Soulja Boy - Flexin Lyrics

Shorty she my fan, met er on Instagram
Shorty she my fan, met er on Instagram

I go crazy with that set, wutchu know about it?
I go crazy with that check, wutchu know about it?
Time to make all them bitches weird, wutchu know about it?
Wutchu know about it? Wutchu know about it?
Wutchu know about it? Wutchu know about it?
Wutchu know about it? Wutchu know about it?
Wutchu know about it? Wutchu know about it?
I go crazy, I go crazy

Turn up, turn up, turn up
Pullin up, fresh as fuck from head to toe
Goddamn, Soulja Boy done stole yo ho
I hit the stage, 30 deep we going in
I done made it rain, I'm spillin gin
Poured up in the cup, I got dirty Sprite
Wavy sippin on this lean all day and night
Splash smoking on this kush, got me feelin right (I'm gone)
Choppa in the closet, you don't wanna fight (salute)
Niggas getting mad cause we steady guapin
SOD, Money Gang, it ain't no stopping
And these niggas getting mad cause they shit floppin
And they niggas getting mad cause they bitch jokin
Pulled up to the club, I got her pussy poppin
You's a goon, bust a goon to a fuckin garbage
SOD Gang, we got no problems
Ye ain't worried, ain't worried, we ain't got no problems

Pulled up to the club and a nigga flexin
Pulled up to the trap and a nigga flexin
Everywhere I go, young nigga flexin
Yo bitch on me, she won't stop textin
Yea, I'm flexin, I'm flexin, yea I'm flexin
Yea I'm flexin, yea I'm flexin
Top down, riding fast, yea yea I'm flexin
Top down, going crazy, hell yea I'm flexin

Yea I'm flexin, 50 on my necklace
Wutchu sayin? Bottles in my session
Bitches everywhere, kush everywhere
Money everywhere, Swerve off in McLaren
Damn Dre guap, Dre rodeo show
Hundred K on every day, that's what I call guap
This shit won't stop, yo bitch won't stop textin

Everybody I wake up and I'm flexin
Yea I'm flexin, yea I'm flexin
Yea I'm flexin, yea I'm flexin
Top down, going crazy, hell yea I'm flexin
Top down, driving fast, hell yea I'm flexin
Yea I'm flexin, yea I'm flexin
Yea I'm flexin, yea I'm flexin
Top down, going fast, hell yea I'm flexin
Top down, going crazy, yea I'm Soulja flexin

Pull up to the trap, I make one call
Walk inside the mall and I close the door
Hunnids in my pocket, yea we love to ball
Hell yea, Soulja ball til he fall
Got them 30's on me if you wanna play
If you wanna play, shoot that nigga in his face
Ridin through my city like a fuckin race
Swerving through my city with that Louie case

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Soulja Boy Flexin Comments
  1. Justin Rosado

    Nigga that Sosa lambo Soulja tweaking 😭

  2. Hood Sosa

    Not A Single Soul:

    Soulja Boy: U GETTIN GAS?!??!?!?!

  3. Andrew Grace

    This the quietest I've ever heard Big Draco lol

  4. The last Of the best

    Tadoe plotting shit ..shit was weird af , why he driving Soulja’s Bentley he broke or wtf

  5. DopeWeech

    Soulja been that nigga in hollywood

  6. Frank Nelson

    he saying just copt a knew car you rented it

  7. Carolyn

    Souljaboy Orlando 😍 you🥰🥰😍🥰😎💕💕💵💴💵💶💴💵


    Lmfao you can tell thisz nigga soulja boy tryna fit in so bad with them lmfao

  9. magicVAMPIRE løver13

    Damn green🔥car sexi as f*ck tho.

  10. Big Smoke

    Lol soulja boy lame asl 😂

  11. Big O.G.

    Nigga take serious about everything lol

  12. Ryan Petula

    Dude drinks the most basic cuts with the juice.

  13. Gloria Richardson

    Nice... Boyz an they Toys....thotties on deck.....

  14. Seti Sabino

    from false claiming GD to Blood by 2022 he'll be a latin king

  15. Shirley Robertson

    I'll have some of that Dark chocolate boy just getting sweeter everyday 😘💕💕

  16. Anthony Smith

    Soulja Boy your face is drawing in look like you smoking crack

  17. Yac Williams912

    dude look scared af

  18. Truth Teller.

    Hackercapture anonymousriderz🤣💚

  19. Truth Teller.

    Guess him and 50cent had a man tiff #manfans hackercapture 6ix9inejailmate instagram 👈🏼🤣🤣‼️

  20. anonymous f*cker

    That nigga Soulja look hella lit....he faded as fuck on me

  21. Kuntree Boii

    Soulja been down tho. Shiid he GD you ask me

  22. Sacky Ross

    what smoke shit is that nigga always?

  23. evil rabbit

    Either that's his first timing driving that bitch or he high af

  24. Blicky Blicky

    That nigga scared


    One kid that delusional to the truth. He was misguided by his OGs if he had any. Pretending to be then becoming to be but is fake as all can be. I hope he understand life aint all materialistic accomplishments. Its about making memories extending the family tree. Leave this earth with some definition.

  26. Dimension Seven

    I love LA

  27. DeeP`-_PerspectivE

    i bet anyone anything Soulja has been off the bars and coke, or something similar recently. His ego has been inflated to hell this past month, he got confidence out of no where... but he looks all zonked out. Add it up goofies, I am 100% sure of it

  28. Wise One

    Ballout robbed u n u cool w his gang still lmaoo

  29. Ijustlove Thots

    Ballout somewhere plotting 😀

    Trappin Gerdy

    Ijustlove Thots 😭😭😭😭

  30. D Mar


  31. RobZilla 75

    Rentals but cool as fuck tho

  32. Day1 . .

    Lame Ass SOULJAA!

  33. DaddyLondon

    Don’t look like LA 2me

  34. 2stepracing

    Dam soulja boy getting spoiled with that one month rental.

  35. GG Peso

    U can tell tadoe not really fuckin wit him 😂😂😂

  36. Sugar Nevius

    Everybody that kicked him while he was 👇 dont 🍆 ride his wave #SouljaBoyWinning

  37. King Tibet

    Soulja don’t fall off again. Stay in yo grind.

  38. Joseph Wilson

    Having fun that what it’s about

  39. Terrell Gaither

    So he came in the game as GD now he blood hanging wit BD’s don’t understand these niggas wit a lil money

  40. MostHated818

    That’s not LA... That’s the calabasas area. Don’t be fooled people. And he ridding with security. They just chillin. That’s a normal day for us in Cali.

  41. CMS AutoBrokers

    He is the next 69 hate to say it


    Hell nah,even tho 69 was a major troll,I can tell he was about his shit

  42. Terrance Manley


  43. From The Trenches

    Soulja if your reading this.... eat some food ffs I can see the crack taking over your features

  44. oddball Jc

    I swear tadoe look just like takeoff

  45. Kieth L

    Only a fruit cake smokes honey berry Backwoods

  46. S J

    Who is the blonde hair women that’s always with Soulja??

  47. Harley G

    Red raggin

  48. Ace o AkA FLexLAKiD

    🤣 S.Beezy always tryna boss niggaz around & spazz out

  49. Ruth Frank

    All these comments hating on SB but he's rich and self made at that. How can you hate on that! #hatingisadisease #getwellsoonbitch

  50. Timmie Mac

    This dummy is next to be in jail.

  51. Brian Wilson

    Big Souljah look shook

  52. Que Dixon

    I don't know. Something just doesn't seem right. Be careful who you hang around with soulja

  53. LongBeach20LoC

    Why yall say LA All the time Calabassas and Woodland hills is not LA They Be in OC And Semi Valley

    Wess Coast

    They in LA County. Not LA.

  54. Justin Case

    You can’t hate on Soulja he actually was born in Chicago so he got that chi-town running down his veins on folkks

  55. TheLenny655

    No wonder he looks malnurished, look what this idiot's eating 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  56. Yung Mizlo

    Soulja boy in that lambo aventador

  57. tnbadboy

    I think souija got that package deal.

  58. dmoneyひ



    And that was not la


    So soulja folks and a blood where they do that at lol...

  61. FBG Wedgie

    Drop a crank that souljaman remix

  62. Laviolette Racing

    Haters gonna say its a fake lambo Loll

    Letucces Satan

    Fake lambo? 😂😂😂😂😂

  63. Jessica Mullins

    We all know 50 Cent, a rapper from his time, flexed all the time too. But we know how that turned out. Renting lambos, but was as broke as a joke.


    Shid even then he still had more money than we had

  64. Money Ric🔥🔥‼️💯⛽️⛽️🙏🔥‼️⛽️⛽️🙏🔥‼️💯‼️🔥🙏⛽️⛽️‼️🔥🙏⛽️💯‼️🙏⛽️‼️‼️🔥‼️💯💯‼️🙏🔥🙏🔥🙏💯‼️🙏‼️🙏⛽️💯‼️🙏💯🙏‼️💯‼️🙏‼️🙏🔥‼️⛽️🙏🔥🔥🙏💯🔥💯‼️‼️👍☄️🚫🧢🔥‼️🙏💯

  65. JN Marketing

    He is where he at in life all because of internet marketing pay attention n learn something youngins this is stuff school or college don't teach you how to be your own boss they just teach you how to be employed

  66. Davante Col

    It's your cookie nigga🤣

  67. Zip Molly

    protect Big $oulja at all kost!!🔥🐍💰💪💯

  68. Whole lotta Gang shit

    Tadoe a rat


    Whole lotta Gang shit How

  69. Hypotheticals Are Pointless

    Didn't tadoe rob his ass before?

  70. Know Life

    lamb talk

  71. Leroy Jones

    Y he look nervous

  72. June Dick

    Wonder if ballout ever gave Soulja the chain he stole from his house back

    Trappin Gerdy

    June Dick 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  73. King James

    All niggas know how to do these days is pose and front on social networks 🙄

  74. Yo Momma

    Yall got this nigga STARTED😂😂😂😂😂

  75. BigUpzBrah

    These niggaz need to inspire young fathersless poor niggaz to do well in school. Only few can become successful rappers

  76. TCO Lifestyle

    It's Good Too See Soulja Doing Good For Himself Tbh Congrats Man🙌🙌

  77. Shayla Washington

    Wy he sayin folk like from dare


    Shayla Washington he actually is

  78. J West Car Talk

    These young niggas will never learn. Like my nigga Quik said “ don’t floss money look better when it’s invisible “ niggas be wanting to be the center of attention. Smart niggas lay low. Like Freeway Ricky Ross back in the day niggas thought he was a smoker and he was the 🔌....po-app wasn’t even checking for him. Young boys stop making y’all self a target

  79. Reezy_Bad

    Soulja wants to be down so bad lol

    Steezo Matic

    Reezy_Bad been plugged in the hood

    Chris Royal

    He got more money then us tho


    Lmfao nigga a Buford


    Steezo Matic nigga fuck the hood


    Chris Royal you sound worst than a Instagram thot

  80. M&N TV

    Hey ,me and my girlfriend are starting a YouTube channel & just trying to build up our supporters so we’d appreciate any support. Thank you so much.🤟🏾🤟🏾

  81. Damon Davis

    you can tell tadoe don't have love for Soulja

    Prince Jay

    Damon Davis you dumb they been homies

    Kenny Brown

    Nigga Soulja been cool wit da glo yu tweaking 😂 I think he was Sosa first major feature

    youtube fingaz

    Thats how you be acting with long time homies and plus its tadoe😂

    Miles Anderson

    Damon Davis tadoe just high as hell

  82. Melinda Flores

    Kids geeking

  83. Melinda Flores

    Soulja boy looking like a crack head

    urii bird

    He acting like knock!!

    Steezo Matic

    Just tired lol he always making moves no sleep

    Melinda Flores

    @Steezo Matic lean them boys fuck wit that real heavy it also make you old tired very sleepy not good for you for example look at lil wayne thats what it does to you

  84. TD Free

    He just act scary to me

  85. BugsB Fats

    This nigga trying to hard to be excepted by tadoe and glo gang them niggas dont fuck wit soulja


    😂 [email protected]£ute.

  87. Honestly Speaking

    Man big Drako out here livin his best life lol

  88. Andrew Lopez

    The green lambo is not soulja boys
    It’s platinum’s
    I know
    I just took my M6 their to get fixed had some touch ups to do to my car..
    And I saw it their even took a pic in it..

  89. 2pacexpert

    That Bentley trash

  90. javier Saintz

    Soulja boy you ain’t flexing LA .. outside your house in the out. Go back to Atlanta , Chicago.

  91. Space1TV .!.

    Bruh this nigga soulja gives me life ..

  92. the redd

    Didn’t the glow gang niggas rob him a couple years ago tho 🤣🤣🤷‍♂️

  93. Anthony Caruso

    All that flexin and I bet they used the cheap gas

  94. King Nicco

    Soulja got 150 shooters in Chicago

  95. Torrenzo Green

    😭Omh😭This Nigga Ah B I T C H💯

  96. King Trail

    man im from chiraq englewood tadoe usin his goofy azz boi

    TheWax Bol

    King Trail he straight laughing at him an Soulja can’t even tell. They basically using each other


    TheWax’s Tv


    True,cause they was beefing back then,you don’t never click with somebody you had beef with back then,cause in the end he probably ain’t your friend,it’s good to squash it and go separate ways but that hanging out shit nah

  97. kane bartlett

    Tadoe this niggas handler lol

  98. Tyrone Blocker

    Comon LA🙄