Soundgarden - Face Pollution Lyrics

I can count it on my fingers
I've got all my reasons not to feel
I'm numb as rigor mortis
Scared by monkey faces
Drowned in shark fins
But I don't feel like feeling
Feeling like you
Now I'm in the mirror
Now it's getting clear
I fear that I'm in you
Now I'm into plastics
Now I've made a mask
It looks like fish heads
But I don't feel like feeling
Feeling like you
Face pollution
Face pollution
Face pollution
Face pollution

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Soundgarden Face Pollution Comments
  1. ThePaperPrince

    Super punk inspired

  2. Bryan L. Morrison

    As a society, we should all come together and face pollution.

  3. Alessandro Ferrara

    Hey dudes, take a look at my drum cover! i love this song :)

  4. Kharn


    When you turn the shower handle all the way to the right.

  5. aceand2face


  6. Boaby Tremendous

    "Coptic times" Bad Brains

  7. Chris Simpson

    FACE POLLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;;;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Asep Sumanjaya

    Revolution, revolution, revolution!!

  9. Nick Yelovich

    This song always reminded me of "Rats In The Cellar" by Aerosmith.

  10. Aaron Stark

    The songs Ben Shepherd wrote have always been my favorite Soundgarden songs. He gave the band a real edge and punk attitude.

  11. Mihkel

    That G5 at 2:05!

  12. Gooby Goob

    Soundgarden had a truly unique sound. Their base sound was grunge, but they also had a ton of heavy metal influence. Pure beauty.

  13. Justin

    Sounds a bit like Manimal by Germs, great song

  14. Luis Rodas

    Pearl jam, Soundgarden, Alicen in chains, Mudhoney, The melvins, Mad season, Stone temple pilots real grunge

    Hair Razor Detox

    Luis Rodas SG is stoner doom. Only nirvana could be called grunge ,

    Nu-Metalfan 23

    @Hair Razor Detox Nope, Soundgarden is the true Grunge sound. Imo I don’t think Nirvana were ever truly a Grunge band. The true Grunge sound originates from the 70’s Bluesy Hard Rock and early Metal sound of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Deep Purple. The true Grunge bands are Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Gruntruck, My Sister’s Machine, Screaming Trees, Temple Of The Dog, Skin Yard and Mad Season.

    Nu-Metalfan 23

    @Luis Rodas. Mudhoney are Punk and The Melvins are Sludge Metal. The rest I agree with though.

    Hair Razor Detox

    @Nu-Metalfan 23 as far as "grunge " it was only a TERM used by first record co. when they were talking to a magazine about nirvana sound . soundgarden was first a DOOM rock sabbath guitar sound . is no grunge style

    Nu-Metalfan 23

    @Hair Razor Detox Most of the actual bands that were labeled Grunge have that 70’s bluesy Hard Rock influenced sound. Bands like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains etc etc are Grunge bands and they are the true sound. Grunge may have been originally a term to describe Nirvana, but the sound of Grunge became something different.

  15. Pig Ford

    Badmototfinger is the best album to ever come out of Seattle...Nevermind is a great record & so is Ten but this album is flawless from beginning to end...a monster fuckin band in their prime...sadly we will never see bands like this again,everybody wants to be a rapper these days

    Peter Stiff

    I didn't need the speak and spell I thought that was dumb. There were 2 'slow' tunes. At the time Ozzy or or Pantera would have slow songs too. That's what records were. Comparison being sg slow better than others. But not as good as sg. It should be the best album ever with 10 mins cut and nothing in it's place.

  16. Pig Ford

    Between 91-94 Soundgarden were without peers when it came to just kick ass rock&roll...fuckin Cornell howled as much as he sang & the other guys were super tight...the only other band I can compare them to would be Led Zep...a few years later I would say Tool as well & Pantera but that's it,Cornell in his prime ? He was a fuckin beast

  17. Lyle Chippah

    1:51 one of the great rock drumming moments

  18. redioss de la ostia

    Soundgarden IS THE BEST!!!! happy mi hart all mornings <3 soundgarden <3 old band. Kisses whit ESPAIN!!!!. VIVA EL METAL!!!
    \m/ \(^o^)b

  19. Nathan Lerud

    unless she can be genuinely happy for me

  20. Nathan Lerud

    im pretty sure ashley wasnt a surrogat i dont know theyve used them for a few weeks but regardless someones gonna be pissed if she was cause she was the only exception to my model wife i said mileys gonna be really upset regardless at some point

  21. Joe Neis

    What a legendary band. This is one of my favorite tunes by them. With so many time-signature changes, thought-provoking lyrics and tempo-shifts, they give out a nice prog-rock vibe. Soundgarden is the Rush of Grunge. Truely epic. RIP Chris Cornell. You might be dead, but your music LIVES ON!


    The Rush of Grunge. I like it.

    Peter Stiff

    Fuck that. Because cc was awesome and gl is garbage on fire. Yuck. If I was a nun with a ruler I'd beat you silly.

  22. Lars Erik Tobias

    Is it fair to call soundgarden diesel grunge?

  23. Jeffrey Sammon

    When I was kid, I thought he was saying "fight for a show"

  24. James J

    Chris.s musical legacy is enormous. so original.

  25. Your Majesty

    If your not sure whether Kim thayil is great or not, this track should provide the answer

  26. MrPepsoid

    "I don't feel like feeling..." - more poignant now... 😢

    Quentin Elliott

    MrPepsoid rip harambe

  27. TodayWasAGoodDay9

    RIP Chris.  Best album from SG.

    William Theresini

    TodayWasAGoodDay9, without a doubt!

  28. Mark W

    Soundgarden wasn't just a grunge band. They were complex, heavy and kick ass. Chris, your legacy will be with us forever. Rest in peace.


    this album was like a bridge from 80s rock/metal to grunge. like, the perfect bridge. RIP Chris, you will be missed big time.

    Terry McNamara

    Never considered THE GARDEN a grunge band at all

    Itachi Uchiha

    Soundgarden is just soundgarden. Mix of hard rock and metal of multiple kinds even sources of blues. Chrises voice transcends everything tbh hes notorious with his covers of all genres. He was the best in my opinion.

  29. Mich jj

    RIP C.C :(

  30. Michael Shannon

    The news brought me here :-(

  31. Wayne Rowe

    Can't believe he's gone, fuck fuck fuck

  32. Thräshstalker

    R.I.P. Chris Cornell

  33. ecxpac


  34. Daniel Young


  35. rebecca reed


  36. J. Rider

    Fear the garden of sound MOOHOOHAHAHAHA

  37. Marcelo Favio P.

    I can count it on my fingers
    I've got all my reasons not to feel
    I'm numb as rigor mortis
    Scared by monkey faces
    Drowned in shark fins

    But I don't feel like feeling
    Feeling like you

    Now I'm in the mirror
    Now it's getting clear
    I fear that I'm in you
    Now I'm into plastics
    Now I've made a mask
    It looks like fish heads

    But I don't feel like feeling
    Feeling like you

    Face pollution [Repeat: x4]

  38. Anon yMous

    How could someone POSSIBLY dislike THIS????????????!!!!!!!?????????!!!?!?!

    Robert I

    Alicemudgarden90 - Thank God I don't listen more crappy music. Now I'm into great acts like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains

  39. Lerumo


    s staners

    Keep listening.


    Good now you only have 21 years to go to catch up to me


    Looks like you got shinned the f*** OUT!!!!

  40. VisciousPhishes

    Matt Fucking Cameron.


    You can say that again! Matt Fucking Cameron! BAM!

  41. Ian

    Welcome to first generation grunge rock, home of riffs that stick in your mind and make you headbang just thinking of them.

  42. Sims Chadwick

    Matt Cameron

    Alessandro Ferrara

    Sir Matt Cameron

    Sims Chadwick

    I wore this cassette tape out. Then I got the cd. Sad to see master Chris Cornell go but I hope he has found peace.

    Nicolás Riveros

    Matt *Fucking Cameron

  43. karvarna

    1 of my favs by Soundgarden.... yes please, anytime this crazy song!! *
    (& all this album lol)

  44. George Bowles

    best soundgarden song


    not a chance...

    John Huff

    No but high up there

  45. dekkard

    Agreed 100%

  46. Vann Coughanour

    That scream near the end thats buried under the guitars is probably one of my favorite Chris screams

  47. mikey41rules


  48. mikey41rules

    Yeh it's the same thing with Kickstand.

  49. parallax88

    A sonic hollowpoint to the brain! It is nearly impossible to listen to this song and not head bang.

  50. goblin foz

    I love Soundgarden and all of their songs, but this is the one I like the least. It's all because of this random high-pitched sound that annoys the fuck out of me (1:25 - 1:27 and 1:46 - 1:50) and I don't get why they'd think it would work. It just plain ruins the song for me.


    you're nuts this song goes crazy

  51. Jack Mancuso

    "i don't feel like feeling"

    this song rules. also Matt Cameron is a beast

  52. Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy

    Today's forecast, 95% chance of fucks-I-don't-give raining down from the sky. Also windchill factor of does-it-really-matter? degrees.

  53. Skyler Gray

    You might want to check your math, but the point is understood.

  54. uncannyrich


  55. Kristian Nørregaard

    Yeah, me to...xD

  56. AmericaSpoken

    Thanks for Rochelle !!
    Thanks for Rochelle !!
    Thanks for Rochelle !!
    Thanks for Rochelle !!

  57. GhANeC

    damn strait

  58. Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy

    You could argue that this is a 6 minute song played twice as fast.

  59. Cryogenics12

    If I'm ever in a bigass bar fight with bottles, chairs, and fists flying everywhere this is the song I will have playing.

  60. Joey Lee .Ledford

    i have all my reasons not to feel

    Peter Stiff

    Gay photo

  61. Dave B

    I think this needs to be my ringtone.


  62. lucy cobaine

    well,me too but maybe not beat someones ***,,,,,,just maybe be motivated to do something ! lol but yea,GREAT song

  63. Tttribe1

    1:52 Holy shit, Matt!!
    My favourite Soundgarden song, makes me feel like nothing can stop me when I walk in the streets.

  64. Ian Barker

    Those people must have a terrible time with punk rock.

  65. ManhuntRuler 1993


  66. Martin Giroux

    A tout les Québecois sur cette video: FAX PAS LE CHAT!!!!

  67. rimefrostkitten

    this album is just so under rated!

  68. jasfromoz

    @freboi Soundgarden = All Killer, No Filler.

  69. Grey ParadEYEgm

    @plarles SAME HERE!

  70. plarles

    This song is my alarm clock. Start the day right.

  71. Titsmcgee9001

    If Soundgarden wanted to, they would be an insane Post-Hardcore band. Except they are awesome, so they write music like this instead.

  72. 1zv

    killer song, killer breakdown. a beast of a sg song.

  73. xxrockon83

    This is the most bad-ass song I've ever heard. That riff just makes me want ot punch someones. Long live Soundgarden.

  74. Smokey McBongwater

    @maximilian208 woah your so cool...

  75. Raptor015

    How the fuck can anyone say that this song is filler? It's probably the hardest song to for any band member to play on the whole album of Badmotorfinger, and it's full of energy and drive. Hell, Matt Cameron's skill playing this alone is enough to make me listen to this. Stupid people. There was no filler on Badmotorfinger, excepting possibly New Damage (I didn't really like it that much personally).

  76. Beeswax, like

    This is NOT a filler. Just takes listening to it realize that. If anyone called it a filler it's some superficial thing like comparing it's shortness to all the big heavy songs on the album or something. If Soundgarden ever had fillers, there were none on Badmotorfinger. I'm not too fond of New Damage or Holy Water, but fillers they aren't.

    Chuck Brummer

    I agree with you that this album was SOLID from start to finish. The best album of this era. But I must disagree about Holy Water. It's my favorite song on the album. In fact New Damage was also stellar. THE WHOLE ALBUM IS PERFECT!

    Lucas Lopes

    Holy Water is brilliant

    Peter Stiff

    It was mandatory to slow 1-2 songs down. Boo

  77. Tony Bologna


    woah, buddy, take it easy

  78. musiclover01ization

    @maximilian208 Why do you think metal is gay when these guys were influenced by metal? GTFO because you know nothing about music.

  79. chupioftheloom

    Still thinking this is a "filler" song?All you need is MOSH!!!!

  80. Fetish of Death

    what filler !?! This band kills it..most under rated riffing in rock history

  81. Alenthas

    Filler or no, this song ROCKS! Best fucking album ever!


  82. benjawmino

    You can't listen just once...

  83. crimsonsamuraiftw

    @1AlphaMeTalHeaD You mean in the late 80's? :) as it took the rest of the music world a couple of years to catch up.

  84. 1madmaxx80

    Fuckin' raw tune! \m/

  85. JerFhilm

    looks like fishes :D

  86. tanvir bajwa

    soundgarden is one of the greatest bands ever..haha im wearing a loud love tee shirt right now

  87. Perin Vazquez

    freboi's gotta high school i used to gun the engine of my mom's '90 Mercury Sable listening to those guitar sounds, & it's got to be one of my favorite records of all time to sing along to...

  88. Marcel Stajnko

    very nice song 5*

  89. telemov

    This song blows my mind more now than it did then. Outstanding on so many levels.

  90. Immoral Flame

    Harmonix needs to hurry up and release this entire album as DLC for Rock Band.

  91. Dhruv Verma

    rigor mortis!

  92. katia pitzianti

    @freboi In my opinion there is no filler in Badmotorfinger

  93. warezIbanez

    This is what's awesome about bands like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and even Megadeth; they don't write filler songs on their albums.

  94. Brad Smith

    The only good album by Soundgarden period.

  95. goldenagenut

    Kick ass song, this was so good live when I saw them,one of the best rock and roll albums EVER!

  96. ApplachiaMarv

    IMO, Soundgarden doesn't have any "filler." It's a shame if anyone feels that way; they're missing out on some really great music.

    Cornell's lyrical talents are above and beyond what it takes to succeed in rock. And ironically, that may be the reason SG remained underrated. His lyrics were/are often misinterpreted and people thought of him as a depressive drug addict who would off himself. We now see Cornell and Cobain had little in common. Perception is everything, I guess.

  97. freboi

    This was always one of my favorite tracks. Other people apparently viewed it as nothing more than filler...

    I dunno, just always filled me with energy. Always had an urge to go out and beat someones ass after listening to it.

  98. Des O'Connor

    What an intellectual debate.

  99. The30YearOldVirgin

    What's wrong with you two?! Can't you just appreciate SG's beautiful music?!