Soulja Boy - Bitch Go Bam Lyrics

Damn, huh?
Huh? Huh?
Nigga nigga
Get yo motherfuckin boss on the phone fore I Soulja
Soulja Boy nigga

Ridin through my city, bout to hit a lick
Bout to fuck all on this nigga bitch
This nigga mad, he get his weed spliff
30's in the cut, he'll get his shit split
Ridin and I'm loaded, I'm loaded
Ridin and I'm loaded, I'm loaded
I'm flexin bitch, I'm loaded, I'm loaded
Got that 30 bitch ass loaded, it's loaded (yuh!)
Got that choppa, Soulja blowed up
Nigga don't call my phone unless you pouring up (uh)
Smoking on this dope, money going up
Hit the fuckin secret, son they throwin money up
Damn damn damn, I'm the man
Click clack, yea I'm so bam bam
Outside the van Soulja go damn
I pulled up in that Bentley, that's a quarter mill
Versace all on me, paparazzi all on me
Yo bitch all on me, cause gonna rip it SOD
Rich Gang, MG all up in these fuckin streets
5 star general, get yo fuckin hit list ready
Cause Soulja Boy comin, choppin less can let it

Soulja loaded loaded loaded
Ridin and I'm loaded loaded loaded
Got that choppa and I'm loaded loaded loaded
Last night I was loaded loaded loaded
Get money, loaded loaded
Uh, I'm loaded, I'm loaded
Loaded loaded, Soulja Soulja
Loaded loaded, get money aye

Bad bitch with me, Gucci on my feet
Red bottoms dog, Soulja kill the beat
Soulja kill the beat, Soulja Boy kill the streets
Soulja Boy stack this gwap, nobody fuckin with me
I cash out, I'm going splurge
50K on my watch, fuck what ya heard
SB getting gwap, flip a couple herb
Every time you see me, man I'm sippin syrup
Yea, ye ain't even know it
100K on my watch, ye ain't even know it
Yuh, ye ain't even know it

Last night I was loaded loaded loaded loaded

Loaded loaded, I'm ridin and I'm loaded loaded loaded
Got that 9 and it's loaded loaded loaded
Last night I was loaded loaded loaded (Soulja, uh)
Yea, loaded loaded, yea!
Loaded, loaded, uh uh
Last night I was loaded
Got that choppa on me, I didn't know that thing loaded, loaded yea

Yea uh Uh uh, it's Soulja, it's Soulja
Soulja Yuh! Yea!
Rich Gang
Uh uh Uh uh
Loaded loaded, Soulja, Soulja
Stacks on deck, Rich Gang
Yuh yuh, uh
Uh uh
Uh yea uh yea
Instagram dot com slash Soulja Boy
I'm in the trap, zone 1 west side uh

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Soulja Boy Bitch Go Bam Comments
  1. Trent W

    sodmg allways keeping the Draco , popping haters

  2. Mylik Osborne

    Why do soulja boy try to sign every Chicago rapper like boa didn't chief keef take yo chain 😹😹💯 he not with the shits

  3. Mylik Osborne

    Soulja boy is trash 🖕🏻 Reesemoneybagz made the song bang

  4. Jevon Bryant

    Reese fuckin snapped⛽🅰🆖

  5. Gloria Funn

    Luh dis

  6. Rico Capone

    I know Reese money bagz oil bro

  7. LPM

    sodmg shit

  8. 2PACBRB2014


  9. lapis lazuli

    Soulja got 1 hard song on m and m. That's a shame because I been a fan since I was 7 and liked everything he dropped until now. It seems like he stealing future and durk style. Brah if the king soulja 4 is gonna be the same then soulja you just lost a fan/supporter.

    Thę Køenigşegg

    Apparently you only listened to this one song, your probably the first negative comment I seen about this mixtape actually, you may not like it but there's 7 billion people on this earth that would love to hear em js

  10. Zachary Lowe

    #1 fan #M&M @Soulja Boy

    saopaulofc 55100812

    Vai sapoooooo

  11. AskhowfIy _

    This shit is fire Soulja :)

    AskhowfIy _

    lets get it