Soundgarden - Black Saturday Lyrics

Promise something, kill me right away if I start to get slow
And don't remember how to separate the worm from the apple
Don't wait 'til tomorrow, kill me right away if I start to listen
To the voices telling all the mouths what they need to swallow

Do that for me, it's the least that you can do
Don't be afraid, I would do the same for you
Burn out any memory of me ever breathing
'Til I'm born again

I was thirsty, I remember that you gave me some water
I was angry at everything at once you gave me no trouble
I was crying, I remember that you gave me your shoulder

Do that for me, it's the least that you can do
Don't be afraid, I would do the same for you
Burn out any memory of me ever breathing
'Til I'm born again, born again

Do that for me, it's the least that you can do
Don't be afraid, I would do the same for you
Burn out any memory of me ever breathing
'Til I'm born again, born again, born again, born again

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Soundgarden Black Saturday Comments
  1. Mahyar Hajizadeh

    I am happy that I got the chance to find him!

  2. Egaliter revolutionare bonaparte

    Totally awesome

  3. VARsinson

    Esta canción es tremenda, amazing!!!

  4. Tim Curtis

    Used to play this demo in the car so my baby would sleep. She's almost 8 now and has 2 little sisters. Time fucking flies. So many good memories while listening to sg, audioslave, totd, and his solo work. RIP cc.

  5. Cody Vent

    I can’t hear Barresi’s dog howl in the song.

  6. Jason Jackson

    The watercolour starting at 1:09 is nice work. Most of them are excellent I hasten to add.

  7. Opal

    Come back.

  8. blinddog1212

    2:06. So haunting.

  9. Rodri

    Black Sabbath

  10. Sam Smith

    RIP Chris... the GOAT of Rock n Roll!

    Josh Johnston

    Lmao the goat?

  11. Tiago Santos

    When Soundgarden cross the lines with Led Zeppelin.

  12. Sound Gardener

    King Animal Track 9: Black Saturday

    The number 9, the color black, and the day 'Saturday' are all connected to Saturn worship.

    Then there's this:

    If you don't think that's weird, you probably won't think the following coincidences between Chris Cornell & Eddie Vedder are either:

    • Both born in 1964
    • Both of their parents' first names are 'Edward' and 'Karen'
    • Both of them adopted their mother's maiden name.
    PS:Eddie's biological father's name being SEVERSON isn't weird at all, considering the story (as recounted in the Pearl Jam song 'Alive') of his estrangement from his father shortly after his birth, subsequently being raised to believe his step-father was his real father, and only learning the truth after his real father had passed away...

    The rabbit hole goes a LOT further than this BTW.

  13. Martin Pablo Leyton

    Always pop into my mind what is this song about...Chris always had a dark power in his lyrics, but they really are quite liberating. Touching darkness spots, but the light always seems to balance that. Almost a year, yet a part of all us is still grieving

  14. oscar gonzalez arnedo

    Mi grupo favorito.De entre 1000.😎

  15. gunslingerfire


  16. Emily Wagner


    Green Tea

    Emily we in a group on face book. I know its been hard for you ... its not been easy also. Idk

  17. 0vr fl0ater


  18. Therealgamer1300

    goodbye Chris "burn out any memory of me ever breathing till I'm born again" we're waiting for you to be born again R.I.P.

  19. Michael Carson

    2:06. the best part on the whole album. I feel like thats the climax of the album.

  20. Richard Cassel

    I don't think he was ever diagnosed with anything, but the theme of "being a burden" was always prevalent in his lyrics. I have had some days where I felt the same, but it passes. You must reach out when you feel this way. I am lucky to have a great support network and am able to identify the onset of these feelings. I never took it seriously until one whole week it nearly drove me past whatever happens after insomnia. Deep bouts of depression should be taken seriously. Thank you Chris for your lyrics that provide solace in times of despair. You will be deeply missed.

    Up From the Storm

    I still refuse to believe he killed himself.

    Karol Beth Jones

    Yes, it will always hurt.

    Mariam Devine

    and don't mess with drugs from doctors - exercise and amazing food - feed the brain

    Sam I am

    @Up From the Storm He didn't!

    Up From the Storm

    @Sam I am What makes you say that?

  21. Alfred Crabtree

    burn out any memory of me ever breathing


  22. TheHitherto

    For some reason this was the first song I thought of when I heard the sad news.

    RIP Chris.

    Alfred Crabtree

    TheHitherto me too, me too...

  23. Andy C

    RIP to the greatest lyricist ever born.

  24. DJPsychoDTM


    This is so unfair....

  25. mikeylikesit100

    Best part of the song IMO is the bridge, @2:07-2:34 - classic Soundgarden dark quirkyness. Wish the whole song had that vibe, instead, everything around the bridge just kinda pales in comparison for me.


    i would argue that. the best part is the sour chorus with those chords paired with those lyrics.

  26. Adve

    The demo version had a different feeling to it. Especially at 2:52, there was a different bass riff, made it much more interesting. Try listening to the demo version.

    A. Graikos

    True....demo is a tiny bit more "exotic", honest and unpolished

  27. nettiemac

    Great visuals to an awesome song!!

  28. 9rugbyroy

    Thanks Fine Potato .

  29. heathenbreathinfire

    IMHO one of the best songs they ever composed

  30. Fine Potato

    Promise something 
    Kill me right away 
    If I start to get slow 
    And don't remember 
    How to separate 
    The worm from the apple 
    Don't wait til tomorrow 
    Kill me right away 
    If I start to listen 
    To the voices 
    Telling all the mouths 
    What they need to swallow 

    Do that for me 
    It's the least that you can do 
    Don't be afraid 
    I would do the same for you 
    Burn out any memory 
    Of me ever breathing 
    Until I'm born again 

    I was thirsty 
    I remember that 
    You gave me some water 
    I was angry 
    At everything at once 
    You gave me no trouble 
    I was crying 
    I remember that 
    You gave me your shoulder 

    Do that for me 
    It's the least that you can do 
    Don't be afraid 
    I would do the same for you 
    Burn out any memory 
    Of me ever breathing 
    Until I'm born again 

    Do that for me 
    It's the least that you can do 
    Don't be afraid 
    I would do the same for you 
    Burn out any memory 
    Of me ever breathing 
    Until I'm born again 
    Born again (x3)

    John Esquivel

    How can anyone dislike this to the 4 who did you what fuck is wrong with you !!!!

    רועי זילבר

    it is like he was really talking from his heart.

  31. J J

    easily the best song on the album

  32. J Foley


  33. Ivan Slv

    Sounds good, pretty good actually


    +IIvan Nuno I like all of their old stuff but King Animal I hate to say about half the album is great... I have been seeing some new stuff on here and it's like hit and miss , which all their old stuff was great even the least liked song was good, but their changing and getting old, so as long as they can get a song or two out that sounds kick ass I'll take it , and mostly of all they get into ROCK IN ROLL HALL OF FAME !!

    Mail Man

    +9rugbyroy King Animal is brilliant all the way through. It has been my favorite record of the last 10+ years. Amazing album.

  34. What a song,,

  35. Lorin Soura

    Great track...

  36. Leland Dyer

    It has a poppy sound and a positive message.


    Leland Dyer positive message? LOL this song is dark as hell

    Josh Johnston

    Ummm it's a great song, but positive message......nope haha

  37. SFloridaMike

    Wow. In the intro, Chris Cornell's voice sounds a little Stephen Stills used to in his prime.


    Nice parallel. Love young Stills. And old Cornell.

  38. heathenbreathinfire

    The only one I didn't like so much was By Crooked Steps, but it's still decent. The rest are amazing.

  39. heathenbreathinfire

    My second favorite off the album.


    rowing my friends rowing is the best new track i have spoken it is so

  41. ghee4345

    something about this song...hit a nerve and left me pretty disturbed. I now see and realize that the band has not lost their angst. It has merely evolved.

  42. drummerboy231434

    Best on the album, matches black hole sun and outshines imo

  43. Adelia Hogarth

    The art work in this video is beautiful, and it matches the message this great song delivers.

  44. Dave4444424


  45. Margot Psorn

    Why isn't this available on mobile?

  46. willzer808

    I fuckin love this track. Fuck that shit about ABBA. I'm just an asshole

  47. willzer808

    Is this about the ABBA tribute band? (Bjorn again)?

    Josh Johnston

    Lmao Bjorn again

  48. BabuMangiafuoco

    Bones of birds and Black album traks

  49. RitualHorse

    a few months on & still loving the album but this song lyrically hits my cognital g spot!!! it depicts to me the need for each other & the very destinct rebirth/reinvention of ourselves we undertake each passing day, whilst the sometimes unexpectedly random support by others can really put an awesome spin on this existance!!!! =)

  50. cory kinard

    Burn out any memory of me ever breathing...till Im born again.

  51. MarquisVonMonster

    This song has a sexy groove bay bay!

  52. Timothy E.

    I predict this will be one of the next singles.

  53. drummerboy231434

    Dave needs to make a video for this.

  54. Tristan Schoenberger

    I don't know why but I get kind of a Spoonman feel to this song. But I love it <3

  55. Robert Hummel



    i love every song on this. but bones of birds is my favorite soundgarden song ever! along with jesus christ pose and rusty cage and bulldozer. lol. bones of birds blows my burnt mind.

  57. Van Calloway

    I like this one a lot to...wish there was more of the part at 2:00 or so...awesome ambiance, classic Soundgarden space noise

  58. Michael Appold

    Birds of Bones is a favorite of mine too, every time I listen to the album those three are musts

  59. james gamble

    your caption is wrong LOL

  60. nightrainer6

    2:06 - the most beautiful moment of your life begins...


    im loving every song on KING ANIMAL. my first favorite was my crooked steps then halfway there- then bones of birds lol i love em all. now black saturday :)

  62. GreenFrumundaCheese

    I'll say it again. Good on you for enjoying it. I didn't.

  63. P90Ninja96

    Seriously? I really liked every song on this album after 3 or so listens.

  64. GreenFrumundaCheese

    There's been plenty to grow on me. Black Saturday and Rowing are the only two I've grown comfortable with. I really can't stand the rest of it, no matter how much I listen to it. Good on you for enjoying the rest, but I don't.

  65. GrungeKing

    You got to let the other songs Grow on You. They did for me.

  66. Matt Romero

    love it!!!!!!!!!!! check out my cover of this song on my channel!

  67. GreenFrumundaCheese

    This is the one song off their new album that I actually liked, and they are and always will be my favorite band. When I first listened to this album, I was not impressed by their return. I gave it another try a few weeks later though and ran across this song again. Because of this song, my faith in them has returned. They still have it in them after all.

  68. MsKristineE5150

    I really like the new album, Soundgarden keeps evolving & surprising me. This is one of my favorites so far. I'd love to see them release some of the B-sides & unreleased songs from the past. Some of my favorites are: Heretic, Fresh Deadly Roses, Blind Dogs, Karaoke, & they did a great version of Dark Globe too. I know they talked about it for a while but maybe now that they're together again, if enough people mention it, maybe they'll finally do it.

  69. Andrei Tataru

    This,Taree and Birds of Bones are my favorite songs off King Animal

  70. Michael Appold

    I swear, this was the best song off the album o.O well okay I loved Taree as well, but this was great

  71. Kris Mcphee

    Looks like you have awesome taste in music. Subscribed!

  72. micopo78

    Beatiful paintings! Amazing song! Great video!! :-)

    Duncan Harwood

    does anyone know who painted them?

  73. brunoalejandrojara

    One of my favs from the new album

  74. Kinoch

    much thanks, great song