Soulja Boy - Juug Lyrics

Juug, juug, juug
Juggin, juggin
Juug, juug, juug...
King Soulja hah
Juug, juug, juug...
Juug, juggin juggin juggin
King Soulja
We know what's up, we need you out here ASAP man
Turn up
You know I'm juggin
Too much money man, it's kinda way man
Hunned bands, hunned bags, money bags, money bills
Turn up

King Soulja, 100 bands in one day
Ridin round town and I'm getting cake
Just to hit the brick just the other day
I keep runnin bricks like it's relay
I be smoking dope, playin 2K
I be in the truck with my uzzi
Niggas know my clips then a movie
Nigga know King Soulja, know the old me
I be flexin hard with my army
All these bad bitches, they be swarming
SODMG – we da army
These niggas – they really cannot harm me
Fuck em!

Juug, juug, juug
Juug, juug, juug
Juug, juug, juug
Juug, juug, juug (juggin)
Juug (juggin), Juug (juggin), Juug (juggin)
Juug (juggin), Juug (juggin), Juug (juggin)

200 bands all in my hands
Ridin foreign whips, you can't understand
King Soulja the man
In one day, that's 100 bands
Me and my crew smoke 100 grams
Yea, I made 100 M's
Ocean Gang, make em take a swim
I be getting cash, who the fuck is them?
(Who the fuck? What the fuck?)
Ain't know a nigga juugin bands
In the club and I'm leanin from the kick stand (purple)
You know my niggas thinkin
Drop that big cash, you know I keep them bands

Juug, juug, juug
Juug (juggin), Juug (juggin), Juug (juggin)
Juug, juug, juug
Turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up Soulja

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Soulja Boy Juug Comments
  1. Sherry Shay Queen 518 George

    From dah 518 upstate NY juggg 🔥💪🏽

  2. Bandana D.R.B

    Jugg 😂

  3. Vintage Daz

    trappin all winter to this song

  4. Mike Taylor

    Produced by Zaytoven

  5. Rayveloper HereAgain

    i remember when 23 came out

  6. Rayveloper HereAgain

    i be flexing with my army. #SODMG #juug

  7. Spaghetti

    LOL what in the fuck is this garbage

  8. Noob bank OSRS

    this one my shit right here #JUUG #SOD

  9. YN Fay

    dis is greatness kashin brown

  10. kashin brown

    wtf is dis

  11. SirRockoRARE

    I'll remake it. This is my first time hearing this song. But I think I might just have to remake this.

  12. Kahlil4mb/kp 4x!

    Zaytoven makes the best beats. but young chop gettin up there.

  13. Yung Czar

    Had to listen to dis when I got up.

  14. Cartiershawty

    ...#Splash #Juug