Soulja Boy - The Money Team Lyrics

So pull up we ballin, we pull up in Porsches
I got lambos, got lambos and phantoms
Got Maybachs and Rolex, we pull up we stuntin,
No time is money, know that we stuntin
For my team, got zan with that lean
Now with that benz, movie scene
We pull up in Porsches, Maybachs and phantoms
Lambos and Rolex, till we get money

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
As I pull up on stuntin, S O D we get money, money
Money gang yeah we flexin, pull up on slow mo
You know I rock polo, louie V, you know is my team team
Get money S O D, turn up, yeah
Movie scene, shouts out shaoline
Got gass and that lean, I got lambos and beans
I got Lamborghini Maseratti, pull off the pain
Got you smoke the pain on purple, got me sippin on drink
I say pull up we stuntin, lovin the Porsches
Lambos and phantoms, maybachs and the Rolex
Money we pouring
No time is money

For my team, zan with the lean
Got line with that bean, with that lean.
Should moving scene
You know that we stuntin
Time is money, ain't we [?]
We all get money

[Verse 2: Sean Kingston]
Time is money, SOD, march now, be the team
Bout the green, bout the dough,
Niggas talk chess killing with the flow
Off the top, on the top, I ain't got a call man I'm on the lot
I ain't on the club man on the spot
Your niggas talking but I'm getting guap
But I'm really 'bout money from Jamaica, that's yur girl but I might just take her
Serve a shot just like a waiter
House came with an elevator
Balin out, ballin out, bitch you know that I represent the south
Got a lot of money, got a lot of dough
Nigga talk chess, so I'm killing with the flow
Hey it's a freestyle, money going up, yes go now
Niggas talk chess so is going down
Got the chopper out, yes it's going down
Got the SOD, time is money, and we getting all this money
And we getting all this hundreds
Man try to show we get money
Man ain't nothing to a G now free stop this shit for free
Got a chopper and my niggas with me
Load it up yeah we're getting tipsy
How we're getting this money, how we're getting this dough?
We pull up them whips say what? We're taking they hoes

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