Soulja Boy - Spend It All Lyrics

You already know I'm a ball, money it be sittin' tall
Lean like a waterfall, ball until I fall
I'm a spend it all, I'm a spend it all
I'm a spend it all, I'm a spend it all

Had to cop a Phantom, had to hop out, damn I won a Grammy
Had to spend 3 million on my mansion
Had to buy my bitch Versace panties
I had the red bottoms they could not handle
I switched to Puma, I call my jeweler
Slick Rick the ruler, shoppers like a ruler
Money on my deck, money on my neck
Ferragamo phinney chain

You already know I'm a ball, money it be sittin' tall
Lean like a waterfall, ball until I fall
I'm a spend it all, I'm a spend it all
I'm a spend it all, I'm a spend it all

Just look at my diamonds
Hop inside my Phantom, seats reclining
I just made a hundred, I can't find em
Lil Soulja my name, you know I'm shinin'
And you know I do it, turn a Monday to Tuesday
Look at chains and ruby's
Nothing but 100's on me, you know how I do it
Kick it like karate, whip it like Wasabi
Money on my chain, they think I'm Illuminati
But you call me Soulja, I copped a Phantom
I don't ride the Rover, I just thought I'd told ya
My face on the poster, I see when I fold just
I put you over, in a coma
Sipping lean, they want it
I'm hot like a sauna, she wanted my number
Gave her the wrong number, I'm hot every summer
Put your ho to slumber, these niggas is one hit wonders, a hunnid mil

You already know I'm a ball, money it be sittin' tall
Lean like a waterfall, ball until I fall
I'm a spend it all, I'm a spend it all
I'm a spend it all, I'm a spend it all

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Soulja Boy Spend It All Comments

    Memphis on the 2020 tour 💪

  2. DJ Gang

    Big Draco a legend anybody else peep the girl in the pool is @jenafrumes on IG... He a true legend this before its time

  3. Bartier Draco

    2020 Biggest comeback 🔥🔥

  4. Yung Mufassa

    Missed the days when this came out 🔥🔥🔥

  5. HASSAN SMITH made in america

    I love my nigga SOULJA DRACO!!!

  6. Cameron Tyler

    💯 he does great work and has done it for our generation

  7. Terrance Clark

    ⛄ way

  8. tellen game play

    E os brasileiros nessa porra ??????

  9. aquawater

    Real shine

  10. Shawn Britton

    soulja boy ik u will spend it all I like this song and I like the sound of the bass

  11. MrKelbs21

    Love you Soulja

  12. Leroy Robinson


  13. DopeWeech

    Soulja got hits for days

  14. Frankie Joseph

    I don't know about the Intro but this song/beat is nice.

  15. Narciso Alves

    Souja boy brasil

  16. twistsalsa64

    Id rather save it all

  17. kese Reese

    This song is actually a banger🔊 the video is fire aswell🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Jesus Cañez

    You baybe game faken

  19. LatinOscar


  20. LatinOscar

    Free big draco

  21. Will Kerr

    This song just made me spend everything I got to my name 🔥🔥🔥

  22. LatinOscar

    I might Spend it all,i might spend it all Ahora soy peor, ahora soy peor:v con este ritmo bad bunny nacio :v del big #Draco

  23. James Thornton

    This is another beat banger the bass in my headphones is my google assistant speak lol

  24. Apollos Taylor

    2019 🔥

  25. Milian TV

    Soulja, bring the 2k quality back!!! COME ON 2020!

  26. Patrick Simon

    🚀💣💥⚡🌡🌋🔥🏎🏍🏇🚖🚗🚘🔌😲😯😏🍏😤😖🥥😔😬😨😱😳🥝🤪🤥🤫🤭🧐🤓💊😴😒SOD💰💵💸GANG 🐐🏚

  27. Erica B.

    I love Soulja! Watched so many niggas come and go.. y’all better been in the gym 2006 with Soulja boy on the iPod from limewire frostwire downloading hella viruses loll

  28. familia martins music

    Muito top mano parabéns 2019 ainda ouço

  29. 3past6

    25 the movie!

  30. Clayton Castilla

    Radio song right her

  31. aoegroup management

    Mood for 2019 😤 one like for a prayer for baba blacs 👹🇯🇲

  32. King Owen


  33. nikkyx_1

    pipe up ! Woo ! thiss lit them adlibs in the chorus 🔥🔥🔥

  34. nikkyx_1

    One of his hardest songs ever . legend 🔥 auto tune hard af

  35. SixxKris

    This song need more recognition Drako you litt right now share this again this is a hit


    Best Soulja boy song to me....💯


    What about Whippin my Wrist
    This song is amazing tho still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. ThereGo Sey

    She wanted my numba gave her da wrong numba 🔥😂 still my shit

  38. BeautyBySagz

    Big Soulja 🐍

  39. Mike Mitch

    KING SOULJA 🐍 🐍🐍🐍🐍

  40. YSL 1996

    Big Gucci Soulja

  41. Akin Malcolm-Parker

    Soulja has been slept on for too long!!! Put some respect on Big Draco's name! This deserves way more views!

    Mike Mitch

    No Cap KING SOULJA 🐍

  42. Jiggy Pop a' seal

    I think they sleeping on young soulja boy

  43. jabrildagod legend

    Damn Soulja sorry for sleeping got a lot of fire tracks do ya thang Tyga 🤣

  44. C Lo

    Souljas music is timeless Soulja Soulja!!!

  45. AlmightyMe


  46. AlmightyMe

    This is the only shit i like dat beat crazy and he made a decent song

  47. All Around Media

    Should've kept this flow

  48. Jeff Bezos

    You better spend it all now Because you about to be broke in prison!! HaHa


    Jeff Bezos guess what dumbass he’s making a comeback while you still home beating your dick just hating like a bitch 😂😂😂


    damn u a hater

    Jeff Bezos

    @Sell i am just speaking the truth "SELL" i thought it was funny that nintendo is in the process of seizing all of his assets and he could face 10 years in prison because he was selling bootleg consoles from china.. You call that a comeback??? I wouldn't expect much inteligence from you with the comment you posted. You sound like a 14 year old. Do some research and then come talk to me


    Jeff Bezos stop being a dumbass hater don’t matter what you have to say Soulja boy is back and you are just behind a screen waiting to hate again 😂😂😂

  49. Elvin Tubanza

    dope as fuck

  50. S J

    Still LIT

  51. Uru inSec

    Bro everytime i hear this song is like the first time, LIT

  52. nikkyx_1

    one of his best songs ever. perfect autotune 🔥

  53. Chris Atkinson

    Those Versace shoes are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  54. 4 2 0 K a l l u

    whos still listenin in 2k18

  55. nikkyx_1

    reminds me of speaker knockerz/chief keef. dope autotune here this goes hard Soulja boy is a legend

  56. FamilyTheGames


  57. benn Off

    I didnt always had the life that u see


    Late 2018?🔥🔥👀

  59. arsenio Smith


  60. John Pestano

    this shit dope Soulja got hits i wish he could blow up and get awards. this dude has some of the best beats and his lyrics are pretty good this is a hit.

  61. Martin Novák

    how ahead of its time was this??

  62. not easy


  63. Vishal Deb


  64. Uru inSec

    This song is a hit

  65. Sean Bristol

    This his most slept on song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. Clayton Castilla

    My nigga this shit FIRE

  67. Clayton Castilla

    This shit fire

  68. TheJetsf00l

    I switched to PUMA

  69. TheJetsf00l

    Gave her the wrong number

  70. TheJetsf00l

    Vocals and flow too imaculate

  71. blueboyfeel

    dude seriously push this song i am sure even now it will go viral, one of the best songs you ever did !

  72. Amine Ahmed. J

    I’m spend it all

  73. Baxter bunny


  74. Baxter bunny

    Hello men

  75. Teran Hibler

    Damn Ian never seen this video this hoe so bumping

  76. Andrew Wilson

    soulja really be having different flows and styles tho and this is 3 years old, sounds like some of the rappers today tho real shit....

  77. Alief HoustonMade

    Hell yaa still bangin 2018 🔥

  78. Ds Monde

    Sal creuse music de brûlé

  79. Money Magnet

    This song underrated

  80. mark dox

    Ill be Coming and Seeding in you Ill be Coming and Seeding on you Ill be Coming and Seeding in you You would twerk on my COCK I WILL RAPE A BLACK BOY

  81. debbie larson


  82. Tanna Tarentino

    My nigga since MySpace

  83. Reiss Howard

    try and save some won't ya

  84. Jordan Day

    This hard asf 💥💥⛽️💣


    My bro a legend

  86. DK DreDreKings

    Bro this is good but stop doing dead up music homie, fix up blood

  87. LIL Dunada GAMES

    mano se lokko eu curto muito isso boa

  88. YaboySmooth

    This shit get me so TURNT

  89. Dwayne Oyaro