Soundgarden - Dusty Lyrics

I think it's turning back around
And I think I like it
I think it's turning back around
Though I don't know why it is
I think it's turning back on me
I'm down on the upside
I think it's turning back on me
Now I'm the good ride

And nothing's gonna put me out
It's backing down and under
I'm down on the upside now
It's turning back around
Turning back around

I think it's coming on the wind
Just like you said it
I think it's coming on the wind
And I'm gonna let it

I think it's turning back on me
Everything's easy
I think it's turning back on me
Everything's real to me

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Soundgarden Dusty Comments
  1. Brimstone AVM

    few are the times i've heard such a good snare .

  2. lathumpipe

    Did Chris Cornell ever suck?

    The answer is.......fuck you.

  3. YT2006

    Underrated Album.

  4. John Campagnoly


  5. drumdust

    Happy 55th Birthday Chris. We all miss you so much.

  6. Niko Masters

    I think it's turning back around and I think I like it. 👌

  7. Buddha Bunny

    "love's for everyone who isn't me... "

  8. eggstu

    Love this song. Cornell's vocals stand out


    coolest riff ever

  10. John Fitting

    One of their best

  11. sugar jayne

    My happy song, for when things are going good in my life

  12. sugar jayne

    Never fails to put me in a good mood:-)

  13. A. Stone Thorn

    Matt pops the song! A great contrast.

    Raider Rod

    Charles Stone yes he does and yes it is👍👍

  14. Abhishek Basnyat

    Criminally underrated. One of their best songs.

    Robert Hanson

    They knew it. They named the album after it. :)

    Jonathan Martin

    @Robert Hanson Yes, YES

    Federica Fadda

    My fav one

    Susan Avery

    I have always thought thought this. Is a great song

    Matthew Wagner

    Never even heard this one. Glad I can still make new discoveries even after he's gone.

  15. Alex Jonees

    man. I have had this album on repeat in my car it has been great.

  16. phil robb

    Can't F - with Soundgarden !

  17. Roman Rapp


  18. Kate Vielle

    This is so underrated, one of their happier tunes, Ben wrote the lyrics to this one 😇

    Ignacio Córdova Donoso

    Ben wrote some pretty good tunes, for sure

  19. Dan Fisher

    This might be my favorite song by chris I'm not sure why because I've been listening to them since the early 90s but somehow this song keeps me going and inspired to keep going in this fucked up world. I just wish he would of stayed the course with me and you guy's cause its a loss we can't replace!

  20. Roman Rapp

    R I P Chris

  21. Ana Silva

    the best.

  22. Ian Panniers

    R.I.P. Our friend Chris Cornell

  23. Arthur Diniz

    Listening to the Soundgarden albums for the millionth time and I still can't believe that Chris has passed away. R.I.P. CHRIS CORNELL 1964-2017


    It's surreal. It freaking sucks.

    Boilermaker Things


  24. Raphaël Bovey

    That chorus likes surprises...

  25. Jeff Hemza

    :( R.I.P. C.C

  26. El Gran Tornado Azul

    I love this song.

  27. AH New

    Esta canción está bien perra.

  28. Neil Sussman

    This song ROCKS

  29. Jerzy Dziś

    I haven't been listening to them properly for about 3 years. Now I listen to it full day , without getting disappointed... :-D

  30. Andrew James

    Am I the only one that hears the dog barking at 3:01? Anyone else?

    B Mealey

    barking dog...? I didn't hear anything

    Malcolm Thompson

    Andrew James
    haha! I don't know what the hell that is! Never noticed till now

  31. Arachnofiend

    this is my happy song. i play it when i'm not quite happy, but i feel i could be.

    Jason Kane

    @Arachnofiend You just nailed the whole meaning of the song in one sentence, nice job ;)

    Danny Colverson

    Haha brilliant


    Perfectly put

  32. ADMIRAL awesome

    this song has a led zepp kinda vibe to it.. i love it


    Totally! I love it

    Chris Simpson

    I get that too, I miss Chris Everyday of my life.

  33. deadeyedrew85

    This song should have been released as a single. Great album!

  34. 1zv

    didn't know ben wrote this.

  35. Sam10947

    i'm in the dusty realm, with my head just right down in the up side, the rest is in this shity world

  36. TheTorturekilla

    GREAT SONG x100000

  37. 1zv

    amazing song, underrated album. all SG are phenomenal, don't bother ranking them.

  38. realhardheaded

    the morroccos in the third verse rock my world

  39. Petalumian


  40. roger daily

    @katowarrior im afraid not.... i woudnt call 'out of exile' or even audioslaves first effort 'master pieces'. even though i do enjoy listening to em time to time. they certainly aren't masterpieces though

  41. MacDaddyPooty

    @clintbeed this is my favorite song on the album but im not gonna ask for thumbs up for no apparent reason like some douchebag begging for his 1 second of meaningless fame on the videos top rated comments. holy shit, i think i just described you.

  42. ratiugo

    @gardenofsound2 Right here.

  43. katowarrior

    everything chris cornell touches is a master piece xD

  44. bluzharplady

    @ludwiggreensparkle OHH! OOOHHH! OOOHHH! You just summed up the whole Chris Cornell/Soundgarden/Audioslave thing for me in 4 little words. NObody could have said it better.

  45. Dave Richardson

    My ears just came.

  46. Micah Martinez

    I like how it's about how he's still depressed but things are slowly getting better. And I also love the groovy feel to this song, as well.

    "I think it's coming on the wind just like you said, I think it's coming on the wind and I'm gonna let it.."

  47. Captainman5

    This is like the flipside of Head Down from Superunknown. Cool!

  48. Sean Gleeson

    Does anyone know where i can find this song? I can't find it anwhere!!!

    Beau Cleckner

    here my man

    Beau Cleckner

    8 years later

    Zaher Beaini

    You found it here


    Don’t quote me on this but I think it can be found on this album called “Down On The Upside” by this band called “Soundgarden”

  49. orezmusic


  50. Shocking Blue fan Andy Nirvana

    Very underrated but a great song...

  51. M L

    I though this song was called Down on the upside first :P

  52. add2718

    nice call, fresh tendrils is an awesome cut

  53. ptwoodstock

    Grande Malha...Guitarrada do melhor,,....

  54. MeanStreak

    man I love this song, it's so awesome but got kind of overshadowed by the other HUGE songs on this record. Kinda like Fresh Tendrils did on Superunknown. Chris said at the show I went to back in march that he thinks this record is the best one by Soundgarden and I think I agree with him