Soulja Boy - Wake n Bake Lyrics

This right here is my wake and bake song
I got a bad bitch right here I see her thong
She fine as a bitch I'm rich as a motherfucker
Riding through the rear hood switching gears
I be swerving lane left to right like a bitch
See this shit I be talk, and I know I'm the shit
Soulja boy tell 'em bitch I be flexin' on six car
Pull over 6 broads got them or go hard
Got them or go so motherfucking ham
On a track I go in like a motherfucking beat soldier
Soulja boy told 'em nigga let me off the leash
On a leash if you in and fire on this fucking beat
Stacks on deck bitch you see us in the street
When the game take heat, put a nigga to sleep
Like a nigga on his shoes knock 'em off of his feet
I be getting money in the morning you know what it be
My wake n bake [x3]
This is
My wake n bake [x3]
I wake up in the morning then I start rollin'
And then I start flyin
I wake up in the morning then I start rollin'

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Soulja Boy Wake n Bake Comments
  1. Fryin Beanie

    go to my channel to see my wake & bake

  2. Yung Sam

    roll up!

  3. ions

    Should be longer :(

  4. Kristan Hash

    great minds think alike

  5. David northcutt

    hard af wiz wrote it for him

  6. Tae Mclaughlin

    who else this that his music note tattoo on his neck is not that great

  7. Autumn Nigavelli

    go to my channel for some trill ass next level exclusive SODMGxA$AP swag, only for the #trill type shit. HOTTEST SONG OF 2013 IS ON THERE

  8. Ivan Fernandez

    can someone tell me that small voice in the background, like what song is that from? yeah thanks if you know.

  9. John Nurse

    Ok Soulja, who wrote this for you...?

  10. GoKuSODMG

    Subscribe to my brother @Fic7ioNiSODMG !

  11. Autumn Nigavelli

    go to my channel for some trill ass next level exclusive SODMG swag, only for the #trill type shit

  12. Jirell Farr

    0:45 Souljerr

  13. Fast Puncher 24

    i need the instrumental

  14. fashoerSODMG

    This is souljas original flow from back then. He gotta stay wit it. S.o.d.m.g.

  15. fashoerSODMG

    I think he bout to put this on the album with wiz khalifa TURN UP

  16. Loonie SODMG


  17. Steven K

    I was view #420 on this video, that's awesome! lol

  18. Shawnkel

    Folllow on twitter!

  19. Fast Puncher 24

    Please Do This Again

  20. Tomvxvn Beats

    Instrumental is hard Soulja needs to make more songs like this and they should be longer.

  21. vincent frey


  22. vincent frey


  23. Loonie SODMG

    I think its gone be on his album. Bet its tha one wit Wiz.

  24. WadeCrosses

    make a full version of this !

  25. FlyinOnPiff

    soulja needs to make more smokin songs

  26. inVAINwetrust

    When soulja got them eyelids tats tho x mas Eve

  27. inVAINwetrust

    Do he got that's on his eyelids wtf song nice tho

  28. Fast Puncher 24

    soulja boy should keep this flow

  29. squadup

    this that old dope flow.. swag

  30. Dalwyn Reyes

    Dope Song Tho ! #SODMG

  31. ronie stackz

    Aye doe 1