Soulja Boy - Rick Ross Lyrics

Pull up to the club and I drop my top up
All this money on me, man, you know a nigga floss
And I fucked your bitch, nutted on her lip gloss
MMG shit, you can call me Rick Ross

I feel like I'm Rick Ross
I feel like I'm Rick Ross
I feel like I'm Rick Ross
I feel like I'm Rick Ross

[Verse 1:]
I'm in Wingstop, I'm goin' crazy
I'm in Wingstop and I feel like I'm Rozay
I've been gettin' money every week and every day
I be swagged up like my clique is MMG
I got twenty pounds and it's in the backseat
Try King Soulja, have you runnin' like track meet
Money on deck, you know this is MMG
I feel like Rozay when I'm in the VIP

Pull up to the club and I drop my top up
All this money on me, man, you know a nigga floss
And I fucked your bitch, nutted on her lip gloss
MMG shit, you can call me Rick Ross

I feel like I'm Rick Ross
I feel like I'm Rick Ross
I feel like I'm Rick Ross
I feel like I'm Rick Ross

[Verse 2:]
Yeah nigga money everywhere
MMG shit, bottles up in the air
We be throwin' money all up in the air
We be shootin' pistols at you niggas, you shoot in the air
I signed Meek Mill, I signed Omarion
I feel like, I feel like, I feel like I'm the one
I feel like Rozay and my hoes gay
In my old-school, goin' 'bout three-thirty-eight

Pull up to the club and I drop my top up
All this money on me, man, you know a nigga floss
And I fucked your bitch, nutted on her lip gloss
MMG shit, you can call me Rick Ross

I feel like I'm Rick Ross
I feel like I'm Rick Ross
I feel like I'm Rick Ross
I feel like I'm Rick Ross

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Soulja Boy Rick Ross Comments
  1. xlqndy


  2. The real reD Niggas

    Good job very excellent rap aw shit ayayaie ❤️🔥👌🏾

  3. Runny Kadjidja

    Mais nous les habitants dit monde on c'est que la vraie vie c'est la tranquillité vers l'univers et vers nous les habitants dans le monde la tranquillité sa fais la différence on niveau de tout amen🇺🇸🇪🇺...🙏💚

  4. Runny Kadjidja

    La liberté et égalité et fraternité y'a pas dans le monde y'a que fraternité qui travail dans le monde de plus des années pona ko joué pona bango la vie dit monde cela vie de jeux et de voir makila sans coule pleure bêtement et sacrifice kokufa peux bêtement pona bango c'est la vraie vie ?

  5. Runny Kadjidja

    La vie le monde c'est n'ai pas la vie de jeux. Il la fait el la fait nous les habitants dans le monde avec beaucoup de désire c'est la meilleure vie pour nous les habitants dans le monde tout avec la tranquillité c'est sa que bien...🇺🇸🇪🇺💚

  6. M. Mohammad

    What is this

  7. Polar

    SOMEONE tell me what gun that is at 2:01

    Chris Wright

    Most likely a Glock extended mag

  8. Just A Young Outcast

    Best Remix

  9. Izzy !

    wow this sucks.

  10. familia martins music

    Big soulja

  11. Incredibly Vivid

    Soldier boy, cut the check!

  12. Elve Stanley

    Who's here in 2018

  13. 2 Yung


  14. 2 Yung

    Ok ok ok damn ok ok bling blaow yuh ay ok ay rozay off nut ok yuh yuh ay brazed ok yuh damn ay ok damn rick Ross ok

  15. Rjordan Delgado

    Going hard 2019

  16. Jingy V

    I fill like im Rih Rows

  17. OsamaBlunta Official

    Soulja Boy had the biggest comeback

  18. Purp Kay

    Is that sauce Walka and sosamann LOL

    TravieeTre Productions

    MALIK and cash out lol

  19. N K

    This is 🗑

  20. chef

    wow never knew sauce walka been fw soulja lol

  21. adidas 100

    💯💯💯💯💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥 🐐


    4 years Later Still Bumpn' 🔥

  23. Dozha Deville


  24. Patchy Trackz

    Oh shit this is fucking hard i forgot about this

  25. Culley Dakid

    Im dead soulja...BIG FACTSSSS...Yall see tsf lika ho

  26. YouKnowMeQuandoTV

    Came Here To See Sauce Walka !!!

  27. Calvin Sanders

    Trash as fuck

  28. Kim Celestine

    Trash,trash,trash fuck trash....

  29. Max Gardner

    Draco really put sauce in the video tho 😭🤣 y’all better start putting respek on his name man! Ocean Gang or drown

    Chris Wright

    Ain't heard that in a minute

  30. SweetTooth's Asylum

    Soulja Boy don't be lyin!!!

  31. Chris

    Who’s on a marathon of old Soulja songs

    Sa'Diyya 'Ayisha

    Chris Marvin ayoooo I'm here doeeeee🤣🤣🤣🤣🆗✊🏿✔️💯

    Bigg Bravo

    Yes sir

    Lloyd Almighty

    Yall been sleepin but it’s all good


    Chris Marvin 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    💯You silly tho... This one of my favs

  32. Bee Cott

    Lmao dam Sauce you was really in this nigga video

  33. Mr. Pearson

    Yall got soulja fucked he did have walka in the video facts

  34. Man Man

    Who all came to see sauce walka after soulja boy going live the other day??

    David Prater

    Man Man me

    Howard Burns

    Real rap😭😭😭😭

    365 MRI

    Lol that mf was right smh 😂


    Man Man lol on god

    Irvin Ramos

    Hell nah sauce walka been on before this video yall just sleeping on him

  35. BrianPProductionz

    I fuck with this jawn 🔥🔥🔥aye aye

  36. 23CUPS

    I came here after Souljas rant and Sauce Walka is in the video! 😂 #23CUPS

    Dro Cartiero

    Facts 😂😂😂

  37. C U

    This beat hard the flow is trash

  38. Joseph Edwards

    First Nigguh Wit Sauce Walka Dripset!

  39. Kilektra

    Almost came back around 2014 2015 but he fucked up

  40. Luís sangue sekunangela Luís sangue

    Fake to

  41. Sincerely Majestik

    3 years later and this song still hard! #SincerelyCertified Soulja Boy Classic 🏆

  42. Branden McFadden

    Cash out wit da face tho

  43. Koldraiyne DownSkayle

    No Rick Ross grunts on the hook? Missed opportunity.

  44. YouKnowMeQuandoTV

    This Was A Hit.

  45. DoeBoy 313

    Autotune level 10000000000000000000%% haha 💯 but song is lit explain it! 🚫🔥🔥

  46. James Draco

    Sauce Walka in the background hahaha

  47. DopeWeech

    Soulja went dumb as always 🔥🔥

  48. Pass The Aux Peyton

    Of course broke people gonna hate on soulja. Hes young and rich. Hes been rich lol. dont be mad cause he does what you cant.

  49. Dribblegod24 Shelton

    Flow garbage beat fire

  50. Young Jerzz

    People say he sucks but remember he's one of the few rappers to ever get a $400 million dollar deal

  51. marcus hunit

    I feel like rick ross get some wingstop

  52. josh smith

    I just now noticed sosamann and walka in this video

  53. Lee Mcnutt

    This beat go crazy 🔥🔥🔥

  54. AverageCabbage

    Did he say nigga money everywhere 1:48? Man he is really scraping the barrell for lyrics

  55. kenton taylor

    Lmfaooo my ass just realizing that sauce walka was in this video 😂😂😂

  56. Terry Lee

    this nigga suck an lame an soft lmao

  57. crimeboss theowner

    Soulja been doing his thang bout 11 years straight balling 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼


    2018 🎶🍁

  59. adrn826


  60. Owen

    I'm in wing stop and I feel like I'm rozay mmm ironic 🤔

  61. Rhashean Anderson

    After two years I just noticed sauce walka was Inna back

  62. Ronda Boddie

    I feel like Rick Ross👕👖🕶💵💵💵💵💵💵☣

  63. Nakiya Porter

    PrettyboyFredo anyone??

  64. Almighty Nino

    Cant ever be like rick ross, that nigga is outta your league 😂

  65. Summer Rose

    🌹 listen to my single never change make sure you hit the subscribers button

  66. Broke Boy2000

    this is 1000 thousand times better than "stephen curry" song Soulja u just killed it !! it's fire yeah damnnn lol

  67. Noe Perez

    Free mill !!! Fuck the police and what they stand for !

  68. Noe Perez

    Which rick Ross you think rey soulja talking bout

  69. Moyseys Estevan

    🔥💯 ROZAAAY! BO$$

  70. OsamaBlunta Official

    lit 2017

  71. Jonathan Torres

    Damn this shit is straight up wack what’s wrong with his brain to make him think this is a banger or even good get your life bro 😂

  72. FucKaleb

    I’m in wing stop😂

  73. Juset Black angel mbbin

    I miss old soulja :( R.I.P to gangsta soulja 😭😥

  74. HeIsSoKool SuperRoyalty

    Aye, I fucked yo' bitch, nutted on her lip gloss...

  75. Wesley Rocha

    Mano tu é foda caralho❤❤❤❤❤ me a
    Concede um ingresso do seu show no Brasil ❤❤❤❤❤💕❤❤

  76. Yungeen Big C

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 soulja

  77. martial nanou

    great soulja

  78. Alejandro Marino Sosa


  79. Dreshan Kelly

    2:27 when you wake up from a good nap and you confused 😂

  80. Kronick

    La track des Anticipateurs est bin plus liiiiiit



  81. sandi hruska

    the beat Lit aF

    Bryan Stay Waviee

  82. T MO

    Somebody let me get some Likes for this L taking "Soulja 'Lame AF' Boy" who aint never Let no shots off but stay talking about a draco and always flexin trying to show off and talking about how much hhas or how much everything cost and stay taking Ls but wants everyone to think hes so cool but be crying on the phone "I know what you and 21 do bruh I never said I ran ATL" hahaha Lame losing ass f boy I hope Soulja lame self and his lame ass SODMG label/ so called gang according to him and his gang of losers see this comment LIL HOElja boy you need to just quit I aint no Chris Brown so you cant get no publicity beefing with me but I wish I wish I could get in the ring with you id love to knock your jaw around your neck lame lil BOY I hope you see this and know you are a damn peon ass lil BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. longmoneyscrap


  84. LousyFeminist

    Anyone here from prettyboyfredo?


    Matthew Shivel in which video did he play this

  85. Chris Murphy

    I feel like Im Rick Ross/Krispy Kremes and hot dogs/Spaghetti and meatballs/When I go to KFC, 10 piece and some coleslaw/10 piece of the Wingstop, I eat that shit like a boss/I use a jump rope to floss/
    I feel like Im Rozay/Mcdonalds plus BurgerKing minus the Subway/Equals a happy nigga/Scooby snacks get me high/Feel like a Scrappy nigga/I'm just trying to live my "Life"/I be the Pappy nigga

  86. Klangfanatik Official

    He must feel really fat

  87. Charles Edwards

    North Mississippi on some gangsta shit too jus like Compton...sportsmanship is a must ! Haters live off hate Rick Ross may been trappin contraband in da cage cause he got fam on da inside and they think outside da box ,money flow anyway Hater can a correctional officer drive a patrol car? hell no stupid ass!

  88. Charles Edwards

    lil homie st8 murdered and for you haters.. Rick a Boss dats wat Mac Soulja sayin


    Sauce sossaman and cashout in here lol

  90. Tupac's Step Sister (1234locoman)