Cornell had both qualities and he had that distorted highs in the same ranges Ronnie James Dio and Brian Johnson that unleashed the wolf and you can t always learn that skill in a school for vocals.

  65. okbaez3

    This is kinda sounds like a grunge Beatles

    Joshua Ibarra

    okbaez3, Sounds more like Sabbath with some Zeppelin thrown in xD


    Soundgarden , is like listening to Sabbath & Zeppelin at the same time very Cool.

    golden turd Zeniru

    They both had huge influence in soundgarden...


    Black SoundZeppelin?

  67. ButtrapedByBigfoot

    So what is up with that monkey circus freak line? Can somebody enlighten me


    Rocky Evans Cool man, appreciate the response. Peace

  68. Florence Coach

    At 4:40 it really kicks. R.i.p. Chris.

  69. Alec Sousa

    Que música do caralho

  70. Rogerio Cardoso De Amorim

    SAMPA, 22/01/18 | 19:53. Pra sempre Soundgarden.

  71. LuLu Rodriguez

    90's Grunge at its Best! There is no other and no other shall there ever be. "Rest in Peace Chris"

  72. Xelsear


  73. Baron Saturday

    Of all the people in this world I never personally met, this man's death hit me the hardest by far. RIP Chris.


    Weiland also hit me pretty hard

    Liddy Doo

    I'm right there with you man. The shit just doesn't make sense.

    Josh S

    I understand Cornel ,Stayley, Weiland and Dimebag Darell all hit the the hardest .

    zig zag

    And I had tickets for the week after

  74. Lieutenant Dude

    Every song with that low B is amazing.

  75. sn4keyPete

    Best rock and roll vocalist. Period.

    James Romano

    I third that

    Keith Kramer

    He was incomparable to them all

  76. Metalllians86

    this song is like being punch in the face!!!!

  77. andrew harrier

    I love them I was a 90s kid I grew up with this shit between my ears courtesy of my CD Walkman tucked in my pocket haha JK no I'm serious

  78. Dave Baggs

    I'm a 45 year old man, lived through many decades of music. This is the greatest album I ever heard in my life! Possibly the greatest song as well!

    Keith Kramer

    It is the greatest album......period


    The best album for sure... My personal favourite is mind riot... Though this song is mind blowing... And Matt Cameron plays like his life depends on it....

  79. Rich Vandel

    I poled in on this jamoke's sign in, but I'm Jackie Lyn Hurley, aka Sunni Cameron Cornell, the SoundGarden Fairie, I don't give a shit, call the cops then. I'm a hostage, and Cameron you are supposed to haul your queer ass to the Crisis Center on Lane and get me. Now do it. Fuku.

  80. Rich Vandel

    See, I'm just the kind of ninny to prance around in a state of complete idiocy telling people I'm married to both those queers, Cameron AND Cornell. And I do. Who gives a shit, I'm Sunni Cameron Cornell. SoundGarden Fairie. I may be done, I'm not sure. Fuku.

  81. Rich Vandel

    SoundGarden Fairie speaks. Not this jamoke. Who in the fuk decided to sell that stale Jello that Cornell hung himself? Nigga please, I think he'd bung Matt Cameron first, and maybe he did. I heard Cameron is a queer. Cornell, if you're dead, can you hear me? Cameron, who do you like to pound? Fuku I'm done.

  82. Winter Queen

    I love this album to death

  83. lkjs1000

    This song fucking kicks ass.

    Still sad for Chris. RIP legend.

  84. Sleekcartim .sleekcartim

    Your sorely missed ...RIP wherever you are Chris Cornell

  85. Renee Boggs

    04/18/92 the day I saw Soundgarden for the 1st time. The presence of Cornell on stage was powerful. 25 years later and no other band has come close to the power of Soundgarden. R.I.P Chris Cornell

  86. Candace D

    Rest in Peace Chris Thank you

  87. The Archard

    Still stings like I heard it only a minute ago. Chris... You will be missed so, so much, brother.

  88. Luis Santiago

    Chris can finally rest in peace.

  89. John Esquivel

    My personal favorite song, "RIP Chris" your lyrics helped me through the hard years of growing up
    I love your music thank you for all the great years, I love you brother Say Hello to Heaven for me
    see you one day there ...........................

  90. Aldinei Tomaz

    grande banda e uma grande voz ainda nao acredito que o crhis se foi.Nao consigo entender . Um salve para este grande homem,cantor,frontman,letrista e ser humano

  91. Campbell Doyon

    RIP Chris. A true legend

  92. Birch Mahogany

    one of those bands that are truly timeless. brilliant song writers. rip Chris, super shitty that you're gone 😢

  93. Paul Elmer

    this cd was killer from start to finish

  94. Lance Burnworth

    22 people don't agree,the number of the fool

  95. Doug Walker

    Holy Guitar!