Soulja Boy - Dope Freestyle Lyrics

I'm so motherfucking dope, bitch I'm the truth
Riding through my hood throwing money out the roof
And everybody saying Soulja Boy got the juice
But the real shit is bitch, the nigga is the truth
And the real kicks is bitch, that shit cost a hundred
'Bout six hundred see my nigga getting blunted
Shout out to my niggas on the block getting money
Real shit he got his whole clique stunting
Got no top and no buster, no weak motherfucker
Pull up in that trap and everybody screaming whoa
Where the fuck you get that at home boy froze but
Home boy cold with the motherfucking most but
Everywhere I go they wanna take a fucking picture
Oh my God, I must be that nigga
Oh my God, she drunk off that liquor
But I'm not a fucking hipster but I will fuck your sister
Swag off the ripped a bitch nigga you remember
Came through the hood frozed up like December
Got this ice on my chain, the jewellery was a mystery
When Soulja Boy came out you know I made history
I stepped in the club VIP 'bout 60 deep
Bitches walking up saying Soulja you the shit to me
Hoes wanna kiss my feet, goddamn I'm royalty
They ain't really shit to me you know I swag OD
I swag out the roof doe, bitches so cold like pluto
Man I thought you knew doe, Soulja Boy Tell'Em got the juice doe
Every time you see me got a new ho
Goddamn you know it's going down for the 2-4
2-4, catch me on the Maserati flip
Slap the Maserati matte black paint, these niggas wanna copy
But hold on, my nigga got the last throne and the king
Hold on, tell my nigga get your crown roll on
Tell my nigga get his goddamn bling
Every time you see me I'mma rock the scene
I'm a Soulja, nigga I done told ya'
CEO swag mob, man my young nigga fold ya'
Pull up in the Rover, fucking with Mustard
And I got everything on me custom
25k, tell a nigga rush them
With the baggage claim put 20 on them busters
50 and his sister nigga still window shopping...

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