Soulja Boy - Don't Get Mad Lyrics


Don't get mad cause the kidz like me
Don't get mad cause the kidz like me
Don't get mad cause the kidz like me
Don't get mad cause the kidz like me
dont dont dont get mad cause the kidz like me [x4]

[Verse 1]

everybody know i got the kidz yellling dont- get- mad cause the kids like soulja boy tell em
and they parents they can't see it they blind they wonder why they kids talking bout soulja boy all the time (all the time)
they can't understand they ways they wonder why they son and they daughter got the name on they shades (on they shades)
or why they only wear bathing APES or why they sit at they computer watching soulja boy all day if you dont get it it's a movement (a movement)
i aint saying that you stupid you just need improvement (improvement)
they say the records aint selling no more jus cuzz errbody on the internet on download now it's my turn to hit (my turn to hit it)
if you don't get it by the end of the song you won't get (you won't get it)
real talk i spit it (i spit it) i got the kidz on lock and it's jus the beginning, let's go!


why you mad foe?
(why you mad foe) why you hating foe??
(why you hating foe)?
soulja boy tell em what the street been waiting foe now am sign and it's going down (down)
taking over radio tv everything man (man) i aint gon buy my time foe no body if you bug me for your show
am a crank up your whole party while you listenin to these songz eaze ya mind if you dont get
what am saying press rewind now right now am 16 (sixteen) but when you hear these songz am a be 17
and running things super-man i started that (i started that)
but the biggest mam flotery is jus a lotta cappri cats (a lotta capri cats)
its all good cuz am on deck (am on deck) its so major what i did with a mic in the internet (internet)
new rappers every day world wild no deals jus the fans and the fans they on my side


am the kidz favorite rapper (yuh) do tha dance never (yuh)
if anyone else can do it i can do it better got the grown folks scratching they head they say wha'z goin on
what so special about soulja boy man whats going on this all i got to say in my rap (in my rap)
when it spread to the grown folks man its a raw if u hating better pop your breaks (pop your break)
dont get madd cuz the kidz fans and they watching my face (we luv u soulja boy) [3X]
soulja boy my favorite rapper, no his my fav. raper, NO MY FAVORITE RAPPER


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Soulja Boy Don't Get Mad Comments
  1. luffylu10

    I swear the song it’s trash like trash trash

  2. Pedro Benda

    Classic Soulja here after the Breakfast Club interview 2019

    John Villa

    Pedro Benda on god 🤣

  3. elizabeth alejandra cabrera carrasco

    2017 reprecent

  4. Alissa Bowden

    how old are you

  5. marcus Ulrich


  6. blueswagman isfitnotfacewithtapethem.

    lionmakers theme song

  7. Heather Harris

    I'm trying to get in the booth

  8. logic sucks


    Jay R


  9. Tanaveli


  10. Dynasty Dreams

    don't get mad get glad :p

    King Johnty

    stfu bitch

  11. Thiago abravanel

    essa eh show.. loka demais

  12. Karnak

    He became like this because of theses fking other bitc*s rappers like Lil Wayne, Drake, etc..

  13. mihiryo

    No, you said that my first comment was not "funny and/or creative", so my response to that was that I found it funny for being such a shit, not creative joke
    And it was kinda the point

  14. mihiryo

    Yeeesh, someones got a little sand in their vagina
    I found it funny for it being so uncreative :)

  15. mihiryo

    There was no question

  16. younghit makerz


  17. mihiryo

    Soulja Gay

    this will probably piss a lot of you off

  18. Arnas

    Soulja Boy Da Best

  19. Tanaveli

    F*kk SOD?? that dont even sound right bitch (Stacks On Deck) the shit!!! @SOULJABOY

  20. Tia Thompson

    these people are so funny?? arguements about spelling and grammar when im sure we're all in school & im sure people can do and type however they want without being given a full speech of teaching materials,,, ctfuu stay in school

  21. Mark Lyons

    me suljaer all day 10 or not

  22. Lethal Frequency

    OKOK!!!....DIGG IT!!


  23. Paige Stanley

    I love tha beat to his music. It makes me wna dance haha

  24. lilday41

    fuck sod fuck u\

  25. Dmt4030

    @660Juggalo i did grow me some onions and i am in college so please it's my opinion im not hating on him i just don't like some of his songs especially this one, some of his songs actually do go ham.

  26. 660Juggalo


    dude you spelled onion instead of opinion? Lmfao nobody cares you have an onion.You should grow you some onions to put your ass in college fool.

  27. sigh999999

    @shoflo2 solidier boy has very immature rpe songz.ya kno the type of stuff u let a 12 year old listen to

  28. Dmt4030

    @ALexDFiren Damn dude u still talking about this, u must be a 10 year old little boy

  29. Dmt4030

    @ALexDFiren first of all learn how to spell check and second my opion does mattar

  30. Dmt4030

    @ALexDFiren u so lame, i have my own onion so what i don't like soulja boy, i reather listen to Waka Floka Flame then this nigga.

  31. Dmt4030

    @ALexDFiren i didn't ask you for your option.

  32. Markendy Cherisca

    g+ solja= mad

  33. Dmt4030

    What a sellout

  34. NeiyonSpyder

    This song is more repetive than Gucci Bandana and Marco Polo

  35. Akbar Khan

    absolutely man matter of fact you wastin ur time reading this goddamn comment right now coz i hate soulja boys mo fucking ass,
    i love going around his videos hatin on him coz im such a shit person, the most attention iv ever had is you reading this.

  36. Akbar Khan

    lmao what can i say its a dumb track.

  37. Akbar Khan

    fucking peadophile

  38. LilDthecomic

    @OfficialDrewHoward I can tell you're whack without even looking at your page

  39. LilDthecomic

    @mr666tech He never sold out. He would have to HAVE SOMETHING TO SELL OUT in the first place.

  40. quintin simmons

    Dont get mad cuz fine bitches luv me FREE BOOSIE FREE BOOSIE FREE BOOSIE

  41. BO ALLEN


  42. demouttast8boyz

    search st8 boyz party animal and add me
    search st8 boyz party animal and add me
    search st8 boyz party animal and add me

  43. Laczaricca Mcclure


  44. Laczaricca Mcclure

    if yall dont like soulja boy or lil wayne and u say they gay but yall looking up there videos so yall must be gay

  45. jakfox44

    Dont get mad because your Tea is like me.

  46. rocketsoccer917

    @ScHiZoPhReNiC512 Tha Joker and Soulja Boy have some beef. look Tha Joker up tho. his music is pretty sick.

  47. TheMrHidden

    This is shit, I have not heard anything worse

  48. Damian Glass

    omg another lil wayne hater, ok dude you know he is a skilled musician quit hating on lil wayne 10 years from now he will be a legend just like the people you listed.

  49. DJosephWells

    cause his music sucks dick

  50. Matt Foster

    @rocketsoccer917 who the hell is Tha Joker?

  51. yourfavoriteamerican

    i dont think so.. fake it until you make it?

  52. Shoshana C

    because he sings about hoes and money and its really stupid.rappers like nas,biggie,2pac,big l,big pun,eazy e,nwa. r legends then hip hop got ruined when lil wayne came along

  53. James Garrison

    does soulja boy really think he can rap?

  54. rocketsoccer917

    Soulja boy only sells music cuz he has catchy ass choruses. Tha Joker is way hotter than this shit.

  55. Ricardo Santos

    Hey WaZz Up Y'All

    LisTen My MuSiC ...REmiX SuCCeSSfuL



  56. akapresents PREZY

    check out my mr no one video its

    about people on you tube thinking im no

    body so check of mr no one

  57. Nathaniel Clarke

    I dont kno y yu guys r hatin he makes more money all yall

  58. 5starflame 1

    is he in a village @ 1:15 ??

  59. alin novacean

    anybody likes this idiot?go fuck urself cuz not even bitches fuck u!

  60. Shan2ZeReskew

    Kids like him? Well maybe the slow ones.
    Man, I feel so bad for them.. having him for a role model.

    Hope that money you earned from "Crank That" will last long, because it's the last dollar you'll get from industry sales.

  61. MichaelMusic1

    well they just started. takes time. but ya i just think that soulja boy feels like he has something to prove with everyone... which is why he's always so defensive. personally, i dont like his music but thats just me ha

  62. MichaelMusic1

    he JUST started something with the new boyz. look it up. he slammed them because they didnt want to do a song with him. so hes trying to "end their career" like he always says.

  63. MichaelMusic1

    i HATE soulja boy. i dont know why he keeps coming up on my recommended vids. hahahah he has beef with EVERYONE

  64. akeemak22

    poop flow, sombody flush this shit down the potty

  65. Elizabeth Carmichael

    the best.!

  66. MikeWill13

    He came a long way cuz this song is terrible n this is coming from sumbody that actually listen to him a little

  67. DJosephWells

    ice t was right..ur wack as fk

  68. ibe2steppin

    haha that hooks sounds like Eazy-E for a min.

  69. dearestjen

    cough cough uneducated

  70. Sam Herman

    -.- sexual preffrences dont affect on a guy/gurls rappin.
    so what if hes gay? HUH?! wtf retards... im not protectin him, im just sayin, u have no point when ur sayin hes gay, btw im straight

  71. Neil T

    why people hate on soulja boy so much....if yall see him in person yall wont say nun of that shit...yall will probally try 2 shake his hand or get a pic wit him! Damn let da nigga get his money!

  72. AppleOKIO


  73. yo if u dont like soulja boy dont watch it even if someone send it to yu
    dont click on it
    i like his music and if you dont , dont waste your time listenin to it and dont comment o it eather!!
    no one carse if you dont like soulja boy just dont watch and listen to his music

  74. Amber Hooks

    yall sum hatas soulja boy da shit!!!!!

  75. kevykev38

    First of all I'm not your Bro ...Thank god!
    Second this video was sent to me to check out..
    But guess what? It sucks BRO! HAHAHAHA!

  76. kevykev38

    Money? I have money..Its not about the money..He sucks! This ain't music. Its repetative garbage.

  77. NoortjeBB

    <3 (Aa)

  78. 2MinuteGiveaways

    souljaboytellem best rapper alive

  79. xReecay

    no we wont cuz his lyrics suck, his flow sucks & he's destroyin rap.
    btw hatin on ppl iz a hater's job -_-
    so if we wouldnt hate on him, we'd lose our occupation haha.

  80. xReecay

    haha agreed 100%

  81. Mari B

    soulja boy is wack...i dont even kno y he still makin songz

  82. TJ Moore

    stfu hes killin hip hop its not just him its others 2 if he would not put crap out then maybe he would get some

  83. pmflov

    they hear this fucking music everyday...
    if they never ear anything else, how they are going to like? besides he´s "cool" and his music is "tricky".

  84. pmflov

    you suck too.

  85. squirrellyme

    And this is why America's average IQ has been dropping.

  86. Susannrm

    Soulja Boy <33

  87. TrashTalk TV

    cus this da only gudd song he got

  88. TrashTalk TV

    i really hate soulja boy but this song is good

  89. danynumero6

    Im not saying he shouldnt make money, everyone should have at least something. But with what I was saying about people starving, I was saying he could really use the money he got better than what he does. He one time blew his nose into a 20 dollar bill, which you cant tell me isnt ignorant. And when you asked about whether he pimped out women or not, he did, he got a girl pregnant once and left her helpless ever since.

  90. danynumero6

    Im down with you OldschoolDresta

  91. danynumero6

    Like he doesnt have enough ,so its ok to you that he spent his trash money on 3 houses when theres people starving without a home at all or that he showed some really ignorant bullshit ass vids of how rich he is and blowing his nose into a 20 dollar bill. This bitch doesnt even make music, he just sucks so much ,he should never have gotten that money in the 1st place.

  92. Damn Negus

    Fuck Soulja

  93. Amarru ThaDon

    Stupid Kid.

    2pac 4ever.

  94. MadPropzBaller

    real talk

  95. Brianna Fields

    Stop hating
    He lives in a big house
    Got a line of shoes
    Makes Millions

  96. ildsc

    i love this song so much