Soulja Boy - Jackie Chan Lyrics

Yea yea
Woa woa
Woa woa
Aye! What's happenin?
You already know man
Everybody turn up!
Let's go
Yea damn Jackie Chan

[Hook: x2]
Kill shit like Jackie Chan, Kill shit like Jackie Chan
Kill shit like Jackie Chan, Kill shit like Jackie Chan
Kill shit like Jackie Chan, Kill shit like Jackie Chan
Kill shit like Jackie Chan, Kill shit like Jackie Chan

[Verse 1:]
Man they say I'm kickin shit like Jackie Chan
In the club and I'm smoking Mary Jane
Chains on my neck and they know my name
Rep what I claim, that's that money game
Turn up, see I be swaggin hard, ain't no one like me
I can cook the dope with no recipe
If you ask about soldiers, they ain't know my name
I be hustling hard, I do it for the fame
Took the rap game and I made it bump
If you come to west side that's my zone 1
Everybody know me be turnin up
Whole lot of kush we be burnin up
Kill shit like Jackie Chan, Kill shit like Jackie Chan
I got a lot of cash, I got a lot of fame
Day that I retire they gon miss me man
Until that day I'm flexin hard with 30 chains
Turn up

[Hook: x2]
Kill shit like Jackie Chan, Kill shit like Jackie Chan
Kill shit like Jackie Chan, Kill shit like Jackie Chan
Kill shit like Jackie Chan, Kill shit like Jackie Chan
Kill shit like Jackie Chan, Kill shit like Jackie Chan

[Verse 2:]
Them niggas got mad when I got some money
Made a million dollars, now they lookin at me funny
Ridin through my hood in a Maserati
When I hop up out that car got snapped by paparazzi
Word around town Soulja De Biasi
Right pocket clean but my little pocket sloppy
I be makin money like iluminati
Fresh airways with tattoos on my body
Your girl look at me, turn up in a party
I be sippin lean, poppin bottles of Baccardi
All the white boys say that I am naughty
My line stay short just like Stevie Harvey
I smoke a lot of dope, roll a lot of molly
Sip a lot of lean, pop a lot of Xanax
All the girls on me, kinda jumps bodies
SOD gang, SOD party

[Hook: x2]
Kill shit like Jackie Chan, Kill shit like Jackie Chan
Kill shit like Jackie Chan, Kill shit like Jackie Chan
Kill shit like Jackie Chan, Kill shit like Jackie Chan
Kill shit like Jackie Chan, Kill shit like Jackie Chan

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Soulja Boy Jackie Chan Comments
  1. Tariq Butler

    Yuh yuh

  2. Tariq Butler

    Anyone listening in 2018?

    sing along

    That photo looks like xxxTentation

  3. Tariq Butler

    Kick shit like Jackie chan

  4. 2WNTY7VN -WPG-


  5. fino rey

    Damn. Soulja where is the video?? This shit fire!!

  6. GoDores55

    this my slap

  7. Danilo Silva

    trash, more than fucking song is this?

  8. A MTZ

    This nigga be copying other niggas shit foreal no wonder he fell off he cant come up with his own shit

  9. Jose Lopez

    Wow whoever put a like on this , is retarded... Just saying.
    Listen to the real rapper, or old school rappers. These new rappers are garbage, it's a disgrace.

  10. molikimini

    everybody turn up

  11. molikimini

    nice work 

  12. royaldamon87

    who is Jackie Chan??


    Go away. You know what, here's a spaceship. Leave this planet immediately.

  13. SCANT

    Migos shit lol

  14. Hunnit Mill Bands

    Ballout stole yo damn chain yo damn chain

    charles mckissack

    fake chain

  15. YN Fay

    5 days till King Dre. i gotta get ready. Kick shit like Jackie Chain 

  16. Zay SlayHer

    Didnt chief keef make a song called Jet Li right before this came out?????


    Soulja goes mad good song

  18. Danny Hoang

    he said " chang " not " chan " lmfao. if you going to say a persons name ina song say it right.

  19. STOLEyaBitch916

    Im kickin shit like bruce lee

  20. Ben Franklin

    Chief keef makes a song jet li, now soulja make jackie chan

    Hes trying to copy his flow mane

    EG 23

    chief stole tony hawk

  21. ADHDkIDS rule

    Lol no he's sayin kick shit like Jackie chan

  22. Renan Alexandre

    Folowme Instagram

  23. Yincheng Chan

    I cried at how bad this is T_T
    "He's going ham?" He hasn't even touched the knife to even cut him self a slice...

    Crystal Chan

    he dus wat he wants, he raps wat he wants, he says wat he wants


    @Crystal Chan
    your spelling and grammar is so bad that I actually have the option to translate your shit. Like no joke, Google+ gave me the option to translate this shit. Damn, stay in school, and if you graduated go back.

    Crystal Chan

    u dont speak english? Oh, sorry, let metranslate to 'can't take a joke' language


    @Crystal Chan what was the joke exactly? You know what don't even bother cause' the shits probably not even funny. And obviously I speak English cause' I type a whole comment in English, thanks for proving my point.

    Crystal Chan

    The fact that you have taken my comment so seriously? I mean, this is youtube. If u really think this is a waste of time then dont reply:)Your welcome:)

  24. bluntsword15

    i often kick shit like jackie chan too.

  25. realDtrainfrom330

    He really do make good beats

  26. jet life

    Fuck sosa sodmg this shit hard!

  27. Andrew Bell

    Swag UPP #SODMG

  28. FIrepIstol7

    this nigga is wasting beats hard lol.

  29. Samuel Berhe

    Everybody get turned up... kick shit like jackie chan haha

  30. classic sonic gont

    I need this beat

  31. Andre Craig

    this my shit right here tho.. on 6!!

  32. MrGino334

    lil b = bruce lee chief keef = jet li only beacause bruce lee is better then chuck norris

  33. CuBaN Link ZX

    Honestly, the beat is great, the chorus is catchy like most of his songs, but if he took more time and was more serious about his actual lyrics and verses, he would be great. Hopefully this happens with his new 'Album' he's supposed to be dropping. It may give us a 'real' reason to listen to Soulja again.

  34. reallionaire432


  35. Eli92

    that was the dumbest shit i've ever heard you stupid fat bitch

  36. 3past6

    kick shit

  37. Danil Sinnathurai

    I like this! You should record a full album with oriental inspired beats and lyrics, name it like Gone Asia or something lol, man I think it would great! Thinking different. Two songs that got me thinking this way is:
    Leggo for sure

  38. Jamil Fakhro

    chief keef = bruce lee

  39. King of BiH

    Yea ight girl whats good

  40. Vatche Derohannessian

    Was hapnenn I'm turnt uppp high like a buzzz lighta nigga ve smoking rolls fatta then queen latifah pushin hard to free ma nigga sosa lmaoooo just made this shit upp in highh

  41. Yoel Kanchelov

    If only the music was as good as the cover art...

  42. tvYANK

    sadly yes

  43. TypicalWhiteAsianBoy

    what happened to soulja boy's up beat music. those are the only songs that get him on the top music charts

  44. CJThyGlorious

    Just dropped 3 videos in a week, more coming. and my next mixtape CJWO2trillion on the way, come watch my videos and subscribe to my youtube

  45. Teejay Coleman

    Check Out Young TLO Channel #StreetMusic

  46. Rick Flair

    cover art is sick

  47. L.I.

    If this become a video, Get Jackie Chan in this tho, lol, then a legit video.


    See bout my soundcloud @ YUNG j (juice pro) all my shit fye

  49. Ozymandias


  50. Shmooglez

    Turn up you bastards

  51. Keith Knighton

    same lyrics after all these years. no growth

  52. GoKuSODMG

    This SODMG shit REAL fuck you if you not wit it !

  53. marcus johnson

    Soulja boy done came a long way ... This nigga did it all by himself ! If you don't fuck with soulja gtfo here ... There are tons of people who wish they could be in his shoes @souljaboy keep ya head up soulja these niggas wanna see u fall

  54. bucboyot

    Watch ma bro "Simeo -Michigan made me

  55. Billy Mays


  56. xTayTheCreator

    Glory Boyz Entertainment , ( Cheif Keef Label )

  57. xTayTheCreator

    Follow me on twitter @tayysodope Soulja $ , # Jakie Chan

  58. Random Account

    SODMG is lame as fuck, I'm sorry I can't stop laughing at this dead ass brand...LOL


    I respect soulja he always went hard I never stopped claiming what I'm loyal too #sodmg4life

  60. Angus Hills

    This was almost good, but then it fell flat

  61. Kid Max

    cus all his music sound the same now

  62. IAmKidPain

    He didn't buy subs dumbass, he had this channel for like 2 yrs... jus some ppl nt as active

  63. DatBoyKodaccc

    Glory Boy Ent .

  64. yOung jhOna

    GBE Took All His Fans #SQUAD!

  65. SlayersRS

    His shit is weak & not good like before.

  66. PyroFreakDJ

    Really? Before you talk to me learn math first please.

    He has 506k subs and 21k views at the moment that means 4.1% of his subs watched this video.

    Not the 0.001% you said, which are just 5 people..

  67. PyroFreakDJ

    new youtube layout and only 1 week old

  68. Vincentè Tony

    #check out hansumtv

  69. Chris Jordan

    Everybody go on my channel and listen to Lil JOJO-CHICAGO

  70. nightfalls88


  71. 内蔵機械忍具ビッチ ❨Δ❩


  72. Dylan Smith

    Because it is funny.

  73. True 2 Myself

    The song so damn hard!!! One of the best on the mixtape.

  74. YC Banks

    "I.D.G.A.F" is on my channel now!!! *LIKE* this is you can't wait for the music video in a week.

  75. Video

    at this point soulja boy is further away from a mainstream hit than vanilla ice.

  76. Francis Okeke

    Yea men

  77. GoldenMaven

    killled it... (his career that is)

  78. PlugnPlayMusic

    ,,I had to prove them wrong,
    Got back in the studio and came up with another hit,,

  79. Don90s hiphop

    kick chick jacki chain this go hard sodmg !

  80. lisahemms12

    YouTube Search: "Fe Chi - Runnin' Thangs (Music Video)"

    16 Year Chicago Female Rapper Has Just Released Her New Single "Runnin' Thangs". Be Sure To Thumbs Up, Share & Subscribe. You Can Also Request The Song On Power 92.3 If You're A Chicago Native. The Support Is Appreciated.

  81. Dylan Smith

    His new music is even worse than it was before.

  82. LilKeezyVEVO1

    Soulja boy lame now

  83. PlugnPlayMusic

    do the video,and call the jackie to be the actor :D

  84. TheRezzyArtist

    Did he even sign lil mister tho ?

  85. TheRezzyArtist

    I'm still waiting for this soulja boy and lil mister song to happen !

  86. Yung Teleport

    tru my nigga

  87. sannie corleone

    Come on sbeezy, make some good music, not every time the same shit...

  88. Him Sam

    Chief souls

  89. Sal's Blog Talk

    How does Soulja sound like Chief Keef? If anything Keef sound like Soulja? Smh bandwagoners

  90. Ask Ed

    thats what happens when youre bored and smoke all day

  91. Teddy Forest

    yaa yaa yaaa

  92. L.I.

    Follow @LilIsaiah_YTR I does it tho... Dm me on twitter for K.I.N.G version of mine... Coming up next, young and 16 killin them tho... Kick sh*** like Jackie Chan tho, where is this beat tho?