Soulja Boy - Money Lyrics

Money gain
We pull up and ballin
We pull up in porsches
I got lambos
Got lambos and phantoms
Got maybachs and rolex
We pull up we stuntin'
Know time is money
Know that we stuntin'

[Verse 1:]
My team, my team
Got time with it
Now that they be by now a movie scene
Pull up in porsches lay pass in bounty
Polos and rolex my team get money
Pull up I'm stuntin'
So that we get money
Money gain ye we flexin'
Pull up on slow mo
You know rocking polos you know we ain't be
You know it's my team
Talk money so D, lost that trolley
I got gas in that lean
I got lambos and bees
I got lamborghici murc'
Pull up red paint
Smoking on purple, sipping on drink

I say we pull or we stuntin
Pull up in the porsches
Got lambos and phantoms
Got maybachs and rolex
Money we pulling
Know time is money
Know that we stuntin'
We getting money

[Verse 2:]
For my team, sound with that lean
Got 9 with that beam
Shoot a movie scene
You know that we stuntin'
Time is money
We on in bucking
We all get money

[Verse 3:]
Time is money SOD
Much now be the team
Bout the green bout the dough
Niggas talk chas kill 'em with the flow
Off the top off the top
I ain't gotta call man I own the lot
I don't go to club man I own the spot
Them niggas talking but I'm getting guap
I'm a real badman from Jamaica
That's your girl man I might just take her
Service shots just like the waiter
House came with a elevator
I'm ballin' out, ballin' out
Bet you didn't know that I'm representing south
Got alot of money got alot of dough
Niggas talk chas so I kill 'em with the flow
It's a freestyle money going up
Ye it's gold now niggas talk chess
So it's going down gotta chopper out
Ye it's going down on this lesser deed
Time is money and we getting all
And we getting all this money
And we getting all these hunneds
Man start the show we getting money
Man it ain't nothing to a G
Freestyle but it ain't shit for free
Got a chopper and my niggas with me
Load it up ye we getting tipsy
And we getting this money
And we getting this dough
We pull up in whips
Say what we taking their hoes

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Soulja Boy Money Comments
  1. swiss bladejr

    My alarm clock in 2008

  2. sleepypessimist

    Okay but lol why does he sound like he is going through puberty this shit still fire though

  3. hinata w

    When i was single just getting money!!!

  4. Jaiyelon


  5. prod. ImTayLikeDat

    Sound like a commercial😂

  6. anthony muñoz chanco


  7. 20,000 subscriber with 0 videos

    Soulja boi sells his dog to get money for dog food 😂

  8. Meme ḍǿƗJPG


  9. Mielon 2137

    Dawaj do polski

  10. TheLastSamuraiAfterTomCruise

    "Christmas morning had you hopping out the bed like this......"

  11. Chief Meowmeow

    Wonder if Nintendo played this while suing his ass 🤣

  12. Tyrell Hill

    Souija boy in jail write now 2019

  13. Twistifer

    Got this shit on replay

  14. Faze America

    December 2019

  15. ortiz nayark

    Yeah best year's and Day

  16. Fabricio Luciano


  17. yasreb haya

    woow nice song

  18. Brilly Da Prince

    dis how I'm feelin comin into 2020 Big Drako!!

  19. Hauke Stahl

    Dreh den Swag auf

    Nadine Kromarck

    Steige aus dem Bett Dreh den swag auuuuuf😂


    Hauke Stahl steige aus dem Bett Dreh den Seat auffffff

    Hauke Stahl

    @YolexTrägtRolex schau kurz in den Spiegel, sag What up

    y k

    Die wahren g's kennens

  20. khaoya nelson

    When music used to be music.

    Spykeving Habbo

    yh broo

  21. Tino Gaber

    In germany we call it "Money boy dreh den swag auf"

  22. tulifire火災

    von moneyboy geklaut


    tulifire火災 😂😂😂

  23. Jose Lara

    Single handedly ruined hip hop

  24. Gray Noir

    Wow, it's been 10 years!

  25. Tharindu Uthpala

    8 more days to hit 2020 !!!

  26. Yvette Strickland

    Classic!! What ever happened to Soulja boy anyway?

    Mighty Mystic

    Got locked up again

    Yvette Strickland

    For what?

    Mighty Mystic

    @Yvette Stricklandhe violated probation

  27. Enzo mangono

    He's so rich he has a segway in 2008

  28. Donnie Lindon

    Soujla boy rocks.

  29. thie hunter

    You tube King 👑

  30. sharell w

    I miss these days these kids will never know how much fun it was😔😢😢

  31. Doug Judy

    Teacher: Come in front of the class

    *My boner: **1:46*

  32. Junior Arellano

    My memories hit me hard then ever shit bring back nostalgia fuck

  33. Nick Joy

    This song actually a banger

  34. swiper vanessa

    Bruhh I haven't heard this song in yearrrrssssss

  35. Il Capo

    Er hat einfach den boy kopiert😂

  36. Takera nichole

    Soulja boy car n cribb iss nicee

  37. Teslatrooper13

    I miss this music

  38. Daniel Alves

    Brasil 🇧🇷

  39. Hunsilves

    Is anyone here from the American dad episode where steve and roger come through in a rarri

  40. Madridistaきり_

    i love you😉 flom japan

  41. Ian Chameleon

    To this day I have yet to find a beat that goes harder than this song's.

  42. Remiixツ

    😝I'm back agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn!!!😝😝😝

  43. Dc Malice

    This shi sounds trash in 2019 buh I bet this was on your MP3 players in 2006😂

    Dc Malice

    Edit: 2009

  44. Martin L.

    Wer hört son Scheiß?

  45. Escape From Hell

    Props to Soulja Boy for not using autotune, especially when a track would benefit from it.

  46. Claudio souza

    2020 brazil~ 🎶

  47. ASavageProduction

    Lmao wait a minute was that an iced out pacifier

  48. Jah Gamer Over


  49. ZaddyZoeyy TV


  50. Parallel Blader 1

    Steige aus dem Bett, dreh den Swag aaauuf


    Schaue kurz in den Spiegel,sag whats up

    Parallel Blader 1

    @DxzO yeah

  51. ICXClanLeader YT

    Not hating but I don't like this song

  52. Gregory B. Turner


  53. Lil Ferhat

    Soulja boy is the inspiration of we

  54. BT4E

    Money boy singt es besser haha

    Ta Ta

    no doubt

  55. Shadez Entertainment

    10 years ago today 🔥

  56. Victor Diaz

    They Thought I Wasnt Coming Back, Well Guess What I'm Baaaack!

  57. Zac Killen

    Bruh like this if you see this in 2020😂😂

  58. Cinori XO

    This the Soulja I miss stg 😭

  59. Venicius Barros

    Algum br ouvindo em dezembro de 2019?

    Park Clemmings

    lmao, me

  60. 4CORNERS !

    cant believe this was 10 years ago

  61. b i g b o y

    1:46 My dad when he finds out I won the lottery

  62. pe achy


  63. Sohib Versace

    On a Segway before Segways were even a thing lol

  64. Miss Taco Miss Taco

    0:30 is you spiderman😂😂love the vid bruh alo 2:26 WUTH FACE IS DAT😂😂

  65. Princess Kaila

    He made dis in 3 days 10 tears ago

  66. Kiran Benipal

    Memories 😭😭😭😭

  67. stowel cooper

    See the reason ...for y'all new rappers ....drako brought this in the y'all behave

  68. ToTheTrue YAH

    2020 yeah get money... Don't hate 👋❤

  69. David Ballah

    whos still listening in 2019?

  70. Austin James

    Who’s here in December? Reminiscing on the good times

    Abdallah Ibi

    Austin James ✌🏾✌🏾

    Hoodsta da HOODSTAR

    This was the only song that was cool by this busta but it was a cool hook YEEEAAAHHHHH

    cerise west

    Yeaaaa- Souljaboy voice

  71. babywipe


  72. Ebony Courts


  73. Jo_CLuis

    Still jamming 🔥💥💣

  74. Darrel Hicks

    Whole entertainment business is 100% fill with demons and pure evil holiness righteous come to Lord Jesus the God of all praise forevermore

  75. Bayard Maybach

    Who's here December 2019???

    Miss Taco Miss Taco


    epic gamer

    I will always be here everyweek I listen to this song at least 7 times

    LG LG

    from 2009 dec, to 2019 dec, to 2099 dec turning my fucking swag on my homeboy

  76. Jacob

    I hope he knows how many germs are on that money

  77. Brett Lewis

    Why is he geh?

  78. Humberto Aranda

    Hablo español jaja 😂👍
    Pásele Pásele su orden de tacos con chile y una chela
    🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌶️. 🍺

    Aaaaaa chida la canción yaaa antaña😎👍

  79. Tanulj !

    It sounds escellent on 1.25

  80. Jabari Jones

    2019 we still in this #YungDraco

  81. Jessy Opoku

    For all the people born in the 90s this was our version of lil

  82. Jon snow


  83. Michael Hinegardner

    Shit I forgot to turn my swag off. No wonder I've been sweating for 10 years.

  84. D4 The kidcf

    Like him or hate em u gotta admit soulja boy came a long way

  85. First Human

    does anyone knows " Dreh den Swag auf " by the german Rapper Money Boy ?

  86. The Mantrix

    Money Boy: dreh den swag auf is better😂🙏💯


    This song came out when I was in the 6th/7th grade I remember having this song on the first iPod touch use to be bumpin this on the bus

  88. Yvette Dev

    The 31k people who disliked forgot to turn they swag on.

  89. Joseph Kenly

    Dec 2k19???

  90. kyle yall

    Who's here in December 2019

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    December 2 2019🔥

  92. valentin aslan

    The austrian version is way better Money boy!

  93. Romaan Breezy101

    Before he fucked his body with all the inkk and the. Heavy drugs. 😭😭 miss the old days he ruined his career so fast its sad

  94. Luke Skywalker

    Von YSL geklaut bitte melden

  95. precious stars

    December 2019 tellem????

  96. Amber Ruble

    Can't believe how time flyes

  97. aro friz

    0:04 инан батаге