Soundgarden - Been Away Too Long Lyrics

You can't go home
No I swear you never can
You can walk a million miles
And get nowhere
I got nowhere to go
Ever since I came back
Just filling in the lines
From the holes to the cracks

And no one knows me
No one saves me
No one loves or hates me
I've been away for too long

This place has a special
Kind of falling apart
Like they put the whole thing
Together in the dark
And no one knows
Where the edge of the knife is
And no one knows
What intelligent life is

And no one knows me
No one saves me
No one loves or hates me

But it's fate
I only ever really wanted a break
I've been away for too long
Though I never really wanted to stay
I've been away for too long

Kilos through key-holes
Widows through windows
Pilots through eyelets
Everyone is silent
Tankards and flagons
And snifters and flutes
On my way home

But it's fate
I only ever really wanted a break
I've been away for too long
Though I never really wanted to stay
I've been away
But it's fate
I only ever really wanted a break
I've been away for too long
Though I never really wanted to stay
I've been away for too long

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Soundgarden Been Away Too Long Comments
  1. leo francisco

    sons of anarchy
    season 5, episode 7

  2. Cody Suchanek

    Sons of anarchy.

  3. Corina Wood


  4. Spy Retto

    But this album totally sucks. They should have called it quits after Down On The Upside.

  5. David Crawford

    King Animal dropped today, 11.13, seven years ago in 2012; listening to the whole thing to celebrate

  6. Phoenix Buda

    Ive been away from school for to long

  7. Ryan Silver

    I knew slipknot had something to do with this

  8. Dor Fiand


  9. John Gladle

    Chris Cornell was an AWSOME vocalist.!

  10. TheMetalAndPunkA,B,C's

  11. Kimmy Bratty Bitch

    Miss u like hell Chris... <3

  12. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    This is lovely tbh

  13. Billy Hughes

    Listening in '19 -- Miss you Chris,.......

  14. Kookue Cachoo

    I feel I'm not the only one who thought the dogs were more cute and happy looking than scary and vicious. They look like they're going to lick her to death or something.

  15. Musistics


  16. Sherisse The AfroPunk Entrepreneur

    I’m so sad chris is gone. I have a mental illness so I get the despair. But his voice spoke to me. I wish he woulda hung in there.

  17. NothingBut70s80s90s -

    Chris' voice is stuck in my head. I wont let it out either.

    Seattle Rain

    THAT is an awesome quote !!!!!
    ( :

  18. Saimon Kindlein

    Snowblind!!! kkkkkkk

  19. JaQuicker

    Looking at the music that came out between Down on the Upside and this, yea I'd say they were

  20. oman omanio

    What is the girl name

  21. GhostLIVE

    Chris, nobody may have saved you sadly, but you saved thousands upon've been away too long!

  22. Fabrinic 678

    La mejor canción de Soundgarden que Salió en GuitarHero Live

  23. David Smith

    He came back to preach what he's been saying all along. LOVE
    Now he's gone. You better listen! LOVE

  24. Strange Attractor

    I was travelling through Malaysia a couple of years ago, nodding in agreement as my taxi driver told me how notoriously jerrybuilt Chinese high-rise hell has taken over the place. This was on my headphones.

    'This place has a special way of falling apart / It's like they put the whole thing together in the dark.'

    Coincidence much?

  25. Dream Police

    Pix has been away...
    For too long...

  26. Paula Williams

    Loved and missed 💔

  27. Paula Williams

    Love it 💛

  28. Van Calloway

    This is why

  29. darla hipps

    thanks, i love it

  30. Salohcin Yesmar

    If this isn't a musical suicide note I don't know what is. Painful. Depressing.

  31. Deep Leo

    Amo soundgarden, me gusta esta canción! ¿Pero este video que ome..?

  32. Slash Thayil


  33. LanzEarthling

    You can really hear how different soundgarden from audioslave. This one right here sounds nostalgic, very early and mid 90s sounding despite being released in 2012.

  34. Aloura Barr

    Ironic the # of dislikes is "666" lol

  35. Buddha Bunny

    No one knows me, no one saves me, no one loves or hates me...
    Can't wait to be forgotten... <3

  36. Jeff Ragencobra

    Remember Andrew Wood and Chris Cornell! The best! The StarGazers Stuck within the Temple of the Dogs.

  37. Эльдар Худайбердин

    Is the Legend now. Thank you guys especially Chris

  38. Murder Doll

    *I've been a wafer too long!*

  39. Roselle Jay Carrasco

    Wy is it long insted of song

  40. Lu Hara


  41. Adam Turner

    ..going straight....

  42. acee outlaw

    Any1 eles hear horses running every time the beat turns....

  43. Mike D

    There will never b another like Chris. What a voice. We miss u

  44. Lucas Assunção

    I miss Chris Cornell so much.... He was like a best friend, my favorite singer of all time and one of the best persons I have ever known, listen his voice and his music make me fell less sad in a shit world.

  45. AngryLeaf

    The girl running from the dogs is a nod to their song Hunted Down

  46. Sarah Boller

    Chris u have been away too long 😪🖤💋

  47. rajivaksha dasa

    a song worthy of 1990. also, corny as i may be, the best song used on SOA.

  48. Dogan Kaplan

    A legend for ever. chris cornell Was his name

  49. Rocky Evans

    This song is the best of all sound garden I like it.

  50. Kenny boy

    Rest easy Chris. .no one sings like you anymore.

  51. Rocky Evans

    I believe in you.

  52. Ronin Muldoon

    Chel 14 🤘

  53. thomasgroov3r

    Busted out m'straight jacket! Beware bones!

  54. audio slave

    Lane staley scott and Chris Cornell know one can compare to those guys

  55. Pandora Black

    My dog been away for too long...

  56. Allan Leidholm

    That ain't snow, baby...

  57. Rambling Renegade

    If this song isn't about Soundgarden disappearing for 13 years I will be genuinely surprised XD

  58. German Cundino

    Dios, es la perfección ....geniooooooo!!

  59. Liam Jones

    Someone let the dogs out.......they'll show where the truth is....The grass is always greener...Where the dogs are sheddin oh yeah.......

  60. Hockey Express

    Nhl 14 flashback

  61. Rapidrocket2000

    Makes me wanna HEADBANG

    Much rock

  62. Nick P

    One of the only great songs on Guitar Hero Live. That game made me a fan of this song, so it got one thing right.

  63. Joshua Wilkie

    "No one knows what intelligent Life is" Not just the epic voice of a generation, the MAN be a poet. Wish SKY my best Mr Cornell, know I miss you both dearly.

  64. Debanjan Paul

    while I understand fans of soundgarden are saddened by his demise, it doesn't really make sense to keep writing RIP and comments of similar ilk on the youtube videos of their songs. It borders on wannabe or bandwagon behavior. It's almost a year since his demise and all I see in the comments are "truly missed", "this song has a new meaning now", "he has been trying to tell for years" ...ugh...

  65. Martin Evans

    Fuckin tune

  66. angela Davis

    Yeah you been away to long already. Miss you Chris Cornell. Never forgotten. Justice for Chris Cornell

  67. Javier Martínez

    Nice dogs...

  68. Cynical Scorpio

    Was at a Soundgarden Concert in May of 2017, one of their last few concerts. Chris said how happy he was to be back with the band, sadly he must've been lying to himself. He also said King Animal was his favorite Soundgarden album. RIP

    Harry Callahan

    Its weird, it seems like he didn't know what to do with himself so maybe he thought rejoining the band would sort out his mental health or something, he went full circle, had Soundgarden, went solo, joined another band then finally back to Soundgarden and then called it quits, sad really.

  69. MissXtraVaganza

    I love this song

  70. Allan Leidholm

    Video explores nuclear winter, and the aftermath of a disaster. Her soul awakens in the asylum in which she was imprisoned. Am I alive? The guards in masks give us a clue that this is not your normal everyday nut house. Nobody should be stirring, not even a mouse. We have in this video an awakening. A will to live in the face of certain death. This is Chernobyl, and all is not what it seems, yet the unmistakable desire to live thrives and is demonstrated in her run from the hounds of hell. In the end, we cannot escape our destiny, or change it's course.

    JoE G

    Something similar was said about Steel Rain, from Euphoria Mourning. It was about real war and not a plain love a song. I do enjoy both songs. Really.

  71. EricWithaC

    One of the most Badass intros to a song

  72. drawin grunge

    Descansa en paz Chris cornell

  73. Seadog95

    Ive been away from home for way to long. Get me outta here man

  74. Gabriele Sesana

    What a wonderful and powerful voice....

  75. Frank J

    Not a great song.

  76. Sappyboy

    so now we knoe that that's not snow

  77. Alltilt

    May god bless Vicky and the kids Chrissy.

    As long as my heart beats you'll never be gone brother.

  78. Otto Greenleaf

    Happy Birthday today(November 28) to drummer Matt Cameron. Cheers!

  79. derek stone

    This is as good a rock song as has ever been recorded, the whole album was on par with badmoto and superunknown. Soundgarden is rock/roll, if you must call them grunge because theyre seattle-ites’ i dont believe they are anything but ROCK as all the greats have been, not that the category matters but opinions and debate are what drive discussion and interest. Ill conceed that nirvana and pearl jam are better grunge bands, thank goodness i am not interested in grunge and i dont limit Soundgarden to any sub category only rock and roll. They are straight up ass kickin balls out rock and roll. Ive heard the slipnot sound and ive also heard the pearl jam sound BS(no offense, just nothing about them is similar to me and i get annoyed by those that want to link all early 90s seattle bands, the beatles and zeppelin are both brits and are as similar as Soundgarden is to pearl jam, nirvana or alice in chains(probaly closer to the latter than rhe former)). Same town of origin, absolutely in their own class of output. I get more zeppelin feel from them than anything meaning their range and when its time to thunmp on the foot stompin and ass shakin jams, they give the full business and i get a pink floyd type feel connection to pearl jam(not a compliment as far as im concerned but both have many fans which is not lost on me i just get a feeling of despair with pink and pearl but i get a euphoric feeling from soundgarden/zeppelin and the like in my top all time teams. Thank god we got this album a few years ago as a kind of thank you going away present. Rip CC, always an all timer imo.

    *Greatest(my fav) Rock/Roll bands all time, position can change on any day depending on mood
    *Eagles o’ death metal
    *Queens o’ stone age
    *White Stripes
    *Black Keys

  80. Brooke young

    slipnot ....shouldnt even be in the same i miss CHRIS

  81. Crazy_ Chimpanzee!!!

    my life in one song

  82. Niles Gardner

    Album came out 5 years ago today. RIP Chris. :(

  83. seqqir

    omg these doggos so cute <3

  84. deola jeola

    Who listens to this shit?

  85. Black and Silver

    Y'all some dirtymotherfuckers

  86. Gloju Brick

    I've Been A Waffle Too Long

  87. Allan Leidholm

    Rediscovering this after a few years. Awesome. Chris at his best. RIP buddy...

  88. TheSnapback

    Going straight...

  89. Kolose.Y.m. 845.

    ... in today 45 brday still i Li..STE+N !

  90. nibelunga

    Buen video.

  91. james todoroff

    RIP Chris Cornell. Gone too soon, breaks my heart.

  92. A S.

    I've been rumbling for 8 years... Since I was 18 now I'm 27 .... And jeez this song caught this feeling .... Of... Damn .. you can walk millions miles and get nowhere

  93. Sean Davey

    the 573 people that didnt like this are fuckin musically declined or just stupid lol

  94. Victor Rocha

    Hey Cornell, leave me with you sir.