Soulja Boy - Intro Lyrics

I made up my mind and I am on a mission
I wake up and get it, millions to be specific

Don't follow the guideline, got girls on my timeline
I grind like it's primetime, it's Soulja, I'm doin fine
I must let you have it, the AK I blast it
I'm livin so savage, I rap like it's magic
You fake like it's plastic, my swag is fantastic
Yo lake is the placid, Lil Dre – he do magic
I come with the AK, we blastin, you halved it
Tips make yo past tense, RIP bad bitch
Young Dre spit shit, off the top I'm filthy rich
30k and 60k – that's 90k you bitch
Don't forget what I told you
I pull up in a Gati and it's followed by a old school
Schout out to them niggas that been getting to the money
When I wake up in the morning I be thinkin bout the money

This what I do dog, I drop off the roof dog
Red beam on yo nose so we nickname you Rudolf
AKA truth dawg, Soulja Boy too dog
The new dog never ever pull up like you dawg

You know that I get this, be cold like it's Christmas
AK, we shoot this, til this shit empty
I smoke like a chimney, my young niggas feel me
AK 47, trains they can't kill me
Trace my fingers dog, you see that I'm stackin
Thumbing through that check like a motherfuckin stack bitch
Young Dre pull up to the block, that's a hat bitch
Trap out the bando and trap out the condo
Hop off the jet and I land in Toronto
Might call OVO, I hit the studios
Swag up on supreme, Soulja Boy the damn king
All you niggas can't fuck with me, I'm on a block looking lovably

The 9 make you backflip
I did these full album mixtapes in datpiff
I am that piff, that nigga I will pull that trigger
Put kush in my swisha, the flow I deliver
Your body in river, diamonds on neck, so cold it make me shiver
SOD gang man, we is the topic
Trending like topic, water like faucet
AK, I pop it, the bodies be droppin
I'm a train the topic and my name is flame man
This ain't no gang mane, this is no joke dog
We getting money, don't know words you spoke of

And this for the damn club, nigga fuck yo mean mug
Shout out CP dub, SB got the plug
Pull up with the mud, don't get yo nose plugged
Don't get yo house and yo car fuckin shot up
Nigga we pop up
We got more money than the money
Pop up, money a product
Money the topic, got money on my noggin
I be getting cash man, Soulja Boy a problem
Tell me what's a goon to a motherfuckin goblin
Ridin in that Gati, feelin like the one
Holdin on my gun, man I do this shit for fun
S Beezy, every mixtape is number 1

These niggas throw my swag but it really don't matter
I'm chillin in a million dollar mansion
Everybody lookin at me and my diamonds dancing
Bitches say I'm handsome, came out Atlanta
Sippin dirty filter, bitch I'm the answer
Bitch I'm the truth, throwin money out the roof

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Soulja Boy Intro Comments
  1. Hayden Smyth

    This still one of the hardest songs iv ever heard

  2. Nati Ey

    I can't stop listening to this
    H E A T🐐😈

  3. malcolm D

    Wtf, I just found out this man still droppin bars 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Jeremy Jefferson

    Ol girl in the red mink coat at 2:19 sexy asf, she was all in tadoe grill,and ol girl in the blue jean jacket at 2:27 fire asf too

  5. Jeremy Jefferson

    White dude killed me at 2:39. Lol

  6. Basil Gan

    This song hard

  7. Sleez972


  8. Sleez972


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    Hoodrich drako 🔥🔥💨

  10. Nye Beezy


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    Dre come back come on bro..You can't stop trappin 2020

  12. Allen Robinson

    Raping fire

  13. Allen Robinson

    Freshest man in the gang

  14. Imonthatwave

    Big Drako! “AR-15 cannon with a coolin fan!”

  15. Benjamin Anazoba

    Shit hard 4 real

  16. Elaw S

    Soulja slim yeaaa

  17. Bit Coin

    “I serve the wock droppa my Fanta”

  18. Bit Coin

    “Geeked up off the percs can’t feel shit”

  19. Ali selami

    She get head i shoot whatever that bitch

  20. Corinne Prusha

    I put tadoe in the cut fredo was in it too much

  21. Archie James

    This firrrrreeeee

  22. Malik V

    the beats souljaa use be so unique and fire

  23. Jo O

    One of the best songs ever made

  24. Moon Lasers

    This song hit harder than the Russian from Rocky 4

  25. Beazy Brad

    1:00 to 1:30 BeazyBrad

  26. Uru inSec

    Damn i cant stop listening to this

  27. Mathias

    most fire song of 2019

  28. go oo


  29. go oo

    Young rich goon 🚦

  30. Kilektra

    This is new Soulja with that old soulja energy I can feel it

    go oo


  31. Eniqx

    this is how i start my morning everyday

    go oo

    Eniqx it’s only right 😭

  32. dippy sippy

    Off beat

  33. E.S. 075. JD Mr. Chicago

    Since Soulja on the low Pro right now let’s get this to 1M #RealSouljaFans

  34. Don Malo

    plug shit

    go oo

    Don Malo 💯🚦

  35. Kang Octo

    this nigga taking pics with fans during the music video 🐐

    go oo

    Kang Octo 🐐🤦🏽‍♂️

  36. Akshat Chandra

    Big soulja aka young draco for life biaatchh ...
    no matter who is gonna say shit you’ll be on top of my list ....
    Go hard bro ... 2019 is your year
    2020 🔥💚

  37. Zay Pettiford

    This song needs millions of views, my boi Soulja went in 🔥

  38. Erica Coles

    Soulja snapped on all da you tube rappers dis year. Dey must not be watchin

  39. Havoc Slime

    Shii hard Drakoo‼🔥

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    Li Txny

    kdogg ahreal1 🤣🤣

  41. LaJorden Carter

    Man im bouta start rapping 👌 dey giving dat money away.. Big Facts

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    2:41-2:43 tadoe is soulja boy shooter and shawty in the back like that lol these nggas is hilarious

  43. Young KT

    for some strange reason i think tadoe is soulja boys shooter

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    Big drako

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    SOULJA BOY Out Of Jail a 146 DAYS EARLY. #CongratulationsSouljaboyTellEm’BigSoulja ™️ ♥️ #DRACO 😊

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    30 Clip Is On Meh Long Like A Ruler

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    He said martin luther king im servin atlanta 🤣🤣

    Li Txny

    Quan Honcho 😂😂

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    goes harrrrd

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    lyrical rhyme massacre

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    yea you fell off

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    I played this song on mothers day, it turned into fathers day

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    Chief Keef & Soulja Are The Biggest Influence In Da Game

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    Free my mothafuckin boy!!! Free big soulja

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    Fucking GOAT Everything Else Cap with a Cape SUPER CAP🧢🚩

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    This shit really a hit fr.

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