Soulja Boy - 4x Lyrics

Soulja [x4]
Say it 4 times 'cause damn I'm taking over
Soulja [x4]
Say it 4 times 'cause all my chains are golden

Soulja boy swag soulja boy
I'm pulling up fresh fade 3 cut juice deuce
Soulja boy who? soulja boy
I'm pulling up 10 chains on time to fuck let's do it
I go to work I go in
Pull up with a Gucci car got a fucking subscription
To Givenchy I shop
Go in and pull apart in a auto shop and a porsche shop
And a body shop and a rim shop and a polo shop where I'm going
I'm in a polo lobby eating shrimp soulja tell 'em I'm rich
Pull up I'm a sad vision juice 2 juice juice with a bad bitch
Talk shit talk shit but can't have him
My lifestyle it's extravagant
My bad bitch on the right side
She yella bone I'm a go slide
I pull up big tires, big rims shy south to side
Break just out the sim set just out the west side
We in this bitch nigga the guns can't best us
Drop the fucking juice to em benz by
Swagging hard I pull up
I got a movie I'm poured up
East to pin nigga east to pin
I got the jewels soulja poured up the dooze
This juice too, this juice too, this juice too
This juice deuce, pull up on flexin in my hood
I phone textin I be driving swerving so reckless
I'm this shit nigga I'm flexin'

[Hook: x2]
Soulja [x4]
Say it 4 times 'cause damn I'm taking over
Soulja [x4]
Say it 4 times 'cause all my chains are golden

It's time to work
Pull up fresh as fuck fly here a lil upon the earth
White cell on my T-Shirt gucci on my backpack
I down went hard like the motherfucker cash stacks
Swagging hard bitch I'm soulja telling you no impulse
All to the club all that God damn money we blow it
Them stripper hoes they love me because I'm pretty never ugly
I tat my face and I'm still pretty I'm swagged up and I'm sadiddy
Don't give a fuck I know Diddy I know 50 I got the juice
I pull up I'm 2Pac, what it do nigga what it do
Swag splash jewels drill bitch nigga all of that
Ocean ganging this motherfucker
Sip so much lean had a heart attack

Soulja [x16]

I'm actin sadiddy [x2]

All these rappers can't fuck with me
I pull up and I'm eating beats
I'm fresh as fuck when I'm in the streets
I go hard on every beat
Got gold carats up in my teeth
Nigga talking shit up in these streets
Getting shoot down up in these streets
I put a body up in the ditch
Juiced too up in this bitch

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