Soulja Boy - Soulja Banger Lyrics

Oh, man I’m in this shit for real
Aye aye aye aye

Real shit, get up on my level
Got a new chain, got a new bezel
I’m that fucking nigga, I’m a fucking hitter
It don’t really matter I’m a killa nigga
I’m riding with my niggas getting figures man
Yeah I’ma hit a man with my niggas man
I’m not a bitch, I’m not a snitch
Man you niggas broke, now my niggas rich
Hit the fucking lick, then I take a trip
Then I fuck this bitch, pistol on my hip
Knock a nigga down, welcome to my town
Blow it by the pound, bitches going down
Hold a hunned rounds, love them gun sounds
Smoking on that noun, personal place a thing
Niggas talking shit, can’t fuck with me
I’m SOD, catch me in the streets
Bitch I make it flip, make my money flip
And I make a transaction, then I bust a brick
Man I’m with my clique and we stupid rich
Bitch we hit licks, bitch we whip the shit
I’m not a bitch, they don’t know play around
It will go down, it will go down
Like right now, hoe that choppa sound
Hollow tipping 30 clips, with a hunned rounds
You a nigga flex, I lay you down
In that fast lane, I smoke a pound
I drive that car, to that fucking spot
Hit my fucking block, man that shit is hot
Bitch I stack all night, all about my gwap
Catch me at the block, while that shit hot
Man my clique on fire, niggas straight smoking
3rd eye open, pistol what I’m totting
Bitch you know I’m packing, nigga never lacking
Ready for that action, bitch we get it cracking.

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Soulja Boy Soulja Banger Comments
  1. 7even有有有


  2. Relix

    is this Cheef Keef?

  3. Milian TV

    Banging it TODAY!

  4. Lawrence Blue

    You will never be

  5. SuPurr Trippy


  6. Patrick Simon

    SOD💰💵💸GANG 🐻🐼🦍🐶🐕🐺🦊👑🤴

  7. dubbazify

    Never forget

  8. Nenad Jovanov

    rmx fear 21 savage

  9. Check My Credentials

    Ballout tried to snatch Soulja chain 😂💀


    He did snatch it he got it still haha soulja just keep it on the low so people don't know he got finessed

    Lynx Cryptocurrency

    Ryanof300 Nah, he stole it behind his back when he wasn’t home.

  10. Gio Martini

    Soulja was snappin 2011-2014 frfr

  11. tundra2k

    rip fredo

  12. Kyle Dennison

    I fuck with it

  13. Demarius Moorehead

    Soulja Boy This 🔥

  14. Anthony Peppars

    i never heard this the beat go crazy

  15. Lil Iraq

    shout out soulja fuck da haters

  16. Triciana Bingham

    im not a bitch im not a snitch! this song is the shittt man damnnn souljia Boii!

  17. Triciana Bingham

    fucking love this

  18. Ic Kyyng

    This Still Lit 😭💯💯

  19. Jevon

    "Smoking on that noun person , place, or thing" Damn.

    Esmeralda Gripenasty

    DeAndre Way lmao

    Darriyell Coleman

    Yeah new like your music bro

  20. Noob bank OSRS

    damn this song go hard asf i swear soulja put this beat in a casket

    kyle smith

    no marvin cruz put it in a kasket and soulja brought it back to lofe

  21. kingjay tv

    dis like a rondo or tay 600 type beat

  22. jared p

    this is the song that got him robbed, talkin all reckless sayin he gone kill and he "always packin" we dont wanna hear that fake ass fufu shit

  23. MSE Get Rixh

    Soulja boy a million air

  24. Julian Vazquez

    Mane everybody is a hater. if u hate this rap why u listening to him.. Look doesn't matter if he can't rap or not I bet u guys can't even rap or anything he's making hundreds of thousands of dollars and u idk what u guys do all u do is hate on everything.

  25. KingSmerk

    He is such a joke

  26. Bruce Crawford

    This used to be my shit

  27. ChiefChizzy

    this is pretty terrible.

  28. Young Mts

    Ballout fake ass nigga ¬¬ 

  29. Mesgenna Davidson



    this song is a banger no doubt soulja boy goes hard 



  32. Daniel Lewis

    banger is whats up111!!!

  33. xVENOMOUSpenguins

    Raps like fredo in this song

    Angel Majao

    Besides his anime rap, soulja just steals everyone else's swag. He did it with Lil B, he did it with Migos and here's him doing it with Fredo.

    Josh White

    @Angel Farachio shut up.


    @Angel Farachio you fucking stupid


    xVENOMOUSpenguins stealing flows 😂😭

  34. tonyy300sanchez

    @Zay Sodmg stfu soulja boy wack, he ain't no hitta. Got caught lackin haha. ballout out here snatching chains! #3hunna #squuuuuad

    Isaac Monreal

    yeah but thats the only chain ballot ever wears in his videos cause he aint gettin money to buy him one and sosa aint gonna buy em one so yeahhe wears wears souljas one chain lol

    Fosho Zay

    tonyy300sanchez if you gotta rob someone you are BROKE! Soulja is worth 30 million unlike ballout who isn't even signed 😂

  35. Matthew Andriescu

    Soulja ain't illuminate boyyy

  36. Almighty Coco


  37. Kiid Chris

    Check Out My Remix To This Song OMG I Killed It

  38. ᗰᗩᖇK MostWanted

    soulja be like ''ima fuckin hitta , it dont really matter'' :p :V

  39. mo migz

    instrumentals brought to u by nokia 3310 ringtones hehehehe!

  40. Joseph King

    i dont give a fuck i can be poor as fuck and still rap better than this wannabe

  41. Fosho Zay

    the sod clique richer then you nigga

  42. Fosho Zay

    666 #Illuminati

  43. Fosho Zay


  44. Karnak

    0:08 Sean forever alone & bored :d

  45. tmafilmz

    who run this page??? i need you to inbox me asap

  46. zachary gibson

    is this what rap is coming too?? Soulja boy CANNOT RAP!

  47. Tiger Hill

    keep bringing em sb

  48. TheConsolehackers

    i really like what hes wearing lol

  49. Sabrina Love

    Real shit get up on my level

  50. Joseph King

    Omg this kid sucks !!!!!
    This is not rap
    This is crap
    If I ever see him I swear that he's going to a slap

  51. Z33 Erik



  52. Cap or Die

    im def doiin this on imvu check my channel out

  53. Jonah Phillips

    Go hard

  54. sone Mckenzie

    this shit go hard # sod mg

  55. RubaaHD

    riff raff?


    at least his cold ass beats make up for his shitty ass rappin

  57. Lil Bear

    Beat is dope, lyrics are ehhh, decent. Haha

  58. Marvin Cruz


  59. alex midyett

    this is garbage...

  60. Marc

    Yea dis shit go real hard

  61. Keemo sabe

    he took the chain in dis video ha

  62. Ricky J

    This Shit GO Hard

  63. Westside DB3

    Hmmmmmm Kinda sound like a based freestyle. Stealing Swag huh soulja

  64. Dwyane Cooper

    If its annoying DONT FUCKIN WATCH IT!!!!!!!

  65. †Here lies Joey Salads†

    I got a cat
    I got a dog
    he is super fat
    I am not fat
    I am super fit
    I never slip
    I can do a flip
    I never trip
    I stay super quick
    I am not a frog
    I am not a pond.

  66. samuel frazier

    s.o.d crap crips all DSG down south G

  67. TraTrula The REAL Skinny Nation Money Gang Campaign

    Who want it wit me been looking for competition semi mac up on my lap so jump stupid and get clap kush blunts straight to the face please give me my damn fuck around and get erased got big choppas that go bang bang im off the shits so let off the clip on the block juss slangin got bad bitchez all on my cock see a op let the rouger pop..

  68. Joe Abbs

    too bad this was like a year ago LOL..

  69. Hogilvy

    Porque su nivel musical a bajado

  70. Hentai Gawd Music

    Young Chop Tha Best

  71. jamal mckethan

    WTF soulja boy wack as hell he a bitch now

  72. Mack Eleven

    this nigga wack , OMG SOO ANNOOYING !

  73. Atrocity1000

    Either chief keef bit him or he bit chief keef this the same weak flow

  74. Mista FAME

    type in Brooklyn J.Ram Freestyle Video Live .

  75. The Goonies

    he cant rap nomoe

  76. Gan JaSage

    Need the instrumental. Beat is fucking raw

  77. LeSáne

    Soulja Boy!!!!! PLEASE Make A REAL Video For This.

  78. leandro andrade

    soulja boy all day ....

  79. Yung Savv

    3rd eye open


    4th grade rap yo fo real!!

  81. malcolm clay

    Wtf lol

  82. King Celie

    Well i don`t see you all over the place buying chains like him but i guess you would know huh ? Anyways all im sayin is stop hating, if you worked im sure you would be able to buy one for yourself.

  83. Trapboi Shaun

    love dis song to raw

  84. Jonezy Nation

    chief keef mad soulja boy rap better

  85. mrflair919

    type in Fame Bryant goes lite

  86. Marvin Cruz





    this freestyle slaps and goes hard straight up mothafuckas

  89. Seaside Wavy

    My nigga Marvin Cruz on this beat y'all !

  90. Marvin Cruz

    thank u. i produced it

  91. Dat-Feel

    Nope couldn't find a single brain cell in this one.

  92. Trill Rackedup

    Check it out Trill Money artist from chicago remix to Soulja banger "Out that Jam" Hit the thumbs up if you think he did it better then soulja boy

  93. VIZA Slim

    Yeah I need my chips hustling in my hood first 48 ya mans ain't looking good u already know what happen playing playing dumb done got yo family flip ain't no saying shit

  94. Dre Montana

    He trynna rap like GBE . Lmaoo Fail #300