Soulja Boy - Lebron James Lyrics

I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James
I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James,
I'm LeBron James
I'm LeBron James
Ridin with that 66, I'm LeBron James
Ridin with that 6, I'm LeBron James
Ridin with that 6, I'm LeBron James
Ridin with that 6, I'm LeBron James

Balling on you fuck niggas, you fuck niggas (don't know you) I know you suck
Catch me in the trap with no fuck
I can't be with the niggas, I can't deal with them
I stay off in some new Louie danced in em
Goddamn I'm paid, rich gang
Stacks on deck (stacks on deck), money game (money game)
I'm in the hood with bout 6 chains (with bout 6 chains)
Riding with that 6 I'm hard in the paint
James, swaggin like I'm James
10 gold chains, your bitch know my name, my name, my name
So much money off this plane
I'm in the trap, you know I'm sellin cane

I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James
I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James,
I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James
I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James
Ridin with that 6, I'm LeBron James
I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James
Ridin with that 6, I'm LeBron James
I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James

Ridin round the set, you know that I'm the king (king)
Iced out, got a brand new ring
You knowing what it be, niggas can't see me
Stacks on deck bitch, I'm repping SOD
Bitch I'm coming with that heat, leave you 6 feet deep
What you know bout Dre, jerk that k off in your face
I'm riding through the hood, Lambo juicy case
It's Soulja Boy for real, I flip that script I'm paid
Bitch call me James, you niggas lame
Coming through the hood, flat like Novocaine
Flexin on you lames, shitting on you lames
You fuck niggas broke, all my fucking niggas paid

I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James
I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James,
I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James
I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James
Ridin with that 6, I'm LeBron James
I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James
Bitch I'm ridin with that 6, I'm LeBron James
I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James (go go go go go)

Ball Scoo
Ball ball swerve shoot
Aye shout to my nigga Lil Keese
Ball bitch, I'm LeBron James
I'm LeBron James, I'm LeBron James nigga
Go go go go go (flex flex flex)
2013 new Buggatti, 2012 Bentley
I'm LeBron James
Go go go
Young & Flexin nigga
Aye aye

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Soulja Boy Lebron James Comments
  1. Armani aka hops 90,s jumpman smith

    Kristin is cute👌🙏

  2. hiphopmusicallday

    wtf soulja boy doing there soulja boy not a ball player or football player lol


    0:17 Soulja lookin at that white bitch like some alligator looking at some bass on a hot summer day in Florida

  4. Khalil A

    “But when you say super soak that hoe” 😂😂😂

  5. Emma Isabella

    There is no best way of getting quality YOUTUBE views and likes other than the site *AUTHENTIC VIEW$ (.) C0/\/\*

  6. Lord Solar

    It’s not derogatory what a joke why cuz he’s black

  7. Brazilian WavEment

    Super soak that hoe 😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Ayabonga Msomi

    Did big Draco remove his face tattoos

  9. star killer

    Boy can't even present himself properly...smh

  10. Lung Ming

    I thought Soulja was in jail after selling chinese game consoles packed with copyright infringements from Nintendo etc? He got out?

  11. Doron Bond

    Nice coat...but yo dude aint hot???

  12. Troy Butcher

    CLIFF.. SERIOUSLY.. He must of been high af.. Wtf was you doing bruh.. I would had just kept going down that mole hill instead of getting a tow truck.

  13. Ron Anderson

    Yall are creepy fucks in the comments hiding behind ur screens

  14. David John

    Yo Soulja Boy it might be time to change your jacket fam!! I have been seeing you with it in every interview. Are you like scared to get it stolen? LOL


    His hairlines said: 🎢

  16. Hall of Fame

    This white girl is sexy man!!!

  17. Allen Ivey

    Kristine is LeBrons biggest fan

  18. J Cobbs

    'Lean wit it rock wit it' came out way before. That was also a dance song.

  19. Nathan Harris

    Da kid gowie brought me here

  20. hamzah zziwa

    I think she has ever tested some BBC in her life, that's why every guest on this show is black

  21. MarcAntony

    Interviewing fake Rappers now?

  22. Drew Bravo

    Maybe 30% of *everything* he said to Christine was true. 😄 Kid even answered the *Ho* question with a lie. This interview was pretty much a total waste of time. Other than learning LeBron threw a ball at him.

  23. Drew Bravo

    Isn't this dude in jail or prison right now? He looks like he's still 16.

  24. jimi oyefeso

    Lmao that nigga ain’t talk to Lebron 😭😭😭 let a muthafucka hit me wit a basketball in front of a whole arena and ima try my BEST 2 BEAT THAT ASS! IDGAF if u King James or Ving Rhames 👌🏾💯



  26. Black shark swimmer

    So so sexy. I love her


    And if it was about a woman - and? Hoes hate to be called out.

  28. SGTSayz

    Big Soulja left the Draco at the crib

    She tryna get super soaked into submission 😂

  29. Alen Men

    She loves bad boys (a.k. young black men).
    Bad boys ... bad boys ... what you gonna do when K.Leahy comes for you.

  30. Mississippi Chedda Cheez

    South Panola was cool but Moss Point had high school football sold up in Mississippi

  31. Donae Morrow

    Draco; Big Soulja!!

    Donae Morrow

    They tried to write him off! One Hit Wonder n all'at bull! Soulja paved the way for Drake's Migos, alll of em

    Donae Morrow


  32. awtrace87

    She acts like she wants to get super soaked

  33. C. Haze

    Superman that hoe...💀💀💀💀

  34. LandoverMD25

    He has this look on his face you give to a babysitter when your young , and shes a perfect 10 and you just discovered puberty.

  35. Raf Dublin

    Clif hahaha wdf, what a pussy

  36. God //

    Suddenly soulja boy is a model citizen..there is a saying: "put them in front of white folks then the truth comes out."

  37. George Cisneros

    Lavar ball is scared of her

  38. Steven Johnson

    Don’t like nothing but black women but Becky bad

  39. RayJovjov

    omg her mouth is huge. she could prob fit a lot of stuff in there at the same time

  40. KarL E

    Dem Franchise Boyz, D4L started it, not soulja boy..

    "Oh i think they like me", Lean wit it, Rock wit, Laffy Raffy

  41. T Sulli

    Miss Leahy could sit on my face all day. Boy what I would do to be able to put a baby in her.

  42. Nett Winslow

    This was the calmest I’ve seen Soulja. Interviewer kept tryna get him riled up though

    Paula Grey

    She didn't get him to flip out...😂😂😂.
    Well Done...✨✨✨

  43. Unfed Nofrillz

    Hahahaha explain "superman that hoe?" "What about supersoak that hoe?"😅😂🤣

  44. kally zore

    Whites are obsessed with blacks.

  45. BJayZoe Da Don

  46. millbill killbill

    This line-up fucked up!!!!!

  47. Alix PetitFrere

    His line up is jacked up like his rapping lol

  48. N P

    He covered those tats

  49. Tre Livsey

    She always makes me stand up!

  50. KingDave Durosier

    She’s so pretty

  51. NormMacdonald Clips

    I bet after every interview she takes her guest upstairs to the bedroom. Takes off all her clothes and says Fair Game?

  52. Quentin Kupenga

    That ain't no cliff more like a hill, a little hill at that fuckin drama queen

  53. Andre Walker

    She freaky😜😜😜

  54. Key Swish

    She trying to get big time stars on her show so it can be relevant

  55. Aditya aditya


  56. KingNaim Hudson

    This trouble making broad questions Mr. Lavar Ball son then tried to publicly humiliate Lavar Ball by insinuating that Mr. Lavar is not the best father this is said and done all out of the presence of the father Mr Lavar Ball. When Mr. Lavar is later on the show which she was a part of this broad try to interview Mr.Lavar and Mr. Lavar checks her remembering this broads failed attempt of Mr. Lavar insinuated negative parenting skills. Mr. Lavar not really wanting to be interviewed by this broad because of her public failed insinuations of Mr. Lavar insinuated negative parenting skills. This broad tried but failed again tries to play victim with that feminist B's then claimed that MR. LAVAR made threats when in fact MR. Lavar did not make threats. This Jack Ass Broad try to lie by insinuating that Mr. Lavar has questionable parenting skills. Hey you trying to stir up trouble Jack Ass of a broad you "stay in your lane"!!! You calculating insinuating purposeful stirring up trouble totally unnecessarily JACK ASS OF A BROAD!!! STAY IN YOUR LANE!!!



  58. Eric Peraza

    That cliff looks like a hill😂😂😂😂

  59. John Doe

    I love Her 💯

  60. Ramses Stafford

    So we just going to let this little nigga think that he started dance crazes in Hip-Hop in 2007 as if Fat Joe didn't have a massive hit with "lean back" back in 2004 and that wasn't even the beginning of dance crazes either I guess you got to be 32 years old on down to believe that shit.

  61. john ayacko

    that guy is funny

  62. YungDecoTv

    Lol if he didn’t smash tht ho he failed me 😂 😂

  63. Shaneosaurus Gaming

    I wonder how many executives Kristine had to sleep with to get a show, she's complete trash and definitely shouldn't have a sports show.

    S N


  64. ALL LOVE

    She annoys me so much for some reason

    sam jones

    You can tell this broad slept her way to her position; she has the personality of a cardboard box.

  65. Jaziah B

    She wanted that dick.

  66. Habib Gullam Alibaba

    I don't listen to his trash music but I love watching his interviews, he's smarter and funnier than that gay snitch 9. Sounds like a white guy here though. Where the troll @?

  67. JAY RMZ

    It’s a southern thing a “hoe” can be a person place or thing.

    Let’s hit that hoe (let’s go to that place)
    Hit that hoe (do it)

    Me: I’m finna hit a 3 on your ass from half court on one foot with a fade-away
    (Does that exact thing)


    Homeboys: Damn that nigga hit that hoe.

  68. Knocka Monsta

    I can tell the eyes lie.

  69. Knocka Monsta

    We all know damn well what super soak and superman that hoe means.

  70. Monk Mode

    Her face looks more MASCULINE than his

  71. David Right

    Go soulja your time feel good for you nwa 666

  72. David Right

    The illuminati music industry will gave everyone there share matter how long it take long as you have infulence on the ppl they can use to cast spells thru your rap video on the mast..and do rituals

  73. 2wu Turbulence

    STAY IN YO LANE,,,u wont fall off any cliff

  74. MentalRentTV- The Alternative Tv

    This white lady got a nice way of asking questions lol 😂

  75. Kochise 111

    That looks more like a hill than a cliff.


    Soulja living that Final Destination life.

  77. Jerrick Todd


  78. dread knot

    *this guy is trash, rich brian is way more talent then him* Lebron hit him with a ball and he never misses....yeah because souja boy is trash.

  79. john smith

    She can be his milf

  80. mjr102395

    Wow, why this tool, this isn't 2010 find someone relevant.

  81. Chayla Reigns

    Y it seems like she mad that she got sober Big Draco. She just want this man to be rowdy and all over the place. Talking bout what does super soak that hoe mean? I think u know what it mean because it sounds like when y’all done airing or filming you want him to super soak u. Ijs

  82. felipe rojas alou

    Ring tone king 🥇🥇

  83. Prince Akbar

    White people funny asf. Funniest comments ever

  84. Dez Nuts

    Somebody look at this shit 😂🤣

  85. Kevin Ali

    In my feelings by drake?! Shiggy made that dance. Give credit to him not drake.

  86. Mohammed Farid


  87. CeLL TheGreat


    CeLL TheGreat

    Pause JUST TROLLING😭😭😭

  88. Stefan Bachvarov

    NBA stole Soulja boy swag too. Anyways, Kristine i wanna suck yo big toe real bad

  89. First Last

    Good shit Soulja. She kept trying to bait him but he curved everything. Also seems like he was sober for this interview. Salute.

  90. Raythell Jordan

    Why does he act like he has some sense around White Supremacy, but get around his own kind and talk like a fool?


    +Raythell Jordan sorry for some reason I never got notified about your first response.

    1. it's not that white people are against blacks, it's more about exploiting anyone they can fit better content. so if they have a guest who they THINK can be exploited, they'll try to do so.

    2. white platforms have the biggest market and Soulja boy is smart enough to know how to get the right publicity. after all it's the white kids who buy concert tickets and treat these rappers like gods.

    Raythell Jordan

    @S.M. Black people complain about white people treatment of them But they use those same white to further their careers?


    +Raythell Jordan you either have very poor people skills or you're playing devil's advocate on purpose, but just because I'm a gentlemen I'll break it down for you.

    if it was up to minorities, most of them wouldn't deal with white people, but alas we live in their world and system they conquered​ they built, and they control. plain and simple, you either exist in their world or you turn to organized crime ( which white people do better than everyone else but that's another topic entirely​).

    so yes, if you want to reach a curtain status or make a curtain amount of money in this country you HAVE to deal with white people whether you like them or not.

    Raythell Jordan


    Raythell Jordan

    @S.M. Let me tell you something:Whites don't hate your skin color, WE HATE YOUR BEHAVIOR! You are lawless and have no morals or integrity!

  91. Nel Son

    She couldn't wait to talk about LeBron 6:15 - 6:18 she got disappointed haha

  92. Ikeem Pressleysi

    His barber fucked him up look his hair like shit look like /😭

  93. HABEN Haben

    Say what you want about this dude, but he is smart and well spoken. I can appreciate that

  94. Christopher Storey

    She's hot

  95. Ron Lee

    He know damn well he was talking about females 😂

  96. DRESO

    Shorty fine af

  97. The Irish Elk

    This female seems strange

  98. Frank Kang

    Another negro loving old hag.