Soulja Boy - WTF Lyrics

You know man
Nigga brought the internet to the rap game
Introduced everybody to this social media shit man
I feel like a young king with all this money

Fuck you niggas talkin bout?
100k nigga buy the large amount
What you talkin bout?
Walk up in the bank and I air it out
Fuck you niggas talkin bout?
Walk inside the mall and I clear it out
Fuck you niggas talkin bout?
Make a big transition by the large amount uh

Fuck you niggas talkin bout?
100k make a nigga walk it out
Quarter million by the large amount
Ridin in the Bentley with some money I cannot count
Rolex on my wrist you bitch
Flexin so hard I'm rich you bitch
You lookin on my neck and shit
I deserve my respect you bitch
Flexin so hard, pull up to the block go hard
And I'm livin so large, house like Debarge
Soulja Boy flex, 100k sittin on my neck
I'm ridin on a jet, that's why these niggas love to flex and finesse

Fuck you niggas talkin bout?
I been getting cash, I bring it out
Demand you bring the bands out
When I do the concert so it stands out
And niggas got they hands out
Like this a motherfuckin handout
Put yo motherfuckin hand down
Soulja Boy tell them niggas man down

Fuck you niggas talkin bout?
What the fuck you niggas talkin bout?
What the fuck you niggas talkin bout?
What the fuck you niggas talkin bout?
I've been getting money by the large amount

I have a concert then I pack the house
Yea I go and sell it out
Everything I want
Walk inside my house and I look at the vault
Everything I own
You niggas still with me, everything I own
100k on my phone, everything I'm right and you do this wrong
These niggas playin, gotta get money like every day
Steady be whippin the judge when I get it
We flippin this money, we flippin cake
What's that? The fuck you mean?
Fuck you talkin bout? I'm on the scene
In a Lambo, it was painted green
Had the SOD team ready with me

Pardon me, we getting out the studio
Hundred million hits in the studio
Got yo bitch and she lookin at my chain dog
Got that bitch, different colors like a rainbow
And my nigga old school like a kango
I shoot a pussy nigga in the anckle
What the fuck you think you think I really came for
Came for all the money and the change too
You know I'm Soulja Boy, I ride in that Range too
I could blow up the motherfuckin branch too
I be pulled up, sittin in the old school
I'm a nigga and I'm rippin up the pro tools
Got my niggas and they ready for it, war tho
And we pull up to the block and you know oh
And niggas don't know what you talkin bout
100k, getting money by the big ass amount

Fuck you niggas talkin bout?
What the fuck you niggas talkin bout?
What the fuck you niggas talkin bout?
What the fuck you niggas talkin bout?
I've been getting money by the large amount

I've been getting money with the big ass house
Walk up in the club and they know it now
I'm ridin in a car that I can't pronounce
Everybody know that it's going down
When I'm Cali bitches going up
All of my niggas, yea we turning up
Got money on deck cause we growing up
And we learning shit so we blowing stuff
Endorsements comin, money comin
I could buy the company, I could get what I want
Walk into the club and they know what I own
Walk into the club and they playin my song
Yea they playin my song
Cause a little nigga yea in the zone
And I go so hard, kush yea that's my cologne

The fuck you niggas talkin bout?
What the fuck you bitches talkin bout?
We could show you what it really is bout
Bring yo money out, show us what it's really about
100k up in the house, 200k sittin up in New York
I already know it though
SOD fuckin up the studio

The fuck you niggas talkin bout?
What the fuck you niggas talk bout?
What the fuck you niggas talk bout?
What the fuck you niggas talkin bout?
I've been getting money by the large amount

The fuck you niggas talkin bout?
What the fuck you niggas talkin bout?
What the fuck you niggas talkin bout?
What the fuck you niggas talkin bout?
I've been getting money by the large amount

What the fuck you niggas talkin bout?
Rolex hublot by the big amount
Gotta love a Vuiton with a big ass house
Young Soulja Boy tell em and I go so hard
And I'm throwin this out, gold in my mouth
Ridin in a new whip that I can't pronounce
Got a 2 M6 and a one V8
Got a V12 and it's sittin by the lake
Got a big ass house what I call estate
I swear, all you niggas is late
I swear all my niggas is early
Got a bad bitch on me and she act so girly
SOD gang I'm swirlin
Whirlwind, 360, come on swerving
Hurricane like hurricane
All gold everything like show me that drink ah

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Soulja Boy WTF Comments
  1. Katz

    What the fuck is wrong witchu niggas

  2. Profile710

    1:53 he made me feel so broke having that mounted and having that on the wall with the lights off lmao

  3. Kai Skooby

    when times were so much better maaan😭😪

  4. C.U.G. SaeMoney

    The good ole days

  5. Maidana

    I remember watching this when I was like 11 lol. Soulja for life fr fr

    Den den den

    Maidana same bro

  6. Vlone Don

    2019 & I’m still watching this vid.. praying for soulja... the industry got to him ‘ he lost in the sauce


    Vlone Don bruh this shit is legendary I come back to watch it every few years.


    Free Soulja boy

    MR SosaVx

    Vlone Don where can I get the shirt from ???

    Ix Łowkêÿ xI

    Vlone Don where can I get the shirts from?

  7. Demarius Goins


  8. MultiJello123

    so awful lmao

  9. Anf9

    More followers than fuckin' Bill Gates...I truly fuckin' doubt that shit bitchasshoe, fuck you!!!!!!!!

    Deven Williams

    Anf9 he did at the time.. FACTS

  10. 300 BOY

    whats that song playing on the background?
    its plays the hole video


    soulja boy - 2milli

    Charlie Chinchilla

    Clams Casino - Im God it originally was a beat made for Lil B - Im God. But the instrumental is the same.


    ahahahahahaha 8:22 Xd ahjsjsdjdjdnfdifjdofjeifjjeif crazy soulja boy !

  12. 480 i

    Clams Casino - Iam god

  13. Jon Arauz

    whats the song that alwyays playing in the backround

    Pitbull Games

    Clams Casino - I'm God

  14. ozzilla8

    If you guys want to know who it was, it was dave dgod

  15. babababasti

    CAN ANYBODY tell me what s the name of the song soulja Boy sings at 3:10 ?? THANK YOU !!

    Carti Season III

    Clams casino im god

  16. Wale Akinsefunmi

    That look on his face when he checked his twitter after the dream was legit!....LMAO!!

  17. Lovely Brooke


  18. Jonathan Webb

    He not doin nothing but tryin on different shirts..If u notice da nigga got da same pants on n same gucci belts..LMMFAOOO

  19. Mt Minty

    does anyone know what brand the striped shirts are?

    Jonathan Webb


  20. kieara harris

    he stay wearin striped shirts

  21. Retro Goku

    That Fake Ass Laugh At 8:53

  22. Øćho Grantana

    Did that nigga ever eat.?!

  23. Spencer Wallace

    Song at Beginning is Clams Casino-I am God

  24. kevin lancaster

    lol at 4:02

  25. Cameron Durant

    This all happen in one day because he's wearing the same pants the whole video

  26. Luis Montenegro

    4:01 the song is Soulja Boy - Super Fresh

  27. essa jason


  28. Ana Mora

    cool, but at what time did he got the munchies?

  29. Danth1

    no the beat is his from his song 1 million

  30. 1ndnay

    and d'f is so funny "lol" your to old to be putting lol at the end of every sentence

  31. 1ndnay

    first off i was just making a statment and who asked you i didnt ask for no whole essay about him...thxs hun

  32. Yanka r


  33. Yanka r

    lolllll AND HE GOT LIKE 280 OF THE SAME THICK STRIPED T-SHIRTS IN DIFFERENT COLORS LOL first it was Grey and white stripes then black and white stripes then Grey and Black Stripes lol ...then he finally changed it to a whole nother shirt towards the end of the video lol

  34. Yanka r

    the good ol days b4 he went crazy with the face tatts and b4 he got those horrible back tattoos smh....i still love himtho

    Vlone Don

    Yanka r exactly now he is lost smh

  35. Yanka r


  36. Jasmine Singleton

    Lmao , U.O.E.NO. !!!!! IDK WHAT IT IS.

  37. Jasmine Singleton

    lmao , fr .

  38. Britchistani

    What is the song at 4;00

  39. sagen159

    he didn't take a shower or change pants because it was a dream and it all happened in one day. he just changed his shirt to make it look like it was 4 days.
    (like so people can see)

  40. PrncOfDarknss

    Soulja boy is a lame for real!! Haha

  41. Szymon Sledzik

    Love the soulja boy dance hah :P

  42. Beyonka Cormier

    Why would they show him taking a shower :\ df. lol haters

  43. Isis Smith

    Cheating btChh

  44. sainisland21

    and then his youtube,facebook,and instagram was hacked lmao

  45. Kid Million


  46. ZoeySpeaks

    He's a cutie. This shit was funny for


    it really happen

  48. 1ndnay

    he never changed his pants

  49. REDNineteen90

    Smoking syrup ? Wtf,nonsense

  50. Michelle Philautia

    This is some stupid shit and the only moral is that souljah boy doesn't bathe, he only puts on shirts

  51. Cathy LaRosa

    Lol Justin at 4:45 tho. Damnnn i remember he was followin me finally then he got hacked..ugh

  52. JohnaoTv

    me obrigue!

  53. adrian thomaston

    The name of the song is 2 milli

  54. Christopher Jackson

    A whats That song they play throughout the vid

  55. Christopher Jackson

    A wats that song n the begining

  56. KingTxne

    @Itssomenotu did you notice the same basketball game was on the TV all "four" days

  57. Yura Rossinskiy

    he doesn't take a shower 4 days

  58. Renan de Souza

    aaaaaaaaaah kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  59. Shontae Duranso

    lick my butt soulja

  60. danny hussain

    Swear down this dude gotta go hit the gym

  61. Jay

    dam i rmemeber this sht when it came out..

  62. PoeticxFame

    Df where was tha shower??



  64. Im A Bozz WBU

    i was playing mw2 in that match

  65. Anastasia Harris

    that lil ass tv in the background lol

  66. Danny Williams


  67. Too Fly


  68. SupremeXRoy

    A normal 4 Soulja

  69. Demario McClain

    Wtf this shit suck

  70. Kityra Simmons

    This is to the Haters if you guys don't like him why did you guys watch his video in the first place if don't like his music or video than don't go on it it's that simple he still getting money and still famous even if you guys do hate him or not!

  71. Tykeem Holmes

    Them freestyles are garbage

  72. JayC Leigh

    Background Music Is ( Im God Clams Casino Instrumental)

  73. D4rkExtreme


  74. Sinan A

    Song in the background?

  75. Sav Slum

    Soulja ain't no blood bitch he folkz

  76. NMCM

    What's the song playing in the background?

  77. Cynthia Davis

    Hahahahah lmao, love it!!

  78. swagggirl911

    What's Up with All The Striped Shirts O.O


    Lol somebody hit the snooze

  80. zane wallace

    I need spelling classes because the "S" on my keyboard didnt type in?? Shut the fuck up kid, stop trying to be cool like you know something.

  81. jalen king

    is wearing the same shirt as all the other times

  82. Christopher Jackson

    Twitter...swagg. Facebook...swagg

  83. PrincipalofPrinciples

    8:09 , when shit gets hilarious!

  84. zane wallace

    wort rapper in history

  85. Joey Jack

    Wtf am i watching?

  86. haley chaffee

    bitch fine af

  87. Lee

    whats that song at 4;09

  88. jabari jarvis

    he dont bathe

  89. iMarioPlus

    I'm wondering the same thing. Have you find out?

  90. Saad Rahman

    more swag than yyolo

  91. Nick Lodin

    Follow me @itsODswag at

  92. Nick Lodin

    wat song is that at 9:20

  93. emann akins

    this is the soulja that was kool real fans know what im talking about