Soulja Boy - Whippin' My Wrist Lyrics

You gotta chase your dreams man
I'm above the clouds on a private jet
I got all this designer on me [?]

Whippin' my wrist, whippin' my wrist
Whippin' my wrist, whippin' my wrist
Whippin' my wrist, whippin' my wrist
Got all these bricks, get it I'm stackin', I'm packin'
Lil Soulja's too rich
Whippin' my wrist, whippin' my wrist
Whippin' my wrist, whippin' my wrist
Whippin' my wrist, whippin' my wrist
To get all these bricks, stack it and flip
Lil Soulja too rich

I'm makin' it rain, yeah I changed the weather
I break it down, put it right back together
Got Louie, Gucci, it's all on my sweater
My niggas winnin' we don't see no contenders
My niggas go hard, my niggas stack millis
I'm swervin', ridin' and I'm drivin' in Bentleys
I'm over in Illi, I'm rockin' it silly
I'm rockin' Fendi and she lookin' like "really?"
Benjis on Benjis while swervin' in Bentleys
We watchin' for the cops, niggas be snitchin'
Got millis on millis, you niggas be silly
We stack it, pack it, stack it up to the ceilin'
I wrap it, package, then I ship it
All of my niggas we get it
All of my niggas we kill it
Catch the case then quit it
Niggas get acquitted, got money cause we got no limits
I'm trappin' and cappin', had to make it happen
All of my niggas we swervin' in Phantoms
My diamonds dancin' just like Tony Montana
I take a trip from Brazil to Atlanta
I come out the water, got bricks like a boulder
They comin' in, nigga tell me your order
My niggas get money, I swerve in a foreign
And the coupes with the paint and the spoiler
Valet park that Bugatti, I'm winnin'
My niggas stackin', they got millis on millis
I'm runnin' bands, I'm the man in my city
I'm gettin' money, niggas hatin' like really
I'm gettin' money, niggas ain't fuckin' with me
I'm gettin' mili, I got mili on mili
I stack it, pack it up to the ceilin'
I'm gettin' money, niggas know that I'm killin'
A mili, a mili, I did it, I did it
My niggas stackin', ya my niggas they with it
We stackin' money, we got milis on milis
We swervin', ridin', and we drivin' in Bentleys
My niggas talk and ya my niggas get it
All of you niggas you gotta get it
All of my niggas we got to get it
Used to trap out the bank with 20 pounds of midgets
20 pounds of midget, that's what I'm trappin'
No cappin' had to make my momma happy
I got Louie, Gucci, now they look at me funny
They say Soulja Boy you get all of this money
Them niggas hated cause I'm hot as the sun
Soulja strapped with the automatic gun
Fuckin' the 100s, I don't do the ones
Breakin' bricks down to cookies and crumbs

Whippin' my wrist, whippin' my wrist
Whippin' my wrist, whippin' my wrist
Whippin' my wrist, whippin' my wrist
Got all these bricks, get it I'm stackin', I'm packin'
Lil Soulja's too rich
Whippin' my wrist, whippin' my wrist
Whippin' my wrist, whippin' my wrist
Whippin' my wrist, whippin' my wrist
To get all these bricks, stack it and flip
Lil Soulja too rich

I'm the one that they see up
Ice all over me, yup
Hit the bank with some freeze up
You might see me on your street, yup
In the club and the VIP, yup
What you talkin' bout nigga?

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Soulja Boy Whippin' My Wrist Comments
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  4. Ogloc Pimpdaddy

    Best song in the world. Best project. Best rapper alive PERIOD!

  5. Ibrahim Abdul Kareem

    Souljia boy vs Jake Paul
    Who will win

    Like Jakepaul
    Comment Souljia boy

  6. Steve from Texas

    People are so retarded. Every true soulja fan that listens to his mixtapes knows he spit fire. It's just when soulja does hits its commercial lol

  7. Emma Isabella

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    Shit hole Logan Paul

  9. Justin Nanhu

    I miss the 1st version of Soulja

  10. Samaiya diva

    U didn't beat him in real life so u didn't beat him so back off that why he got more subscribe than u 2million Jake paul and Logan Paul got 17m or 19 so shut up I'm no taking size I like soja to and I like the Paul family

  11. Logical Eye

    Best Soulja boy song

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  15. Litty Again

    That’s Logan Paul, man Soulja really did make this Internet shit LOL give this man his credit LOL

  16. Miguel Lucas

    He put Logan Paul on his knees

  17. Dopy Sprayz

    what is Whippin' mean guys ?

  18. ArmanHz

    You spam whippin my wrist

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  24. Dave Yarrington

    logan could knock out Soulja Boy Lmao

  25. JCM Gaming

    Says milli 15 times in one verde

  26. Rucci Reacts

    My favorite Soulja Song

  27. softwarebrian

    But why’d he kill Logan ☠️

  28. Hayden Ladner

    you stupid logan was fine he posted a video 2 minuts after this and he had notin dumbest man on youtube:| you ugly

  29. L.I.N.O LivingInNoOrder

    He ran this shit

  30. King Ricky

    This song wasn't appreciated enough

  31. King Ricky

    This shoulda got more then 2.8 million views

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    He killed Logan I'm blood and krip that makes gucci i will kill soja

  33. O O F

    Who tf came here after watching spill about Soulja boy fighting Jake paul?

  34. Shawn Britton

    I like this song it has a lot of bass go soulja boy

  35. alex

    Was this before Soulja had that robbery he talked about

    TravieeTre Productions

    alex this was years after that

  36. alex

    Forgot about this gem. Ol vine video tune

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    this is the soulja im talking about

    Ebk 3000

    On bro free souija😈

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    2019 some one?

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    Man this dude false claimin and he never did anything to logan paul

  40. RiZe Dre2008

    NO fucking way when the fight

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    Jake is better so is peppepig

  42. Quindale Carter


  43. Shawn Britton

    I like soulja boy

  44. Shawn Britton

    good song

  45. Ngae Reh

    He Is Not Really Dead Because That Is The Fake Logan Paul

  46. Gay Kxd

    quit talking logan paul now u see he killed yo mf brother quit hatin fool



  48. madilynn pretty ok

    Bay Jake Paul and Logan Paul will beet you up you can't even rap

  49. OsamaBlunta Official

    Free King Soulja

  50. Numerist

    he didn't right this song

    SG Txny

    Adolf Litler yes he did

  51. Gacha Alli

    Dam like hes makeing music more like a poem repeating wiping my riset

  52. lilbadams

    This is messed up a little

  53. Young Suit

    3:10 most wwe-like punch of all time

  54. Mary Anne Brule-Salahari

    20 pounds of midget that's what I'm trappin no cappin had to make my momma happy

  55. Kesean Watson

    The new soulja a clone because he cant rap

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    *1:50** His flow so fluent that the beat glitched😂🔥*


    DIONMINOR yeeeeah 😂😭

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    Logan Paul

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    fight me

  59. Melinda Spooner

    you is shit biiiiiiitch

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    This is the best so by far I love this song he went hard

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    I know Soulja deserves more respect than what it is rs boi dropping 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Logan Paul says he likes soulja boy so this probably fake but rap is good

  63. Dagoat _12

    Fuck souija boy Jake Paul will make him forget he was a dumb rapper

  64. 23 yungann

    U a Bitch

  65. 23 yungann

    Ur trash Soulja and Jake Paul is gonna beat ur Ass easily and Dat shit Fake

  66. Young Pedro

    Logann paul

  67. No0baca

    How the fuck was this out in 2015 and I didn't even know bout this? Everyone been fucking sleeping on Soulja for 4 YEARS. 4 YEARS??!?!?! 4 YEARS.

  68. Miel James

    To to help bitch

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  70. Seleni Rutiaga

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  73. BackToArea51


  74. Jemel Blackman

    If you so rich why you trying to kill Logan Paul

    stef V.R

    Jemel Blackman cause logan robed soulja

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    Damn my boy soljiua boy took it too far with Logan Paul at least Logan survived that shot too the head

  76. SaVaGe_BeAsT

    Bro, I loved you until the end of the song. I'm in tears, even though it's just a music vid I couldn't breathe

  77. Breno Vieira

    Souja boy wanksta

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    And everybody has Louis supreme and everything that you just said you fake everybody has that stuff is not popular anymore game with your own rat self that was all fake but I'm watching a Logan Paul video right now that was just shooted one day ago so you're fake Logan Paul's live and dead stupid I don't like you anymore from what you just did because Logan Paul dead you are stupid and I did actually like your songs but now I don't stupid that's what Logan Paul and Jake Paul is way better than you and I can't wait until Jake Paul beat you up I don't care about no Drake or anything you don't even know where I live bro you just stupid and no guns at the fight with Jake Paul cuz you'd even actually beat up Logan Paul fake you is just fake

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    Can we get a whippin my wrist count? 😂your honestly bad soulja


    I think you are going to get beat IP by JAKE PAUL

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    Mayra Novoa

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